Welcome New Loopy Groupies and a CONTEST!

dsc02646It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again. (I’m trying to do this more often so that the list isn’t quite so long and intimidating!) You become an official “Loopy Groupie” when you get your sixth package from us. When I first came up with this idea, waaaay back in the beginning when we first opened our shop, I remember wondering if it was a good idea. Would people think it was silly? Would anyone want to be a Loopy Groupie? I’m so glad that the answer was yes! (And people started reaching that magic number of packages so much quicker than I anticipated. Now that I know you all a lot better, it doesn’t surprise me a bit, but back then it did.) We’re glad to have you all with us, and a big, warm welcome to those who have recently joined in:

Catherine in WI, Dana in MO, Diana in FL, Anne in TN, Susie in CA, Dani in NC, Brianne in MO, Ann in CO, Lois in FL, Laura in NC, Tamara in CO, Cecilia in CA, Liesl in MI, Courtney in OK, Carolyn in CA, Jami in NC, Hallie in Ireland, Jane in TX, Regina in NM, Margaret in NV, Catherine in CO, Tiffany in VA, Susan in IL, Michelle in MO, Nancy in NY, Laura in MD, Jean in WA, Patricia in CA, Allison in Canada, Jody in MI, Judith in MI, Edna in KY, Susan in OH, Irene in Norway, Lisa in IL, June in NY, Grace in NJ, Gail in NH, Robin in KY, Stasia in WI, Denise in MA, William in OH, Jennifer in TX, Sally in VA, Matt in NE, Lauren in TX, Randi in GA, Amanda in MD, Irene in MA, Jocelyn in NY, Beth in MD, Lizzie in GA, Carol in NJ, Desiree in PA, Olivia in FL, April in MA, Karen in MN, Barbara in ME, Jean in OH, Samantha in NY, Helen in Sweden, Linda in GA, Jessi in VA, Denise in TX, Karen in DE, Emily in WA, Sandra in CA, Rhonda in NY, Melanie in Canada, Sarah in CA, Angela in CA, Marybeth in NC, Lisa in NC, Cherie in IA, Chana in CA, Kaisa in The Philippines, Vivian in VA, Mary in NY, Leonard in D.C., Theresa in CO, Jen in CA, Sharon in Canada, Suzette in OR, Leanne in The UK, Cheryl in Canada, Kristina in IL, Tasina in IL, Conchita in CA, Leslie in AZ, Sheryl in WI, Judith in PA, Cammie in WV, Beverly in CA, Laura in PA, Katy in AZ, Hazel in The UK, Nancy in TX, Holly in MA, Janie in IL, Barbara in D.C., Dorothy in FL, Michelle in MA, Jennifer in NJ, Rani in MN, Symbra in NC, Jennifer in the Armed Forces, Amy in MN, Arlene in NY, Julie in MI, Denise in IN, Antonia in NJ, Thersa in AZ, Terri in OR, Erin in CA, Kyoko in Japan, Kate in Australia, Georgiana in NY, Whitney in KS, Sue in WA, Toria in MI, Rosemary in VA, Trish in MD, Diane in Canada, Joanne in TX, Diane in CA, Jennie in PA, Mara in Spain, Wendy in MA, Elaine in CA, Soraya in South Korea, Alison in VT, Donna in IL, Kathleen in MN, Erica in OH, Elpida in KS, Julianne in MN, Josette in ME, Amy in WA, Gita in D.C., Laura in KS, Sarah in NE, Carol in NH, Susan in NY, Siw in Norway, Lisa in WA, Mary in VA, Jennifer in CA, Deborah in CT, and Marlon in The Netherlands.

We send packages all over the world, and there are so many times that we’re wrapping something up and someone says, “You know, I would be happy to deliver this one in person!” We do the next best thing – we send Loopy out to spend the summer with you, wherever you are. I hope you’re showing him a good time and taking pictures! But if we WERE going to deliver an order to you in person, what would you want us to see in your home town while we were there? That’s the Blog Contest question this month. What would you want to show us in your hometown before we headed back home? What is on your “must do and see here” list when you have visitors in town? Leave a comment and tell us one thing (or several things) and you’ll be entered to win a special Loopy Care Package. We’ll do the lottery drawings a week from today.

