Knitting Groups and a CONTEST!

DSC02893There’s not enough knitting going on around here at the moment. (For me, personally, that is.) Here are two things that are currently “in-progress”. The first is the scarf that I’m working on out of Malabrigo Silky. I’m using two skeins. I plucked the stitch pattern out of a stitch dictionary and I’ll add it to the Free Patterns link when I have a finished scarf to photo. In the meantime, if you want to start one, here are the basics:

Cast on 39 stitches (or a multiple of 6, +3.) I’m using a size 4 needle with this Malabrigo Silky. Knit four rows in garter stitch.  Work the following pattern (6 rows) until scarf is desired length, knit four more rows in garter stitch, bind off.

Pattern (repeat stitch sequence in brackets until the end of the row):

Row 1:   P3 [K3, YO, P3]
Row 2:   K3 [P4, K3] 
Row 3:   P3 [K1, K2tog, YO, K1, P3] 
Row 4:   K3 [P2, P2tog, K3]
Row 5:   P3 [K1, YO, K2tog, P3]
Row 6:   K3 [P3, K3]

P= Purl, K=Knit, YO=Yarnover, K2tog=knit two stitches together, P2tog=purl two stitches together 

DSC02894The other thing I’m working on is a Cabled Rib Wrap out of Shibui Baby Alpaca and Silk Cloud. (Knit together, it takes 4 skeins of Baby Alpaca and 3 skeins of Silk Cloud.) I’m using the natural color. The pattern says it will end up being 18″ x 67″ and I can’t wait to wrap up in it this fall and winter!  I wonder if it would be fun to knit this with one color of Baby Alpaca and a different color of Silk Cloud? I may end up making a second one out of another color, too.

DSC02895I know you’re waiting for our Third Anniversary Kits to go up! We’ve decided to start pre-sales for them on Friday. (Too many of you have emailed and begged us to do this, so that you don’t miss it. You talked us into it.)  We’ll process the pre-sales as you order them, and then we’ll start shipping them out next week and the week after. This year’s kit revolves around “Loopy’s Knitting Lounge” and it’s a theme that we have more plans for in the coming weeks. (There may be some opportunities for some of you to be an Honorary Loopy Elf in the future. 🙂 Interested?) I’ll have a photo of the kit on Friday’s blog, when they are available to start ordering. (Oh ok, here’s a teaser photo, but you can’t see everything. Remember when I said that this rug in our Knitting Nook here at Loopy Central would play a part in something later in the summer?) More info on Friday!

This month’s blog contest question has to do with knitting groups. Do you belong to a group that gets together regularly to knit? How often? If you don’t have such a group, do you wish that you did? Or do you like knitting on your own? (Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll draw for prizes next Wednesday.)

Congratulations to all of you who completed your Second Quarter Challenge Socks!  Please take a minute to vote on your favorite from the Q2 Photo Gallery and email your answer to support AT theloopyewe DOT com. We’ll announce the winners next week!

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  1. Hi….Yes…I belong to a knitting group. We meet at out local library every Tuesday evening and it has become a really great group. Participation is totally open to any and all, but we have a wonderful core group that just brighten up my week. Sometimes we do more talking than knitting but whatever works is good. We have occasional young gals who are inspiring and otherwise just a variety of knitters and crocheters. I recommend it to all.

  2. I belong to Three Rivers Crochet in Pittsburgh PA. We meet every Saturday at 2pm at the Panera on the Boulevard of the Allies in Oakland. My Saturdays revolve around it. Recently I had to miss a meeting, because my friend hosted my baby shower on a Saturday! Otherwise, we’re there every Saturday. What’s nice is that these women have become some of my greatest friends and are both inspirational and creative. I really enjoy spending time with them, and have been doing so every week for going on four years!

  3. I have joined in groups that are project specific but not a regularly scheduled group. I prefer that approach because so that knitting stays fun and spontaneous rather than an planned obligation. Also, I find it hard to keep track of detailed patterns in a group and like easy take alongs where I can converse easily without losing my place. My mother-in-law, however, was such an experienced knitter that she could do very complex patterns while talking AND looking at you. She always joked that in “her time”, she majored in bridge and knitting in college!

  4. I usually like to knit by myself in the evenings or on Sun. afternoon. Love sharing with other knitters, but found that I couldn’t knit and chat without making mistakes. As I don’t drive anymore & our knit shop closed, knitting alone or in an online KAL is my only option. But as Elizabeth Zimmermann said: “Knit on through all crises”!

