Mountains … of Yarn

Last weekend I was knitting with mountains and snow outside of my windows. What a sight!  You get the fire going, you settle in with a Latte and a good pattern, and hunker down for some serious knitting. It was so fun. We did find plenty of time to do a little shopping (I visited my favorite soap shop – the

people who made the Loopy soaps that were in the last Sock Club box), and we always manage to make a meal out of Nick & Willy’s pizza when we’re out there.  I’m ready to go back any time, but there’s the little issue of Loopy Central and work.  So the Colorado visits are pared down to a couple of times a year, but we do make the most of them when we go!

I have some yarn photos for you! The first one is a scarf that I’m knitting up with a yarn that I wanted to try. I bought it at Stitches and have decided to add the line in here. Any guesses on what it is? (Oh, it’s more fun to have you guess!) Here’s a sock I knit up last weekend and it’s a new indie dyer line that will be arriving in December or January. (Well – a kinda new indie dyer to us, kinda not. How’s that for puzzling? Any guesses on that one?) Here’s a question for you.  This is their sportweight yarn and there were 250-ish yds. in the skein.  I divided it in half and knit toe up for my size 11 feet.  I typically make the cuff as long as the foot, although in this case, I ran out of yarn too early. (But boy did I love how fast that yarn knit up.  You gotta love sportweight and size 2 needles. And the sock is so comfortable.) I think I’d like 300 yd skeins in sportweight – what do you think? (The pattern is an easy one – just knit 4 rows, then do a [slip1, K] row and then a [slip1, P] row.)  The last photo shows a few more skeins of yarn that I bought at Stitches and am contemplating (as in, contemplating the possibilities of adding some of those lines in here.  Any thoughts?) I thought you might like to see some of them what came home with me. (You recognize the one on the far right – it’s Dianne’s Creatively Dyed Calypso – that new line we have on order from her.)

Guess what arrived today? Boxes and boxes and boxes of Dream in Color Starry. I am in love.  I took a photo of a few of my favorite colors, but it didn’t turn out that great. I’ll have WH do a GOOD photo and then will post it on the blog on Friday. We’re working on the photos this week so that we can get it up on the website for you next week.  That way, maybe you’ll get it over the Thanksgiving holiday and will get to jump right into knitting it. Because you’ll want to.

So check back on Friday. I’ll be sharing a good soup recipe that I tried last weekend, as well as sharing the Starry photo, and we’ll have our November Blog Contest, too.

Sheri whohasdecidedshehasKADD.Knowwhatthatis?(I’llsharethatonFriday,too.)

P.S. Bunches of new stuff went up at The Loopy Ewe last night – did you see? Including our Team Spirit colorways from Lorna’s Laces!


  1. LOL Sheri. You have Knitting A.D.D. I do too.

    Glad you had fun in Colorado. I can’t wait until Monday so I can get on a plane and head to Sanibel for Thanksgiving. Work is so crazy right now. I try to do gift knitting shopping and work/employees distract me. I need quality knitting time soon.

    What is the pattern for your scarf?? It is beautiful. Looks like it would be fun to knit poolside……….

    The new yarn lines look yummy. My brain is to fried to try and guess.


  2. My guess is you have lots of UFOs if you have that disorder (knitting attention deficit disorder). The scarf yarn is beautiful and I’m sitting on go for the Starry.

  3. Definitely different yardage on the sport weight. Either up to 300 yd skeins or down to 150 yard skeins and then you buy two for a pair of socks. Your sample sock is sort of a long anklet, huh?

    LOVE the new mystery lace yarn!

    Perfect time of year for a new soup recipe. Especially if it will accommodate leftover turkey 🙂

  4. Sheri, I can’t id the yarn, but it sounds like KADD is rampant! And I vote for 300 yards in sport wt skeins, too. Looking forward to seeing the Starry yarn.

  5. I agree on the Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder. I can understand how you could have that. All that yarn that you have there to “research” and not being able to pick would be really hard for me. I have quite a bit of yarn and instead of knitting what I have I am always looking for more. Though right now I am on a yarn diet but I have a Loopy GC that I am trying to decide how to spend. I am thinking roving for the wheel.

  6. I think the mystery yarn is Jojoland… maybe???? (I knit the Argosy scarf out of it a while back — it had lovely color changes.)

    With sport yarns, I usually knit the heel and toe out of another coordinating yarn as I will often run out of yarn due to my SLTAFF (slight larger than average female foot.) 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the Dream in Color Starry!

  7. This fall has been absolutely wonderful in Colorado. I’m glad you had a chance to come out here to enjoy it! I’m feeling kinda smart today, so I’ll take a guess on your yarns. I think that the scarf is Kauni (I love the rainbow striping, whatever line it is!) and is the new/old indie dyer Yarn Zombie?

  8. Your scarf is pretty! Haven’t a clue as to what yarn it is. The sock reminds me of Blue Moon – Lucy colorway. Those other yarns you brought back from Stitches are lovely, especially the one on the far right. I really like the way splotchy-dyed yarn knits up — when the splotches are little enough to avoid pooling.

    Vacation sounds good, just a get-away. I’m off next week, so I’m going to try to spend some quality time knitting. So much yarn, so little time!!

  9. Knitting ADD. Ask me how I know… 😉 I prefer to call it “keeping my options open”.

    Sounds like a neat trip! Can’t wait to see the new goodies come – I always enjoy your finds.

  10. I have kadd too….seems it is contagious via internet….and I don’t know what the scarf yarn is just know….MUST have it!