I’ll be out of town on Friday, so I’ll be back to the blog next week – Monday or Wednesday. Don’t forget, Monday is a holiday here in the U.S. – no mail going out. (We’ll make up for it on Tuesday, I promise.) This weekend is graduation for College Guy up in Indiana. I can hardly believe it. After he graduates, he’s heading off on a 2 1/2 week backpacking trip in Europe with some friends (you know, the kind of thing you do before you have job or family responsibilities.) He’ll get home and have a little time offΒ  for the summer and then will head to FL to work for the company he interned with last summer. College Girl will come home with us this weekend and she’s going to be a Loopy Elf this summer. It will be fun to have her here!

Since we’ll be gone for the weekend and since Monday is a holiday, I’m not sure when/if we’ll do a Sneak Up. We’ll continue adding in things as they come in, though. For those of you wanting the Lorna’s Laces Wendy Knits color, we sold out of the Shepherd Sock, but we expect more in today or tomorrow. (Edit – It’s here! The gals at Lorna’s Laces are awesome.) As we were packing all of those skeins up yesterday, one of the Elves said, “I can’t believe we went through that many bags of this colorway and it all sold out. What’s the deal?” and another Elf answered, “Everyone loves Wendy!” Yes, yes we do. πŸ™‚ We still have the colorway available in the Shepherd Sport and in the Roving.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to leave us the “must-sees” for your home town!

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  1. Taking a Duck Tour of Boston is a great way to see many sides of this diverse city.

    The Museum of Fine Arts has a wonderful collection.

    Plimouth Plantation to see our early days.

    There are a million things in this area!

  2. Happy Graduation to College Guy! Guess you’ll have to go back to calling him Web Guy or come up with a new name.

    Well, if you actually came to my town, I’d probably take you to the main street in town. If we strolled far enough down and headed over a street, we’d come to the LYS! The town has been working on a town green and it has a nice grassy area and WiFi for those who need to stay connected.

    Given that we’re within easy driving distance from Washington DC (but I’d take the Metro there), Mount Vernon, Manassas Battlefield, and a number of parks and within not so bad driving distance from Monticello, Shenandoah National Park, and Montpelier, if you’re coming to deliver, leave time to explore.

  3. As a student at the University of Virginia, the Lawn, especially the Rotunda, is the first place I take visitors. Then, we would have to choose amongst Monticello, Ashlawn-Highland, and Montpelier (the homes of Presidents Jefferson, Monroe and Madison), all of which are really interesting. I also like to take people for a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway or to any of the area wineries. We might also go to the Downtown Mall for a bite to eat and a littel shopping.

  4. I live in a town self-proclaimed as the Rhubarb Capital of the World! I would take you to the 18th Annual Rhubarb Fest in Aledo, IL on June 5 & 6th. We would take a trolley ride through the town to learn about the history of our small hometown. We would cruise through the “big blue tent” for free rhubarb tasting. After a latte at Perks Coffehouse, we would check out the Crafts in the Courtyard. During the evening of June 6, Susie Bogguss will be performing a free concert in Central Park. Aledo is Susie’s hometown. Aledo knows rhubarb and I would want my guests to capture just a little of the romance of rhubarb.

  5. I am having a Garden Tour on July 16th if you are in the area. You would have to go to Home Plate Dairy and have a mocha shake.

  6. We basically have something for everybody on Aquidneck Island, which comprises Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. If you enjoy Tennis, we have the Tennis Hall of Fame. If boating is the name of your game we certainly got that and lots of water – summer time there are multiple beaches for swimming, playing, etc. Sightseeing – we have the mansion – the summer cottages of the rich and famous from New York in the 1800’s. History your bag – we got a lot of historical home, the first Jewish synagogue in the US, Trinity Church were JFK married Jackie and Hammersmith farm. Like long walks we’ve got the Cliff Walks, Ocean Drive, the Norman Bird Sanctuary. LIke shopping we’ve gone tons of little shops; wonderful restaurants, a dinner train which goes around the area. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things as well. Come & enjoy!

  7. I’ve lived in Frederick MD for about 15 years. During this time the city began to expand and branch out into art-inspired projects to bring new life to our area.

    The must-see in Frederick, MD in my opinion is the Carroll Creek Promenade at dusk/night. There are shops, art festivals, farmers’ markets, and lastly the Bridge Mural. They took a concrete bridge and had an artist paint it as if it were made of stone and had hand-carved sculptures on it. It is so beautiful. And to boot there are 2 yarn shops about 2 blocks from Carroll Creek. This is one of my favourite places in Frederick because it is just so beautiful and relaxing.

  8. I would take you on a tour of the amazing murals that are painted on the buildings here in E-town! We have a very talented mural artist that has painted many murals that reflect the history of our town – Elizabethtown, PA.

    And, I grew up in Erie, PA and if you visit there, I would definitely recommend visiting Presque Isle and the Erie Zoo.

