Do or Be?

DSC02792It’s time to get out of Dodge. This is one of my dining room windows this morning (the one by the air conditioner vent.) See the steam on the outside of the window? That’s because it’s nice and cool INside, and miserably hot OUTside. Heat indexes of 105-110 again today. I think they said we’ll have 11 straight days with heat indexes over 100. (Not so bad if you’re in the desert, downright miserable if you add humidity to it.) So tomorrow, we’re heading to the mountains where it’s cooler during the day and delightfully chilly during the night. Perfect weather. I’d stay the whole summer if I could, but we’re just staying through the Fourth of July weekend. (No, this isn’t just because of the weather right now. We’ve had this planned. But good timing, right?)

When you go on vacation, do you like to “Do” or “Be”? A Do-Vacation is where you go with the purpose of doing a lot of things. Perhaps it’s a new place to you and you want to fully explore everything that you can when you’re there.  You’re on the go most of the time.  You take a bazillion photos and collect memorabilia along the way. You come back from that trip and say, “We had an amazing time and saw so many cool things!” You might not be rested and relaxed, but you’re invigorated in other ways. I’ve been on some great Do-Vacations.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Be-Vacation. Maybe you’re going to a place where you’ve been before, and your life has seemed so crazy busy lately that you just want to get there and “be”. You want to chill out and stop all of the “doing” that you’ve had going on in your life lately. You hang out, you catch up on sleep, you sit with a cup of coffee and contemplate things, and you don’t need many photos of the occasion. You come back from this trip feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to jump back into things again.

Which do you prefer? I imagine that sometimes you like to DO and sometimes you like to BE. Sometimes in the same trip! We’ve been going to this same place in Colorado for years and years, since my parents have a place out there to stay in. I am looking forward to relaxing and having no set schedule for a bit. I look at our Colorado vacations as mostly Be-Vacations. We pick a few things to Do as well, but my overall goal is to Be while I’m out there. (That doesn’t mean we just sit around. There is plenty of knitting, movies, cooking, shopping, swimming and walking. But it’s a very relaxed pace.) We leave at 7 am tomorrow morning. Of course my clothes are not packed. And of course my knitting projects have been packed since Saturday. Priorities.

I’ll be updating the blog once in awhile while I’m out there, as well as checking in on Ravelry and sorting through a few emails. But I won’t do too much “Do-ing”, so as not to interrupt my “BE-ing”.  The Loopy Elves will keep your orders shipping out in a timely manner. If you need anything, feel free to email Susan (susan AT theloopyewe DOT com) or call in. Susan and her family have just spent a week out there in Colorado and I’m sure she’ll need lots of emails to feel like she’s back in the game again here at Loopy. (Don’t tell her I said that.)  If you check the blog sometime tomorrow, I’ll show you a photo of my most unfavorite spot in the middle of Kansas. It gives me the creeps. Later this week, I’ll do the drawing for this month’s blog contest and will announce the Winners of Wollmeise.

Sneak Ups? We’re planning on them this week and next week, if all goes as planned!

Sheri ifyoucouldchoose,wouldyourathermostlyDOorBEonvacation?


  1. Be or do, i wouldn’t care–wish I could hitch a ride in your luggage. I hate, hate, hate this St. Louis heat–and the ridiculous thing is my husband likes it. He thinks the AC set to anything lower than 75 is too cold. Is it any wonder I spend the summer praying for fall every year.

  2. Hi Sheri!

    Lately I find myself becoming more and more lazy…. I like to lay around and relax. I have been so stressed out at work my brain hurts and I don’t do much thinking when I get home… maybe that’s why Cidney’s SpongeBob always seems to come in handy. hummmm. I just become a space cadet… I would love to get out of this mosquito-filled heat and see other places!! … and do nothing of course! 😉

    Have a great vacation!

  3. I like the type of vacation that combines both. I’m going to Oregon for Sock Summit, that will be the BE part, since knitting is relaxing to me. The DO part is that I am taking my hubby with me and hope to convince him to move into the area so I have to “sell” the area to him.

  4. Do probably. All my vacations are because of knitting activities of some sort, you know, like the one we took in February to come visit The Loopy Ewe! lol I took a trip to Atlanta this past April to attend Stitches South. And my next trip is in August to Portland, Oregon for Sock Summit. Hope to see you there. 😉 We always say we are going to build Be time into our trips but for some reason there is always another yarn shop to visit…….lol And I’m not complaining. 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful trip. Colorado is so gorgeous. I’m heading to NC next week for the long holiday weekend. I am already planning my knitting to take along…I think fingerless mitts to make for the Golden Retriever Rescue to sell as a fund-raiser. Small projects that finish quickly…nice for the warm weather. Safe travels.

