February Blog Contest!

dsc02388Here’s my photo of the latest arrival of Wollmeise Wool Mice in the shop. 🙂 Tricia from Earthly Hues sent us this amazing box of chocolates and when you open them up, there are two mice nestled into the layer on top. There must be a nut in there, but they’re too cute to eat. This company gets a lot of kudos for presentation. dsc02387The whole wooden box of chocolates was tied up in a beautiful red ribbon with a gold wax seal on the front. That means that our postman wasn’t able to open it up, sneak some chocolate, and then deliver it to us later in the day. Not that he would do that. I’m sure not. (Now Brenda, the UPS gal just might. She loves chocolate and sometimes needs a handful of Loopy kisses to get her through the day…)

This gal is obviously not unwrapping Loopy kisses, or knitting, for that matter.  Although maybe she will take it up now that she might be able to use her fingers again. (Holy cow.)

This month’s blog contest question is a two-parter. 1) Why do you knit? and 2) Do you think you’re a knitter-for-life or do you think that this is what you do “now” and you’ll move on to the next thing eventually?  For me, I knit because I like having something to do that is relaxing. I knit because there are so many beautiful colors and fibers out there that I want to see done up. I knit because it’s something that Knitting Daughter and I can hang out and do together. I knit because I like hand-knit socks and scarves (and mitts and gloves and sweaters.) I knit because it can be very challenging, or very mindless, depending on what pattern I choose.  And yes, I will be a knitter for life. I ran out of things that I wanted to cross-stitch long ago (and really, how many things like that do you need in your house?) and I caught up on my scrapbooks a few years ago (although I will still do that with current photos), but I can’t imagine running out of knitting inspirations, or the need for hand-knit items in my life. Plus, it will take me close to forever to use up half of the things in my stash. How about you? Why do you knit? And do you see yourself doing this for now, or forever? Leave your answer in the blog comments and we’ll draw the winners a week from today. (The prizes – Wollmeise.  You’ll like it!)

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  1. I know because I love to create and what I do make is (sometimes) usable. I can look at the little sweaters I make for my son & feel a lot of pride for my work & I know I put a lot of work into it. I really think that I am a knitter for life……if I can’t knit I constantly think about & have been on a mission to turn my coworkers into knitters (so far so good)!!!

  2. I knit to relax. I find it very soothing to knit, even when I am struggling with getting a pattern right. There is something very satisfying about turning beautiful yarn into even more beautiful objects. I have been knitting for three years, and I have no doubt that I will continue for the rest of my life. Though the amount of my knitting varies, it is a constant.

  3. Knitting is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day. I also love having a simple project with me at all times, just in case… I taught myself to knit about 5 years ago and am definitely a knitter for life. For me, it’s a combination of the actual knitting and the yarn- I LOVE YARN!!!

  4. I love to knit for a zillion reasons – because I think every baby should have a handmade blanket, because sometimes all the sweaters in the store are hideous, because it’s relaxing after long days of numbers and analysis, because it preserves tradition, because socks are the coolest things, because the variety of yarn is endless (and I have the stash to prove it!), because sometimes complete strangers think I am a genius, because it’s hard to resist when someone says “I’d love to have a pairofsocksafghanpursehatmittens”, because I don’t mind pointless TV shows, waiting or long trips if I can knit, and because it’s more portable than bobbin lace, needlepoint and beadwork, just to name a few.

    I’m 49 now, and first learned when I was about 10 (making mitten cuffs on straight needles after mom had cast on; since there were 5 of us we needed lots of them)…and had a brief encounter again when I was in my 20’s when a friend was learning…and had a fleeting thought of trying again in my 30’s when a friend started a lemon yellow cabled sweater. On a whim one evening about 5 years ago while I was waiting during my son’s fencing lesson, I went into WalMart and picked up an “I can teach myself to knit” kit, sat in the parking lot and re-learned it just like that, starting with the cast on this time. He quit the fencing lessons shortly thereafter, but I’ve been knitting ever since. Even better, I’ve retaught my mom and both of the friends, and my sister, and a few women at work…

  5. After I had my stroke knitting became a way of increasing my memory. It gave me a sense of peace and tranquility when my world had been turned upside down. As I couldn’t follow a pattern due to limitations of reading, it allowed my creativity to bloom. I received compliments for my new patterns and designs (even if I can’t duplicate a one of them, heaven knows I’ve tried).

    I ‘ve literally knit my life back together. Now it is is an everyday part of my life.It gives me a social circle. I will be a knitter for life for this craft is so versatile. It also helps me earn a small amount at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Knitting gives me a purpose whether it is to earn money for myself or to craft for charity. It is such a part of my life, I know I’m a knitter for life.