  9. I live in Los Altos, CA, not far from San Francisco or San Jose, but if you were to come to visit here I would take you for a hike in the hills that I can see out my back window. They are beautiful and just about 10 minutes from my house! The cities are great but I like the country best of all.

  10. First of all,Congratulations to College Boy .Good luck as you move to Florida.Thanks for all you have done to make The Loopy Ewe such a user-friendly site.
    I live in Boulder, Colorado.People come to admire The Flatirons which are sharp outcroppings of red rocks that look like-well-flatirons.They are especially beautiful in the sunlight.On Memorial Day we show off our city with a 10k run that attracts 55,000 runners.The University of Colorado lies in the middle of town with gorgeous views from all of the dorms.You can get your degree and enjoy the the outdoors at the same time.We are proud of the Dushanbe Teahouse which sits like a jewel in our downtown .For the knitters we now have 3 yarn shops which are spread throughout town so that you can get your yarn fix wherever you live. I highly recommend a visit to our beautful city.

  11. If you were to hand deliver my package to me out here in California I’d insist that we go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s one of the best aquariums in the country and for those Trekkies out there happens to be the aquarium they used in Star Trek IV (The Voyage Home, i.e. the one with the whales). It’s a wonderful place to visit and the coastline is beautiful.
    I’d also take you to the Winchester Mystery House because we take everyone who visits to it at least once. It’s the house the widow of the maker of the Winchester rifle built (she believed that if construction ever stopped on it that the spirits of all those killed by the gun would get her). Because of her quirkiness and her environmentally-minded nature the house has a lot of really interesting features. Definitely a cool tour to take and all of our family (they all live in other states) really enjoyed it the first time they came out to visit.
    And finally I think I’d finish the trip off with a quick stop at my favorite bakery – Sugar, Butter, Flour for a tasty treat.

  12. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have lived here all my life. Our Rocky Mountains are beautiful and a great place to get away.

  13. I’m in Annapolis, Maryland. When you visit here, a trip to downtown Annapolis and the waterfront is in order, with lunch downtown, preferably involving crab of some sort or fashion. Then, to walk off that lunch, the walking tour of the United States Naval Academy and its beautiful architecture. If one gets bored of Annapolis, there is always Washington DC with all the museums and historic sites just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Just don’t forget the comfortable walking shoes!

  14. I’m south of San Francisco, CA, and rather than taking you into the city, I’d head west toward the ocean so you could see the Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo State Park. They are amazing creatures, both in looks and size, and the naturalists who do the tour are terrific. Then we’d head over to the famous Duarte’s Tavern, a family restaurant that’s been around for generations so you could sample their marvelous Artichoke Soup and Olliaberry (sp.)Pie.

  15. I live in Kokomo, IN–not a big place. BUT we do have a lot of weird things to offer that I always make all of my friends go see. We have the site of the first drive of the first horseless carriage, AKA the car. Just a historical marker in the ground now but hey, its cool. We also have a giant steer, which was stuffed after it’s death and now remains in a glass case in the center of our park. Right next to the worlds largest sycamore stump, which used to be a phone booth, but is now preserved in a large glass building in the park also. (http://www.commonplacebook.com/photos/big_things/indiana/) Then, after all of that touring we’d have to go to Jamie’s Soda Fountain. It’s a little diner with REAL soda fountains, you know, the kind where you put in the syrup and then the soda water etc. They even make old fashioned phosphates. Pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  16. Here in Ithaca NY theer are places of such natural beauty as to take your breath away. I would take you to see some of the over 100 waterfalls.

  17. If you came to Troy,NH.. I would bring you to Eva’s Bakery, for lunch.. or coffee and treats. We would walk there, as it is right across the town common from my house. As we walked, I would show you our town hall, and explain the history of our town and how the buildings around the common used to be big fancy hotels and places of leisure for the mill owners and their workers.

  18. The best thing in cinci is the food- I make sure my guests eat at Dewey’s Pizza and then hop across the street to Greater’s Ice Cream! I am blest to have both of these places within a few feet of my apartment!

  19. Here in Billings, MT, the most visible and unique feature is a geological landform we call the Rimrocks. The Yellowstone River runs through Billings and has carved out a cliff several hundred feet high that encircles the city on the north and east sides. The Rims, as they’re called, are made of resistant layers of sandstone and limestone embedded with volcanic rocks. On top of the Rims are hiking trails and park-like areas where one can picnic or simply sit and reflect.

