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DSC03379Loopy has some new jewelry. If you’ve been to Loopy Central in person, you know that we have this stuffed Loopy who stands on top of one of the shelves to greet you when you come in. (In his former life, he was a loved-on sheep in a kindergarten classroom. We think he likes it better here.) He has been wearing last years Spring Fling nametag for awhile now, but when I saw these tags, I knew he needed his own. It arrived yesterday, and he looks very proud to be wearing it, doesn’t he?  But I have a dilemma. DSC03377The fun thing about these tags is that you can have the back personalized, too. So the back of Loopy’s tag says “King of the Shop”. (And he is.) So the question is, which side should show – Loopy, or King of the Shop? (We won’t open up that whole “Wait, if it’s The Loopy Ewe, then shouldn’t Loopy be a SHE?” debate again. Been there, done that. Loopy is a he. Sometimes things just work differently in DSC03381our yarn world.) So let me know what you think about the tag. And then go take a look at their blog, because the dog featured today has the perfect tagline on his tag.

Of course, who’s to say that these tags have to be for animals? Maybe your knitting bag needs a tag, declaring you the “World’s Fastest Knitter”. (Or at least the fastest knitter in YOUR world). Or “Loopy’s #1 Fan”. 🙂 Or someone who “Insulates with Wool”, or … well, you get the idea. Cute tags, nice people running the business, quick shipping, and they made Loopy look even more handsome this week. I like that combination.

Sheri movingshelvesatLoopytoday


  1. “King of the Shop”, by all means! And I didn’t know that Loopy was a “he”. Never thought about it, actually. 🙂 Those are great tags.

  2. I think Loopy’s majestic presence says he’s king of the shop already so my vote is for Loopy + heart.


    P.S. Be careful with your moving project!!!

  3. Here’s an idea… maybe for everday “wear” he should be Loopy. But, every now and then–say on special occasions or momentus events, he should wear the “King of the Shop” side–kinda like a celebration.

  4. My dog has had one of those fetching tags for the past few years, I’m thinking about getting him a new one (not that he needs it, but I just want to buy another one). They’re great!!

  5. I vote for having the “King of the Shop” side showing. In my mind, he’s already “Loopy” by default so his other status – which might not be as well known – should be facing outwards. 🙂

  6. I think that everyone who visits your shop knows that he’s Loopy, so I vote for
    King of the Shop. Although that one blogger said turn it from time to time; that
    might be a nice change of pace.

  7. Love the tag, thinking my dogs need one too. I personally think that the Loopy side should be showing. Sure he knows who he is but not everyone else might.

    Just for the record, HE’s always struck me as a “he”, not a she. That’s what Sheri is there for – she’s Queen of the Shop. 🙂

    Good luck with the shelf moving – makes me hurt and tired just thinking about it.

  8. Loopy is a subtle, quiet kinda guy. He knows he’s king and he keeps it close to the vest (as it were). So to the world he’s “Loopy”. I pet him every time I come in.

  9. I think you should base it on how he’s feeling from day to day. On days where he’s feeling like King of the Shop, that’s the side that should show. If he’s having a plain old Loopy kind of day, well… There you go!

    Though I think Paddy and Salty may need them.

  10. I agree with Carla and Ruth. Loopy for a while, then King of the Shop for a while.

    Loopy reminds me of my sister’s cat, Janine, who was “King of the House”.

    Take care with the moving!

  11. I’m with Kathy. If they need the Loopy side showing to realize they are at TLE then they are doing something wrong! I would think the walls of yarn and sheep everywhere would make it obvious enough!

  12. Loopy is King!! I need help. I started my sweat last night but where do I go to check in? Do I have to formally register…..I need HELP!!!

  13. I’m glad to know Loopy is a “he” because things are different in the yarn world. I’ve always wondered why. Just read in a comment that Trader Joe’s has dark chocolate pretzel slims…those sound yummy. I may have to go to Chapel Hill soon (closest TJ’s is 1.25 hours away.

  14. I like it better on the Loopy side… it looks more like a name tag and less like an award. But whatever floats his boat, I guess. And yours. It is a cute tag – I’m off to check out the website.

  15. Oh, I don’t know Sher…..i about him liking it better at the Loopy When he was living in my Kindergarten classroom, his hame was “Mutton Chops” and he was loved-on by 44 “small wonders” everyday. But I am happy that you all love-on him now.

  16. Hey, I bet I know where you saw those! BTW, Emily broke her leg, but it is uncomplicated and now just a pain. For everyone.

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