Feeling Starry …. and a CONTEST!

Isn’t this beautiful?  Dream in Colors gorgeous colors, and a bit of silver sparkle spun into the Smooshy yarn base to make it pop. This is their new yarn base called Starry. (And I knew that my hubby’s photo would turn out much better than my attempts.) We plan to have this up at The Loopy Ewe early next week. I know these would be beautiful as socks, but I think we’ll also see a lot of shawls and scarves and hats and gloves and mitts knit up in this, too. (Why hide it in your shoes?) I will confess to having cast on a cowl. FPS*. I am having a serious problem with casting on. In Wednesday’s post I referred to my newly-discovered (newly-admitted?) KADD. I don’t have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but I definitely have KADD (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder.) My number of WIP’s is ridiculous and it doesn’t seem to matter how many I have on my list – it just keeps growing. I do have a lot of single socks, but lately, the thing I keep casting on is scarves. One right after the other. I AM finishing some of them. I had to – they’re for Christmas gifts.  But there are still too many mid-stream that get set aside for the next sparkly fun interesting exciting pattern or yarn that comes along and intrigues me momentarily. It really is fun to make scarves and mitts and hats out of “sock yarn”. And it’s a good way to keep motoring through my stash. (But I don’t think it counts as “using it up” when it sits there as a half-done WIP. sigh.)  This weekend I’m spending some time organizing the stash. I hope I come out alive.

Today’s recipe is one that Elf Karen shared with us and then I made some changes to it. (I don’t change knitting patterns all too often, but I seem to change recipes when I make them.) It’s delicious and perfect for a cool winter evening.

Chicken and Mushroom Soup (or leftover turkey?)

6 cups water
2 quartered onions
2 bay leaves
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1/4 cup chopped celery leaves
5 chicken breasts

Cook the chicken breasts in the above mixture until tender. Remove the chicken and chop into bite-sized pieces. Strain the rest of the mixture and reserve the liquid.

2 cups diced celery
2 cups diced onions
1 lb. sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup butter
5 cups fresh white bread, cubed

Saute the onions, celery and mushrooms in butter until soft. (Do not brown.) Remove from pan and then add in the bread crumbs. (You may need to add more butter.) Stir until well coated and toasty and remove from heat.

2 tsp. sage
2 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. poultry seasoning
6 Tbl. chicken stock base
5 cups evaporated milk
3 Tbl. flour

Add sage, pepper, poultry seasoning, chicken stock base, and evaporated milk to a large pot.  Stir to heat through.  Whisk in flour as needed, to thicken slightly.  Add reserved liquid from above, as well as the onion/celery mix and the chicken pieces. Heat through.  Just before serving, add bread crumbs and parsley (if desired) to each bowl.

Before I close, here’s the question for you to answer for the November Blog Contest. I’ll randomly select one person from the comments section, next Friday. So you have a week to leave your comment/entry. I know that there are many of you who, like me, have KADD. I see your orders. I peek at your Ravelry projects pages, I read your comments on Wednesday’ blog. I just know these things. For me, the thing that seems to entice me to start something new is either 1) a new yarn that I am itching to try or 2) a new pattern that intrigues me.  If you have KADD, what is it that gets you picking up another set of needles and beginning something new? (And if you don’t have KADD, just go ahead and admit it. That will get you an entry into the contest, too. Any tips on how to avoid KADD? Don’t say “discipline”….)

Sheri 2or3projectsgoingatonceseemsreasonable

*FPS = For Pete’s Sake


  1. My KADD ebbs and flows, right now it’s in full force!! I have three winter sweaters I’m working on because the patterns really grabbed my attention. I always have a few socks started, a summer top, and so on… You get the idea. Last summer I committed to either completing or froggin all UFOs and I did!! That the biggest reason I don’t have tons more on the needles.

    For many years yarns called to me first and I’d figure out what it wanted to be after I got it home. Lately patterns have to getting my attention and I’ve been knitting with either the suggested yarn and something close.

    Of course, I did just get an email here at the office for donation to the Christmas Mother fund – so I think this Thanksgiving weekend will be full of caps, scarves, and blankets for kids of all sizes!!

    Sheri – I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!! Same to the elves and their families.

  2. Of course, I have KADD! Now I know what to blame my utter lack of the ability to finish one thing before I start two(or more) other things. New yarns, new patterns, sudden impulses, someone else’s project… anything can trigger it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  3. I think that a change in the weather and/or a holiday or birthday I have to knit for. I think what happens is I get started knitting a couple of new things and then it’s hard to stop adding projects. They just multiply!

  4. KADD always seems to strike when ever I see a new yarn that I must have (this happens all to often) and it seems like everytime I log on to Ravelry I end up casting something new on !

