Good News and Bad News on Monday

Good News: I had a great birthday weekend!  Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and well wishes in emails, on the blog, on Ravelry, and on Facebook. I don’t think I have ever been wished a Happy Birthday so many times. (And it did the trick – it was a nice day!)
Bad News: All of that birthday celebrating meant not a lot of Loopy work got done over the weekend. Ok, not ANY Loopy work got done over the weekend. Consequently, today has been overloaded with To-Do’s.

dsc02416Good News: We always have chocolate available here at The Loopy Ewe. Some of you have been here and seen the big wooden bowl of Loopy kisses, which is always filled.
Bad News: Not all of the chocolate that appears here is real. No matter how cute it is. (Oh, but seriously – don’t you just want to bite off those bunny ears? I wish it was real chocolate…)

Good News: We have most of the Sock Club boxes all packed up and ready to ship out, so watch for your email invoices in the next couple of days, if you’re in the Sock Club. There are so many boxes that we’re making a new wall divider here at The Loopy Ewe.
Bad News: All of the spots in our Sock Club are filled up for this year. (I know you knew that.  But I needed a “Bad” to go along with that “Good”.)

Good News: I did get the Sneak Up Snuck Up just now.  This week, check out: new 3 AM bags, Namaste Buddy Cases ( including our favorite Eggplant color), Dream in Color Smooshy, Fleece Artist 2/6 and Trail Socks, Wendy’s latest pattern (Catriona Knee Socks), Marie Mayhew’s latest pattern (Woolly Bunnies), Born to Knit patterns, and new Knitting Girl and Knitting Nerd Decals for your car.
Bad news:
This company doesn’t have any Knitting Guy decals available. At this point.

il_430xn9492406Good News: This cute red Mini Cooper comes with it, when you purchase the $3 Knitting Nerd or Knitting Girl decal!
Bad News: Just kidding. I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Good News: The work day is almost done, which means I’m heading home soon. And there are leftovers in the fridge, which means I don’t have to make dinner tonight. I love nights like that. Fortunately, WH is ok with that, too.
Bad News: I had to have a few Loopy kisses to tide me over in the meantime. I wonder if it’s possible to get a bowl full of fake Loopy kisses?

Sheri didyourweekendproduceanygoodnews/badnews?


  1. Good News: Had a fantastic time at Stitches West and learned new knitting skills and bought a ton of yarn, new glass circular knitting needles (beautiful!), and met Dianne of Creatively Dyed Yarn.

    Bad News: Spent way too much money and have even more knitting projects to add to my already long list! (I guess that last one wasn’t too bad.) 🙂

    Glad you had a good birthday weekend. Did you eat lots of cake?

  2. Bad news: I had a hideous cold that started Wed and had me out of work nearly 3 days.

    Good New: I was improved enough Sat to make it to knitting group (and not spread germs) even though I went home then and slept 3 hours. Still getting better.

    Sheri! congrats on turning…..29. (again) 🙂

  3. Good News: I finally got all of my yarn inventoried.

    Bad News: See above – no yarn for me for awhile 🙁

    Glad you had a great birthday, Sheri!

  4. Good news: I finally worked up the courage to felt the hat that I knitted for my mom’s birthday (it was too big and I didn’t want to reknit) and it worked!
    Bad news: I’m dying to cast on something new as a reward, but I already have a lot of projects on the needles. 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great birthday! And hooray for leftovers — I wish we had some, too!

  5. Good News: Malabrigo March has begun. One project completed and another should be done tonight. I should have MANY more finished Malabrigo projects by the end of the month.

    Bad News: I can’t decide what to make from the Malabrigo I ordered on my last Loopy order……the blue goes in a sweater, but I can’t decide what the Pagoda should become……

  6. Good News: All of my kids seem to be relatively healthy again and back in school.
    Bad News: They shared their germs with me

    Good News: I feel better than I did this weekend
    Bad News: That means I have to go to the gym with my sister tonight… I guess that really isn’t bad news, but I bet I will think it is tomorrow.

    Bad News: I really wish I could get the Mini Cooper with a $3 decal 🙁 I love those cars

    Glad you had a good weekend

  7. good news–it snowed here–6 inches
    bad news–I had to work doggonit

    good news–I was home for sneak up
    bad news–I didn’t get to knit night because of snow

    good news–my dinner’s ready
    bad news–I have to leave you now

  8. Good News:#1 Met Stacy of Tempted Yarns at a trunk show in OKC. Super Gal!!
    #2 Karen’s Bliss Cake was a big hit!! It is a heavy, big, yummy cake!
    Bad News:#1 Had to leave most of the yarn at the show.
    #2 Gave up heavy,big, yummy cakes for Lent. Note to self–plan better.

  9. Good News: I’m in a sock knittin’ mood (as always) so loved hearing about Sock club

    Bad News: I’ve started to inventory my yarn stash…which has grown to “ridiculous” proportions (says the hubs) and will more than likely have to sell some before the moths find my house.

    Good News: That will give me more money to spend on “loopy” things….hubs doesn’t have to know everything !!!

    Bad News: I didn’t get to wish Sheri a timely happy birthday………, as a belated wish from me, Sheri………..HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Baaaad news–those very cute “Knitting Nerd” decals flew out my cart before I could get to the checkout!!!! Pretty please order lots more–we ALL need one!
    Good news–we had 13 ” of snow today and someone else shoveled my driveway–even though I had to pay them!

  11. Good news: My proposal was accepted for an International Conference in Athens, Greece.

    Bad news: My proposal was accepted for an International Conference in Athens, Greece.
    AND it’s the last week or school and it’s expensive to fly from Ecuador to Greece AND I need to revise the paper and do additional research.

