Loopy’s Halloween Costume

DSC03137Happy Halloween to all of you! Our first customers of the day (on a Road Trip from Oklahoma) rang the doorbell promptly at 10 am. When we opened the door, we were greeted with masks and a loud “Trick or Treat!” So we filled up their bags and purses with lots and lots of yarn as their treats for the day. (Um, no. Just kidding. They filled up their own bags quite well!) We wanted to make sure you knew that both Big Loopy (who stands on top of one of our yarn shelves, DSC03138keeping an eye on things every day) and the Little Loopies (who congregate on the Loopy Island up front) are dressed for the day. Elf Donna makes sure that they are prepared for the different seasons. And then Susan brought Halloween tattoos and made us wear them. Should I keep mine on for the wedding that I’m attending tomorrow in Ohio?

DSC03136I have a new cookbook that arrived this week and I think it’s my most favorite ever. (Which says a lot, because I may be guilty of collecting cookbooks…) It’s called “The Pioneer Woman Cooks“. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon The Pioneer Woman’s blog, but I have enjoyed reading it over the past year. What I like about her brand new (first ever) cookbook is: great recipes (and ones that I will actually make), step by step pictures, and fun stuff to read about life DSC03134on the ranch. Most of the new recipes that I have tried lately have come from her, and I was so glad when I read that she had a cookbook coming out this fall. I think it would make a great holiday gift for several people on my list. (You know, the ones I’m not knitting for. And since I’m only DSC03135knitting gifts for a handful of people this year, there are quite a few on the “no knits” list.)

<– Look – pictures of horses! I always wanted a horse, growing up. I never got one. And I also wanted an Easy Bake Oven that never magically appeared under the tree. Do any of you remember “really really really” wanting some particular thing? (Because, you know, that’s the way we talked about such things at that stage of life: really really really. Like you’d REALLY REALLY REALLY die if you didn’t get it). So were there things you really really really wanted and … never did get? Or does anyone remember spending a few hours poring over the Sears WishBook, making your list of things you had to have in order to survive another year of life? Or does this whole conversation just really (really really) date me? Yes? Never mind, then.

Sheri whonolongerwantsanEasyBakeOven.


  1. I wanted the Suzy Homemaker oven! That makes me even older than the Easy Bake Oven generation. It never magically appeared under my tree either!

  2. I remember the Sears wish book. So there. 🙂 I also always wanted an easy bake oven, so I got one for my daughter. And a horse. I haven’t gotten her one of those, yet. ;). I’ve got my eye on that book too – I’m glad to hear its good!

  3. I would spend hours going through the American Girl catalogs making lists of things I wanted.

    My mom, bless her, bought me Samantha and Kirsten. The sad part was that I rarely played with them. I have them…and they’re both in perfect condition, but they were mostly just displayed.

    Ah well, they are “retiring” Samantha so maybe if I hold onto her she’ll be worth something in twenty years.

    Doubt it though–now I make a point of giving gifts that can be USED and used up

  4. I have that cookbook too! Preordered it, and will be making the steak sandwiches for lunch or dinner on Halloween.

    I love The Pioneer Woman, and her blog, and that most of the recipes in that cookbook will get made in this house over the next few months. (I’ve been making her poppers, plain style, for months, and have some in the freezer now.)

  5. How funny that you always wanted a horse, but never got one…I always tell people a horse was the only thing I ever asked my Dad for that he didn’t get for me (I was the only daughter out of five kids!). My brothers had motorcycles, hunting stuff, etc., but all I ever wanted was a horse! Come to find out, it was Mom’s fault…to this day she is scared to death of horses and just knew I would get kicked in the head or something if I ever got one. I think my grandfather would have gone in on a horse for me too, as he loved them as much as I did, but Mom wasn’t having any of that! I had to be satisfied with going on trail rides every year when we went on vacation in New Mexico or Colorado – Do they still have places where you can go ride horses in Colorado? Like you, I would still love to have one today….and yes I definitely remember poring over the WishBook for hours, making out my list!

  6. I can remember talking endlessly about the NEW doll, Barbie. Hours and hours were spent on a little pamphlet that one of my friends gave me. In the end my big brother bought me a redhead bubble hairdo Barbie that I played with almost every day. I wish I still had her.

  7. I really really wanted a dog, horse and goats. Got them when I was an adult and i really really am glad I got to have my dream. Now I really really really want more time to knit.

