Tired of Meteorologists

DSC03412Remember when I said that we were expecting snow last Friday? (And you know how the East Coast got a lovely 20-some inches of the white stuff?) We were in for 3-6″, which is pretty good for St. Louis. This is the photo from my office window. Yep. We were pretty buried in snow over the weekend. Scary to drive in the stuff. And guess what? More is predicted tonight. “Up to 6 inches” is what they say. I don’t believe it. I’m done listening to weather reports.

DSC03411On a happier note, look what came in the mail today! The lovely Stacy from Tempted wanted to show me a sample of a yarn base she is considering, and instead of sending a skein of it, she knit me a shawl! (Wow – I love the way she sends samples!) This is Wendy’s lovely new ArgusDSC03409 Shawl pattern, which just happens to have gone up in tonight’s update. How about that? It’s perfect for newer lace knitters, and it’s done up in 1 skein of fingering weight yarn. It looks like a very fun pattern to knit. I know I really love my shawl. I think you all need one, too.

We put plenty of new things up for you tonight – come see.  We added in:
Sock Blocker Keychains (seems like forever since we had those)
Lace Marker Sets (regular, supersets, omegas)
New Born to Knit patterns (and restocks)
Namaste Catalina Pouches
Loopy Project Totes (re-stocked)
Knitcellaneous Shawl Pins
Shibui Sock Yarn (their new Staccato Sock will be up next week)
Crystal Palace Panda Cotton and Mini Mochi
Schoppel Walle Zauberball
Jared Flood Patterns
Wendy Knits (Argus and Talisman Shawls)
Addi and Crystal Palace needle re-stocks
Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock
Studio June Super Cash Sock
Trekking XXL
New Knitspot patterns
Namaste Bag re-stocks

And we’re working on next week’s new additions already. Isn’t that always the case? You all keep us busy and we love that about you! Someone on Ravelry mentioned that the yarn at The Loopy Ewe never goes stale and they’re right. We keep it coming in and you keep it going out. It’s a great system. 🙂

Sheri headingtothegrocerystoretostockuponmilkandbread


  1. That’s funny. Here in Wisconsin, in the beginning of November, the Natioinal Weather Service and State Emergency Management hold Winter Weather Awareness Week. I always wonder what we’re supposed to do. Practice buying milk & bread?

  2. Tomorrow is my Knit-i-versary! One year has passed since I learned to knit. I plan to spend the whole day knitting.


    Dierberg’s was restocking bread for the second time in 24 hours-Superbowl and snow!

    I have all my french-toast-making supplies here in North County-and some yummy yarn from TLE to cast on.
    Bring on the snow! And my advice-get a NOAA weather radio-much more accurate.

  3. You can have some of our snow…about 10 inches in the last 2 days and it’s still snowing. We didn’t have school today, so I got to stay home and bake your coffee cake. It was wonderful! 🙂

  4. We’re supposed to get more snow Tues and Wed on top of the 20+” hanging around. I swear I didn’t sign up for this weather. People go absolutely crazy when they think snow is coming. The grocery store shelves empty. The kids have had 1 day of school in the last week. It’s getting old.

    Lucky I have my gorgeous yarns and knitting projects to keep me happy and busy.

  5. You can have some of our snow! Really, please, take it! We had about 8″ the previous weekend, then another 8″ or so last Tuesday, and another 30″+ this past weekend. All the schools were closed today and will be again tomorrow, and some have already announced they’ll be closed on Wednesday. Fed government offices were closed today and will be tomorrow, too, which means I’m still home. I made another grocery run this evening – could barely make it out of the driveway, and the roads are horrible. I picked up ingredients to make that coffee cake you gave the recipe for last week. I got the last box of yellow cake mix! We’re supposed to get another 10 to 20″ starting noon tomorrow thru about 7pm Wednesday. I have no idea how we’re supposed to shovel more snow, or where we’re supposed to put it! …And I’m pretty sure I heard that we might get yet another snowstorm on Sunday. *Calgon, take me away!*

  6. Wow its amazing how much snow is falling on all of you in more southern climes. Here my province is hosting the Olympics and it is warm and not a snowflake in sight-mind you Vancouver always has weather comparable to San Fransisco’s-snow is being trucked and flown in for some of the venues-send some over could you!! We are several hours and 2 mountain ranges away and we have crocuses coming up- we have had no winter to speak of. It does put a damper on some of my knitting projects-rats!!

