January Contest!

dsc02321We have a super easy contest for you this month. See this pretty mannequin? We need a name for her.  She’ll be modeling hats, scarves, and cowls here at Loopy Central, but so far a name has eluded us.  She looks rather 40’s-ish, doesn’t she? Or maybe not.  So the contest for the month – leave a blog comment with your name suggestion OR tell us your grandparents first names in the comments section. We might find a good name from one of your grandparents, too. (And that way, we’ll have a good man-name in case we add a guy mannequin at some point.)  We’ll choose the name that we think fits her best! If you suggested it, we’ll be sending you some Wollmeise. (If more than one person suggests the same name, we’ll draw for it.) We’ll also do a random draw from all of the comments,  for another winner of Wollmeise, just because we want to. (By the way, I missed Blog De-Lurk day on Monday, so today would be a good day to do your annual de-lurk here on the blog – and get into the contest at the same time!)

Update on things here: We all need a bit of a Wollmeise Breather. 🙂 The two Customs-stuck boxes have come in, but the yarn needs to be photoed and put up and I’m heading out to CA on Friday.  So – no Wollmeise for awhile.  We haven’t decided about next week yet. And speaking of leaving, I’ll be back to the blog on Monday with another Loopy Limelight. (Thanks for all of your fun emails and comments about the Limelights. It is fun for me to share more about these wonderful dyers and knitters with you, and I’m glad you like it, too.) Next Monday’s Limelight features the indie dyer whose sock yarn I’m currently knitting into a sock. Wonderful stuff.

Monday: there’s no mail here in the U.S., so we’ll all off that day. (Me? I’ll be recovering from a very quick weekend in CA. The Elves? Spending time with their kids, who will also be off that day.)  All orders from Friday noon, through Monday evening, will begin shipping on Tuesday morning. I hope you all have a nice long weekend, if you’re lucky enough to have Monday off, too!

Sheri usingWendy’sS(p)ockspatternonmynewsock


  1. so i’m visiting the blog just in time for a fun contest… where did you find her??? of course i have an opinion about this.
    she makes me think of an audrey hepburn character but not the actress herself. so i vote Sabrina or Natasha. Holly or Eliza would work too.
    she also made me think of F. Scott Fitz like everyone else here, so i’m adding Gloria, Isabelle, and Cecelia, who were characters of his.

    i ACTUALLY stopped by because i’m going to Ireland (through MTW) (yes, I really am, after talking to you and susan so much about travel) and i want to send yall a link to my blog for it. so if you can email me back and give me your email, i’ll send it your way.

    ALSO– the yarn you gave me finally would its way into a very pretty scarf that i plan on taking overseas. 🙂

    have a good holiday!

  2. I think an old Norwegian name would suit her very well:


    My grandparent’s name:

    Johanne and Odd (Norwegian, and yes, I know what “odd” means in English 🙂
    Signhild and Arne (my Swedish grandparents)

  3. Ok… my grandma’s names were Gertrude and Agnes. I really think she could be a Gertie….

    My grandpa’s names were Leigh and Lawrence

    Good luck with deciding on a final name!!!!

  4. now she has to be the cutest mannequin I ever did see! She looks like a Susie-Q! My Dad says she looks like Cleopatra.
    My Grandmother’s name on my mum’s side was Mabel Beth (it was supposed to be pronounced May-bell,) She went by Beth and we called her Grammie Beth and my Grandfather was Arthur James. My Mum’s step father’s name was Lynn. Now my Grandpa on my Dad’s side was Paul and my Grandmother was named Elizabeth too. But she changed her name to Mary (her middle name) when she married my Grandfather because her mother in law was also named Elizabeth. When she was little my Grandmother’s sister would caller her lil-bit. One of the neatest family names that we have is Zedack (some great, great, great etc. Uncle). I tried really hard to convince Mike it would be a grand baby name, but no go!
    My oldest daughter’s name is Corra, named after the woman in the Last of the Mohicans. We found out after we bought our house that the woman who lived here the longest was named Coral, but was called Cora or Code.
    Little things amuse me 🙂

  5. I would suggest Elke or Hedy. Lillian was my first choice, but I see it was suggested a number of times.
    My grandmothers were Beulah and Patricia.

  6. My grandparents names are/were Lauris (still alive), Lloyd, Cynthia and Amador. And funny enough I was thinking Natasha as well.

  7. I was going to say Monica. The when you asked for grandparent names, I thought maybe Frances.

    Grandparents – Clare and Fauniel Frances …. and….Thomas and Mae

  8. My grandmother’s name is Mary, I think she could be a Mary. My grandparents-in-law are Nell and Anthony (Tony). She also seems kinda like a Nell to me.

  9. I rather like the name Lolita for her-

    alternatively: Carmen.

    But if you peek at my blog- you’ll find I may be biased towards Carmen…

    My G granmothers name: Mabel.
    My grandmothers name: Joyce.

