Special Anniversary Kit

DSC02898We’ve cooked up a fun kit to celebrate our Third Anniversary next month! And while we have fun contests planned during the month of August for our anniversary, we thought we’d get a jump on offering the kits now. (Well, that, and they take up a whole bunch of space here at Loopy Central. They might as well be on their way to your houses!) Although if you want to get technical about it, we did have my mom and my good friend Janice test out the website by placing orders that last week of July in 2006. So I guess the real anniversary can be considered the end of July, even though we say August 1st! Here is what you will get with the kit:

DSC02903Since YOU are a big part of the reason we are celebrating our anniversary, we came up with a way for you to have a piece of things here. We worked with Lorna’s Laces to come up with a yarn colorway that matches the cheerful rug in our Loopy Knitting Lounge.  Full of reds, golden yellows, sage greens, and robin’s egg blue, we hope that it brings a smile to your face and reminds you of things here at Loopy Central. Each skein has 215 yds., so you will receive a total of 430 yds. in the kit – enough for a pair of socks.

DSC02899Debbie O’Neill at Nutty Creations designed a pattern to go with the socks, called Poppycock. Why the name? On the pattern she says, “For all those people out there who doubt the power of sock yarn, I say Poppycock!” Designed to be knit top down with three sizes to choose from, the flame-like pattern flickers down the ankle and onto the top of your foot.

DSC02901Since we’re usually having coffee while we knit, we wanted to include a Loopy Ewe coffee mug. We’d prefer to have you pop over for a Knit Night in person, but since most of you are too far away, maybe you can grab a cup of coffee in your “Loopy’s Knitting Lounge” mug and we’ll just have to pretend. Kind of like a virtual Knit Night. The inside of the mug is colored in a pretty robin’s egg blue, to match your yarn.

DSC02900Rounding out the kit, we’ve added a Loopy Tape Measure Carabiner. It has a metal 10 ft. tape (with stop switch) and the carabiner hook lets you attach it to the handle of your knitting bag so that it’s always within quick reach. Now you can measure everything from socks to Girasoles and be right on the mark. (And you get Loopy hanging out with you on your knitting bag.)

Please note – due to careful packing requirements for the mug, these kits must be purchased and shipped by themselves in a special sized box. Please check out with only this kit in your cart. We’re happy to send these out internationally as well, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee the mugs when traveling outside of the U.S. We’ll do our best to wrap them up carefully, but order at your own risk if you live outside the U.S. Or maybe we’ll just have to hop on a plane and come deliver them to you in person. That would work, right? Will you send us a plane ticket?

The kits will start shipping out toward the end of next week. Cost is $39, plus shipping. Limit one per person. (Note – if they sell out, we may do a re-run. Watch the blog for details next week.) Here’s the link for the kit!

Sheri whothinksthiscolorwayishernewfavoritecombinationofcolors


  1. Hooray for the power of the Refresh button! I ordered the kit without even looking at the contents (I was so disappointed to miss out on last year’s kit that I didn’t want to miss this one. Of course, I do still have my first anniversary yarn and pattern unknit!).

    Sigh….now I can’t remember what that gorgeous yarn I had to dump from my shopping cart was. I didn’t even stop to check before I clicked Remove. Of course, it isn’t like I NEED another skein of pink-and-green yarn in my stash. I think I have about 12 already. Gotta knit some up.

  2. Yippee – got my anniversary kit!!! Love(1,000) the new colorway!!! Can’t wait to get started on the pattern!

    (I’ll have to drink tea in my mug, but it’ll still feel like I’m there for Knit Night…)

  3. Woo hoo! Got my kit. The rug is so gorgeous, and I can’t wait to have yarn inspired by it! I may have to find a scarf pattern to use though, because those colors need to be out in broad daylight, not hidden inside my shoes! Love the mug, love the tape measure… can’t wait to get it all!!! Happy Anniversary Sheri and Elves!

  4. Woo-hoo! We love Loopy. What would we do without you (other than save a whole lot of money, but what fun is that?)???!!!??? 🙂

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if you had to do a rerun? I got one, and am particularly intrigued by the caribiner measuring tape. (Okay, I’m easy to please–I got the gadget gene from my father.)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad I caught this one! Hopefully the mug will make it through in one piece; if not, I guess I’ll have to send you a plane ticket, huh?

  7. Hooray! I made it ! Happy Anniversary ! I AM going to celebrate too. When the package arrives, it will be a party here ! The Loopy Ewe makes every day a party ! You are THE BEST !!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! That’s a lovely kit…. the yarn colours look absolutely stunning. I will have to pass on this one though….. fragile item + intl customs/handling don’t work well.

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SHERI!!!! This is such a great kit that you’ve put together. You’re always so good about sharing accomplishments and milestones with your customers. I ordered mine as soon as I saw the kit go up. You’ve made my week : )

  10. Happy Anniversary to all of you at The Loopy Ewe!
    I love the colors in the anniversary kit sock yarn. Can’t wait until it arrives in my mailbox.
    Some day I will make it out to visit you, but until then, I will join you vicariously with my yarn and mug.

