Forecast: Buried

winterWednesday Forecast: Snow. 5-6″, starting at dinnertime. Single digits, with windchills below zero. We’re going to get buried here in the Midwest. (Well – “buried” is relative. It’s considered buried for us.) I’m ready. I love snow. It does help that I’m only 3 blocks from Loopy and have few other places to go in this weather.

Thursday Forecast: Continued snow and cold temperatures. Many school closings already in the works. Loopy Elves are quickly pointing out that they may not be able to make it in to work. College Daughter may need to Elf tomorrow. Orders may take an extra day to get out, due to anticipated Elf Shortage.

Friday Forecast: Sunny, highs in the mid 70’s. A delightful day. (Granted, this is in California, not St. Louis. Seems like a really good time for me to be heading out to our twice-a-year TNNA Market, doesn’t it?)

Saturday/Sunday Forecast: Continued sunny and warm. Much yarn buying going on. Many decisions to make. Not much knitting going on.

Monday Forecast: Continued sunny and warm, turning to freezing and cold as the plane leaves CA and gets back to St. Louis on Monday night. No Sneak Up, no blog, but we’ll be sure to have new things up for you on Tuesday, and a blog full of TNNA info on Wednesday.

Or ….. this may all be a hoax. Sometimes the grocery stores bribe the weather people to make these things up. That way, there is a run on bread and milk, but then nothing ever happens. We’ll see. (And as a knitter, I’m much more concerned about whether or not I have enough projects to last me through the storm – the heck with the bread and milk.)

Sheri what’stheforecastinyourneckofthewoods?


  1. snow-but just a little. Cold, cold, cold here in New York. I have learned not to go out when the weather is bad. We lived in VT for years and our house was 1/4 mile up a hill.
    Then we moved to NY and the house we chose is 1 1/2 miles up an even steeper winding road. Shortly before Xmas, I didn’t listen to the weather & headed out to run an errand. I ended up totaling my SUV when I hit black ice-winter is not my favorite season 🙁
    I am sure everyone will understand if orders aren’t mailed out right away. It is more important that you and the elves are safe 🙂

  2. Snow. And sightings of the Neighborhood Eccentric shoveling in bizarre regalia. (Um, yea, that’s me. My neighbors get a kick out of it.)

    And like BFF Liz, so GLAD I can work from home!!

  3. Forecast here is cold, cold, cold with snow flurries. Gonna have a heat wave this weekend with daytime temps in 40s. This respite will be brief then back down to below freezing during day and night temps in teens. I’m trying not to complain because other places are much colder and we need cold temps here to kill bugs (ants and fleas) which have been too numerous the last few years. I have lots of fiber-y things to do indoors. Safe travels to TNNA.

  4. Snowy and cold in Iowa. Lots of schools are closed today. Highs the next couple of days are around zero. Supposed to warm up to the 20s next week. I’m going to St. Simons Island, Ga next week where it will be a balmy 50 – hurray!

  5. I live not far from where you’ll be for TNNA. The weather here is gorgeous, but is doesn’t seem much like winter. We were in the snot from Christmas to New Years…I think snow is fun to visit, but I’m not sure what it would be like to live there…I’ve been in Sunny California since I was 5.

  6. My forecast is for lots of knitting today here in northern KY. I was about to go shovel the driveway after this morning’s 2 1/2″ snow when we got another big burst. We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the day and I don’t see us having any appreciable sunlight to help dry the cleared-off driveway, so I’m leaving shoveling until tomorrow. (Actually, I just checked the weather forecast, and we’re not supposed to even have sunlight until Sunday and we won’t get above freezing until Monday – FPS!)

    Good thing, since I have 8 sock WIPs and two shawl WIPs to finish up! (argh)

  7. My favorite weather. Bulndle up in hand knits, pour yourself something warm, sit back & Knit. gosh, i’m in heaven, except for that pesky Dr’s appt in the am. Oh well, I can stay home after that

  8. Here in the Pacific NW, we seemed to have missed the big storm. I went for a walk today with just a sweatshirt on..and Sunglasses! We’ll probably get it in February…a month I do not like….the month my son was born (1979)…brought him home during a storm so bad it blew the Hood Canal Bridge down. Yikes. I’m enjoying this weather while it lasts. I have my yarn stash in case bad weather hits. My brother is on a train going thru Montana on the way to Wisconsin, hope he makes it OK.

  9. My neck of the woods looks a lot like yours, just 150 miles south. We had enough snow to cancel school Thursday (and just heard there will be no school Friday — we live in a rural area — lots of gravel roads that don’t get cleared off). We barely got the low end of the 2″-4″ of predicted accumulation, but it’s enough. Cold, cold through the weekend. The water lines to my washer have been frozen for a few days, and I don’t anticipate being able to use the washer until Monday at the earliest.

  10. It’s 40 deg C here in Victoria, Australia with sock knitting continuing. Winter will be here in a few months and I’ll need socks then 🙂

  11. Here in Germany we wait for snow in the evening of Friday. We will see. The best will be to stay at home, not to drive by car, and maybe to knit.


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