  5. I belong to a prayer shawl ministry at church. We meet twice a month. Most crochet, but I’m not the only knitter.

  6. I started a knitting group at work called Knit ‘n Nosh. We kept pretty regular twice monthly dates at first, but have almost completely faded out. The biggest problem for us the day we chose. I’m hoping to get it up and rolling again in the fall when more people are on campus and I plan to pick something other than Friday in hopes more of us will be here. It was great fun when it was well attended, so hopefully we can get that kind of participation again.

  7. I love our knitting group….We meet on Monday’s at a local grocery store. We have a great group and I have learned so much from my fellow knitters., we share ideas, encouragement and expertise to each other (not much expertise from me) but much from the others….We occasionally take field trips to local yarn shops (yours included) and then do lunch….lot’s of fun….have made some great friends….Admittedly I usually take something simple to knit while there, because there is always show and tell and lot’s to talk about….

  8. I do not belong to a knit group although I would love to join one. I knit (and quilt) in an all-male household and no one here has any idea of what I am doing. I belong to a small quilt group and occasionally take knitting instead of quilting but that really doesn’t count because none of those women knit and they don’t have any idea of what I am doing either! Although they are certainly more appreciative. Since I joined Ravelry I discovered that there is a knitting group at one of the city knitting stores and I am working up the courage to join them. Wish me luck!

  9. I belong to a knitting group that meets once a month to work on Wrap Me Up. Otherwise I knit alone, at my favorite coffee shop in the winter, and a little parklet in the summer, mostly on my lunch hour. I like it all different ways.

  10. When I moved to Salem, I started a weekly group using Ravelry. There’d been one before and a monthly knitting guild. Now we meet twice a week. Yeah Ravelry!

  11. It a jackhammer – it makes you feel as if the sound is in your head, like going to the dentist. Hope things have quieted down for you by now.

    I knit alone, when I have a chance. My LYS has a group that meets on the first and third Friday – I don’t get a chance to go that often. I knit in the car while my husband is driving, I always insist and never forget my knitting.


  12. There are a number of knitting groups large and small here in Jacksonville – however the group I hang out with most is at my favorite LYS – she has knit nights on Wed and Fri night – great way to end the week I say! She also schedules a midnight knit every other month on a saturday night – I rarely go to those any more – just seem too tired these days plus crime has risen in our fair city and I like to be home and alarmed by that time of the night. Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Melody

  13. THURSDAYS ARE FOR KNITTING!! On Thursdays, I have my lunchtime knitting group at work where I’m the resident Guru aka Teacher. LOL But that same group meets on whatever other lunch hours we can squeeze in during the week. Then on Thursday evenings I go to another knitting circle near my home.

    I’m sure you can tell that I LOVE my Thursdays! It’s like a second Friday!

  14. There’s a dedicated group of knitters who meet at a bubble tea place in west Houston on Thursday nights. Unfortunately I can’t always join them, but when I can I do. It’s a lot more fun than solitary knitting.

  15. I belong to the Sketchy Knitters….We meet every other week, we chat, learn new techniques and just generally share and have a great time. We have made a few road trips and plan on quite a few more!. I Love my Sketchy Knitters!

  16. If there is a group, I don’t know about it.
    But I KAL & CAL tons with RAV. I guess you could say they were my local “group”. When my boys get the urge they join in. so I have my mini group at home. 😉

  17. I probably do better knitting on a given project while solo, but I like to see what other knitters are making. I meet with a knitting group once a month. I wish I knew of a group that met more often (twice a month or weekly).

  18. I have a couple of chances to get together with a group, Tuesday afternooon, Thursday evenings and the LYS just started a sock club once a month onThursday evening – so much fun. I also like knitting by my myself – I have to have quiet when counting is going on. You can probably say I just like to knit – by myself or with a group.

  19. I do not belong to any knitting groups. Mainly because it is hard for me to commit with my work schedule. Also because I dont like to travel very far! And it is very hard for me to join groups (shyness). So I totally love the online groups I belong to!

  20. I belong to a knitting group that meets at our local, rural library every Thursday. If I didn’t have this wonderful group of women to meet with I’d go stark raving crazy, especially during our long, cold Wisconsin winters.

  21. I meet with a “group” of one or maybe two on Mondays. We’re half-heartedly trying to get others to come, but it’s fine if they don’t – the fewer people, the more knitting actually happens there. I might join another on Sundays for socializing, but don’t have the time right now.

  22. I am lucky enough to have an awesome group of knitters who get together to knit on a weekly basis. Sometimes it’s a small group of two or four, sometimes it’s a large group of 10 or more. It’s pretty awesome because we usually rent a room at the local library, and there are at least three new moms who have babes that join us on a regular basis. It’s more than just a knitting group, it’s therapy, it’s support and health care all in one.

