Sock Summit

We’re in Portland! We arrived on Tuesday evening and got up early Wednesday morning to ….. run errands. Well, we couldn’t get in to start setting up our booth until 1 pm, so we went shopping instead. It seemed like a good use of our time.

Aug 6, 2009 008When we found our booth space, it was almost impossible to get into it because of all of the boxes of stuff that we shipped out there. We blocked the whole thing. (Which led me to believe that we would never fit it all in the booth, but I was proved wrong. We have those red tables full of re-stocking yarns and accessories underneath, but we did manage to fit it all in!) We spent 9 hours setting up on Wednesday and a few more hours today. Here is the finished booth (with Susan and Knitting Daughter posing.) Loopy Groupie Lou saw it and called it “Loopy Lite”. Lou has been at Loopy Central for Spring Fling shopping and she thought it was like we had taken that and recreated it in a miniature version. I think she’s right. It feels very “Loopy” to me, from the red carpet to the red and white shelves, to the socks and Loopy presiding over all!

Aug 6, 2009 009Last night the Marketplace was open for just two hours for students (people who were signed up to take classes) and teachers. It was crazy busy and the two hours were over in a blink. So far, the best part of being here has been meeting our awesome Loopy customers in person! It was like a family reunion at times, as we recognized so many names. The other fun part is seeing all of the famous sock designers in attendance. Nancy Bush, Charlene Schurch, Barbara Walker, Meg Swanson…. and a whole bunch more. And of course we always love connecting with Mary-Heather, Sarah, Casey and Jess from Ravelry.

Aug 6, 2009 012I wish I had time to take all of the classes. (I did joke with Claudia in Germany that the next time I ought to just bring Wollmeise, sell out the first day, and then take classes and play the rest of the time – ha!  And then I realize what I’m saying and wise up. I’d fear for my life with a booth full of Wollmeise.)

Today is a long day at the Marketplace. The shopping is open from 8:30 – 6:30 and we’re looking forward to meeting a whole bunch more of you. I’ll post again when I can.

For those of you waiting on orders, remember that when we do a sale like we’re doing this week, the orders can take an extra day or two to ship. (And the poor Elves we left behind are working like mad to keep up with them all.) Just know that it’s all in process!

Sheri headingoutforStarbuckstostarttheday


  1. This has already been said, but your booth captures the feel of the real Loopy Ewe perfectly. Did someone design and build it like a “set” for you? That is just a wonderful looking booth. I have never seen one quite so inviting at a fiber event. Well done and thank you for the photo. I would be jealous not to visit the booth, but I live across the river from the real Loopy Ewe, so I’m okay. I just wish you were open on my days off. I may have to change my days off. Kathy (KDSPINS)

  2. It was so fun meeting all of you at the Loopy Ewe booth in Portland. I had a great time at Sock Summit and hope all of you did too.

  3. Wish I could have gone…but it’s enough to live vicariously through you! So, how was it? Are you back home safely? Enquiring minds want to KNOW! 🙂

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