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When we decided to look for retail space for Loopy back in 2007, I wanted it as close to home as possible. I knew we’d be spending a lot of hours there. We looked at places 10 minutes away, and 15 minutes away. We also looked at a place just down the street, about 4 minutes away. That was my top choice. Of course since it’s in a nicer area and in a nicer building, the rent was higher. But I decided that it was worth it, for the location. “I can walk to work!” ย That’s what I told my family. They smiled at me indulgently because they knew that I probably wouldn’t. And they were right. I’ve done it a few times, but mostly I have a million reasons why I don’t. (Important reasons, like: “How will I get Starbucks?” or “I have too much stuff to take in/bring home.” or “That road is just too busy to walk on.” or “It’s much too cold/hot/rainy/snowy/windy/bright/dreary today. That was my favorite.) But I decided I’m done with all of the excuses. So today – on a bright, windy, -2 degrees windchill kind of a day, I started in on my “I walk to work” pledge. I’m ready. But I do reserve the right to drive on rainy days. There is a limit to my resolutions.

I took pictures to show you what a boring walk it is. And what a busy kind of street I have to walk on. And so you can see that there is really no reason for me not to walk to work.

Heading off of my front porch, jacket/scarf/mittens in place:


This is the most interesting part of the whole walk. Nice houses, cute dogs barking in the windows as I walk by, and moms walking their kids to the bus stop.


It’s about 2 blocks down the quiet street, to get to the busy street ahead.


Here is the direction I’d like to be heading. Starbucks is 2 blocks thataway.


But instead, I head thisaway, in the opposite direction, towards Loopy. The sidewalk here isn’t too bad. I wish I could knit and walk at the same time. And look, if you squint (or click on the photo to make it bigger) you can see that just after I turn onto this road and walk a half block, you can catch sight of the flagpole in our parking lot. Yes, that’s how close I am to Loopy. See the wooden fence past the lights? That’s the part I don’t like.


This part. Why didn’t they put the walking lane on the OTHER side of the metal guard rail? The speed limit is 45 and cars just whizz by. There are always people walking and jogging along here. In fact one time I was walking home, and heard a little voice in my left ear saying “excuse me – passing by”. I must’ve jumped a mile, straight up. The traffic is so loud that you don’t hear people jogging up behind you until they’re talking in your ear. Creepers.


Pretty soon I’m at our building. It took about 15 minutes to walk it.


We’re allllll the way down the hall at the end, but we take up about 2/3 of the right side of this building (on the first floor).


There. That wasn’t so bad. Time to see what today brings in Loopy Land.


The walk is about 1500 steps one way. Kind of a bummer to know that I’m only going to knock out about 3000 steps, round trip. Don’t people say that you should walk 10,000 steps in a day? (Do you?) I may need to walk home for lunch each day. Twice.

Sheri whonowhasanotherreasontoloverainydays…


  1. What fun to see the”Loopy Ewe” building!! Someday I would like to visit, although I don’t think my car is big enough for all the yarn I want to bring home. You’re lucky you can walk to work. I live ten miles from my sedentary (but mentally challenging) job, and there is no way I could walk or bike. This is mostly because we have such insane drivers in my area, and very few walking/bike paths, surprising for a university town. You will benefit greatly from the walk, so enjoy it, and be aware of your surroundings!

  2. Your body will love you for the walk. Since getting my dog in June (remember Happy?) I’ve been able to lower my blood pressure and diabetes meds. And that is with just 1 mile/day. And coming from the DC metro area, you have no idea what real traffic with much narrower streets is like.

  3. You need to get one of those “pedometers” that you put on your waist or belt and see how many steps you go in a day. I did that for awhile and was amazed at how some days I’d actually go over 10,000 steps a day and others I wouldn’t! You need a good quality one though or it doesn’t record it correctly.

  4. Hi Sheri!

    I am proud of you and I am jealous! I have always wanted a job that was close enough for me to walk or ride my bike. I would be nervous to walk on the busy road, but as long as you are facing traffic and stay close to the guard rail you will be fine.

    Great job!

  5. It will feel so much nicer when not so cold!! I walk to work every day as my shop is on our property. I love walking and use to walk on our rural road. However it has become a life threatening experience with so many fools racing. As soon as Spring gets here I will be taking that walk again. Do be careful!! Enjoyed all the sights you saw.

  6. Hi Sheri,

    You’ve probably already done this but I would love to hear the story of your beginnings. You can probably skip the birth part and dive right into the Loopy Ewe bit – lol. Who came up with the Loopy Ewe name for instance. And I know you have mentioned starting the business in your basement. Can you perhaps expand on that? Inquiring minds need details details details. Maybe you can have one of the elves interview you?

  7. Good for you! Once you make walking to work a habit, you won’t want to go back to your car. You will actually miss the walk! And just think how nice your feet feel in all those homemade socks!

  8. Since I’m behind on my blog reading, I have to ask…Did you walk back home? Walking to work and taking pictures on said walkon a really really cold day earns you points in my book. I prefer to exercise my upper limb muscles.

  9. What a wonderful post! I would like to know how many steps you take in your shop as you pick yarns for orders, or unpack yarn from the vendors. Oh, wait – maybe the elves do those and you just sit on your comfy red couch, watching the elves! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the travelog. Thanks for the break from my snowy part of the country. (Clear sidewalks, what a concept!) Walking is good for you…good for your heart, good for your bones, good for your mood. It’s either walking or aerobic knitting. Take your pick! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. That is great that you can walk to your building. Maybe you could listen to a nice piece of music or a book tape while you walk.
    Enjoy your day,

  12. I think this is a great idea, especially in good weather. I agree with those that are a little uncomfortabe with walking in the dark, Can’t say how many times you come across someone walking in the dark and it is way to late when you see them. Just be careful.

  13. It’s funny that you should mention the 10,000 steps. My lovely gentleman bought me a new ipod for our anniversary this month and it has a built in pedometer and I’ve found myself averaging about 3000 steps a day. I’m going to try to get that up to 5000, then 8000, then 10000.

    There’s really no excuse with all of that music to enjoy, I think my problem is that I work from home and it’s too easy to stay inside.

  14. This is great – I loved walking to work. Do you have an ipod? Tunes make the walk WAY more fun.

    I don’t understand (I CANNOT understand) why you DON’T go to Starbucks???? Sweet girl, life is to short to skip coffee. AND (justification engineer hat on) I bet if you did you’d get, 4000 steps in!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  15. I could walk to work, but I have a stretch where I would literally be taking my life into my hands because of the lack of sidewalks, the narrowness of the street and the speed and general disregard of the drivers flying past me. So, instead Itry to get to the gym to walk a couple of miles there each night….notice the word try ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need to just get to it!

  16. We just recently purchased an existing shop. It is about a 2 min drive from my house. 3 if I hit a traffic light. My husband commutes into NYC every day and was aggravated with me for micro managing my minute commute! I hope to ride my bike to work this spring/summer. I’ll have to time the walk…. .9 miles. I wonder about the geese though. I suppose they will leave me alone.

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