Loopier and Loopier

It must be the season. Everything just keeps getting Loopier around here, in terms of busy-ness!  Perhaps it’s very fitting, then, that our Little Loopy has grown up. 🙂  When I called in another order for Little Loopies, our imprinting company told me that the Little Loopies were sold out (which was really no surprise to me, because I know how many of them are now living at all of your houses!), but they had a slightly larger size that they could do for us if we’d like. Sure – we’d like that.  When they arrived last week, we all oohed and aahed over them.  They are just as fun as the little guys, only in a bigger way.  (I took a photo with the big and the little, just for size comparison for you.) We will be able to get the little ones back in again in a few months if we’d like, but in the meantime, you have the chance to get the Big Guys. We like it when we have a full order of Loopies at Loopy Central, because they’re perched all over the place, waiting to be sent off to a good home!

We put up more great things for you today, too. Under What’s New you’ll find more of our exclusive Don’t Be Blue in Dream in Color Classy, 3 new colors of Team Spirit (burgundy and gold, orange and black, and yellow and black), The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, new Knitspot patterns, more Zecca (look at all of the fun colors in these Snip Tipz – this is one of my favorite Zecca items), Namaste Buddy cases, Fleece Artist 2/6, Black Funny Fibers, Scarlet Fleece, Pattern Tamers, Sock Sacks and Fiesta Boomerang (which has me itching to start a few new color combos of Chevron Scarves.) We also re-stocked several popular items last week – did you catch them? We have more Bee Bars in stock, as well as Marie Mayhew patterns, HiyaHiya needles, Designs by Romi pins, and GoKnit pouches. Sometime in the next week or so, we’ll be putting up the new Lorna’s Laces  Commentary Colorway (named after Annie Modesitt), a new Alpaca yarn blend from Yarn Pirate, more Hand Maiden Casbah, the new semi-solid colors in Dream in Color Classy, and a few other things that will be in this week.

Thank you for posting all of your RAKs last Friday. Once again, I’m just so inspired by all of the creative and wonderful things that you think of to do for others during this time. We’ve all had fun reading through your comments.  The Random Number Generator picked Jennifer from California as the winner from last week.  I’ve sent you an email, Jennifer! If you missed the chance to get in on the RAK contest last week, we’re in the middle of another one.  Do a RAK for someone this week and post your comment on this Friday’s blog post for a chance to win the next drawing.

The other thing I know you’ve been waiting for this week is Spring Fling signups. I’m happy to announce that we’re ready! You can go here to signup.  We’ll close signups on Friday of this week and will then email everyone to confirm their spots after the weekend.  We’ve added in some extra spots this year, but if we do get more signups than spots, we’ll fill by lottery. (This is once again a full weekend package. Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer single day passes or a classes-only option.) We are looking forward to having all of you Loopy friends in for the weekend so that we can share Loopy Central and knitting time with you!

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  1. I’m signed up too! I can only hope luck will be on my side and I’ll be able to attend again this year. I met so many wonderful people and can now call friends! : )

    And, the new Loopy is too cute. : )

  2. Thanks so much for picking me!

    I love the big Loopy.

    I so wish I could sign up, but it’s not in the budget. Not this year anyway. But it looks like so much fun.

  3. I’m signed up too. I had such a wonderful time at the first Spring Fling and met such a great group of women. I hope to go again! 🙂

  4. I signed up. My little Loopy had an accident. I accidentally left it in Debit D Dog’s reach and terrier (or is it tearier) that she is, she tried to kill poor Loopy. Fortunately, Loopy escaped with bite “marks” on one arm but survived..

    Gotta go do some Christmas knitting.

  5. All signed up along with my buddies. LOL Kaye and Del are so excited at the prospect of coming to St Louise again. We had so much fun last year and no matter what Thank you and the Elves for making our trip there so wonderful last year. Can’t wait till you see the new roving!! On it’s way tomorrow!
    Thanks again you and your elves are THE best!!!!!

  6. I’m all signed up and am on pins and needles as well that I’ll be able to come and spend the weekend with y’all once more. It really was the Best Weekend Ever!!!!!!!

  7. Will Don’t Be Blue ever be available in the other Dream in Color yarns? I think it comes close to my boyfriend’s favorite color, and I already have a couple ideas for patterns, but they all involve fingering weight yarns (so far)…

  8. Would love to sign up for the Fling right this minute but must consult with the husband first—we’re already going home for Christmas and that may be enough to blow out the travel budget, but we’ll see. Love the big Loopy!

  9. Whoo-hoo! Signed up, though waiting for confirmation from BFF Liz about the days. Looking forward to it!

    And I think my Little Loopy needs a Big Loopy. 🙂

  10. All signed up & raring to go! I had a fantabulous time at the last Fling; it was truly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I’m keeping my fingers, toes, & needles crossed – although that does make it a bit difficult to knit! (Perhaps *that’s* why I’m having to tink 8-10 rows of my sock!!)

  11. Oooh, I love the Black Bunny Fibers (especially that Freshly Squeezed colorway – it is like summer all year round)!

    I haven’t had time for a RAK yet this week, but it is early yet. Instead, I’m making peanut butter balls and bringing them everywhere. If I can find a cold shipping container, would you like me to send some your way? Very tasty!

  12. I absolutley love Little large Loopy, I might have to get myself one of those as well.

    And the Black Bunny Fibers Freshley Squeezed is to die for!

    I’m soooooooooooo jealous of all of you who will be attending the Spring Fling. I’d love to join you but it’s not even close to being realistic moneywise. I hope you all have the best of times though.

  13. I signed up, and I really hope I get a spot. I don’t know how I would manage it financially, but I will figure it out. It looked like everyone had such a good time last year. If I get a spot maybe I will bring my spinning wheel…hmmm….

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