    Good news: But it’s GREECE, FPS!
    Bad news: Not much knitting time tonight, while stressing about Greece . . . .

  12. Good News: My meds are working and I no longer have extremely painful lymph nodes.

    Bad news: I will have to pay for all those tests that said I have nothing, and I have to go to the doctor’s again tomorrow.

    Good News: I finished a pair of socks, and cast on and FINISHED a pair of slippers knit with Polar Knit.

    Bad News: I missed Stitches West again because the husband had to do stuff.

  13. Good news: My husband canceled his trip to China so I don’t have to wrangle the kids by myself.
    Bad news: It was because I fell and hurt my wrist a few weeks ago and can’t wrangle the kids effectively (especially the 13 month old!) MRI coming up Friday.

    Good news: It’s March!
    Bad news: It snowed 8.5″ today.

    Glad you had a happy birthday Sheri!

  14. Good News: I had an awesome date on Saturday night
    Bad News: As a result, I have a cold and am doing everything I can to get rid of it so date #2 can happen over the next weekend

    So happy to hear your birthday was wonderful 🙂

  15. I have a knitty nerd purple little girl on my VW. My friend purchased it off the internet. Glad you had a great birthday.

  16. Good News–I spun a lot this weekend.
    Bad News–I spun too much and my arm was a little sore.

    Good News–Started knitting something for hubby with my handspun.
    Bad News–Not sure if he is going to like it.

    Good News–Knitting group tonight
    Bad News–Yucky weather cancels out knitting group.

    Good News–I want more roving
    Bad News–Can’t decide what I want.

  17. I’m glad that you had a great birthday! It’s always fun turning 29. I always enjoy your good/bad posts. It’s a fun format to read (especially with the comments).

    Good: Finished a mountain of garter stitch knitting.
    Bad: Haven’t done the finishing for these projects.

    Good: Am on week 1 of the Intermediate Half Marthon training program.
    Bad: I’d say ditto, but really it is that the snowy weather has me doing all of the training indoors.

    Not bad to only have 2 good/bads!

  18. good news: I have finally gotten the hand of checking in TLE early in the week for
    sneak ups ! and scored some dreamy green yarn from Fleece Artist !

    bad news: I am such a dope …while reading through some of the new arrivals …
    I see the cute little “3am enchantment bag”….and the title is “Red Gerberliscious”
    and I think to myself…hmm….whats so great about knitters and gerbils ?
    aaaarrrrgghhhh……I am such a dope !!!…hahahahahahahhahha

  19. Good news: I haven’t come down with the flu (yet)
    Bad news: My husband has

    Good news: We got some badly needed rain
    Bad news: You could grow cabbages in the mud the dog has tracked into the house today….

    Good news: I finished another cowl
    Bad news: And then I washed and blocked it and it’s HUGE…

    Glad you had a good birthday, Sheri, and I too am always happy to find leftovers in the fridge—that’s what we’re having tonight!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday Sheri! OMG I am on this site 10 or more times a day. I am totally addicted. I jumped on the Sneak Peak in your blog and immediately , like a crazed yarn freak, ordered. Love you all!

  21. My weekend’s good news bad news is mostly good news. Good News: DH has cottoned on to the fact that I really really really like it when he just cleans. So this weekend he vacuumed (which is good, this rental house is terrible to clean and the vacuum we inherited here is awful heavy and it hurts my hands and arms to use it) AND cleaned the bathroom. Bad News: Because he’s being so good I feel like I have to too so I ended up cleaning a lot more than I really wanted to and knitting a lot less.

  22. Good news: I took the plunge and cast on for a Faroese-style shawl I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.
    Bad news: I also want to cast on a “Brambler” scarf (Ann Hanson/Knitspot design) from the new skein of Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingeringweight in “Bramble” I received from TLE yesterday. There’s not enough time to knit both before the Spring Fling, FPS!

    Good news: I did four loads of laundry on Saturday.
    Bad news: I have more laundry to go and not enough quarters for the washers/dryers.

    Ah, well, at least my work week is actually shaping up with more good things than bad things…

  23. Sheri, Where are the decals for the car? I really need one. Are they all sold out and I missed it?


  24. My sister, Chris,, introduced me to this site. She is a frequent shopper also. Everyday we e-mail or talk about the yarn and it’s, “did you see…..?””lol. We have a pizza and hank winding get together and alot of laughs when we have accumulated several hanks each.

  25. Good News: I went to a weekend crop, finished a 6×6 album and 4 12×12 layouts, and won a page contest.

    Bad News: I didn’t get to knit much and when I did, it all had to be ripped out. Aparantly, I can’t read charts when I’m very tired.

    Good News: It finally snowed here enough to close work. I had a surprise day off on Monday, so I got to knit all morning!

    Bad News: I had to go back to work on Tuesday.

    Good News: The class list for teh Spring Fling is posted.

    Bad News: I can’t take all of the classes offered.


  26. It’s all good news. LIke my daughter, Kim, (first post) I had a great time at Stitches West 09. A lot of it had to do with spending time with Kim and that she took good care of me. I was in a wheelchair since I was 3.5 weeks post-op from a knee replacement. Anyway, loved meeting Dianne of Creatively Dyed and bought a shawl kit in greens. Also got some gorgeous Malabrigo in sock weight, a pattern to make a scarf with some glitter alpaca I’ve had for years and Size 3 circular to make it on. Hope you had lots of chocolate for your birthday! Happy, happy belated.

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