  6. I just love the motion – making the stitches, moving the yarn – even to make a hat for charity out of donated acrylic yarn. Now, if the color is beautiful, the pattern delightful, and the fiber delicious, so much the better. I’m currently enthralled with the socks I’m making from J Knits superwash me sock yarn, color “Georgia” and the IK embossed leaves socks pattern. And yes, I’m in it for life.

  7. I knit for the creativity of it. I love creating my own designs and seeing them come together. I can’t draw to save my life, music and I are a bad combo – just ask anyone with ears. Tried paint by numbers and found out I’m as bad at numbers as I am at painting. But I love my knitting and I will as long as long as I live..

  8. I knit b/c I love creating things. Knitting also relaxes me. I also love to make things for other people. For the first time ever I am actually working on a project for myself right now!

    I know I will be a knitted for life. In fact I can’t wait until I have more time to devote to knitting. I often wonder if that will ever happen b/c i just seem to get busier and busier!

  9. Why I knit? I’m not sure why I decided to seek the first class but I know why I knit now. Not necessarily the finished object. I am definitely all about the process. (I still manage to finish things, it’s just that I really reaaaallllly enjoy the trip versus the destination!). I could say all the things most people say: “it’s soothing/cathartic/relaxing…” It’s not just that. There is something so luscious about each loop and the motions used to make that loop and each one after that. (and for some reason I feel that despite it is so simple, I still feel like a genius for getting it!)

    Will I stick with it? I wonder about this off and on. I look at my stash and think that I’ll never use it all up and I think about donating it all just to be done with it. I think that I will be at it forever because I am so proud to call myself a ‘Knitter.’ And then I pick up the needles and know that I will always be knitting in some way–neither of those things are really important–because that process–I just can’t get enough of that process.

  10. I knit because of the colors, textures and patterns that fascinate and enthrall me. I dream of the next design, the next pallette of colors, the next fiber to experience, even before I am finished with the current. Knitting soothes me and stimulates me at the same time. I knit because I cannot not knit.

    I will always be a knitter.

  11. I knit for something to do while I commute, though I like being able to make a useful end-product. While I do like knitting, I think it is one of many fiber-related crafts that I’ll pursue over my lifetime.

  12. I knit because it’s something that I can do for me–something that I want to do as opposed to things I do for other people because I have to. I knit because I love the colors and textures of yarns. Knitting is the equivalent of painting a beautiful picture on canvas–with it’s intense colors and varied textures. I am a life-time knitter, but I also enjoy sewing. Both will remain with me.

  13. I knit so I don’t kill! Knitting is stress management at it’s best! I really wouldn’t kill but you get it!
    I have been knitting since I was little, really don’t remember how old, and I know I will knit forever. I share my love of knitting by teaching knitting at my local Parks and Recreation Department. It’s a great feeling when you get someone to love knitting as much as you do.

  14. Hello, I’m not sure where my posting went yesterday but here I am again. I first started knitting when I was around 5 years old. My aunt was incredible at any craft she touched. She taught me how to knit while she made me cardigans and sweaters. Knitting brings me peace. I find there are times in my life when I knit less than others but knitting has always been a part of me. I love the feel and colors of fibers. I’m always looking at new projects and purchasing yarn and roving with the mindset of,” I can’t wait to make something with this.”
    I have a stockpile of yarn and I keep buying it. In regard to knitting being a life long craft. My response is YES. Knitting is peaceful (although it can be stressful when I drop stitches) but the gentle rhythm of the clicking of needles and the sometimes mindless patterns allows me to just relax. On the flip side patterns that make me pay attention encourage me to stick with it resulting in an accomplishment that is so gratifying.

  15. i knit because my sister taught me, and then I went out and bought tons of beautiful yarn! now I have ALOT to work on so i’d better be doing it for longer than just for a quick season! I love to knit when I have time but I also like to quilt and scrapbook. I have to learn to juggle and find time for all the fun!

    Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  16. I knit because it is relaxing and a stress reliever. It is also something that I can do with my hands that lets my mind focus on other things.

    I do believe that I am a knitter for life. It is something that brings me joy that no other “hobby” has ever done.

  17. I knit because I can. I love the feeling of fiber and the colors and watching an item grow. I love the knitters I have met. I love the challenges a tricky pattern can present and I love the mindless activity when you are creating your favorite “I have this one down” sock. Knitting fills in spaces while I wait — bus rides, waiting room time, or conference calls (yes, I have been known to knit while a virtual someone is droning on and on).I will be a knitter for life, no doubt.