  10. Hi Sheri
    I think she looks like a Miranda to me-stylish and rather flirty!

    My Mum’s mum was swedish and called Siri, (tall, grey hair always swept up in a bun, fur coats and silk dresses. She spoke 6 or 7 languages and was a stickler for manners. However, she held no truck with the domestic arts- and neither cooked, nor sewed let alone knit!! My grandfather was Arthur and scots! He was a psychiatrist who worked with shell shocked patients during WW1. A formidable pair….
    have fun

  11. Your mannequin looks very much like my mom Judy(Judith) did in some old photos. She also reminds me of Judy Collins(Judy blue-eyes) back in the 1960’s.

    My grandparents must come from an era/area where it was fashionable to name your baby girl after her father.

    Grandfather/Grandmother = Peter/Ray and Randolph/Willie

  12. My paternal grandmother’s name was Genevieve; my paternal grandfather’s name was Ivan (he was called “Ivan the Terrible” when he played soccer in high school…and he started the drivers’ education program for PA!) My maternal grandmother’s name was Anna Mary; my paternal grandfather’s name was John (it doesn’t get more basic than that!)

    Since my parents were born in 1934, I thought I’d give you their names, too…Joan and Malcolm. My mom was supposed to be “Jo Ann”, but her mom spelled it “Jo an” on the birth certificate, and when my mom saw it, she announced that she was “Joan”!!

    My first thought when I saw her was Chloe, though!

  13. My grandmother’s name is Leona which goes quite well with Loopy! It also describes my grandmother, to tell you the truth, so I declare her Loopy Leona!!

  14. My suggestion for the mannequin name is Louisa.

    I love reading everyone’s grandparent’s names. My grandparent’s names are Herbert and Fern (and she has two sisters: Faye and Fairy!), and Fred and Lucille.

  15. I see lots of great names in the comments already but have to add mne. She DOES look quite mysterious and chic!

    Margueritte (grandmother; grandfather Jesse)

    My mother’s name was Glenna and I don’t see that here. Since she was born in the 20s . . .

  16. She looks 1920ish flapper to me. My great grandmother’s name was Zelda which would be a cool name for her.
    (F.Scott Fitzgerald’s wife’s name-literary and right era)
    (Z. names are rare and thus cool!)
    Judy in New Jersey

  17. Heya Sheri!

    I like the name – Caro…. its pronounced Kay-Rowe… From JD Robbs ‘In Death’ novels.

    Also, I like Justine too!

    I need to name my own manniquin head as well, just got her the other day too! I may have to look over the full list you have going. ::hehe::


  18. Wow, you have so many comments here to go through! Have fun reading them all. I’ll throw my grandmothers’ names into the hat: Betty and Martha. Actually, though, I think she looks most like a Lucille or a Louise.

  19. I think she looks like a Stella! I just brought my baby in to the store last week and that’s her name. It’s glamorous and classic. My grandparents names were:
    Florence, Virginia, Lloyd, and Conrad.

  20. I know I’m not the first one to say it, but I think Mavis would be perfect. My granmother was “Mavis,” and it’s my middle name.

  21. The first name I thought of was Lola, and it looks like that one is a popular suggestion. 🙂 My grandmothers’ names are Ann and Rita.

  22. She looks like a Zelda to me, very 1920s flapperish.

    My grandmothers’ names are Leigh and Barbara and Beverly, and my grandfathers’ are Francis, John, Al, and Tom. My family tends to go in for multiple marriages, leading to multiple sets of grandparents!

  23. My grandparents names are Pearl, Sam, Ada, and Joseph. I like all those names.

    Just my luck…..last week Ada died(she was 99) and I was so busy I didn’t come near the computer so I missed sock club sign ups:-( How sad is that.

  24. My grandparents are Herbert and Dolly. May would be a good name. I have seen some great photos of my Great Aunt May around the 30s and 40s and her clothes would have been great on the mannequin.

  25. The first name that came to me was Janine.

    Maternal GP
    Vera & Frank
    I could not believe that there were so many Vera’s showing up. My mother is also a Vera.

  26. I think you should name her Dora…and her male counterpart could be Dan or Duncan.

    My grandmothers were Pearl and Beryl….grandfathers were Charlie and Duncan

  27. To me, she looks like a Bette-as in Paige or Davis!

    My grandmothers (lucky me, I have three!) are Patricia, Joan, and Carolyn, and my grandfathers are James, Arthur, and Jack.

  28. I think Maxine suits her fine.
    my grandmothers were Rose and Theresa….and your model looks more French…

  29. I didn’t read through all 1089 comments, but she looks like a Madelyn to me.

    If it helps, my grandmothers were Grace and Louise, and my grandfathers were Cornelius and Walter.The great-grandmothers I knew of were Martje and Harriet. 🙂

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