    I still like knitting on my own, but it’s nice to have that sense of belonging and people who you can count on no matter what. 🙂

  23. I’m in a knitting group that started up in January 2007; I’m one of only two people out of the original bunch who are still active in the group (although another woman joined one or two meetings later, and she’s still active in the group, too). We started out meeting once/month, quickly went to twice/month, and after the first several months, we wound up meeting weekly and have been ever since. I only miss a couple or a few meetings a year. We average about 2 dozen people each week; the other night we had a new record attendance: 32 people! We almost took over the whole Cosi’s restaurant where we meet. We’re officially a “” group, and technically we have over 300 members; thank goodness nowhere near that number ever shows up at one time! I’m really lucky to have found this group. It’s an incredibly warm, friendly group, very diverse in ages and backgrounds, and no matter who you wind up sitting next to, if they aren’t already a friend, they will be before the night is over.

  24. I knit with my kitties. No official group here in Gunnison. I hope to start one in the Fall for the women who work with me at the Gunnison Valley Hospital.

  25. I knit with a great group at my LYS – sadly it meets only September thru April, no matter how much we whine for more! So a few of us gather here and there, during the off time, to get our fix and keep in touch while we anxiously await the next knitting season!
    Elf??!!! I would probably die of delight in all those yarn fumes!

  26. I knit on the train to work. Every day. And on the way home, too. When I am not drinking beer. but that is only on Fridays. Because every Friday at work, I have a smallish (there are 4 of us) group that gets together and knits. We LOVE it! So I am TOTALLY free to drink beer on the train home on Fridays. I am SO lucky to be able to take public transportation!!!!!! And SO lucky to have a knitting group at work!!!

  27. My LYS (Bahr Creek Llama Farm and Fibre Studio in WI) has a knitting group every Thursday night and on Saturdays. It’s great! Everyone is so friendly, it’s fun to see what everyone is working on, you can get help with a knitting problem, there’s always plenty of treats!, we even get a discount when we buy yarn on our knit night.
    It’s a very caring group and it’s always fun to go and knit — or just talk—with whoever’s there. Fun to see what new yarn has come in since last time, too! Mindless knitting is good to do there, so alone knitting time is necessary for more challenging projects. Love Thursday nights!! 🙂

  28. I used to belong to a knitting group before I moved to a different city last year. Though I wasn’t attending knit nights very regularly, I really enjoyed it when I got around to going. There is no knitting group where I live now. I thought I’d start one last September, but life interfered… I haven’t forgotten about it, though, and I may do that one day!

  29. There are a couple of knitting groups here, but they always seem to meet on the nights I have class. Maybe next spring after I graduate I can finally start participating. I take classes when I can so I can occassionally intermingle with knitters. Meanwhile Ravelry will have to suffice.

  30. I love my knitting group! It’s open knitting on Tuesday nights and I look forward to it every week. Some of us younger gals hang out together and knit at each others’ houses during the week. Without our group I might very well not have friends in my area (is that sad?). And I have never met such a perverted group of ladies in my life! I burn off a ton of calories just from laughing so much during my two hours at the knit shop. I also belong to a Sock Club that meets every other month offered through the same shop- which isn’t quite as fun, but I get to see a bunch of people that can’t make it to knit night. I heart my LYS.

  31. I go to a knitting group once a month that is sponsored by my LYS. The owner gets pizza and we eat and knit. There are other groups that go on but I can’t make them with my schedule.

  32. I do belong to a 2 groups. One is a small gathering from our lys on Monday nights and whenever we need a knit and gab fest. the other group is chicks with sticks, they come join us on 1st and 3rd monday nights. I don’t like to miss my monday nights. We are able to talk about anything and get support and friendship from one another. what a wonderful combination. Knitting and friends.

  33. I belong to a group that meets 3 times a week. We meet at our local Panera on Tues and Thurs at 3:15 and some of us stay til closing and then some of us and others tht work meet on Wed nites at our local mall in the food court around 5:00. We have a group set up on Ravelry and if you check it out you will see that we have lots of fun together!! Knit Sisters of Vero Beach, FL

  34. I don’t belong to a regular knitting group, but I wish I did! There are a few not too far away, but with my schedule they’re too far for me to go to on a regular basis. But I’m completely content to just knit alone, too. It’s not so much that I want someone to knot with – it’s more that I’d rather have someone to talk about knitting with. I mean, when I tell my fiancee “Look at this yarn I just bought! I can’t wait to see how it knits up!!” He usually responds with “You bought more yarn? Awesome. Now I get to buy a new video game!” *L*

  35. There isn’t a regular group to go to around here that I know of. But I like to get together with my friend Lenora whenever I can. I go over to her house on Friday evenings and we sit and knit. She is a great help when I get stuck since she has been knitting for years and years! Sometimes her sister-in-law gets to come too. So we have sort of started our own little loopy groupie group!