  11. Hi Sheri, Yes count me in for the KADD. Is there a cure? Any drugs for this problem?
    can;t wait to see the soup recipe. It’s so cold in DC; a warm soup will help. I’ve said I have this problem for a long time.

  12. Sherri, Colorado looks like a beautiful place is escape, even though it’s only a couple of times a year. I have one of those places as well, in Palm Springs. I love to just sit, look at the mountains and relax. Do what ever I want for a few days (which including knitting, of course)

    My only guess on the yarn would be “Miss Babs”; which I do not believe is correct. I’m sorry I missed you at Stitches, I was there on Sunday.

    Can’t wait to see what new goodies go up later this week/next week.

  13. I definitely suffer from Knitter’s A.D.D. I don’t want a cure.
    I think the scarf is Jojoland and the socks are Tuscan Grove. I agree 250’ish yards is not enough. I like 325 in sport wt myself, but could get by with 300.

    What gorgeous pictures from the Colorado vacation. I love Colorado. And the yarn that you got at Stitches is lovely also.

  14. I was going to guess it was one of the lines by Jojoland, but it looks like Diane just beat me to it, with a more complete guess 😉 Either way, that scarf looks great.

  15. I LOVE the scarf pattern – what is it?

    No clue about the yarn but it’s beautiful and I’m sure will tempt me. And I can’t wait to see the DIC/Starry.

    Your pictures are just beautiful…

  16. Oops – I meant to add/ask if there’s a possibility for UNC colors down the line – baby blue and white. My younger son was LOVE that! The other Lorna’s colors are just beautiful and it would be fun to knit with a sport weight – I imagine it knits up pretty fast.

  17. I was also going to guess Jojoland. The scarf pattern is very pretty. Thanks for tempting us. Anxious to see the new DIC.

    Looks like I missed out on the LL Mizzou/Iowa team colors:-(

  18. Oh, KADD is totally knitting attention deficit disorder. 😀 I have it too sometimes. There’s just too many pretties to focus only on one!

    I think the scarf is Jojoland, but I’m not sure. I don’t know the name of the *new* sock company, but I’m willing to bet that it’s not new to you because it used to be part of the Cider Moon team!! *I hope I hope* I ADORED Cider Moon, and just about wept when they stopped dyeing. And if that’s the Glacier base, then ooooh, I can’t wait!!

  19. Add me in with the rest of the KADD sufferers (if that is the right word—I don’t suffer at all unless for some reason I can’t get to the knitting project of my choice, whichever one it is today) and I also love the scarf pattern! Terrific pictures of Colorado. I know you always have such a good time there and you certainly deserve it! Haven’t got a clue about the new yarns but they all look lovely. Looking forward to the new soup recipe, too!

  20. Woo hoo! I have been clicking the new button almost every day, looking for the Dream in Color! Now, I know that I can look forward to it for next week. Obviously, I need to finish the socks I’m working by then. (I haven’t even seen the yarn, but I really want to!)

  21. KADD, does anyone here not know what that is? Or not have it? Could that explain the total lack of knitting monogamy in my life? I’m only knitting two socks, a scarf, am about to finish a pair of mittens and am swatching for a sweater. What?! Not enough for you? No trouble, I can fix that.

  22. I don’t know what the scarf yarn is – I just know that I want some! I’m always tempted by rainbows.

    I also have KADD…and B(eading)ADD…and N(eedlework)ADD…and L(acemaking)ADD… I think mine could be cured by winning the lottery so I could quit my job and devote one day a week to each of my favorite hobbies!

  23. Where in CO did you go? Looks like Breckenridge area… Did you know that there is a Nick-n-Willy’s in Columbia MO. Just thought you might want to know. I know that it can be very hard to wait until you make it back out there to eat your favorite food. I grew up in CO and every time that I go back I always have to go to a couple of places that we don’t have here in MO. I love the scarf.

  24. I wonder if the new yarn is possibly Tuscan Grove? I have been wanting to try some since they came “back”. I never did get to try Cider Moon, so maybe someday I will get lucky and try Tuscan Grove.

  25. *sigh* cozying up in a chair, with snow falling outside and a fire, with a latte too sounds absolutely delightful! Beautiful scarf, and lovely sock too! oooo, I can’t wait to see what weight the starry is, its soo pretty!

  26. “I bought it at Stitches and have decided to add the line in here.” Behind in reading the blog, but I knew right away that it was JoJo Land—You see I have had this intimate relationship with the yarn! It’s been a few months, but I still have the pattern from the swirl shawl memorized! It’s great yarn, I’m glad you’re going to carry it.

  27. The scarf is so pretty! I’ve been looking at yarns with long color runs like that, because I love love love them! Is it JoJoLand? Kauni? Or some other marvelous bit of loveliness?

    Looking forward to seeing the DIC Starry. The colors you put up before are sooooo pretty! I’m thinking the Starry must have something sparkly running through it!

  28. the wonderful scarf looks like melody from jojoland. Just beautiful. I think it just natural to keep putting new projects to needles. There are so many new yarns and new patterns all the time that we can’t resist. I am old enough to remember a time when we had 2 or 3 choices of yarn and no publications or patterns. Everything looked the same and it was frustrating to be so practical. Now we have tremendous choices. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just enjoy the flow of creativity and keep knitting

  29. I love the sock you made – it appears from your comments it was made from the toe up – what was the name of the color of the yarn? I can’t wait until early December (yes I can) – hope I see the Sneak Up in time. Thanks for making knitting such fun.

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