Sock Club Signups Next Week!

dsc02319Today I promised some information on our 2009 Sock Club. We have a lot of fun putting these together for you, and we so appreciate all of your interest in being in it!  We have added in more spots for 2009, so hopefully that will help a bit.  Here are the details:

Signups start on Monday, January 12th and continue through Friday, January 16th. There will be a link on the homepage when signups have opened up.

Spots are assigned by lottery. (Why? Because so many of you told us that you really really dislike having to be ready to “pounce” at a certain time on a certain day, or stalk the website to see when it will go up, or “fight” to get through all of the people trying to sign up at the same time. And we agree. Who needs that stress?)

If last year was your first year in the Sock Club, you DO need to sign up again, but you WILL be guaranteed a spot for your second year.

If last year was your second year in the Sock Club, you are very welcome to sign up again and go into the lottery. We’d love to have you back!

Each shipment will be $38 plus $5.95 shipping. (International sock club members will be charged international postage on a 2 lb. package.) We’ll bill you before each shipment, when we’re ready for the packages to go out. In general, you can plan to receive your kit by the middle of: March, May, July, September and November.

– When you sign up, you are committing to the entire year of shipments. We are able to stick with the “bill as they ship” method (which we know you prefer) because past Sock Club members have been so great about not flaking out on us mid-year!

dsc02318– Each kit will contain 1 skein of yarn dyed just for our Sock Club, 1 pattern written for that yarn, and some fun extra in each box. We like to make these “extras” things that you will use in your knitting or for yourself. Since you keep asking for Loopy-Logo items, some of the kits will include fun things we find and want to put Loopy on. Other kits will have other items. We like making up kits that you won’t find anywhere else and that say “Loopy” to you. Of course Loopy Kisses or Loopy Peppermints will come with each shipment, too. We know those are equally important.

– No hints on yarn or pattern designers this year! Just know that we’ve arranged for some of your favorite indie dyers and yarn companies to participate, as well as some of your favorite pattern designers. 🙂 The yarns will be mostly semi-solids or subtle colorways, that show off the patterns beautifully. We can’t wait to show you what they come up with. (Our 2008 Sock Club included yarn from: Cherry Tree Hill,  Dream in Color, sKNITches, Mountain Colors, and Wollmeise.  Our pattern designers included Monica Jines, Debbie O’Neill, Cookie A, Wendy Johnson, and Terry Ross.)

– We’ll send you an email either way, so you’re not wondering if you got a spot or not. These will go out sometime next week, as soon as we’re back and recovered from TNNA in California!

– Sock Club (& past kit) patterns typically go up for sale at The Loopy Ewe 6-9 months after they have been sent to Sock Club members. The fun extras are sometimes offered at a later date here as well. You can check out some of the ones from last year here and here and here. The yarn and Sock Club bags (which are sometimes included in a shipment) remain exclusive to the Sock Club members.

Sheri whothinksknittingandwearingyoursocksisbest,


  1. I’m so looking forward to the 2009 Sock Club! Sheri, I just loved all the yarns and patterns last year and I know I’ve raved about it before, but Swirls was my all-time favorite and is my new “basic” sock pattern because it fits my foot so well without any adjustments. Thank you so much for continuing the current payment approach too – it’s definitely a great way to squeeze yarn money out of a set monthly budget (especially in these times).

    Thank you Loopy Elves too for all your hard work putting together not just the sock kits, but our orders throughout the year – your customer service is THE BEST!

  2. I love the Loopy Sock Club! Each package is such a treat. AND I love wearing my hand knit socks. If I put them on the blockers, my cats jump up and snatch them off.. like it’s a game.

  3. Can’t wait for another fun year in the Loopy Sock Club! I think it’s great you’re not disclosing yarns & designers – it makes it more fun not knowing! And thanks for the extra thought you put into the “goodies” – I’ve been pleased with all of them. I’ll be ready on Monday to renew for another year.

  4. I will sign up for a second year. I loved everything I got this year. The little extras were all so much fun. The Loopy soap gets a lot of comments by my guest who cannot use the soap since it is still wrapped to preserve it. I loved the patterns too. I made 3 of the patterns and plan on making them again.

    This is a great sock club. It is also nice that Sheri allows us to pay per package instead of paying for the whole club. I know that helps me out.

  5. Here’s hoping I get into “the club” this year. I was not one of the lucky ones last year. I agree, the surprise is part of the fun. I especially love the semi solids and the more subtle effect you get from them. N

  6. Wow – I can’t wait to toss my name in the hat. Got fingers crossed! And my good attitude hat on – if I don’t get in this year, I still consider myself fortunate because I got into the Fling for the second year in a row. Karma balances itself out.