  6. For the last 3 years we have done BE vacations on the Outer Banks of NC. I love the beach and just hearing the ocean waves relaxes me. We’ve taken our son and his wife and the 2 grandchildren and the times we’ve spent together has been priceless.

    We read, play board games, card games, eat out, cook, swim, sun, go to local attractions, shop, watch movies, knit (dau-in-law/me) and laugh, talk, and enjoy one another.

    It’s both a being and a doing vacation, but mostly being with family. It’s restorative and relaxing and fills the well. It’s definitely brought us all a lot closer together as a family.

    Sheri, I hope you have an awesome vacation.

  7. Well, until the last 3 years, I went to Las Vegas on vacation which are mostly Be vacations as I didn’t really have any plan.

    Now my vacation trips are knitting related as in Spring Fling and a couple of other retreats they are Do-Be vacations. Do because I attend classes and knit and come home tired (or as PlazaJen called it “knitting hungover), Be because they’re relaxing and fun.

    Next week one of my employers will close. A couple of days I have errands in the afternoon but after that I’ll be knitting, spinning and weaving. I may stash dive but then again I may not.

  8. Oh I’m so much more of a “do” on my vacation. I don’t want to miss anything!
    My vacation this year is to Detroit for an ice skating clinic. The clinic is afternoons only, so the mornings will be spent relaxing and knitting. I don’t have money for shopping 🙁

    But I have to say, a “be” day in there is pretty good too- just to sit and do nothing, and just relax in a new place.

  9. Vacation? What’s a vacation? Some in the past sounded like an old song – do-be, do-be, do…

    Since my DH opened a coffee shop 18 months ago, we have not taken a vacation. he rarely even has 2 days off. I have taken days off from work, but they are usually to “do” something. This coming weekend he is actually taking 2 days off from work so we can attend our high school reunion. I hope everything goes well while we are gone so he might do it again.

    Your vacation sounds wonderful. It is hot and humid in Iowa and we are heading to hotter & more humid Missiouri

  10. I think I’m more of a “Be”-er on vacation. My life is so hectic with the kids that I so need that rest and relaxation. I’m going to Colorado on Thursday and I’m so excited. I’ve only been once. Going to see a friend in Colorado Springs and we’ll be hiking (well, *ahem*, walking) in Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday. That’s the only thing on the agenda for the weekend so I’m hoping for some good rest and catching up with my friend. Have a great trip and enjoy the cooler weather.

  11. I (my Hubby mostly) are BEer’s. This will be the 4th summer we’ve rented a cabin (for a week) on a lake in northern Wisconsin – and we just “be”. It’s the only time of year that he reads a book, my son fishes, and I knit in the screen porch. They also play golf; I knit. Works out great for all involved. We do go some activities around the area, but there is no set schedule.
    Good for you & Family for getting out of the heat. I don’t blame you one bit. Enjoy and have fun “BE-ing”.

  12. Vacations are a luxury I can’t afford (literally) right now. When I have gone in the past, I like a combination of doing and being best. Last year, my vacation was the Sea Socks cruise. Really a networking and training session mixed with sightseeing in Alaska. Since I’m just starting to get my pattern line going as well as beginning to teach classes, this was a “working” vacation. It paid off, too, since one of the people I met now has her own yarn line and has asked me to design patterns for her. 🙂

    This year, the closest I’m coming to vacation is attending the Sock Summit, Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, and SOAR, all right here, virtually in my backyard. It’s a lot of doing that I consider being since I can no longer imagine my life without some sort of fiber pursuit being involved.

    Enjoy the mountains!

  13. both as long as I have some Be time for knitting, reading and writing.

    Contest answer: I’d like to knit a bowl of cherries. But I’ll go post that over at the contest site!

  14. I like Be vacations and my husband likes Do vacations. It’s been a bit of a challenge sometimes. For our honeymoon, we went to a remote island in the Bahamas – no phones, no tv, no towns or stores or anything other than snorkeling, reading, lying around. After 3 days of it, he ended up building a rock wall from the house down to the beach. I enjoyed sitting on the patio drinking beer and watching him sweat 🙂

  15. On our honeymoon, my husband and I made sure to do a combo of both (in Sydney and Melbourne). DOing all the time can get really exhausting, but we did a lot- wine tours, dinner and shows, museums, running, parks, shopping, zoos, aquariums (and of COURSE finding a few good yarn stores!). Phew! Some days, though, we’d just wander around the city with no plans at all, just seeing where our feet would take us and relaxing as much as possible. I think the being days made the doing days less exhausting!

