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DSC03097Paul and I went back in time yesterday. There is a little German festival in Marthasville, MO each fall, called Deutsch Country Days. It’s on the property of a private farm. This family has acquired 19 log buildings and a covered bridge, from places around the St. Louis area, and reconstructed them on this wooded property. They have done a great job of keeping most all of the trees around, and just putting up the different buildings on the theloopyewe.comhillside. During the Deutsch Days festival, most of the dwellings have people in period costumes, recreating the tasks from those days. We saw pies baking in a hearth fire, sausage being stuffed (I never like seeing that), wash being cranked out, and meats being smoked. The blurb on the website says they’d demonstrate natural dyeing, German fractur, and sad ironing as well. Isn’t all ironing sad? (I had to look that up. It means “heavy, dense” in Old English. You know, those metal irons that they heated by the fire?) We also DSC03100saw rug hooking, rug braiding, quilting, and lace making. And I found this cute puppy for sale, but WH said we didn’t need a new puppy. I had a hard time tearing myself away from him. (The puppy. Not WH.) It was a beautiful, cool fall day, perfect for spending the afternoon enjoying a peek at the past (and being really happy that we don’t live there.) I’m sure the owners of this farm were really happy to have sunny weather, as it has been raining here for days on end.

We also saw this gal working on an afghan in the mock-general store:


A spinner demonstrating how to make yarn:

And plenty of music and song:

If you live somewhere in Missouri, you ought to check it out next year. I’m sure we’ll go back!

In knitting news, my second Multnomah is blocking and I’m almost done with those fingerless mitts that I mentioned on Friday. Photos on Wednesday. Now it’s time to start the Traveling Woman shawl.

In Monday Update news, we have a brand new indie dyer just up that I know you are going to love. Kimber (of Fiber Optic) is a chemist and after listening to her talk about dyeing for 15 minutes at the Sock Summit, I was sold on her incredible yarn. (Not that one look at her line didn’t already sell me on it.) The dyes almost take on a multi-layered look. Lovely. We also added in new Trekking XXL colors, re-stocked some Lorna’s Laces Sock and Sport, and added some new Kalamzaoo Knits patterns (baby socks that I want to make even though there is no baby in my life, and the holiday ornaments that we all loved last year, plus a new mitten ornament.)  Come check it all out.

Sheri sunisshiningforthethirddayinarow.Amazing!


  1. Sun is shining here for the first day in a while. Hoping it’ll warm up for SAFF this weekend. In case you didn’t catch it on FB I finished the Whispering Pines this weekend. Still have to block (probably after SAFF) but it’s off the needles. Re-cast on my Nebula Socks and am happy that socks will be the on-the-go project again. I’ve been taking stockinette sweaters to knit nights the last month or so and they’re too big to carry. Looks like the German Festival was fun.

  2. Gotta love that sun…bring on the Indian Summer.

    We have a couple of festivals like Deutsch Country Days. One is the Covered Bridge Festival (Rockville, IN) although it’s not a period festival. But it does feature some old and beautiful covered bridges. The other is the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon which receates the annual fall gathering of the French and Native Americans which took place Fort Ouiatenon, a fur-trading outpost along the banks of the Wabash River. It happens right outside West Lafayette, home to Purdue University.

    PS…that’s one awfully cute puppy:-) Sheltie or Collie?

  3. Hmmm. I love things like that. I wonder if BFF Liz is smelling a road trip for next year? (Especially if there are puppies involved, and if we could work in a trip to Loopy Central?)

    Loving the new yarn colors, too! That Jelly is making me smile!! 😀

  4. Is PUPPY! I can haz?

    I’m down for a road trip, Sarah. Although we never quite make it to Wisc. Sheep and Wool….

  5. Our weather forecast here was very schizophrenic. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but thankfully didn’t start until really late Saturday night. So, it was just brisk and I got to enjoy the outdoors!

    I’m trying not to click to see the Fiber Optic, because if it was truly funky fiber optics for knitting with I’m sure I could not stop myself for a single second.

  6. Sounds like a fun festival and I love that most of the women in the photo’s are wearing shawls!

    I have 4 more rows on a Seneca sweater before I bind off and I can’t wait to start another shawl. I’ve been fighting with myself to finish the sweater before casting on for a shawl – they are so addicting, I just knew the sweater would be thrown aside and forgotten.

  7. Our rug guild demo’s sometimes in St Augustine Fl in period dress – problem down here is that most of the time it is sweltering – just tooooo hot for period dress and sitting under wool rugs. But fun festivals to attend for sure. I know what you mean about sweets – I pulled out the recipe you gave out last year for the Apple Butterscotch bars and made them yesterday – ouuuu la la – delicious

    What a bad influence you are – I am happy as a clam working on my Multnomah in Dream in Color Classy – hope to complete for the shawl challenge.


