Rain, Boxes & Friday

dsc02619I woke up to such a great thunderstorm this morning. Long, loud crashes of thunder that seemed to go on and on. (The cats – not so thrilled with that. They dove under the bed.) This is what it looked like in my front yard today. It’s very green around here right now! I really ought to live in Seattle. By the afternoon, the sun was out.

We had a crazy day here at Loopy. I am particularly fond of the mailman today, as he brought us 2100 boxes. You gotta love a guy like that. šŸ™‚ Consequently, invoices for Sock Club were emailed out today, and the Sneak Up is back on for next week. (It’s a good thing. We have lots of things waiting in the queue.) You all are so good about paying those Sock Club invoices quickly. I think we got most of the kits out today as well. In case you didn’t catch it, we did re-stock all of our Namaste bags yesterday, including the Malibu and Laguna in Eggplant.

We were also busy with shoppers. Thursdays and Fridays are drop-in days, and it’s fun to see where everyone comes from. We get St. Louis shoppers, but we also get out-of-town shoppers almost every week, who are just passing through. (Can you imagine that conversation? “Honey, as long as we’re driving in the midwest on a Friday, can we drive an extra two hours to swing through St. Louis so that I can stop in at The Loopy Ewe to shop for an hour? Please?”Ā  And you know how much guys like to drive longer and then detour. For knitting. Sometimes the weary husbands come in with their wives and sit on the red couches and eat Loopy Kisses while their wives shop. Other times, the wives send them down to Starbucks so that they can shop in peace. It’s kind of funny.)

dsc02623One of the shoppers today was James. You’ve heard me mention him before, because he is the one who named the Elves. He came in about two years ago and commented on how “those Loopy elves” were scurrying around, packing up orders, and the name stuck. Today he brought his very first ever lace project, and his second ever lace project, both completed recently. His first lace project is this Girasole by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. I am also working on my own Girasole and really dsc02620enjoying it. (I’m using this yarn. James used Cascade Eco-Wool, I think.) We both agreed that this is a great first lace project, because the charts are so easy to read and do (and no purling. James is a fan of no purling. I’m a fan of knitting lace in the round so that you don’t have to make the symbols do the opposite on the back side of the project.) His second lace project was done for a friend – this pattern, out of Dream in Color Starry (he said it took 2.5 skeins). That’s Elf Donna modeling it, and she didn’t want to give it back. I don’t blame her. I love seeing completed lace projects. It’s amazing to me how you can turn yarn into such incredible works of art with two sticks. I am tempted to do another Girasole out of a fingering or sport weight when I’m done with the alpaca worsted one. (I know, I know. Finish the one I’m working on first…)

I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who are mothers or have a mother. I’m happy that our two college kids are meeting us halfway between here and their school so that we can have lunch on Sunday. That’s a GREAT Mother’s Day to me!

Sheri didImentionhowhappyIwastohaveboxesagain?BecauseIreallyam.


  1. I thought at first that you meant he brought you 2100 full of yarn, rather than 2100 shipping boxes, and I almost choked on my tongue, lol. That would have been one heck of a Sneak Up. Not that I would have minded. šŸ˜‰

  2. I thought the same as Victoria – that the postman brought you 2100 full boxes! Now that would be a day of work!

    And we’d love to have you here in Seattle, where it is extremely green and quite soggy right now.

  3. Sheri, my son who has been in Iraq for the past eight months is arriving back home to us tomorrow, Mothers Day Eve. I couldn’t ask for a better Mothers Day gift! You promised me awhile back that you were keeping him in your prayers. Well, your prayers (and mine) were answered and he is coming back home safely. Thank you and enjoy being with your great kids on Moms Day.

  4. Wow! Beautiful lace! I love lace! šŸ™‚ It makes me REALLY happy. And YAY for boxes!!

    I was thinking that I might have to pack up BFF Liz, my mom, and maybe the dog, and do a slight shopping detour to TLE as I’m kicking myself for not getting another mug while at Spring Fling. Or I can be patient and wait until next year. After all, I’m still pondering how to get around village ordinances with those sheep…. šŸ˜Ž

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Sheri! Wishing all of you moms a great day full of yarn and chocolate. šŸ™‚

  6. James is an awesome knitter. Way to go!!!! I am really enjoying lace knitting these days. I am almost done with a shawl out of my hand spun that I am really excited about. I am hoping to have it done in time to wear to church on Sunday. Only 8 rows and the bind off and blocking. Must go knit now.