  18. I knit because it makes me feel good. I love the feel of the yarns and the project that I create. I love to learn new techniques and challenge myself with new projects. I love that others appreciate the work I do, and the feeling I get of giving a handmade gift. I knit because my household is all male, and not trying to stereotype but it’s a little more girly than most things that occur around here! It’s easy to transport so I knit to feel productive while I wait in the carpool line, at soccer training, at the Dr. & Dentist offices etc.
    I will knit for life, because it makes me feel good, and I can continue to show others (those I know and those I don’t know) that I care for them by making them knitted items. I love the knitting community that I am apart of and expanding, they are fun and caring, and give me support, ideas and inspiration, why would I want to leave that!

  19. I just started knitting a few years ago and now I can’t stop!! I think I will knit for the rest of my life for several reasons:
    1. To keep my stress levels to a minimum because I need to do all I can to keep my heart healthy!
    2. I love the seemingly endless variety of yarn types and colors available
    3. There is just something about feeling the yarn flow through my fingers and seeing the yarn go from a skein/cake to something useful and beautiful!
    4. I love the challenges a new project presents which keeps my mind active as well.
    5. I enjoy that knitting is so portable that I can take it along with me where ever I go.
    6. The warmth of wool socks in the winter-need I say more!!!
    I am now a devoted knitter for life!

  20. The primary reason I knit is for relaxation. It really helps me settle down after a long day. I used to cross stitch, but I can be more engaged in conversation or TV or what have you while knitting. Also, the finished projects are more useful to me!

    I am a knitter for life. I foresee branching out into other crafts, but not giving up knitting.

  21. I knit for sanity and as a creative outlet and am definitely a knitter for life. It is a great way to watch tv without feeling like you are wasting time. I have been knitting for 40 years – almost daily for the past 20.

  22. I love to knit because it’s relaxing. I’m also a process knitter. I’m happiest while I’m in the midst of making something, especially if I’m using some technique for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever stop knitting!

  23. I knit because I need to create things .Knitting is amazing because you actually start from nearly nothing…just a tiny little thread.

    Now I am totally into knitting, so I would say that I will always knit, but there were time when I was only quilting or only cross-stitching or only sewing clothes and thinking I would do this and only this my entire life…Now I know it’s not true.
    I know I will get deeply into spinning and felting one day, but it is not so far from (or at least linked to) knitting. It is small, portable, can do it anywhere, can do anything, even designing my own patterns. So definitely my favorite craft!

  24. Why do I knit? It’s rather the same reason that so many climb mountains. There is just so much yarn out there that needs someone to make something out of it! I knit because I love the look on my daughters, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters faces when I’m knitting socks. I knit because I love the old world patterns and laces and I want so badly to continue the art for new generations. We have lost so many beautiful skills to time. I don’t want knitting to be one of them. I love the feel of homemade socks, scarves, gloves, sweaters (on and on).

    I am definately a knitter for life. I taught myself from books initially and moved on to tapes and DVD’s. I finally got the guts to take my home grown style to a shop to get tuned up last year. I’ve been at it now for 30 years and (good Lord willing) I will continue for another 30. Yarns are evolving in amazing ways and I just see too much fun in the yarn basket to ever quit!

  25. I knit because I love how the yarn feels in my hands. I love the feeling I have when I finish something and know that ” I knit ths” . I love the process itself, following the directions and watching it all come togetherin my hands. When I am waiting somewhere and knitting I don’t feel like I am wasting time just sitting there, wherever it might be.

    I am a forever knitter.

  26. I love cardigan sweaters and I knew that the only way I was going to have cardigan sweaters was if I knit them myself!!! and yes, I will be a knitting lifer – I also sew. I will knit and sew forever!!!

  27. I knit for the spirituality, serenity and healing that occurs. The wonderment of how 2 sticks and some string becomes something of such beauty is awe inspiring to me. A calm comes over me as I experience the yarn. The journey of the pattern choice stretches both my imagination and my skill level. I have been knitting for 55 years, I knit daily and plan to do so for as long as I am able. As a Reiki Master, I not only imbue the project with healing, but also experience healing as i knit. My knitting is my art, it is who I am.

  28. I knit because it is relaxing and when I finish a project I feel as though I have accomplished something worthwhile. I love the look on someones face when I give them one of my projects. I have been knitting for 45 years so I can’t imagine that I would stop now….

