Activities While Knitting?

DSC02806We’re working our way through two seasons of Numb3rs while we’re out here. Does anyone else watch that show? I want to move right in to Charlie’s Craftsman house. (Um, not for Charlie. Just for the decor. I’m a Craftsman/Mission Oak kind of person.) When the guys aren’t around, Knitting Daughter and I are knitting our way through the seasons of Seventh Heaven, this summer, too. Great show and it’s the longest running DSC02821“family” show ever. It was on longer than The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie. I like to watch movies or series when I knit. Right now I’m working on something that takes a little more concentration (my Challenge Socks) so I’m kind of in and out of what is going on. It doesn’t matter too much with Seventh Heaven, but it does matter when you miss sections of a Numb3rs episode. Oh, well. I keep thinking that I’ll DSC02814listen to books on tape sometime while I knit (or knitting podcasts), but that never seems to happen. Do you prefer to just sit and knit, or listen and knit, or watch and knit, or none of the above?

Back to the Challenge Socks, the challenge was technically over yesterday (June 30th), but until I make a “last call” on photos for the Challenge Gallery, keep knitting. Photos will probably be due by 7/15. It has been really fun to see the incredible socks you all are coming up with.

Have you heard about Knit Grafitti? Check out this website. My favorite is the abandoned gas station. The bus they ride around in is not very subtle, is it?

Sheri HappyCanadaDaytoallofourLoopyCanadians! πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you, Sheri! Although maybe that should be Canadian Loopies instead of Loopy Canadians (since we rather pride ourselves on having a national character that’s more on the stodgy and less on the loopy side!)…

  2. OMGosh I HEART Num3ers!! What a great show! I even downloaded the Science Friday on NPR podcast from last year where they interviewed the mathmatical creators of the show. Smart guys can be cute too!

    Usually I catch up on my recorded shows while knitting/spinning, or if I’m at work one of my podcasts or books on tape.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

  3. I Love that Show….and I would move in just because of Charlie………Wouldn’t a Girasole just look splendid in that house!

  4. I try to watch and knit, but end up listening and knitting because of the error factor πŸ™‚ The challenge sock submissions are great!

  5. I am a big podcast listener when I knit, as well as a TV watcher. My favorite podcasts are CraftLit, CogKNITive, Knitmore Girls, and Never Not Knitting. My TV watching is pretty much anything, but I gravitate to Law&Order/CSI type shows, House, Smallville, and One Tree Hill. Lately I’ve been reworking my way through some old favorite DVDs too. πŸ™‚

  6. You can sure tell that you are in a colder climate…columbine in July?

    I’ve never been a big fan of Num3ers but I sure liked Rob Morrow in Northern Exposure. Now that was a show!!

  7. My whole family watches Numb3rs…every week we can. Yup, including the reruns. But what would you expect from a bunch of science geeks?

    I always knit while watching. I would knit in a movie theater if it were just a bit lighter. I knit while listening too. Whenever!

  8. Num3ers is AWESOME! I’m so glad it comes on on Friday nights so that I can actually stay up late to watch it!

    I like to watch and knit. Of course there are some patterns where you have to really pay attention, but I still like to watch.

    And Knit Graffiti is hilarious! My friend introduced me to the artwork. It’s really fun to see all they’ve done!

  9. Craftsman/Mission style house and furnishings? I think I might have to check this series out, even though mathematics makes me feel nervous and inadequate. Grumpy Old Men with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau had some good Craftsman scenery, too — Lemmon’s character’s house, if memory serves, was a Gustav Stickley/Roycroftian paradise.

  10. LOVE Mission & Craftsman styles. I live in PA and still haven’t been to the Frank Lloyd Write house though – but LOVE those styles! Love the pansies too – one of my favorite flowers – and the knit graffiti is awesome. Anyone else thinking of what they would cover with their knitting? I did like the knit chain link but they were all something! I love creative people who think (and knit) outside the box:-)

  11. Those flower photographs are beautiful!!

    I usually knit while watching sports with my husband (golf, baseball, hockey) because I can listen and follow what’s going on in the game, but mostly focus on my knitting.

    I also like to record Biography episodes on A&E and listen/watch those episodes while knitting. I usually like to have something on TV while I’m knitting, but not a movie or show that I want to focus on because I can’t knit without looking at my stitches!!

