Perfect Combination

dsc02433Remember my addiction to the alternating rows Noro Scarf? And then my seemingly endless fascination with Chevron/Feather and Fan scarves? I found a way to combine both loves into something new. (Well, actually Jane Ellison combined them for me.) This book has several sweater patterns that I would like to make. Not all, necessarily, out of Noro. I just like the construction of many of them. Although I’ll use Noro for a few, for sure. Can’t beat the colors. I started the Chevron Cardigan over the weekend and so far, it is a fun and easy knit. The bottom has the fun Chevron pattern (you can see my start in the photo), which then blends into the top part and straight rows.  All of it alternates from one color dsc02435to the other. They have a few varieties of this combo in the patterns, and I might have to explore more than one. Of course different Noro colors come and go, but it’s hard to go wrong with any two that you pick for something like this.  I’ll be taking this on vacation with me, so hopefully a lot of knitting will get done and I’ll have something to show when I get back.

I’m also taking:

– Dye Dreams Dream Sox (finishing up the cuff.  We’re getting this new base in any day, so watch for it when I get back.)
– Sweet Paprika Sock (finishing up the cuff.  This is a new indie dyer with hand-dyed stripes – also due to arrive any day.)
Sanguine Gryphon Bugga Sock (knitting the second sock, which I can’t believe I haven’t already done, FPS.)
– a couple of test yarns (which shall remain unnamed…)

I always worry that I’ll run out of things to work on. How many things would you take on a week’s vacation? I always overdo it.  Plus, there’s a nice little yarn shop in Frisco, so if I do run out, there are opportunities to pick up more. Funny, I never worry that I’ll run out of clothes or anything important like that.  Just yarn projects.

I have had such fun reading about your favorite mugs! I especially loved the comment from Lois in FL, who mentioned the term “Pottery Stash”.  What a concept!  And with all of the fun links that you left in your comments, there are certainly many opportunities to add to the stash. If one were so inclined.  I’ll do a quick blog post on Friday to draw names for the winners of the Wollmeise.

While I’m gone next week, watch for re-stocks to go up. We have large shipments of ShibuiKnits, Louet, Addi Needles, HiyaHiya needles, Vinyl Car Decals, Dream in Color Starry, and more, on the way in. Also, when I get back and we do our next official Sneak Up, I hope to have the Dye Dreams Dream Sox, Sweet Paprika in sock yarn and worsted, MonkeyPal Handy-Dyed, Lorna’s Laces Pearl line (plus the new colorway named after Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review), and a few other things that are currently in-transit. There’s always something new coming in around here!

Sheri whomustcleantheyarnsamplesandpaperworkoffherdesk


  1. The first time I went on vacation after learning to knit, I took way too much with me. Now, I bring an airplane/car project and one for backup in case I finish it. Other than that, I found that I really didn’t have the time I thought I would to knit while on vacation.

    Have a wonderful vacation and we’ll see you when you return 🙂

  2. I definitely over-pack when it comes to taking projects on vacation. Not that I even get much knitting done, but a knitter must always be prepared. I usually have a hard time telling the hubby that we NEED to visit any yarns stores in the area while on vacation.

    Have an awesome time while on vacation. Get lots of knitting done so we can oooooo and ahhhhhhh over your pretties.

  3. We rent a cabin in Northern WI every year and packing knitting projects is always a challenge. I worry about the food issue once we’re there, but the yarn….
    I’m sure you won’t have any shortage of projects and it’ll be fun to see what gets completed 🙂 Have fun!!

  4. Sheri,
    I hope you and the family have a wonderful vacation in CO. Sounds like you have enough to keep you busy with knitting. Also sounds like you and I both have Knitting ADD. I have SO many projects on the needles and yet I want to start more. I work on one for a while and then flit to another to work on that for a while. And I wonder why 2nd sock syndrome follows me everywhere – even on vacation.

  5. Enjoy your vacation! I went out of town last weekend, but really didn’t get to work on a project because it was a pretty packed schedule.

    I also have had the Noro book on my wishlist for a while and will have to get it.

  6. I always take three or four projects for a weeks vacation – socks, sweater, shawl and whatever else grabs my attention. And I always worry I’ll run out of things to do – it’s never come close to happening :>

    My husband LOVES huge hand made mugs with large handles. He says his coffee stays warmer and the handles suit his hand better. So every time I go to a craft type show I’m on the lookout for mugs. I do love the picture you had in your mug post – that’s a beautiful piece of pottery.

    Have fun in Colorado and be safe!