  7. Have a blessed Mother’s Day, Sheri, and thank you for blessing *us* with so much hard, wonderful work!!

  8. Hi Sheri, I hope you have a great Mother’s Day. How nice you will be meeting your beautiful children for lunch. I hope all Moms have a very special day. Wow I am really impressed with James . His shawl is to die for. Now I’m in a shawl knitting mood. Thanks for getting sock packages out so very fast. Safe travels. Hugs

  9. Four years ago today I got the best Mother’s Day present ever–my son was born. And now, I get what my mom was telling me all of those years. You never really know how much your mother loves you, ever.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Sheri. Save travels to see you baby girl and baby boy.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day!
    I will be celebrating mine a little later this year as I will be in St. Louis late Thursday (5/14) for a weekend with my son! I haven’t seen him and his wife since Christmas. I do get the pleasure of helping both my mom and mom-in-law enjoy their day here in (hot) Florida on Sunday. My sweet husband is treating us all to lunch after church so no kitchen cleanup! I look forward to meeting you Sheri and elves as my son and/or daughter-in-law have agreed to bring me to visit on Friday. God bless and safe travel for you this weekend.

  11. Beautiful work, James. I cast on Whispering pines this week. I wasn’t supposed to do that until I finished my St Louis socks but I just couldn’t help myself. I knit a few rows and that satisfied my urge to cast on now.
    I’m glad you got the sock club kits out before the postage increase Monday. Was USPS purposely holding your boxes until the increase went into effect?
    Have a safe trip and wonderful Mother’s Day.

  12. O my gosh. I can’t wait to see what is in all those boxes..talking about Christmas. Happy Mom’s Day to all the Moms. The lace projects are gorgeous

  13. If you want green in the spring and rainy for a lot of the year, you could live in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I took a bus from Eugene to Portland today (home from college for the weekend) and everything is so GREEN here, and usually is March through June/Julyish.
    The lace is awesome. And 2100 is a LOT of boxes!!!

  14. Happy Mother’s Day, Sheri! Have a wonderful day with your kids—that’s got to be the best Mother’s Day gift ever—and safe trip. Kudos to James. Beautiful lacework, and so inspiring. It’s very green where we are, too; we finally have some sun after a couple weeks of nonstop rain. (I like rain, but not nonstop.)

  15. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day – so glad you will be able to spend at least a portion of it with your children. My mom & I will also be together – flying back from Sweden – oh well at least we’re together.

  16. If you love no purling then please try the Shipwreck Shawl from Knitty Spring 2009, I am on my second one of these ( now in Wollmiese) and I love it, no purling!! So fast a project!!! I guess I will have to come to Loopy Ewe and show off mine sometime! Or you could go here and look on Ravelry…
    I haven’t gotten pics of the Wollmeise one yet, but I am using a sock club color, Oczidental, and edging it with Franz with Chicken Pox…and lots of ( optional) beads.
    Can’t wait for the next sneak up!!
    thanks, Juli

  17. James has inspired me to jump girasole ahead of aeolian, I love his rendition of jared’s blanket, and I am printing out the pattern now, I can’t wait to see yours and to get my hands on the Eco-Alpaca, Alpaca is my favorite and that looks to die for!!

  18. 1. Have a safe, enjoyable and fun day tomorrow! Happy Mother’s Day!

    2. James, I love your Girasole, and the shawl! Love the red & sparkly…

    3. Have FUN with the boxes!! šŸ™‚

  19. James – WOWZA! Fabulous. Which color red is your Starry Night shawl? It’s going on my birthday list!

  20. Both shawls are gorgeous! Lace and cables are my favorite forms of knitterly art (probably because I haven’t tried fairisle yet!), so I always love seeing them. Girasole is huge! I can’t imagine using it as anything other than a throw blanket at that size.

  21. I saw the storm coverage on the news and hope you are all safe down there.

    Patricia – coastie wife

  22. Would love to make Jarod’s GIRASOLE also but always have a problem figuring out what other yarn to use and how much to use other then the yarn that is listed with the pattern. You mentioned fingering or sport weight for the pattern but could you please tell me which ones and also how much to buy to make it.
    Thank you
    Peg Lamson

  23. I love the lacework. I never really saw how big a Girasole can become. I’m planning on making one for myself too, in worsted. So that’s what I’m looking forward too? Nice.

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