  8. I remember going through the Sears Wish book and later the Toys R Us big Book with my daughter. My parents went crazy one year trying to find me a cabbage patch doll (it was the year that it was big) and low and behold, it was under the hunnukah bush for me (there’s really no bush, just joking)

  9. Ha! I totally remember poring oh-so-longingly over the annual Sears Wish Book. My sister & I would fight over who got to look through it first, and (unless I’m misremember, which happens as I get older) we had elaborate systems for marking which of us wanted which items. There were some items that’d have overlap between us, but with a 5-year age gap, they weren’t common. Ahhh, this takes me back. 🙂

  10. I had an Easy Bake oven when I was little and my daughter had one when she was little. While they were fun, the size of the cakes were so tiny that it didn’t seem worth the effort to make them! A horse would’ve been better….

  11. I guess I was one of the lucky ones and had an Easy Bake Oven. I loved it who knew that a lightbulb could do all that. I also made sure that my daughter had one. And at 20 she and her Father still thinks that it is cool to use it when the weather is bad and we are stuck in the house….lol Such Fun! I did always want a horse also but that never happened. And now that I am a few years older 😉 I don’t want one it would cut into my knitting time.

    The good old days of the Wish Books. All of them Montgomery Wards, Sears, Pennys, I couldn’t wait till the mailman brought them to circle what I wanted and when I got older it was The List…. Wait a minute there is something familar with that picture…. wish lists, attacking the mailman when he comes…. Any one else see the simularities?

  12. My niece always talked about wanting the large Barbie head so she could play beauty shop. Her friends found her one for her 30th birthday. Maybe your horse will still come.

  13. I got that cookbook yesterday, too – it’s fabulous, I can’t wait to make something from it! The thing that I always “really, really” wanted as a kid and never got was a Lite Brite…Mom would never let me have one. Now that I’m an adult, I can see what a nightmare all those little plastic pegs would be…

  14. I too wanted an Easy Bake oven and was denied. A few years ago a friend at work bought one for me and we would make mini cakes in the office. I had no idea you could still buy them.

  15. The pages of the Wish Book were dogearred by Thanksgiving. Bro’s b-day was 12-6 and mine was 1-20….whatever you really really wanted either came for his b-day and then Christmas was somewhat of a let down…In my case, if I did not get it for Christmas I KNEW it was coming for my b-day….however the pony, even to this day NEVER arrived….but I did have the first Tiny Tears in my neighborhood !! She was a TRIPLE Really !! Such wonderful memories !! Thanks, Sheri for reminding us of “the good old days” !! Happy Halloween !!!!

  16. I love the Sears Wishbook! My mom used to let us cut out pictures of what we wanted to bring in a plastic bag when we went to see Santa – we were allowed one gift from Santa so we spent a ton of time pouring through the book.

  17. Oh yeah, I wanted the Easy Bake oven.

    The other thing I remember really wanting and not getting was Dusty and her motorcycle. For some reason I thought that was the coolest thing.


    I also really, really wanted Tiffany, the doll who had the top of the head that flipped around to change from blond to brown. I got one in the end. I tried to cut the blond into a Farrah flip, but not surprisingly that didn’t quite work. In the end, however, it was ok as the shorter hair was better hidden when she was brown haired, and overall I liked that better.

  18. I also really, really, REALLY, wanted a horse. A big red horse that I rode for the very first time when I was 8 years old. His name was (go figure!), “Big Red.” His owner offered to sell him to my father for $25. Big Red lived in Houston, Texas. I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I cried all the way home from Texas when my father would not buy that horse. It still makes me sad; many, many, many years later.

    Now it is time to go knit something “Frankish” and cheer up! 😉

  19. I remember the Sears wishbook too. My mom loved Christmas and would look and look and look.. She started shopping in June. I don’t think I ever wanted an easy bake oven. For sure, I don’t want one now or the real kind either (use mine for storage). I did want a Barbie doll which came out when my mom thought I was too old to have a doll. 😉

  20. the Sears wish book, how we loved it. It was worn to tatters by my siblings and me, with inky check marks next to the things we hoped Santa would bring. I remember my brother asking for a miniature CocaCola delivery truck, which came with little cases of bottles, he played with it for years. Dolls, stuffed animals—I remember a plush pink poodle who doubled as a pajama bag with a zipped compartment underneath, I loved it year round–and at one point kept my knitting in it! Alas, the wish book never offered a pony or horse at all. I was bummed when Sears discontinued the wish book, making Sears like Just Any Old Store.