  12. Hee, I totally read that as “all four Loopy Canadians”–I was thinking there’s no way there aren’t more than that!

  13. I graduated last year from Caltech (, the school the fictional CalSci is based on. The probability and statistics course (a requirement for all undergrads) is taught by Gary Lorden who is the head math consultant for the show. He reminded us of that every class with a corny joke (or three) about the show. Most of the exterior CalSci shots were filmed at Caltech, and I have to say that my favourite part of the show is recognizing the landmarks on campus :).

    For those curious… at one point Larry Fleinhardt was living in the tunnels, and yes, there is a giant network of tunnels under the campus. It is how we got to class in the winter my freshman year when it poured from October to March and the grounds were flooded. We also use the entrance under the math building to get to a party my dorm hosts every year. In another episode, Charlie and Amita were helping students turn the Hollywood sign into a CalSci sign. Caltech students made it spell out CALTECH in the eighties. I don’t know if this was shown on a Halloween episode, but every year at midnight on October 31st, the entire campus gathers in front of Millikan, our really tall library and the students from one of the dorms drop pumpkins that have been frozen in liquid nitrogen for several days. Supposedly the famous physicist and former professor Richard Feynman said that if you look closely enough, a liquid-nitrogen-frozen pumpkin emits blue light as it falls. I’m still looking for that blue light :).

  14. I do alot of my knitting watch-listening to my favorite TV shows and DVDs. My whole family LOVES Numb3rs. I would move into that house in a heartbeat – Charlie and his Dad could stay – they would be alot of fun!
    BTW, I’ve got all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and the first 3 seasons of Boston Legal on DVD if you and/or knitting daughter want to borrow them sometime.

  15. Oh, poopie! I’ve finished my Challenge Socks weeks ago, and completely forgotten how to enter ’em in the contest! Please enlighten my braindead self?

    I don’t have cable tv, so everything I watch has to be on dvd. I’m right there with you in the loving knitting with a series thing. πŸ™‚ Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, my career was in law enforcement, so I really dig shows like Homicide: Life On The Street, CSI (only Vegas though, the other two are dopey), that sort of thing. I also really love getting History Channel stuff through the library…so fascinating! I knit to knitting podcasts, too, whenever I take the rugrats to the playground or park. There’s no better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon than sitting under a shady tree, listening to David Reidy, and knitting on a beautiful sock while your offspring play happily on the swings. Good times, I tells ya.

  16. Received my eggplant Namaste mini-clutch today….so cute. However, the coordinating strap seemed to miss the trip out to California so Karen and the nice gals at Loopy Central are sending the strap to me. πŸ™‚ Your Elves are so great! Love you guys.


  17. I love Numb3rs – looking forward to the new season.

    Lately, I’ve had the 5 seasons of Boston Legal in my Blockbuster queue – I’m loving it – very funny show. Shatner and Spader are wonderful.

    I’m also watching Weeds in between seasons of BL. What other shows should I watch?

    If it’s an easy pattern, I’m good with watching, but if it’s something like Girasole or complicated lace, I have to pause on the lace rows and I’m watching on the knit rows.

    So happy you are enjoying your vacation πŸ™‚

  18. Glad you are having such a relaxing vacation.

    I enjoy watching TV and movies when I am knitting, especially if the pattern is easy and mindless. If I’m working on something more challenging (lace), I don’t pay as much attention to the TV or movie or I don’t try to waitch anything except my knitting.

  19. No surprise that I love to watch Numb3rs, too. In fact I think you are the one who first alerted me to it when we got our first Mission Oak furniture and I think of you whenever we watch it. What a fabulous house!

    We’re having a fun Canada Day, driving (and knitting Janice’s Sunshine in Winter socks) and hiking. And fireworks tonight, of course!

  20. I read and knit. Yup. Real books. Hardbacks work better than paperback. mostly i knit with a blanket on my lap and i modify that into a page holder.

    Though I will knit & read off a computer screen… in time I probably will get an e-book reader. just not now.

  21. I watch tv and knit sometimes but it tends to be slow going. You’re much more likely to find me knitting with my ipod – there’s lots of podcasts I enjoy but a good audio book is even better!

