Spring – Pollen and Painting

DSC03636More signs of spring – warm weather, more flowers coming up, more trees blooming, grass getting greener, more allergy sneezing, porch covered in yellow pollen, car coated with powder ….. oh, wait. I digressed into the not-so-positives there for a minute. Sorry. Focus on the flowers.

When the outside gets a new painting of colors like this, it makes me think the inside might need a new coat of color as well. WH and I bought 9 gallons of paint a few weeks ago, in preparation for slicking up the colors in our house. In addition, I decided that I was tired of the calming sage green that we have on a couple of the walls here at Loopy, and I went and bought a cheery robin’s egg blue for them. (12 paint chips later.) Since I’ve already maxed out WH’s painting skills at home, I hit up my dad for painting at Loopy. He has done all of the walls here and he is happy to help. But he did make me promise to never pick RED again. I don’t think he’ll object to the blue. That’s on the schedule for this weekend.

Back to my house – now that the walls are getting painted in new colors, there are a whole lot of other things that need to be updated, too. Like lighting. We still have the (ugly) brass chandelier in the dining room that came with the house when we bought it 15 years ago. (And I’m pretty sure that it was original to the house, which is now 25 years old.) And then when you change the wall color and the lighting, you know that the curtains are no longer going to work. Sigh. Obviously I need to stop watching HGTV on the weekends……

Hey – here’s a fun thing to do – pop over to the Lorna’s Laces blog and enter their naming contest. The prize? $500 worth of LL yarn – cool!

Do you have any house to-do’s on your list this spring? And does anyone else have an ugly brass chandelier in their dining room?

Sheri later,I’lltellyouabouttheuglywallpaperinthebathrooms


  1. We just bought our first house on April 2nd, and I completely understand about ugly lighting and crazy bathroom wallpaper. The wallpaper in the bathroom was dark plaid, and as we were taking it down, we realized that there was MORE plaid wallpaper underneath. And all the light fixtures were mismatched. We’ve been working hard every weekend, and now there’s no more wallpaper, beautiful paint on the walls, and new light fixtures. We move in May 1st and I can hardly wait!

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