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I have to say, we have had a crazy week here at Loopy Central. We’ve unpacked and checked in more boxes of yarn in these last five days than I ever remember us doing before in that short of a time period. (The UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS guys all think it’s really funny to bring 15 or 20 more boxes when there are still 10 or 15 sitting there from the day before. They have a warped sense of humor.) We’ve restocked, added new, made way and moved shelves. It’s all coming together, though, so I thought I’d give you just a few pictures in today’s post.

We filled up the Cascade wall. There were too many empty cubbies earlier. (Still  a few empties – the backordered colors. And of course you can’t see the three full bookcases of backstock on these colors. But the wall looks nice and fairly full again.)


We moved shelves around (and had to turn them sideways instead of one long row the other way. It used to look like this in that spot. Eventually we’ll probably have to do that in the other half of this long room, too).


We put up a new slatwall and filled it up with needles. (Well technically “we” didn’t put up the slatwall – WH did that. But I did do the needles.)


We filled up both of our shipping box closets – here’s one of them.


After a week like that, you just have to call it “GOOD” and fill up your stomach with something like these amazing cupcakes that our Loopy friend Lori brought us. (They were seriously good.)


And then, beacause I needed to add another Elf to our Loopy Central Elf Team, I hired Lori to work here three days a week. The other Elves think I ought to have written up a contract that said she had to bring wonderful things from this bakery once a week. She has been known to bring them quite often when she comes by to shop. Why didn’t I think of that? (I would’ve hired her even without the bakery wonders. I’ve always thought she would make a great Elf.)

Sheri nowthatthingsarefinishedfortheweek,


  1. I want a recipe for those cupcakes. They look amazing.

    Of course, I’m being healthy (mostly), so I only get to have things like that as an extra special treat!

  2. An ever expanding business! Congratulations. The shop looks fabulous and so colorful. Lori is a lucky woman to be working for you and with the Elves. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m still organizing the yarn room. Got sidetracked last weekend and didn’t finish the job. Also am knitting my first Ishbel and am loving it!

  3. I think you should put those cupcakes in my next order. OK, I’ll settle for the Kisses, but I’m just sayin’…

  4. Well, the cupcakes look wonderful, but, …… the yarn looks even better. I really do hope to visit the shop some Friday.

  5. Welcome to a great team of Elves, Lori! Did she make those cupcakes or did she buy them? Either way they look yummy.

  6. Oh, I wish I lived closer to you! I’d love to visit Loopy Central! Looks like a place I could get lost in for hours and hours and hours and…. well… you get the idea. There are so many yarns I haven’t gotten to try yet, because my health hasn’t been the greatest in the last year (lupus, depression and back problems), and I haven’t been able to work much. I’m hoping that will change soon though! Don’t forget about me, Loopy Ewe!!

  7. I was ready for the weekend on Wednesday!!

    Would love to have one of those cupcakes now.

    Have a great weekend. Hope you get lots’ of knitting time.

  8. Oh man– I’m drooling over all of it. More yarn, cupcakes, a job at the Loopy Ewe! Oh wait, darn it! I don’t hvae ANY of those things! Oh well. At least I have Sheri and her blog to cheer me along through a Friday! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. Wow! Wowowowow. What a gorgeous store (although I’ve seen it before) and a great reorganization. One of these days I’ll make my way out to St. Louis to visit!

    Congrats to Lori! It’s heart-warming to hear someone’s hiring in this economy. And what better job to have?!

  10. ETA: I meant I’ve seen picture of the store! Not the store itself! Believe me, you’ll KNOW when I’ve been to Loopy Central! 🙂

  11. I wish I had a good excuse to move near Loopy Central. I could really get lost in all of the beautiful colors and yarns. Maybe a visit will have to do. Have a really great weekend!!

  12. Welcome, Elf Lori. Your cupcakes look yummy. I would have hired you too. Sheri’s smart like that.

    Hope all of The Loopy Ewe folks have a restful week after all of the unpacking and organizing.

    We know y’all are getting ready for Monday’s update. I know I am.