  16. Give me a “be” vacation every time. We did the “do” vacations when our son was growing up. Now, I want to plant myself in a chair somewhere with a book, my knitting and a glass or two of Cabernet Sauvignon in the evening. Our dream is to one day buy ourselves a nice camper/fifth wheel/motor coach and plant ourselves at one of the campgrounds in Yellowstone for the entire summer. (sigh)

  17. It’s funny, we mostly end up going on Do-ing vacations (DH’s preference), but I so very much crave a Be-ing vacation. Something low-key with lots of outdoor time. We’re about to leave on a two-week Do-ing vacation in Scotland that I’m sure I’ll love, but I’ll be glad to sit and “be” once we’re back! Have a fabulous time just Be-ing for a while 🙂

  18. since I am constantly doing and going, w/deadlines all the time, I would prefer to Be. A book, a knitting project, an ipod (or not–natural sound is good as long as it is not the sound of traffic) and warm wonderful weather. To Be would be just peachy.

  19. Mostly they are “Be” vacations because I’m visiting family and friends unless we sneak in some place I haven’t been before in which case it’s probably 60% “Do” vacation and 40% “Be” because I refuse to come back more exhausted than I left and they are normally long flights to where I’m going. I think a prefer the mixed bag vacation because you can then really sponge up the new information and have time to process it rather than just go, go, go.

    Enjoy CO – hope you’re place is not in tornado alley as they’ve had lately – my brother lives in CO and they were all around him – Aurora, Strasbourg – he’s about 40 mins. from Denver International airport. Enjoy!

  20. I prefer “Be-ing” but my boyfriend prefers “Do-ing”. I will happily combine both, so sometimes he is off “doing” on his own while I stay at the hotel or somewhere peaceful and “be” (well, “doing” knitting while I’m “being”) 😉

  21. Today is my last day of a “be” vacation. We’ve had absolutely no plans, we’ve just… been. Relaxed, picniced in the park, drank a LOT of iced coffee, knit a whole lot, and been very happy.

    I’m not ready for it to be over yet!

  22. Sometimes I DO, and sometimes I BE. Most of the time, the DOing is in search of a place to just BE. But yes, most of my vacations are a mix. I personally find that too much DOing to be exhausting, and I need to follow it up with a second BE vacation just to have enough energy to get back to normal.

    Lately, I think I prefer to just BE, as I DO so much while I’m home.

  23. We have a very Do kind of life, so I like Be vacations. But we’ve done the Do vacations as well and they are just as fun! I think I can handle more of the Doing of stuff when it’s mixed in with Be moments, and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get all that in when we’re not on vacation.

    Have fun! I love Colorado!

  24. BE vacation – definately. In the winter visiting my in-laws in Nebraska. I usually get to see snow and enjoy the cold (don’t get that enough here in Texas.) Great for intense knitting and down time.

  25. I’m definitely “be”. But the other members of my family are “do”… so vacations are usually an attempt at a happy medium! Have fun!

  26. I like a little mix of each. I frequently plan vacations where there are several days of doing and seeing, followed by a day of being, and then flip between the two. Too much doing, and I’m too tired at the end to really enjoy what I’m looking at and doing, and too much being, and I’m bored to tears!

  27. I guess lately my vacations have been “be” vacations. Even though that is hard when you travel with three children. I do like a little “do” in there somewhere like finding yarn stores and good places to eat. I wish I was getting to go through Kansas this week. My family is all there. Have a great vacation.

  28. I have become more of a BE vacationer lately after many years of taking vacations to run a marathon or do a triathlon. I have learned to appreciate a few days of relaxation! 🙂

    You’re picking a great time to come out here. It’s getting warmer, but it looks like the weather has gotten the severe thunderstorms out of its system and we’re back to beautiful blue skies and sun. Have a great trip!

  29. I just came home from a DO vacation and I am exhausted. It was a 3 stadium baseball tour in So. California. Nothing like the 9 stadium, 10 game tour we took several years ago by bus. We came home Saturday night and received the wonderful news that my son’s girlfriend said “yes” when he proposed to her on their trip to Chicago this weekend. MY BE vacation has been The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling these last 2 years 🙂 Have a wonderful, relaxing trip to Colorado Sheri.