  22. I like all three depending on my mood. For the most part, I am usually knitting and listening to my iPod. Got to love the iPod.

  23. If you like Mission and Craftsman period homes, check out

    This area of Pasadena, CA (think Rose Bowl and Rose Parade!) has a home tour every Memorial Day weekend. The site has pictures of many of the restored homes featured on tours. It’s well worth the ticket price if you’re ever in southern California at the right time.

    Other nearby neighborhoods have similar tours periodically, too.

  24. I was really into Number3s when it first came out..My husband still watches it..I tape it for him. They did have a good cliff hanger this year. Can’t wait for it to resume in Sept. I think I will listen to podcasts or books when I knit but haven’t yet…duh..Usually just have the tv on. Sorta listen in the background. Have a Happy 4th!!

  25. I don’t watch tv much, and when I do I usually have a sleepy toddler in my lap so I can’t knit. But when toddler is alseep I love to knit while listening to podcasts and audiobooks!

  26. Hi Sheri, your vacation sounds wonderful. We’ve taken two-week vacations the last couple of years and love them. So nice when the first weekend gets here and you don’t have go leave yet! I like to watch TV too when I knit, movies mostly. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Happy Fourth!

  27. Let’s see..while daughter is home from college we have been watching the old serial “Dark Shadows”. It just cracks us up plus love to see my youngest son freak out over the scary parts. He actually fell out of bed the other night. The things we will amuse ourselves with….must get back to knitting.

  28. WHOA! Knit Graffiti – That was so cool to look at! Thanks for the link. HILARIOUS! I’m looking around my neighborhood. . . hmmmmmm.

  29. Thought you might like some Numbers trivia. The math whiz brother was based on a guy from my neighborhood here in Silver Spring Maryland. His parents were Germans Jews who escaped from Germany and the the Holocaust. The son went to Princeton (I think) and applied math to real life situations. The actor was in Ten things I Hate about you – one of my daughters and my favorite teen movies.
    Enjoy the show.

  30. I love to sit and knit and watch tv. I sit through t.v. series and documentary type shows. I haven’t really been into movies lately. Sigh – – it is my favorite down time.

  31. Sheri – I’m a multi-tasker. I knit while watching tv, visiting with friends, being a passenger in the car….. It’s like that cartoon about the difference between men and women watching tv.

    I’m off to the lake for the holiday and plan to knit and read. I am so glad you are enjoying your be-do-vacation. I plan to do the same.

    I was in the LoopyEwe in Feb 09 with the Oklahoma Ladies and I want to come back to your store so bad.

  32. The TV (either a show or a dvd) is usually on when I’m knitting, but only if my husband is in the living room too. I don’t consider knitting a spectator sport, so I figure this gives him something to do while my fingers are busy. If I get up early and craft then I enjoy the amazing silence.

  33. Thanks for giving us a couple of weeks to get Challenge photos in! I’m in Canada until the middle of next week, plus have never uploaded a Challenge photo (this is my first Challenge!) so it may take me a while to get it to work. The socks turned out beautifully, so thanks also for the inspiration to go above and beyond my knitterly comfort zone.

  34. I recorded Fringe (except the next to the last ep – my recorder rejected the disk after 20 mins! Argh!!!!) and recently watched it from beginning to end while knitting. Love that show!!! I also pick out favorite movies (Independence Day, Harry Potter, The Quiet Man, The Shipping News) or TV shows (Moonlight, Stargate SG-1) on DVD to play while knitting, so I can enjoy the entertainment on the tube and knitting both, and not worry about missing plot bits. That also means I know when to look up and watch favorite parts — like a certain Moonlight vampire. πŸ˜€ Chick flicks are really good for knitting, too. Must Love Dogs, Under The Tuscan Sun, Jane Austen Book Club. Give me a DVD player and a stack of my favorites, and I’m good to knit for quite a while!

  35. i have been a fan of the show NUMBERS since season 2. A fellow knitter got me hooked. I am glad to hear that your vacation went well.

  36. I prefer to watch a series or bunch of movies that I’ve seen already. That way, it’s a show I already like and have seen, so I’m not crushed if I miss a few minutes here and there for concentrating on my knitting, especially if I’m slogging through a semi-difficult project.

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