  21. I definitely remember the Sears Wishbooks. We would always flip through those to pick out what we wanted for Christmas. I also remember really wanting a Starter jacket and not getting one because people were you know killing each other for them. But then I did get one a couple years later when they weren’t as cool. 😉

  22. The Sears Wishbook! I have five sisters, so our pre-Christmas wishlist planning was an event in itself. I’m not sure we got much (if anything) from the wishbook…but we did get to adopt/rescue a pony who needed a good home. Mom clearly had our priorities straight 😉

  23. For me it was a Barbie camper. I never did get that either, but I still survived. Our equivalent in Canada of the Sears Wishbook was the Eaton’s catalogue. We had the pages of that memorized, I think. Then after Christmas, all the people and furniture were cut out for paper dolls.
    Thanks for the news that the PW cookbook is out. I’ll have to look for it.

  24. I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven, too. Mom compensated for that by getting me small pans that I used whenever she baked. I also wanted a Lite Brite. I actually got one for my first graders when I was a teacher. They weren’t too enamored with it, but then I taught after computer games were already a big thing. I suppose a Lite Brite is tame after that. I did want a horse as a kid, but now as an adult I know how much work they are so I don’t want one any more.

  25. I really, really, really wanted a jewelry making kit. Never did get one. But it occured to me a couple years ago that I could now take a jewelry making class as an adult. It was fun and I finally got to do what I wanted to do many years ago.

  26. I wanted a big Barbie house that my great-grandmother got me. To date me the furniture was all cardboard and I remember how mad my Dad got putting is all together. That was the last Christmas that she was alive and I still remember that she always got us what we wanted from that catalogue.

  27. I too wanted a horse growing up, and I wanted to live in the country like my grandparents.
    I eventually moved to a small farm.
    Shortly after we got married my darling husband asked me if I would like a horse.
    Silly me … I said sure (how was I to know that my beautiful yard would be no more!)
    Now, almost 9 years later, my yard is still an awful sight, but we have 8 horses, most rescued from being in a bad place. With us they get lots to eat, and they get spoiled, but you would think we could figure out a way to have them, and a pretty yard? (still working on this, as we wouldnt want to “banish” them to the pastures or anything like that, not when all the shade trees are in the yard by the house.)
    Would’nt give them up, but I am always thinking about a way to fence off at least part of the yard. Oh well, maybe next year!

  28. I wanted an Easy Bake oven, too, but when my mom got sick when I was 10 and I took over in the kitchen, I had an even better oven. 🙂 And while I wanted a horse, that wasn’t so dire as my aunt had a race horse farm, so I got to go visit. I remember there used to be a play house that was like a giant kid-size doll house, complete with furniture. I always wanted one of those. One year there was a bedding set in the Marshall Field’s catalog that I just adored, and another year I just had to have a Kick ‘n Go. (Which didn’t work on the sidewalks and I promptly fell off and got hurt once the thaw happened, I know BFF Liz is shocked by that.)

  29. I spent hours with the wish book.

    I thought I would die if I did not get the Barbie head that came with makeup – you could do her makeup and hair and then wash it off and do it again. I never got it. I seem to have lived………

  30. I’m a lot older than most of these people are, but there were things that I wanted
    also. My father was a championship bowler. I wanted a dog and a bicycle, but
    my dad bought me my own bowling ball and shoes. He said “the other things
    were not important’. Eventually I got the dog and the bicycle but I was a
    teenager. I did have my share of dolls though.

  31. I did have the Easy Bake Oven and LOVED it! Sorry! 🙂

    For the item that I REALLY, REALLY wanted was a sibling! I am an only child and I asked for YEARS for Santa to bring me a sibling! I even said I would settle for a Foreign Exchange Student! I never did get that want….However, I do have 4 amazing kiddos! 🙂

  32. I too loved my Easy Bake Oven! I still am upset with my mother for throwing it out.
    We got one for our daughter but it wasn’t the same. She wants to bake the real deal and is actually quite helpful.
    Enjoy the weekend and I think it would be quite humorous if you kept your Halloween tattoo for the wedding!

  33. So funny and too true!

    I must admit: I was spoiled. I had an easy-bake oven and a horse (pony). But I never had a Barbie – not even a Skipper!

    Even though I really really really wanted them and circled them in the JC Penny’s catalog.

  34. My really really wants did not come until I was a teenager. Mostly it was the fashionable items at the mall that my family could not buy….

    Dr. Martins one year…
    Designer purse another year…

    Grandmas are awesome!