  30. Mostly I”m a BE’er. I do like to plan one or two things, like something to visit or great food to eat. Other than that, it’s all about R&R. However, teenagers are usually DO’ers so now we have conflict. So far, we’ve found a good balance with the decision decided long before vacation starts. That way, everybody knows agenda.

  31. We usually take more of a Being vacation where we stay put and go swimming,, canoeing, hiking and hopefully a bunch of reading and knitting. Right now Doing vacations are pretty costly and exhausting with 6 people to shepherd around and pay for (and feed!).

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, Sheri!

  32. A be cation please. Can I come with you? My windows were even more steamed up this morning and it was 85 at 6am and the sun was not up yet! I am starting to think the global warming is very true.

  33. I like a mixture of both. Especially if I’m in the mountains. Just to sit and watch the world go by and listen to the splashing water and the birds and the breeze…..
    Geez. I was just there 3 weeks ago and now I can’t wait to get back. Enjoy yours.

  34. I am much more a “BE” vacationer with a good book and lots of knitting and sitting in the fresh mountain air of the Black HIlls listening to the creek going by and the birds singing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh paradise. And, I don’t ever forget a good bottle of merlot…………………;o)

  35. Currently, for my vacations I’d prefer BE-vacations, as I’m so busy at work and at home all the time. Of course, my hubby likes DO-vacations, and isn’t happy with just BEing.

    Our timeshare vacation, which is the most consistent one, is at a VERY quiet place, in late October. Nice to BE there, have the fire, watch TV, knit some, work a puzzle, walk a little through the leaves and fresh air. Hubby always wants to know when we’re going to DO something, but doesn’t want to suggest what we should DO!

  36. Hi from FL Sheri. Flew down for the weekend to do paperwork and stuff with my folks and am flying home to the heat and humidity later tonight. Enjoy the cool of Colorado.

    This year, I would kill for a BE vacation. The past two years have been a pretty big rollercoaster ride and we need to get off of it for a bit and just relax. We’re hoping to do that in Wisconsin later this summer.

    I like my vacations to be a combination of Do and BE. When it comes to time away from everyday I need to relax a bit and not go all the time. I’d never be able to hike up a mountain successfully.

    Enjoy the cool of the mountains. Wishing you all an early Happy 4th!

  37. Much to my DH’s chagrin, I’m a DO! I feel that if I want to just sit around I can do that at home. If I go somewhere I want to experience the place! Usually, though, with my BE husband we have to compromise and have a bit of both DO and BE.

  38. Definitely “Be” vacations are my preferred modus operandi. I don’t like to feel pushed by a schedule. I already do that every day! I like to see things but if I don’t fit it all in I don’t feel sad about it.

  39. Most definitely a B vaca. l love time to just sit around and do what I feel like doing, no schedules and nothing more to worry about than what to eat or where to go. Hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado and are cool. We here in Ma are wondering if we will see the sun at all this summer. I hate the heat as you know, but it has been rainy and in the 60’s for quite a while now. Good knitting weather. Have a great time. Hugs

  40. I am also leaving the St. Louis heat and heading for Denver. I am going home to visit family so I guess it is a “Do” vacation. I will be headed up to Breckenridge at some point during my stay. Grandma has a cabin there. While I am at the cabin it will be a “Be” time in my vacation. Enjoy your trip and the dry air while you can!

  41. As a teacher, I’m ready for the “BE”. My “BE” consists of knitting and listening to my sons 15, 20, 15 yeall at each other. By August, I’ll be ready for the “DO”. BTW, I got my undergrad and grad degrees at a state university located in central KS. I can’t wait to see your “most unfavorite spot in the middle of Kansas.”

  42. I like a DO vacation! My husband, sons and I like to ski. We don’t go to the beach, We don’t know what to DO there! One time on vacation with my husbands family, my mother-in-law said to me “Don’t you ever sit down?” Well, no, not on vacation!

  43. I love Be vacations mostly; but if I’m going somewhere I haven’t been, I prefer to do stuff.

  44. hi Sheri, have a fabulous vacation.
    Count me in on the Be-vacation. Just came back from the beach after a week at “Be”ing there with the girls. Took, knitting, needlepoint and books. Made sure I had Starbucks daily after I found location.

    Will the next sock club shipment go out after you return?

  45. “Be” vacations for me! There’s nothing better than going to a friend’s cabin in the Adirondacks, hanging out by the lake, taking a leisurely paddle, and just chilling. Oh, and did I mention the knitting? Ahh, bliss.

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