Sock Summit or Not?

Are you heading to The Sock Summit next week?  If so, read on. (If not, you can skip to the last paragraph….)  We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you at our booth next week in Portland. Many of you have been emailing to ask what we’re going to have there for you, so I thought I’d share some of the things that you’ll find. Our booth is going to be all about touch. You will find some of the softest, loveliest sock yarns around – many of your favorites!  We’ll have:

DSC02886Numma Numma Toasty
Numma Numma The Usual
Tempted Luxe Grrl
Hand Maiden Casbah
Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sock (brand new!)
String Theory Caper
Yarn Pirate
Intentions Yarn by Miss Violet
Dream in Color Smooshy (in 5 exclusive new colors)
Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (including Sock Summit colorways)
Fiesta Baby Boomerang 
Intentions/Yarn Pirate/Gale’s Art/Scarlet Fleece Roving
and of course fun accessories!

DSC02885For those of you who saw the Dye for Glory entries on Ravelry, we’ll have the special colorways from Lorna’s Laces, Numma Numma, Scarlet Fleece, and String Theory for sale at our booth. And watch for special out-of-the-blue Loopy Trivia questions at random times in our booth. There will be prizes!

We shipped a ton out there. Literally. A ton. I’d show you the final photo of palettes and crate, but it’s not for the faint-of-heart. It makes me a bit weak-kneed when I see it. (Mostly because I hope it sells and we don’t have to ship that much back. You all are going to be shopping out there, right??) Here are a few of the boxes that arrived for weeks and stacked up at Loopy. We felt like we had lost a bunch of weight when it all shipped out! 

In addition to yarn, roving and accessories, you’ll also find some celebrities spending time in our booth:

1. Loopy Groupies (yes, it’s true. The Loopy Ewe booth will be the best place to find the largest gathering of Loopy Groupies at one time. And you know we have the BEST knitters in the world in our Loopy Groupie bunch. We can’t wait to hang out with you, and we consider you the best celebrities of all!)

2.  Beth Casey, owner of Lorna’s Laces, will be at our booth to meet all of you on Friday and Saturday mornings. She’s an amazing color person. She took the photo of our Loopy Knitting Nook rug and turned it into the anniversary colorway that you all are loving right now! I know you’ll have fun meeting her. Come tell her all of the color combinations that you’d like to see and we’ll work on some new Loopy colorways with her.

3.  Brad and Jeannie Duncan from Fiesta/7 Dimes will be in our booth Friday and Saturday afternoons. We have a hard time keeping Boomerang and Baby Boomerang in stock, because you love it so much. Come meet the couple behind one of your favorite lines, and pick up some Baby Boom while you’re at it.

4.  Allen Butler of Numma Numma will be in our booth on Friday afternoon, which was the only break she had from classes!  We’re so happy she wanted to spend it with us. As you know, Numma Numma is one of those yarns that come in and go out immediately (with barely a pause in between) and there’s a reason for that. Well, two reasons. 1) the yarn base that Allen has spun up and 2) the unique colorways that she comes up with.  You have to meet her.

Of course so many of our awesome indie dyers will also be at The Sock Summit with their own booths. Make sure to stop and see Gryphon at The Sanguine Gryphon booth (where you can also meet Kate of Dragonfly Fibers), Josette at The Enchanted Knoll Farm booth, Stephanie and Mona at the Dye Dreams booth, Kim at the Happy Hands (Toe Jamz) booth, and more. (Plus, there are a couple of our upcoming new indie dyers who will have booths there, but that’s all still a secret!)

Have I mentioned how excited we are to see you? Loopy Elf (aka Office Manager) Susan, Loopy Summer Intern (aka Knitting Daughter) Julia, and I will all be working at the booth, taking care of things for you. We’ve worked hard to bring you a booth packed full of wonderful, touchable, must-have yarn, fun knitting celebrities, and contests. Come see!

For those of you not going to Sock Summit – are you just positive you can’t hop in the car and road trip it?Just spur-of-the-moment like? Throwing caution to the wind? (sigh). Well we haven’t forgotten about you and we don’t want to make you feel sad for missing out. We’ll be blogging and sharing photos next week, to keep you in the loop. (or to keep you “Loopy”.) You’ll also want to check my Monday evening blog post, which will have our August Anniversary Contest (great prizes!) and some more fun information that you’ll want to know. That’s all I’m saying right now. Shhhhh.

And because we’re all about “touch” with our yarns, Web Guy has come up with a brilliant new device called “Loopytouch”.   That’s right, you can now reach through your computer and touch any yarn you’d like on our website. Simply click on the “Search The Loopy Ewe” link in the blue box on the homepage, and then type in the word loopytouch (no spaces) in the search box. We like to think of it as bringing the yarn right into your home. 

Now I’m off to spend a fun weekend with my friend Janice and her daughter K, who drove down from Iowa. I expect it to be full of knitting, shopping, lattes, good food, and fun. (Poor WH. I hope he doesn’t feel too left out. It is definitely going to be a GIRLS weekend.)

Sheri whatwouldbeyourfavoritethingtodoonaGirlsWeekend?


  1. Haha! Loved the Loopytouch!

    The perfect girls weekend for me would include my favorite virtual friends from Ravelry, good food, knitting, and to attend Sock Summit or something similar!

  2. Oh I’d love to spur-of-the-moment-go to Sock Summit. Except that it is a teensy bit too far away from Sweden :-/ I’d love the Loopy Touch too 😉

    The perfect weekend right now would be just me, my knitting, lattes, enough sleep, and absolutely no kids!

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