  8. Sounds like lots of fun! My kids would get a kick out of attending. Too bad CA is so far away! As for the puppy, he was VERY cute. Is WH not prone to breaking down to cute, fuzzy faces? Tell him you need a cute puppy since Web Guy and Knitting Daughter have left too much empty space in the house. 🙂 I’m a sucker for pets – we have too many as it is and I still have to avoid visiting animal shelters and pet fairs. FPS!

  9. Aww! The puppy looks like my Zoey when she was a baby!

    I love going to those little historical festivals. Sometimes I think I’d love to live back then but then again, I really like indoor plumbing, central heat and air my washer/ dryer.

  10. The puppy looks like a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). As the proud owner of two Shelties, I can vouch for the breed. You can’t imagine a more loyal and loving companion. Sheltie puppies are adorable and the adults are handsome. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?

    And if it’s puppy-raising that causes you to hesitate, consider rescuing an adult. My two (and two previous Shelties) came to us as adults from Sheltie Rescue. Shelties bond strongly to their family. They need to be family members, living in the house not the yard, and will never be more than a few feet away, awaiting your command and anxious to be of service. They’re usually good with cats and kids and other critters. (They do shed heavily in spring and fall, however. Usually a bath and a good comb-out takes care of the hair.) Doesn’t Loopy Central need a mascot?

  11. Oooh, you should pick up the Fiber Optic Laceweight. I wanted to get some at Rhinebeck this weekend, but I was trying to be good about staying at budget, and buying anything else would have put me over. I would love to be able to buy some later though!

  12. I bought my Fiber Optic yarn. Looks very appealing. The puppy is too cute for words. Historical Festivals are so delightful. Glad you had a good time. It is 80 degrees here in Albuquerque. Too warm – not natural. I like the fall and miss it. Sheri, thank you for your blogs. They are always lovely, always a pleasure to read. And I no longer buy my yarn at the local shop. Yours is far, far better. Your service is excellent and the yarn arrives in two days. What more can a person ask for?

  13. Loved hearing all about the German Festival! I enjoy going to those sort of things. We used to go to one when we lived in Indiana. 🙂 The recipe you put up looks very yummy, too! mmm….might have to try those one of these days when I’m craving sweets! Wouldn’t you know when our darling daughter arrives home, she has a friend that is having a baby?….so , Now, I have yet another baby afghan on my needles! 🙂 Just love that girl so much! 🙂 I also want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog postings. They are always so enjoyable and informative.

  14. Ooooh, I love Fiber Optic fibers! I’ve been stalking their Etsy site for a long time. Have you seen their Afternoon in Paris merino-tencel blend? De-LISH!

    The puppy’s pretty cute, too.

  15. I am so glad for the sunshine as well! It’s our second day of it here on the East Coast–keep sending it along, Sheri!

    Also, I love demonstrations from the past–at the local Renaissance Festival, I had the chance to play on a walking wheel–and now I want one of my own.

  16. puppy, puppy, puppy! So cute! I love shelties, and they are so smart! We are dog-less for the first time in 17 years, and while I enjoy having less work (the early years and the last years are the most!), I do miss having such a loyal, loving and forgiving companion. And they really make you walk too!

  17. Kimber is such a great dyer and a really nice person. I’ve bought a few times from her and finally go to meet her at sock summit. Yippee!

  18. Fiberoptic is gorgeous. I will not be able to let either of my knitting daughters look at it. My resolve will also melt away. I will politely disagree with Sooze about never NEEDing a dog or cat, they can be very therapeutic for all ages. I know I am a better and happier person because of my collie.

  19. am making the multnomh shawl also..what needles do you use?
    The puppy is cute, the festival looks like it was
    that German food…Sunny here in CAL also

  20. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Also looks like you’ve found a friend for Loopy. Surely a shetland SHEEPdog would fit right in at Loopy Central?

  21. Hi Sheri, I recieved my order last night and when I opened it and found my free items I was the happiest person in San Diego. Thank you so much that made my night. I was jumping up and down and just sat and stared at my beautiful yarn and free gifts. My dogs think I am crazy but the love me anyway. 🙂

  22. Hi, Sherri,
    This is from your former “land-lady” … P.K. While digging around in a basket looking to throw “stuff” away I found your web-site given to me by your mom last winter!!!! How I lose things.

    I’m just checking in to say HI! I do not knit any more but your yarns look yummy. I would surely like to take up the hobby again (as that was about all it was for me in the days gone by) but never seem to get around to it.

    This seemed like a great way to contact you. Maybe you could send an email my way sometime when YOU have time.

    My love to you and Paul.


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