  7. Your sweater is looking great and it really looks fun to knit. I think you have to take several knitting projects, because you never know what you’ll be in the mood to knit, or what kind of knitting you’ll be up for on a vacation. Even if you don’t get much actual knitting done, you have to have the right project for the setting.
    Have a wonderful time in Colorado—I know that’s one of your favourite places so it probably won’t be too hard to enjoy it!

  8. I love the way that chevron pattern is looking! Which colorways of Noro are you using? It’s super pretty.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation, and *lots* of knitting time. 🙂

  9. I’m headed south Saturday for a week. I’ve been trying to figure out what to take knitting wise. I think I have it narrowed down to a sock and a Forest canopy. That should keep me more thatn busy!

    Have a great trip!

  10. I know what you mean about overpacking knitting. I take 2 or 3 projects with me to go to work and knit night. Never mind the fact that I always have backup yarn and needles in the car.

    Have a GREAT vacation! I’m looking forward to seeing that sweater and your Bugga! sock………Bugga!…….it’s just heaven…. You’re making me want to knit all afternoon instead of work……oh, I want to do that every day don’t I???? : )

  11. I always take way too much knitting when I go on trips. I usually wind up knitting the “mindless” stockinette project because my vacations usually involve knitting retreats and I can’t do lace work or simple patterns and have fun with my knitting friends. I’ll probably bring a plain vanilla sock to work at Fling.

    Hope you get your desk cleaned off and have a great trip.

  12. Love love the sweater, I am a big Noro fan anyways,LOL. Have a terrific vacation, I don’t think you can overpack projects, clothing can be washed and reworn but yarn projects….

  13. Good luck with clearing off the yarn samples and paperwork.

    I’m no help on the traveling knitting advice. Except, if it needs it’s own suitcase, it’s probably too big (probably…Unless you are traveling by car.) I think it’s a good idea to bring two very different projects, cause you never know what’s going to fit your mood. Can you take a UHaul trailer with all your knitting packed inside? That might be best 🙂

  14. I tend to take a lot of projects with me. Usually it is at least 2, especially if one of them is harder than the other. Most of my vacations are hanging out with relatives, and we are not a big “go out and do stuff” bunch, so it is perfectly reasonable to spend an afternoon walking around and the evening knitting (or just the entire day knitting outside of a coffee run or two).

  15. I always take about 4 too many projects. For some reason, I sincerely believe I’m some sort of speed demon knitter when I go on trips. Not true, I knit at the same speed I always do :-).

  16. Hi Sheri, Isn’t that a great book, i got it awhile ago. Haven’t made anything from it yet. I always bring way to many projects when we go on vacation and get very little done. Spend more time packing up yarn instead of packing what I should. Just throw that together last minute. Hope you have a great trip and safe travels. Hugs PS I’m glad I am not alone in having KADD.

  17. Sheri1111 Please promice all of us that each of your famile members will be wearing a halmet when they hit the slopes. WE NEED YOU!! Just heard about actres Natashia Richardson. Have fun but be careful!!!


  18. Even tho I rarely knit in the car I usually have atleast 1-2 projects with me all the time “just in case”. I havent been on a “vacation” in several years so cant help ya with the vacation packing 🙂 Except to say take as much as you think you will need.

  19. I love Jane Ellison’s new book, too. I have already gotten some SG Chunky to make the bobbled sweater. I’m also spinning some Gale’s Art BFL (Peacock) in singles, trying to get a long repeat, to make a SG Worsted sweater from the book.


  20. I went on a week’s vacation and took 2 pairs of socks and an afghan (and my scrapbooking) and was shocked when I only finished one sock! I have a plane trip coming up that is 8 hours, so I hope to be knitting up a storm on the plane since I won’t have anywhere to go. :0)

  21. Like you, I always over do it on packing the yarn projects. I way over pack but I would rather do that then be stuck with idle hands!!!

  22. Oh, I’m so glad to see you enjoy that book too! I bought it about two months ago and I’m just fascinated by the patterns. Now, if only Noro wasn’t so expensive…
    As far as vacation knitting goes, I’m trying harder to be more realistic. Last summer we went to the beach and I took 3 socks, and only knit about one whole one in the entire time we were there (8 days!). But I did the exact opposite this past time- a friend and I went to Atlanta for an overnighter and I didn’t pack any knitting because I didn’t think there would be any downtime- and by 10pm that night I was about to go insane! I guess we all should just try for a happy medium.

  23. I also take way too many knitting projects when we go on vacation. So far I haven’t run out of things to work on–the problem is finding any time at all—but I’m not taking any chances.

    Have a wonderful vacation with your family, Sheri!

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