January Contest!

dsc02321We have a super easy contest for you this month. See this pretty mannequin? We need a name for her.  She’ll be modeling hats, scarves, and cowls here at Loopy Central, but so far a name has eluded us.  She looks rather 40’s-ish, doesn’t she? Or maybe not.  So the contest for the month – leave a blog comment with your name suggestion OR tell us your grandparents first names in the comments section. We might find a good name from one of your grandparents, too. (And that way, we’ll have a good man-name in case we add a guy mannequin at some point.)  We’ll choose the name that we think fits her best! If you suggested it, we’ll be sending you some Wollmeise. (If more than one person suggests the same name, we’ll draw for it.) We’ll also do a random draw from all of the comments,  for another winner of Wollmeise, just because we want to. (By the way, I missed Blog De-Lurk day on Monday, so today would be a good day to do your annual de-lurk here on the blog – and get into the contest at the same time!)

Update on things here: We all need a bit of a Wollmeise Breather. 🙂 The two Customs-stuck boxes have come in, but the yarn needs to be photoed and put up and I’m heading out to CA on Friday.  So – no Wollmeise for awhile.  We haven’t decided about next week yet. And speaking of leaving, I’ll be back to the blog on Monday with another Loopy Limelight. (Thanks for all of your fun emails and comments about the Limelights. It is fun for me to share more about these wonderful dyers and knitters with you, and I’m glad you like it, too.) Next Monday’s Limelight features the indie dyer whose sock yarn I’m currently knitting into a sock. Wonderful stuff.

Monday: there’s no mail here in the U.S., so we’ll all off that day. (Me? I’ll be recovering from a very quick weekend in CA. The Elves? Spending time with their kids, who will also be off that day.)  All orders from Friday noon, through Monday evening, will begin shipping on Tuesday morning. I hope you all have a nice long weekend, if you’re lucky enough to have Monday off, too!

Sheri usingWendy’sS(p)ockspatternonmynewsock


  1. My grandparents
    Mary Margaret.

    How about Hazel or Ava those were the names of my husband’s grandmothers. I kinda like Delilah.

  2. My grandparents were Louise & Alfred, and Daisy & Solomon, but she reminds me of my Great-Aunt Lil, short for LIllian. Aunt Lil defied her parents by bobbing her hair, piercing her ears, and wearing makeup, and I’m sure she did the Charleston 🙂

  3. My very 1st thought was Lulu, but I also like Lily and Guadalupe…long for Lupe.

    Of course they is always Clotilde Cloquet….providing her with a last name as well.

  4. I agree with a prior suggestion that she really does look like Velma Kelly from Chicago! But I also like Esmay………..

  5. She looks like a Hedy (as in Hedy Lamar of movie fame) to me. And that name is in keeping with her whole bodiless existance.

  6. Delurking to say, I think she looks like an Esme! And she also reminds me of Marlene Dietrich… and costume designs by Erte. And there’s also my grandmother’s wonderful name: Elaine.

  7. She’s definitely an Eva. My grandparents names were: Arthur and Ethel and Valecia and Oscar. Great Grandparent: Linda and Richard and Edith and Hmmmm can’t remember…. need to call my Dad.

  8. My Grandmother’s name was Elodie Fortin. She was all French, born in Quebec in 1871. She Died in 1947 when I was 5 yrs. old. I still remember her, a small (95#) Lady who spoke fluent French with my mother. I never heard much french after she died as my father was 100% polish. Your manequin looks french to me and I immediately thought of my Grandma Fortin. (pronounced Forte’)

  9. Hi there Sheri!!

    I’m so slow!! I just finally saw the posting… I don’t want into the drawing I just wanted to tell you that she’s a Lola!!

    In high school we did a musical (Damn Yankees) and I swear as soon as I saw her I heard… Whatever Lola wants… bum, ba, bum…. Lo-la gets… … and little man, little Lo-la wants you!… (did I mention I was Lola… yeah, right just kidding… I loved orchestra too much! bleckh, acting!! yuck! 😉

    I just HAD to share… 😉

    Cerina (knitercise)

  10. I would like to recommend Glynnis.

    Its not my grandparents name, its my daughter’s and I just think it is beautiful.

  11. Unfortunately, I also immediately thought “Lola” when I saw her… so, no original name suggestion here. 🙂

  12. I looked to see if your beauty has a name and didn’t see the post.

    I’d like to come up with something original like Purl/Pearl or Kashmir that ties to knitting/fiber but can’t come up with anything other than those two that tie into the theme.

    My other suggestions are Chica and Rowena.

    Do we get to post again if we think of more?

  13. The name that automatically jumped at me was Rosemary, but I also like Sylvia.
    She looks sassy…needs a sassy name!

    My grandparents names are
    Dorothy,Lester,Virginia,and Gordon
    Sallie,James,and Paul 🙂

  14. My grandparents names are not unique, but they re enduring. Emma Pearl and Agnes (born in the twenties). My name (Constance Charlotte) named after the 1940’s movie star – Constance Bennett. Charlotte, named after my mother’s maid of honor. She looks a little like “Betty Boop”, but is more sophisticated. I love the fashions of the 40’s. Lovely! Maxene is nice.
    So many great names to choose from. The other participants came up with great names. How does one deside?

  15. I love my grandmothers name so, I named one of my daughters after her. Her name is Magda, short for Magdalena. Your mannequin is lovely!

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