  29. I knit because it allows me to be creative in my own way, I find it to be very relaxing as well as challenging depending on the pattern I’ve chosen (or, sometimes the yarn). And I’m a knitter for life. I’ve taken sabbaticals from knitting several times to try other hobbies (or due to life interference) and knitting is the one hobby that I continually come back to.

  30. I knit because I love having something to do with my hands, it makes me feel creative, and crafty and capable. Often it also makes me feel like I have *control* of at least one thing that I do! It is relaxing and challenging, and I love the fact that I can continually learn NEW things! I also knit to have a connection with my mother who lives in another state, we’re always talking about knitting, recommending patterns to each other and sending each other yarn! I tried knitting when I was in high school, but it didn’t take at that point, but when my grandfather passed about 5 years ago I *needed* something… something to keep me busy, something to do… My best friend happened to call me and told me she had taught herself knitting and I said I knew how to do it as well, I picked up the needles again (after at least 15 years!) and I’m not going to let them go – at least until my hands fall off, so yes, I’m a knitter for life!

  31. I’m a bit late answering this. Bloglines let me down. Although I should have known there were new blog posts.

    1) Why do you knit?

    Because it is a way to make pretty things from pretty things. Because I want the pretty thing to wear. Because I want to play with the pretty yarn.

    2) Do you think you’re a knitter-for-life or do you think that this is what you do “now” and you’ll move on to the next thing eventually?

    I go in phases in general but this is the longest and most intense of a phase I have had in a long time and I always return to my other crafting interests at various times so I would say I am a knitter for life although I may have periods of weeks, months or maybe even years when I am not knitting but I think I will always come back to it. Plus, you should have a very good idea of how long I can knit before I run out of supplies so I have to keep going for a long long long time. In fact I expect it to help me to stay healthy and mentally alert when I am 95.

  32. Just noticed your blog contest, hope I’m not late!
    I’m a yarnaholic, self taught knitter and proud of it.
    Have been knitting for over 40 years and will knit for


  33. I am a quilter that loves fabric. While browsing in a quilting store that also sells yarn, I fell in love with the texture of all the wonderful yarn and had to make something with it. About a year ago I taught myself how to knit with a knitting loom. I have made scarves, socks, sweaters, dolls, dishcloths, and the list goes on. I love making something that is beautiful and can be used. Quilting is solitary for me, just me and my sewing machine. Knitting is portable, and I can knit while spending time with friends and family. I knit because I am addicted to the yarn and the fabric that I create. I will be a knitter until I physically cannot knit. God has given me this ability and I must use it.

  34. i knit because…………….. i love color, i love texture, i love the creation process. i started back into knitting two years ago and since then i have had to say good-bye to three of my best friends in the whole world, my children. they are serving outside of the united states for two years. i now am sitting alone alot of times and i hate silence. i knit to bring color into my life. and through the creation process im able to learn new skills which i know is good for my brain and my heart. will i be a knitter for life? yes i can say proudly ( my name is kim, and i am a knitter)

  35. Wow, I knit for all the reasons everyone else who has commented here. It’s amazing how alike people are when they knit! I love finding out that some many people love this art & craft. I plan on knitting (and crocheting) all my life. I hope my fingers keep up!

  36. I knit because I enjoy the process and it is a form of down time for me. I have knit off and on for many years. The last few years have been a process of knitting more and learning. I have found myself trying different things. I have met some great people through knitting and enjoy our knit get togethers. I will always knit.

  37. I knit because I CAN! and I am good at making socks. It is what I do and I do well… My family loves the articles I make for them each holiday. Socks, mittens, scarves all of it. I knit Becuase I CAN!
    I love to sit and knit all day. It is my joy my excitement! When I travel I look for a yarn shop in the area- That is how I found Loopy Ewe-

    I did cross stitch at one time and have enough projects that I could pick up a project and sititch on a whim,,,,,,, But I havent since re-dicovering knitting(3 years ago)

    I KNIT BECAUSE I CAN! I am ADD (or so my younger sister tells me) – but when I knit I concentrate and finish my projects! BECAUSE I CAN….

    I belong to a great group of knitters that meet every Thursday to encourage each other- What a great group of women. My week is not complete if I dont see “My Girls” (Hubby always asks Thursday morning “Gonna see your Girls tonite?”)

    I have projects in the bedroom and TV room so I always have something to do. I have a project bag loaded so when I rush out of the door it can go too. I am never with out anything to do

    I will forever be a knitter – A day without knitting is not a reality in my world. In my world I am ok because everyone there knows me and they understand my language of Fiber and patterns……

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