  20. I live near Detroit, and even though we have been in the news for aa lot of unwated “stuff” we can tour Greenfield Village which is just wonderful, our art museum has just been remodeled and is world class, and a dinner cruise up the river. and we can always go across the bridge to Canada to little Italy for dinner. See, two countries in one day!!

  21. If you delivered my order in person, you’d be at the beach on the central coast of the NJ shore. So, you would have to go to the beach, and then take in the sights, smells and activities on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant. Are rides your thing? How about mini-golf? Arcades? Aquariums? You could go parasailing over the ocean, or go fishing. So much to do!

  22. I would take you out to the Black Sheep Creamery to see the baby lambs jumping! Then to Boistfort Valley Farm to admire the organic produce growing. After a drive in the gorgeous Chehalis Valley, we’d stop at Sata Lucia for a latte and French chocolate croissant.

  23. There’s really only one thing to do here in the summer. The Blue berry Festival, complete with pie eating contests, a classic car show and a craft show!

  24. Let’s see, we’ll have to use my place of residence, since if we visited my hometown, the best thing might just to be take a nap. Not much happening there, except the old museum that had things like big clown shoes and two headed calves. But If you were visiting my wonderful Chicago I think I might take you to one of my favorite neighborhood ehtnic restaurants. right now I think it would be Kang Nam which is a Korean BBQ place. Real hot coals are brought to you table and you get to cook the luscious meat yourself. And don’t forget all the yummy banchan—side dishes and kimchi. Aww heaven and a relaxing fun time. πŸ™‚

  25. I’m from Jamaica so if you come to visit my island, I’ll take you the beach. It warm weather all year round. Also, you would have to try our Jerk Chicken….. it’s really delicious (Warning… it’s a bit spicy but OH SO GOOD!). And I’ll also carry you to try out our Blue Mountain Coffee too. =)

  26. Are we talking hometown, as in where we live now, or hometown, as in where we grew up? If it’s where we live now, I would say the Jefferson Memorial, because as a proud graduate of Mr. Jefferson’s University, we should all visit and honor our founder. If we’re talking where we grew up, then you should go to the Burger King at the Somerville Circle, which is on the site of an old Victorian (alas, now torn down) where the treaty to end World War I was signed.

  27. I live about 35 miles southeast of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – Niagara Falls. It is a must see for any visitors! And I never stop enjoying seeing it myself. Here in western NY state there are so many things to do: great museums, great architecture, great lakes (Erie and Ontario), great wineries, great camping sites, great hiking, great fishing, great boating, great restaurants, great small towns – and it’s all much better with summer weather!!!!

  28. Let’s see–for Kansas City it’s the Plaza, of course! Walking, shopping and people watching. Then maybe 39th Street for Blue Koi or Jazz for dinner

  29. If Loopy came to Melbourne, Australia in summer we would go for a overnight trip down the surf coast. First stop the National Wool Musuem in Geelong, then on to Pear Tree yarns in Torquay. Back on the road, we would stop for lunch at one of the beachside cafes in Lorne. Next, drive further down the Great Ocean Road to Wreck Beach and the Twelve Apostles. Then a quick side trip to Timboon to sample local cheeses and farmhouse icecream. Back to Skenes Creek to stay at one of the mountain top cabins – on the edge of the rainforest, but with a view of the Southern Ocean. Dinner at a local fish restaurant, or we could cook our own buying just caught seafood from the fishermans co-op.

    Next morning we start with a walk in the Otways rainforest , maybe a trip to the treetop walk – then lunch on the beach at Apollo Bay (great fish and chips). Returning to Melbourne we would stop at one of the pick your own fruit farms for raspberries & strawberries, arrange a visit to Wendy Dennis Handspinning in Birregurra and then stop at the local store to buy some gourmet produce (the Irrawarra sourdough bread is wonderful), perhaps finishing with a visit to a local winery to sample some Shiraz? Home in time for a BBQ in the garden…

  30. Must see places in Rochester? Well, first off there is the corn cob water tower. Its so out of place that it gets used as a reference point quite a bit.

    Downtown is a fun place to hang out as well. There are sidewalk sales in the summer, and the Galleria Mall (or, what it used to be called before the UofM buillt classrooms there) has the best Barnes and Noble store. They converted the old Chateau Theater into it without taking out any of the original decorations. Dark, high ceiling with tiny lights all over mimicking stars, walls lined with Renaissance style buildings. I love it there. They later rebuilt the Chateau and kept all of those same features.

    I’m not quite sure what else there is to see around here. I don’t get out much. πŸ™‚

  31. Dover, DE – the NASCAR race at Dover Downs, but you better hurry! The crowds and campers are already starting to arrive – the race is May 31.