  11. Wishing you all at TLE a Happy Anniversary! Loved the kit and picked one up this morning. I can’t wait to get it! Thank you Sheri for inspiring us as sock knitters to always find more room in our homes for a little more sock yarn. 🙂 You all are the best!


  12. Happy Anniversary Sheri and Elves!!! Thank you for doing another anniversary kit. Just hopped onto the site and ordered mine.

  13. Ooh, I love the mug, and I could use a pretty mug for work (though that way it wouldn’t get the knitting workout… hrm). I am going to have to cross my fingers and hope that there are some left on August 1. Waiting for payday is a national pasttime!

  14. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 🙂 I’m so thankful for your being there, so that I can round out my stash with beautiful yarns! Picture to post soon on something else I’ve made from something I got at Fling.

    And in honor of that, I’m doing my HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY dance over here, because I got a kit. Ask BFF Liz. It’s a sight to behold. 😎

  15. Happy, happy anniversary and many, many more! A big thank you to the Loopy Elves and you for helping me when I tried to order and it jammed for forever. Even refreshing and doing it again didn’t help. So, I called for human assistance and got it big time! Wonderful, wonderful people you all are. Thankfully those phone lines were working today!!!

    The anniversary kit it wonderful and I can’t wait to knit the socks. I am sooooo thrilled with a top down pattern! Woo-hoo. Yes, you know I am stubborn about learning to knit socks toe up!

    Enjoy, enjoy!

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! I can;t believe its only been three years.

    Sorry that I did not read the insructions first. I’m so trained to hit purchase and Paypal before reading so that I can get the wollmeise or anniversary kit before it jumps out of my cart.

    May you have many more wonderful and successful years.

  17. I’m as trained as Martha (and I can blame her for telling me about TLE)! I called her right after I ordered and told her the kits were up, but I hadn’t taken the time to read what was in it! She said she had already ordered hers! 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  18. Happy 3rd Anniversary Sheri, Loopy Family and Loopy Elves! I placed my order too for the anniversary kit. I can’t wait to get it and know that I’m knitting and drinking coffee with my virtual knit night group.

  19. Happy Anniversary! I ordered mine, and will pick it up…but don’t look for me next week as I will be in Colorado! I promise to come take it off your hands the following week. Really, I do!

  20. Happy Anniversary. Can’t wait to receive my kit!! Thanks a million for being such a fine outfit. Sherri and the elves and of course that cute Little Loopy guy are the reasons I keep coming back for MORE.

  21. Wow, the kit this year is even prettier than last year and I loved last year’s! Happy Anniversary all!

  22. Happy Anniversary! I get on line so late sometimes I miss everything, so I’m very
    excited that I didn’t miss out this time. I’ve learned not to wait–things don’t last long at the The Loopy Ewe! What a wonderful business you have with great service. I continue to recommend you as a trusted yarn source that doesn’t disappoint!
    Thanks, Sheri, and thanks to your wonderful elves!

  23. It has been an amazing journey for these 3 short years! Just wonder what is in store for the next 3? I’ll be there all the way.

  24. happy anni to you sheri ( and the elves and loopy). Loopy ewe has become my most favourite online shop ( now if i could just either move there or you guys move here it would become my local hangout ) I’ll be hanging out for the next 3 years !

    I had to have the kit … i am a sucker for mugs 🙂 The yarn is pretty too … but mostly i just want the mug lol

  25. A very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!
    Order the kit…………..fell in love with it all.
    All of you are doing a fantastic job.

  26. I just finished ordering the anniversary kit Woo Hoo!! Cant wait to get it in the mail! Am hoping to be able to order more yarns this yr especially since I have some Christmas ideas I need to get started on 🙂

  27. Wow! Happy anniversary! The kits are beautiful. Congratulations! I know you make knitters around the world happy. Thank you for being here!

  28. Happy Anniversary, Sheri and all of the Elves at Loopy Central! Ordered my kit today and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on this one! The yarn is beautiful and I can’t wait to drink some coffee or tea from my new mug. ^_^

  29. Woohoo! I can’t believe I got a kit!! What an awesome birthday present this will be from my dh. I’m so excited because along with the awesome goodies, this will be my first time having Lorna’s Laces and I think I might have made Loopy Groupie status!!!


  30. Thanks so much for another year of fantastic yarn, new patterns, interesting blogs and the best customer service ever. I can always count on you for enticing me into buying some wonderful new yarns. My sock kits are the best. I just can’t say enough about your products and service. It is always like ordering from an old friend. I will always be a supportive and loyal customer. Thanks for all you do and a big happy anniversary.

  31. Happy Anniversary! This colorway was one of the most fun we ever put together. Thanks so much for letting us be part of your big day! Here’s to many, many more!

  32. Got my kit and I love it – the sock yarn colors are gorgeous and the pattern is beautiful!

    Quick question before I start knitting though – is the sock yarn self-striping or should I be prepared to strand two skeins into one sock for pattern?

  33. Hi, I’m a new customer and just received my first order. What a treat it was to find some extra goodies in the box! The samples you sent were great and the blue green sample is causing me to look through patterns to see what wonders I could make with it! Happy Anniversary! Kathy Fitzgerald

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