  36. I don’t have a knitting group – I think it would be fun to go to one, but since I go back and forth between school and home so much, it’s hard to find one to attend regularly. But that doesn’t mean I knit on my own! My mom and I spend tons of time knitting together – we have really similar tastes in patterns, so lots of times we’re knitting the same thing – it’s like a two person KAL that goes on all the time … we’ve been on vacation at the beach this week and have made Milkweeds together while we were here. I love having someone to knit with – not only does it motivate me, but I love that it’s something I share with my mom.

  37. My group meets every Monday night. Some people go every Monday–others when they can get there. Some days there are 6 of us, others there are 20. They are a great bunch!

  38. I knit with a young friend (who could be my daughter) on an irregular basis as she just had her second baby (whom I had the honor of assisting as her doula). She is a new knitter and also a talented cross-stitcher, sewer and crocheter. I would love to start a group with like-minded women from my church but haven’t gotten the enertia to start it yet. Perhaps you have encouraged me to start thinking seriously about this….!

  39. I do no belong to a knitting group and I really wish I did. We do not have any in this area that I am aware of. I was even kinda lonely on Knit in Public day because there were no listed groups in my area. I am hopeful this will change.

  40. I Knit In Public all the time, but by myself. I have several knit groups that I could go to, but I like knitting by myself I guess. Or in front of a good movie!

  41. My main knitting group meets up the first Monday of every month at a local coffee shop. Its a great group of mostly women (my fiance comes too and once another guy was there even!), ages vary, as does experience, but everyone is so kind and talented.

    Also, theres a smaller off-shoot of the large group that meets up about every other Friday at Starbucks. Coffee and knitting… whats more perfect than that?

    Mostly though, I knit at home with my fiance 🙂 He’s a spectacular sock knitter!

  42. Oh don’t I wish I had a knitting group! My last semester of grad school, some of the knitterly folk in my program started meeting during lunch, but it was too late in the semester to get into the swing of things (and things like thesis and graduating and getting a job got in the way). I knit mostly on my own, watching TV with the hubby and the pups… but I’m usually in text-message contact with my best friend Erin, who’s almost always knitting at the same time. It’s a cobbled together “group,” but it works! 🙂

  43. I love my knitting group! We meet once a month and it is dire circumstances that force me to miss it. The size of the group varies, and it is never too big, but I love these ladies. Some are old friends and some are new.

  44. I occasionally knit with the group at my LYS, but it’s been more sporadic lately since I’ve been so busy. I love knitting with a group though; it makes the time fly by! Usually I knit with my fiance while we watch TV in the evenings. I also bring a pair of socks with me to work on almost everywhere I go!

  45. Those deafness+migraine causing monsters are jackhammers. In sound science/research, the noise level of jackhammers is used as a benchmark for comparison of the loudest, most noxious noises. Duh!

    I actively participate in 2 local knitting groups and would like to add one more this fall. The first is our FNKC which meets 2x/mo. I lead the 2nd group which focuses on lace knitting (also meets 2x/mo). The Friday night group is diverse and full of fun. We have a pot-luck table so there is always a discussion about food and recipes to go with the usual knitting/crocheting chat. The Lace knitting group is there to bring lace lovers together and create new addicts. We do 2 KALs/yr, the most recent using patterns from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book. It was so amazing to see each knitter create their unique version of a design. We had lots of conversations about various techniques for knitting nupps, including love/hate nupp moments. Can you can Therapeutic??? LOL

  46. I have 2 knitting buddies with whom I enjoy knitting… but they live just far enough away from me that getting together more often than once a month is challenging. When I worked close to my LYS, I used to go in during my lunch hour a couple of times a month. That was always nice. So now, I pretty much knit on my own in front of the TV and hope that I don’t get too distracted and mess up my patterns! 🙂

  47. Every Sunday is Sit n Knit at our LYS and it is like a huge party. It’s an amazing and eclectic group that is almost like a second family — perhaps even better — no fighting :-).

  48. I belong to a group at my LYS, and we meet every Friday afternoon/evening for knitting and talking up a storm! Sometimes there are just a couple of us and sometimes a larger group, but we always have fun!

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