  32. I live in Adamstown, a very small town (only one traffic light – really!) but there’s a lot to do. We’d start the morning with coffee from The Village Coffee Shop (coffee is fresh-roasted to her specifications each week) then hit some of the many antique shops here in Antiques Capital USA.
    Boehringer’s Drive-In would be our stop for lunch and some of their home-made ice cream (wave “hi” to my son behind the counter). Afternoon shopping – including a stop at my local yarn stoe, The Soxy Lady – would be at Stoudtburg Village, where residents live above their retail shops in a Bavarian-style setting.
    We’d wind up the day at Stoudt’s Black Angus Restaurant where we’ recap the day’s adventures over a delicious meal and some of their award-winning, microbrewed beer.
    There’s still more to see locally – Amish farmland, historic sites, local crafts, taste PA Dutch goodies – so I hope you’re coming for more than one day!

  33. I live in Chattanooga TN, so I’d definitely take you to the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX, and then for a walk through our beautiful riverfront park! The city has done a lot of renovation over the last few years, so what was once an eyesore is now absolutely gorgeous. And I’d take you to my favorite casual restaurant, Mellow Mushroom, for a great pizza or calzone and then to Terra Nostra, a great tapas bar for a glass of wine and some awesome tapas! Now, don’t you want to come visit me? πŸ˜‰

  34. If Loopy were to pay a visit to Scranton, PA, I would take him on a coal mine tour. We have a real live coal mine, no longer mined of course, that is set up for touring. You go in this sort of open train deep down into the mine, where you can see what it was like to work down there. It’s about an hour long tour, and you really get a sense of what it must have been like to go down into the darkness early in the morning and come out late at night. The temperature is a steady 50 or so degrees, and you can still see some lines of coal in the walls. Life today is so easy compared to that. Loopy would need to wear a raincoat, as some places are a little drippy. Plus, we wouldn’t want his beautiful fleece to get wet or dirty!!!

  35. I live in Bloomington/Normal, IL, which is a nice university town (or rather, a pair of them) in the middle of the state. Both campuses are nice to walk around, and I’d be sure to point out that we (allegedly, at least) are the only place in the US to have two universities literally down the street from each other. I’d also show you Constitution Trail, which is a great bike and walking path that meanders through town. The Zoo is fun, too – they have a wallaby walkabout, which is an area where you can get right in with the wallabies. It’s sort of like the goat area at the average zoo, but with more bounce.

  36. I would have to take Loopy out on the Bering Sea and set a net together and try to catch a king salmon or two! A few long beachcombing trips up the 30 miles of beach to try and find glass fishing floats and of course we would go walrus spotting! With only 35 people in town, he’s sure to meet everyone and get all the latest gossip, try 3 different types of smoked salmon and get rides around town and down the peninsula on a 4-wheeler πŸ™‚

  37. The two absolute must do things when visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan are (1) going to one of the many lovely nearby Lake Michigan beaches and (2) visiting Frederik Meijer Gardens, where you can see manicured gardens and wonderful sculptures, including two Chihulys.

  38. Out here in the Great Northwest, there is so much to see. However, the best is two fold. First stop is Seattle where you can find many great Knitting Shops (among the obvious). If you enjoy nature, I would take you to the rainforest – there are so many hiking trails – the experience will take you back to a prehistoric experience. Then of course, is Mount Rainier – It is glorious with it’s majestic peak.

  39. In my city of the Seattle, a few must see places are the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Also you have to take a ferry ride to Bainbridge, Vashon or the San Juan Islands.

    If you come in August you can check out SeaFair to watch the hydro races and see the Blue Angels aerial show over Lake Washington.

    This is all while you are surrounded by the beautiful mountain and lake views.

  40. There is so much to do in New Orleans, but first, I think I’d take you to see all the parts of this city that were under water for weeks from the leveen\ failure. And I take you to Musician’s Village, to see the lovely new homes there. Then we’d have to stop and get some fabulous seafood at one of our lovely restaurants, take a ferry ride across the Mississippi, and go hear some great music on Frenchmen St.

  41. the first thing I remember crocheting is a baby afghan that was all pastel colors. When I ran out of the color I was working on my grandmother took me to the dime store and bought me another color skein. It was some type of Red Heart Baby wool. I had it for probably 30 or more years and after my grandmother died in 1999 I found it in her closet – how sweet. She was the best! congratulations on your 9th year in business – we sure love Loopy and I am proud to be a “Groupie” best wishes for 9 more happy years. Melody

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