Better Backyard Crowd

dsc02642There’s a better crowd under the birdfeeders now. I am happy to say that I haven’t seen the possum pair since I took that photo. That makes me very very happy. We’re back to the duck pair and the regular rabbits and chipmunks scrounging under the birdfeeders. (Just noticed I had typed in “rabbis” instead of “rabbits”. Glad I caught that. We have no rabbis scrounging birdseed at the moment. Just rabbits.) I have to say, Jessica’s comment made me laugh out loud:

“Aww, don’t be so hard on the possums! We had one on our front porch when I was young… my mom picked it up one night… she was outside to get the cat and hadn’t bothered to turn on the dsc02643porch light… I’m not sure who was more startled, but no one was bitten and the thing actually became sort of an outdoor pet.”

I’m just trying to imagine that. I’m pretty sure I would’ve shrieked and thrown it across the porch without even thinking. And I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood would’ve heard me.

dsc02508Check out the Elf Mugs in the Loopy kitchen. I had them done with all of our names on them, and then WH built the handy-dandy mug rack for me. We like having our own mugs! These are made by Twisted River Clayworks, my favorite pottery people over on etsy. I have ordered from them several times and they get the orders out quickly and package them up really well. It’s a dsc02644pleasure to do business with them. (You might remember me talking about them in this post. They made my very favorite mug!) And here’s another fun etsy seller that I like – MudHutt Studio. I think this memo pad is made to swap out the clay ornament part if you want. I like her whimsical designs.

Sneak Up is up for the week – come see. We’ve added a lot!

Sheri hopingtoworkonGirasoletonight.Anyoneelsemakingonerightnow?


  1. When I see the mug configuration I just wonder if I can throw a strike or will I get the dread 7/10 split with that 😉

    The rabbi comment makes me laugh too!

  2. I know I’m going to feel like an idiot, but what is a Girasole?

    Love the mugs and the chocolate!

  3. I agree, chocolate and their own mugs no wonder the elves are super happy 🙂

    I want to be an elf when i grow up .. oh wait i already have grown up and i am clearly living in the wrong country. Darn.

    I can understand the accidently picking the possum up instead of the cat, we used to hand feed the ringtail possums when i was a child. Very naughty of us as we know now but they were so darn cute and when they used to bring their little babies with them that was a real awww moment.

  4. No, I’m not making a Girasole and, if I were, I wouldn’t be working on it tonight. I am working on Whispering Pines shawl and I don’t think that’ll get any attention either. I knitted and tinked the same purl row of a toe-up heel flap 3 times at knit night before I got it straight so I suspect I’d better stick to knitting that doesn’t require my mind tonight.

  5. I have a Girasole in the works but I think it’s going to hibernate for the summer. It’s awfully big.

  6. We grew up way out in the middle of nowhere with opossums, raccoons, deer, and snakes (the worst ’cause you can’t see them until they are RIGHT THERE). My mom would have shrieked and tossed the opossum like pro basketball player if she had ever picked one up by accident.

    The main problem with opossums under the house is fleas.

    I like MudHutt’s Family Established magnet, I may need to commission one for my cousin, she is expecting twins. The day twins arrive your family is definitely established.

    Nice sneak up! I got some great Yarn Pirate 🙂

  7. Not working on a Girasole right now but I am working on a Shetland Tea Shawl on and off. I love those mugs. I am pondering ordering a couple for Christmas presents.

  8. No Girasole yet, someday. I cast on a new pair of socks for Mom this morning (a Wendy pattern, of course!) and am finishing up a shawl that I started at Spring Fling. I also have two other shawls and a scarf that I must finish before I can even think of Girasole – maybe in the fall 🙂

    PS – any more Wollmeise?

  9. Lovely sneak-up, Sheri. Still trying to gather some yarn before surgery. I’ve marked the mug makers as an Etsy favorite. Great gifts. You’re always so good about sharing infomation about good items and sellers you come across.

    Hope you have fun with your Girasole.

  10. Love seeing the bunny and the chipmonk. So cute!

    I just finished my Girasole. WHEW! Just need to block it. Love the pattern Hope you are enjoying making yours :^)

  11. Such cute birdfeeder pics! Our neighbor is a wildlife rehabber so she regularly has opossums that she is rehabbing. We have come to grow rather fond of them!!

  12. I’m impressed that all the mugs are clean and hanging prettily at the same time!

    At least your squirrels are just under your porch – mine are in my attic!

  13. Cute bunnies and squirrels – we had squirrels in our backyard too when I had bird feeders up. Unfortunately, it drove the dogs nuts which drove us nuts so the bird feeders had to come down.

    Love the mugs (I’ve visited their etsy shop thanks to you and I love, love their bird ring holders) and I want to have huge containers of M&M’s both types at my place of work. Hmmm, have to mention that to my manager. 🙂 Have a good week!

  14. rabbis under the birdfeeder…gerbils on my knitting bag ….

    some things are just verrry funny to me !!

  15. Looks like my yard. You forgot pictures of the birds. I have the world’s fattest robbins this year! They like to pick on Salty Dog. 🙂

    Not making a girasole yet, I need to make the ammonit first. But I think girasole is going to be added to my list of things to make. And I’m particularly happy because they offer an option for those of us who can not download it from Ravelry.8-) I certainly appreciate the consideration.

  16. Love the photos of the wildlife. Aren’t chipmunks the funniest little things? Their movements are so much like birds except for the flying bit.

    I think we need a mug rack like that! Can you spare WH for a week or two?

    Great sneak up, as in so many lovely new goodies I don’t know where to start!

  17. I am not sure I would have a problem with the possum, but I am pretty happy that the wildlife near where I live are mostly birds and really cute bunnies.

  18. The mugs are adorable, as is the mug rack, but my focus is on the two big containers of candy next to the coffee maker. Now that is what I call an employee benefit – how can I get a job as an elf???

  19. I saw the Girasole last week on ravelry, bought the pattern and it has become my next conquest. I am just having a hard time deciding on the yarn to use and then the color. I am thinking lorna’s laces sport, so i have a warm shawl. What are you making yours with?

  20. Wow! My heart’s a-flutter! I just caught the Wollmeise extra-sneaky sneak up and scored 2 skeins!!!!!!!! I’m no longer a Wollmeise Virgin!!!!!

    Whew! I was going to say, yeah, things have been less productive lately due to a strange inability to maintain my concentration. That has not stopped me from starting *Yet Another* shawl! It gets me, though, when I think things are knitting right along, then 2 rows later, I find a mistake and have to rip out all that I had accomplished so far in that sitting.

  21. Still shuddering when I think of accodently picking up an oppossum. They are some scary looking and hiss at you. The raccoons wander the city at night like the everyday residents they are. They don’t even bother to run or hide.

    Enough wildlife talk. Those are really cute mugs. I love tea and coffee so I appreciate a nice mug.

  22. I’m working on Girasole. Have been for a while now. I’m about 3/4 of the way done chart D and it’s taking forever! I am cringing at the thought of having to double from 320 stitches to 640. The pattern is genius, though, so at least I’m enjoying the knit!

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