  13. WOW – if you put our 2 local LYS’s together they wouldn’t fill up a quarter of what you have there! I will have to get more Cascade 220 – I bought my first hank of that and knit the Beckett Beret (Ravelry pattern) and it has to be my favorite thing this winter. No one sells 99% of what you offer here in our area. Your shop looks awesome! Now you have me wanting a cupcake 🙂 can’t remember the last time I had one…

  14. What yummie-looking cupcakes! Your yarn shelves look great. Thank you for all the work you do to provide us with such wonderful yarn. I received my order of DIC Classy in two days (and I live on the West Coast!), and am working on my KAL sweater – Tea Leaves cardigan – and loving it. I’ll say it again, Loopy is the best on-line store I’ve every done business with. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  15. I’m loving that the w/e is here. We are getting ready to leave for Florida and because we’ll be there for awhile I need to take my tools and yarn, etc. We are driving so I can take what I want, but not everything. Trying to chose what patterns, what yarn, what I’ll need . I really must consolodate. I will cake what I think I’ll use but I donlt want to take my swift and winder. I’ll keep working on it. I am really enjoying my Kaleidoscope Sweater. I think it’s going to be beautiful. It’s a top down and I’m almost down to the underarm. All on circular needles. I can’t wait to finish it. I have 2 more I want to make immediately after this one too.

  16. Oh those cupcakes look luscious!! Are you all buried in snow? It has moved into our area now and boy is it cold!! What do the kitties think of the snow? Mine like to just look at it. 🙂

  17. Congratulations new elf Lori – welcome from all of us LE Elf lovers from all over the country. Ewe take such good care of us… 🙂

  18. Wow, you did have a crazy few days! 🙂 Glad Lori brought those cupcakes, they look fantastic! And welcome, Lori! **waving**

    I had a busy week, too. Office is moving this weekend and all the regular work stuff still needed doing, plus Mama had doctor’s appointments and lawyer’s appointments that needed me to go along, so I had a few late days because I was out in the mornings. Wish I had a quiet weekend ahead, but no such luck. Might be able to squeeze in some knitting/crocheting time if I’m lucky, though. Maybe I’ll send you pictures of cupcakes from my favorite place here in town. Ask BFF Liz about Honey. That or the phrase, “I’ll cook” are usually enough to get her out here to the suburbs. 😀

  19. HI everyone and thanks for the wonderful well wishes. I have dreamed about becoming an Elf for a VERY LONG TIME! I’m still beaming and will continue to do so. I get to work with Sheri and the rest of the Elf Team – life is great! I’m so thankful to Sheri for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

    I wish I could take credit for those cupcakes, but I can’t. There is a bakery/cafe down the road from me that does amazing things with flour, sugar, butter and chocolate. Actually, everything they make there is really good. I promise that I’ll still bring treats, even without a contract!

    Thanks again for the well wishes. I can’t wait for Monday!

  20. I am definitely ready for the weekend. It’s supposed to snow 9-12 inches here which is a lot for us so we’ll be immobilized til Monday. It’s flurrying a bit now. The yarn shop where I work is next door to a yummy bakery that makes fresh cinnamon rolls. I always go there for “breakfast” when I open. Also on the next block is a cheesecake shop which we frequent when we have knit nights or on Saturdays. I’m knitting a Colonnade for a prayer shawl. Thanks for blogging about it.

  21. Can’t wait to meet Elf Lori!
    I’m making Polish pastries “punchki” for a pre-Lent treat.

    And I am knitting a wonderful purse I’ve designed, to felt up and add hearts to. Cascade 220 is wonnndderfullll to knit and felt.

  22. Welcome Lori!!!! I look forward to meeting you at the Spring Fling.

    I’m heading to Boston to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday. Looking forward to all the knitting time while traveling to and fro. I wonder if there will be yummy cupcakes in store? (though I don’t know if they can beat Lori’s good looking ones!)

    I hope that you ALL have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Wow!! Remember that advertisement that said “You’ve come along way baby!”, You have come along way from the little space in your house. You go Girls!!
    Made Baked Ziti using the Spaghetti Sauce Recipe–Yummy!! Thanks so much for sharing that recipe. It is a standby–I just can’t open a jar anymore.
    Those cupcakes look sooo good. Stay warm.

  24. I was looking at Numma Numma’s site — on one of their pages they noted they’d sent a large shipment to Loopy Ewe recently, which they predicted would likely be in a Feb 1 update!! Guess they left out the unpacking part at the end!

  25. The second I saw the Wall of Cascade, I sent a link to my bff and said, “I want this in my house.” which I then followed with, “So I could roll around in it.” Even though I could never reasonably think of enough stuff to make with that quantity of yarn.

    I wish there was a way for me to come visit Loopy Central cause it looks fabulous there. And those cupcakes look equally as awesome. 🙂

  26. Congratulations on needing another elf! That’s a good sign these days.

    I received my Loopy package over the weekend and I love my new Namaste bag. It is going to get lots of use.

  27. Those cupcakes look amazing. Are you going share this receipe. I could use one right about now come to think of it.

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