Those Jackhammers….

Remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned the trucks that were jack-hammering the street outside our building? They have been there for more than a week. Today they cut the phone lines to the building. They are SO on my bad list. Now we have a whole building full of businesses who rely on phones and the internet, who can’t work.Β  So I just wanted to let you know in case you are trying to call us (no phone service here) or watching for your order to ship (no internet/shipping services without computer lines). It sounds like it will be out for most of the day. We’ll be back up just as soon as possible. And of course the website isn’t affected at all – you can still shop and order. We just can’t get the orders processed until they fix our phone lines. FPS.

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  1. WAAHHHH!! Perhaps we can give them information on the “Dig Safe” program!

    I have visions of you and the elves rolling around on the floor playing with all the yarn!

  2. Good luck Sheri! That stinks – hope it’s fixed soon.

    See you in September – I’m flying out to totally surprise my family (giggles) with a 5 day visit. Good thing I still have a key to my Dad’s house πŸ™‚ Will be kidnapping Meg to come to visit and shop.

  3. Sheri – do you have underground phone lines? Can’t imagine how else they could cut phone lines. Ours are all above ground in Penna here – at lease SE Penna.
    Well – I guess just enjoy the quiet – I know how phones rining all the time can get. And Mary is right – there are regulations here that you have to call before you dig to check for utility lines of any kind. Just be glad it wasn’t a natural gas line!

    Just think of all the phone calls tomorrow ! πŸ™‚ Can’t imagine anyone using a jack hammer for that period of time – God bless you for putting up with that noise pollution!!!!

  4. yikes, good luck with that! We just signed forms yesterday for our neighbors to have their new natural gas lines tied into ours (saves them hundreds vs having to go out to the street) of course this will mean a bit of our yard being dug up andi so hope they do not accidently cut anything (as cable, electric, water, phone, gas all run right there) We have pretty orange paint lines marking everything right now across the grass.

  5. Hi Sheri,

    What a stupid thing to do, cutting phone lines! Amazing, as if they did that job for the first time in their life.
    Enjoy the soft ticking of your knitting needles instead of the noise of the last week.

  6. Because my father was a street and highway contractor, I’m a tad sympathic toward those who cut underground utility lines. However, it does take a bit of doing to cut a telephone line, I think! Anyway, to show my solidarity with TLE, I went and placed another online order a little while ago. πŸ™‚ I will not expect it to be shipped with your usual alacrity, of course. Recently you shipped an order so quickly on the day that I placed it, I was unable to add something that I’d forgotten!

  7. Someone many years ago said to me: this too shall pass….and that is what popped into my head when I read your post. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

  8. What a bummer about the phone lines/internet service!

    Have you told them how many of us were planning to order your anniversary kit tomorrow and then regularly check the package tracking! The poor Elves will be busy next week!! πŸ™‚

  9. Sheesh – I think you should declare today an official day to catch up on your knitting projects in honor of whatever company employs the guys with the jackhammers… we’ll be ready whenever your phone lines are.

  10. I don’t like jackhammers either. Theryare doing work on the office building where I pick up my bus to the WNY. The other day they were make so much noise I had to go inside and wait. I feel sorry for the people having to work in the buidling.

    I feef for you!!

  11. Ha! As I sit, I am working on a case dealing w/ a fiber optic company that keeps cutting phone lines!!! What are the chances????

  12. What a pain in the neck! We had a similar experience with our internet connection a couple of weeks ago. It was a Thursday afternoon, and the day before the 4th of July weekend, so I decided that I would just close the office early and head home! Bonus time for knitting…

  13. Ouch! Hopefully everything will be up and running quickly (I can only hope this means you are getting to work on packing things up for the Sock Summit instead or better yet knitting!).

  14. Sheeesh i hope they are suitably embarassed and remorseful. On the bright side .. at least it should be a quiet day at work (aside from those noisy men outside that is).
    There is always that kit you were hinting at ….

  15. I think it’s an omen. You are supposed to find a very comfortable spot and knit for the rest of the day and start over tomorrow. It won’t help swearing at them. They have heard all those words before. Yup, I like my first idea.

  16. Years ago when the Texas Lottery was just getting started, my husband (who is an engineer for our state’s highway department) was overseeing a highway construction project on the main north-south highway through the town we lived in at the time. One of the contractors cut the phone line at a corner just outside of a convenience store. It was either the day of or the day before they were drawing for the largest lottery to date. I don’t know about other states, but in Texas the store that sells the winning ticket reaps some monetary reward. Let me tell you — there were some unhappy folks that day!

  17. Ccongratulations β€œThe Loopy Ewe Rocks!” I have not known about the site for very long but I am a frequent caller and love to browse around and see what is happening. I ALMOST got to go to the sock summit this year but will have to wait till the next happening. Will be ordering my first bundle of goodies from you and collecting them from the States when I am over in September! Yaaa I am very excited about this as the yarn selection is amazing!
    Thanks for all your work.
    Lynette of Lynadell, from New Zealand

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