  7. Hopefully I’ll get in, in the lottery. If I don’t, at least I’ll be able to get the patterns in 6-9 months.

  8. Thanks Sheri, I’ll be renewing my memebership and hope that one of the sprecial Loopy Sock club items will be a bumper sticker.

    My car looks naked without a Loopy Ewe Bumper sticker.


  9. I think knitting and wearing your socks is best too. I never wear commercially produced socks except maybe for sleeping. Have a good trip to TNNA.

  10. Sheri’s sock club boxes are THE best. I’ve been in other clubs and never have been as pleased as I have been with Sheri’s. I’ve had my two years but will sign up and maybe get lucky in the lottery.

  11. I’m so excited for my second year of the sock club! I loved everything about last year.

    Enjoy TNNA–I’ll be anxious to see what you bring back for us!

  12. I am so looking forward to this club next year. 🙂

    Have a great time at TNNA and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009!!!

  13. Have a wonderful time at TNNA!

    I so hope I get selected in the lottery. This would be my first ever sock club.

  14. Doing double crossing fingers hoping to get in this year. I can’t wait to find out if I can get in.

    Have fun at TNNA!


  15. I’m hoping I make it into TLE sock club. Come Monday, I’m putting my name into the hat : ) Hope we all make it in.

    Thank you, Sheri and the elves, for all of your hard work putting this together for us.


  16. I loved last year’s Sock Club and cannot wait to sign up for year 2!
    Sheri, would you ever have imagined the love and loyalty that all the
    hard work of you, your family, and the Elves would generate in such
    a short time? Love to you all and thanks for all the joy I’ve received
    from TLE.

  17. Well, you can be sure that I’ll be signing up! …as if there were ever any doubt! (But the semi-solid and subtle colorways would have convinced me *if* I’d been wavering at all!) I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I get in, but like Kate, if I don’t get in, I’ll still feel lucky since I also got a spot in the Fling (also 2nd time).

  18. So looking forward for the chance to be in the Loopy Ewe Sock Club. Loved the Not Selected for 2008 Sock Club package. Since we all know how great Loopy Ewe is it is easy to sign up without knowing what is coming – it adds to the excitement – and we know that the yarn, patterns and goodies will be the best offered in any sock club. Thanks for the lottery system, it is a fair way for everyone to have a chance and not be stalkers. Mahalo

  19. Oooh wow! So am hoping to get in on the lottery! I do admit to still being a fairly new toe up sock knitter but i am trying! Love socks though!!

  20. I’m going to try for this – I love the idea of the lottery! At least we all get a shot and we don’t tip Loopy!

    I hope our weather holds for you out here in CA. This weekend/ early next week will be in the 80’s in the LA area. The beaches will be crowded

  21. Loopy’s sock club is just the best. I’ve been in for the past two years, so I’ll be banking on the lottery! Hope that random number generator is rooting for me too!

  22. Okay, I singed up but I am a little confused. If you were in it last year and it was your first year, you care are assured of a spot is the way I read it. But if we have been in the club from the start, we will end up in the lottery? I keep doing your sock club specifically because of the high quality yarns and patterns. Other sock clubs that I have been in have given preference to those who have been in from the start. Hopefully I am not reading this wrong.

  23. Sounds like many gals love the sock club as much as I do. It’s like Christmas morning all over again when one of Sheri’s packages arrives! If selected in 2009, this will be my third year in the sock club.

  24. I’m a crocheter but I make excellent toe-up socks that are a hit with everyone that receives them. I hope that that doesn’t exclude me from the sock club. I love crocheting socks!! and your yarns are so pretty and colorful.

  25. Both my mom and I signed up. It will my first sock club ever if I get in. My mom has caught the sock knitting bug and has already earned her groupie status and her first gift cert. She has offered to pay if I get in, can you bill her then that way or would she have to send me the money? Of course this is all a big what if, but I can dream can’t I? LOL I am so excited!!

  26. Here goes…. I read all the comments and decided that this would be a great opportunity for 2009. Can’t wait to get the email. Either way, I will be excited for those who are “in”!

  27. Good luck to everyone who signed up !!!! I’ve been Loopy for quite awhile but still “old school’ when it comes to the internet… I didn’t realize we could respond to blog posts (DUH !!!….hey I used up all my brain cells making a list of the yarn I want to buy 🙂 So now I can be an actively participating Loopy !!!


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