  35. I got an awful lot of nice toys as a kid, even an Easy Bake Oven. But I never really asked for toys, my Mom and Dad were good at getting just the right things for me. My favorites were the little electric Singer sewing machine in its own flower print case my mother bought me. (I wish I still had it!) And the Peugeot 10 speed bike my father bought me.
    The only grumpy Gus moment I can remember over a toy was when I got a Skipper doll. I felt cheated since she had no boobies like a Barbie. Thing is, I don’t remember ever even wanting a Barbie. Kids. . 😉

  36. I had an Easy Bake Oven! And I got it for Christmas one year. It made cakes the size of muffin tops. Seems to me they must not have tasted that great because I don’t think back and say, “Gee, I sure miss the cakes I used to make with my Easy Bake Oven.”

    I really, really, really want to go on a knitting cruise, but that will have to wait another year or so.

    Have fun at the wedding and Happy Halloween!!

  37. I remember waiting breathlessly for the Sears and J. C. Penney Christmas catalogs to arrive. Once they did, I spent hours and hours going over them and marking items or writing up a list. Then when Christmas morning arrived it would all go out of my head to be replaced by the wonderful gifts I did actually receive. I could never remember what all I wished for compared to what I got. All of which says that I was very, very blessed!

  38. When we were little my brother and I got to pick our Christmas gifts from the big Sears Wish Book. That was fun. I didn’t get an Easy Bake oven since my mother thought if I wanted to bake I might as well do it for real. We got Thingmakers insted. Plastic goop got poured into metal molds and baked that made flowers, creepy crawly bugs.

    BTW, thanks for the colorful yarn from the October Blog contest. My learning to knit 15 year old son even liked it.

  39. I think you’ve tapped the reason why I have so much yarn!

    I haven’t REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted anything as badly since childhood (Wonder Woman Barbie doll that I got) and unlike childhood, if I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want a skein of a particular yarn, I’m at a place in my life where I can just buy it.

    Which, to me, is sort of miraculous.

    As a child, I remember my mother telling me that when she and my dad got married she could buy all the yarn and fabric she wanted and she felt “rich, rich, rich!” I think that’s stuck with me as my own personal definition of wealthy: able to pay all your bills, put some aside for savings and still buy all the yarn and all the fabric you want.

  40. Where in Ohio are you going? I live in Dayton, Ohio Would like to meet you. My daughter and I are thinking about a trip to your place in St. Louis sometime. Have a good time at the wedding. Elaine

  41. For me, it was an electric train. I wanted one more than life itself. Never got one. My grandfather gave one to my little brother when he was about 5, but I never got one. It took a long time, for a 12 year old, for me to forgive my grandfather for that perceived snub.

  42. I always wanted a canopy bed. Never got one. (As a kid, or as an adult.) So when I got a divorce, I sold my ring and bought my very own canopy 😉

  43. Loved the Sears Wishbook! As a child, I’d spend A LOT of time going through it–didn’t want to miss anything. But what I REALLY REALLY REALLY had to have was my Chatty Cathy doll… “Hello, my name is Cathy. What’s your name?” Yes, I did get it, and I pulled that darned string on her head to make her talk A LOT–in fact, I pulled it so often, she lost her voice!! What a wonderful memory!

  44. I love the pioneer woman’s blog also
    you didn’t miss much by not having that Easy bake Oven, light bulbs aren’t the best heat source for baking. i would still like a horse too.

  45. I rilly, rilly wanted a chemistry set or rock tumbler. *I* got the Easy Bake Oven. Guess that told me what my gender role was supposed to be!

    Love that cookbook!

    Here’s the thing about horses (I grew up with them): riding them is tons of fun. Cleaning out stalls, getting up at 5am to feed, brushing them (you think a cat or dog is big?), getting them water when the pipes at the barn are frozen….these are some of the parts that are less fun 😉 And of course…the VET BILLS.

  46. I also love The Pioneer Woman, her hometown is my hometown and her dad is still a Doctor here. My sister and I loved picking out things in the Sears Christmas catalog and I felt sad when many years later the catalog was discontinued. Having a horse as a child was wonderful. I got one of my worst sunburns riding for hours in the hot summer sun and loved to ride when it was snowing and all the days in between. What great memories!!

  47. I never had the Easy Bake Oven–but I got to bake in the real oven. Lite Brite–yep–Creepy Crawlers and Incredible Edibles (can’t still be around now–they were completely unsafe, but I never burned myself on them!) I did have the horses–but looking back, I also had one of the coolest things ever. I had a kids knitting machine. I suppose it would have been similar to a Bond, I remember knititng striped scarves on it in my older brother’s high school colors. I wonder what happened to that knitting machine.

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