  7. I love the colour of the yarn that Staci used for your shawl. What a wonderful “Happy Day” gift as I like to call surprises like that. Here in Kentucky we are all white again and I am just loving it! I do not have to get out in it though or it might not make me so happy. I have all this yarn from Loopy Ewe to work with and my KAL sweater is coming along nicely. What is the vest pattern you chose? I am just curious. Stay warm and safe and hug your kitties!

  8. snow: officially 32″ where I live in Md but much more drifted, when I fed the birds, it was up past my hips. No power here from Friday noon till after midnight Sunday. No heat, no light, no knitting, just lotta shivering and praying to the flashlight battery gods. Another 16-20″ snow coming tonight. I surrender. I would gladly wrap myself in that lovely shawl Sheri shows—the color, so very ‘antique rose’? gorgeous!—and wait till spring if it ever comes.

  9. Sheri, Love the new yarn from Stacy and Weny’s shawl pattern. We got some 20+ inches of snow this past weekend and another foot expected this afternoon and tonight. Please take it away! Don’t know where we going to put it, were already leaving in an egloo. Fed Gov’t closed again today! Good thing I have all my pretty yarn to get through this. Who need bread and milk!

  10. Sheri, if you can get here, you are most welcome to have some of this snow and take it home with you. I have some five foot piles just hanging about where we shoveled out from the weekend. If you want, you can have the “up to 20 inches” they’re calling for tonight.

    Or you can take my four year old son who is driving us all stir-crazy.

  11. I was on the fence about the Argus pattern but now I’m certain I “need” it! Now I just need to order yarn for it!

    Here in Texas, everyone flies into a panic at the mere mention of “snow” flurries. Generally we only get “real” snow when we least expect it! As we are fond of saying in the Lonestar State, “if you don’t like the weather today…just wait for tomorrow!”

  12. We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, which feels like the first snow we’ve gotten since mid-January. It’s been just flurries, which is a bit odd for the Boston area.

    Part of me wishes to have the load of DC snow, but that is just the child-like joy of the snow day calling to me.

  13. I would love for the forecasters to have been wrong in that direction! We got 33.75 inches this past weekend and are expecting another 16-20 inches tonight into tomorrow. I live in an old rowhouse community in Baltimore, which means we don’t have a lot of room to pile the snow. I can’t figure out how we are going to dig out of this one, as I am not tall enough to reach the top of the current piles. My son is coming home from Northern Michigan this weekend and I cannot figure out where we will park his car. The shelves at the supermarkets are pretty bare, cause the trucks can’t get to them. My husband and I are supposed to run the Mardi Gras party at our church on Saturday and I am voting that it be cancelled because I don’t know where we will get the food to feed 200…..the shelves are literally bare on most of the fresh foods. I am fortunate enought o live on a street with 2 schools, so that we always get plowed!

  14. THe reason you didn’t get any snow is because it all dumped on Arkansas. 6 more inches fell in Northern Arkansas. I had 15 the weekend before and there is more coming on Sunday. I know why people go South for the winter. Roatan is looking great at the moment for me.

  15. Why, I remember way back when I was in high school and half of Massachusetts was closed following a snow storm. No snow yesterday. Sunny today. Only a few inches per storm so far this winter. Meanwhile, the mid-Atlantic states are hogging all our snow! What’s up with that?

    Beautiful shawl!

  16. Well it snowed all day Sunday and Monday in Iowa. Please tell me what that stuff was that is not white. Looks kind of like grass, but it’s been soooo long…

  17. We had 28.6 inches on Saturday and are told to expect another 20 inches by tomorrow evening. We had so much and there is no place to put it when you clear your driveway and front walk that I just gave up and put some in 2 empty trash cans. But the good news is I was reading every square ft. of snow is approx. 7 – 10 lbs and for every minute you shovel snow – it is equal to a vigorous Nautilus weights workout. You can burn up to 450 cal. per hr. shoveling – so that is the ONLY good thing about this much snow. I personally don’t like it -not even a half inch. Love spring and fall way much better 🙂

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