  5. Most of the time I start a new project because I want to try something different–cables instead of straight stockinette, two color instead of one, a scarf instead of a sock. I need some variety!!

  6. I am easily distracted by – Oooh! Look! Shiny!!

    I have many pretty yarns in plastic bins, and they are all calling, “Let us out! It’s dark in here!”

    Also, I have a short attention span.

  7. I’m easily distracted by new/pretty yarns and easily accomplished patterns. It almost kills me to work on just one project. I admire people who can do that, and then subsequently, buy yarn for just one project ahead. Do these people really exist? I definitely have KADD. In real life, I don’t think I have ADD, but I am strrung pretty tight, and at times of high stress, my attention span is that of a fly. 🙁

  8. I’m not sure i have KADD because I don’t have many projects going…but I do have many yarns! I buy yarns and accumulate them! I have a stash – but not a stash of unfinished projects or finished projects! Now what could THAT be called! LOL!

  9. Oh boy do I have KADD bad! I am tempted by both seeing a new pattern (magazine/Ravlery/blog) and hearing about something tempting on podcasts (too many enablers out there). Just recently I signed up for the Finishitis Contest hosted by Wendy with the Icelandic Shawl KAL…I believe that I have a total of 9 UFOs that I am trying to finish by 12/12…but there were way more in various stages of progress squirreled away in bags around the house. Luckily, I have learned that because of KADD, I keep notes of exactly where I am in my knitting-what row or round so I can pick it up again at any time. My oldest UFOs…tied for first casting on almost 4 yours ago are Feather and Fan Scarf from Scarf Style and the Simply Marilyn sweater.

  10. I don’t keep many projects going at once. Sometimes, though, I’m in the middle of one thing and I find I need a smaller project for a car trip, a simpler project for knitting group or a washable project for the beach. Nothing to do then but cast on! I do know, Sheri, if I had your shop o’ yarn, I’d have to try one of everything just to see how the colors work up.

  11. The thing that sets me off on a new project is finding a perfect combination of yarn and pattern. Pretty yarn by itself can be put off, and so can an interesting pattern. But when I suddenly realize that *this* yarn and *this* pattern seem made for each other, it’s impossible not to cast on and put it to the test!

  12. I have KADD that is often triggered by stress, casting on is the easiest, most mindless thing to do and i find it relaxing…much more relaxing than turning that heel, because i already have time , effort, and emotion attached to a work in progress, and that involves me giving it it’s due diligence to come out as close to perfect as i can muster. the other thing that gets me, is that i have 6 cats and 3 dogs, and a bird, and if i were to leave my needles laying around naked, they are much more likely to be mistaken for toys. so, i must protect my needles….it’s a safety issue for them. the thought of finding a mangled knitpicks harmony circular dangbling from the side of a cat’s mouth…oh THE HORROR !! so my needles need to be safely protected by a nice layer of yarn. it’s my responsibility.
    is anyone buying this excuse?? anyone??
    Oh Heck ! I have KADD because i am a hopeless addict to yarn,fiber,needles,hooks,patterns, gadgets…and i don’t want to recover any time soon, as it has been the happist sickness i’ve ever managed to get. much better than those darn allergies.

  13. KADD? Oh yeah, I have it. There are worse things to have, right? What sets it off – everything!!! The worst offenders are Ravelry, new magazines, and online stores like The Loopy Ewe. I really try to control it but I am either dreaming of new projects or casting on yet another sock, scarf, sweater, shawl, mitten………. I am always “borrowing” needles from one project to start another. It is nice to know that so many others have KADD, too!

  14. KADD-there is an actual name for my issue? Almost anything can set it off-beautiful pattern, gorgeous yarn , lovely FO, or part of a pattern I find boring. Who’s starin’ the KADD 10 step program?

  15. We won’t discuss how many WIP’s I have 🙂 Just know that, yes, I hace KADD. Like you, I am usually tempted to cast on another one when I have some yummy new yarn, see an awesome new pattern, or get bored with my current WIP (as not to be confused with one that hibernating). Stockinette wasteland, anyone?

  16. I definitely have KADD! Part of my problem is being tempted by the many beautiful patterns released online, in books, and in magazines. But I have trouble following patterns…I get bored and have to go off on my own. Which gives me a new idea for a new pattern…So I have to cast on for that…Which inspires yet another pattern, so I have to….You get the picture 😉

  17. I’ve only been knitting since April of this year but already have a serious case of KADD! It is a combo of things that have caused my problem. There is all the lovely different yarns out there that I have never knitted with to tempt me. Throw in patterns that are just to fantastic to resist. Top it all off with a intense desire to learn all that I can about this new found passion. It has left me with numerous projects that I often have a hard time deciding which one I will work on. I have been known to work on several in one evening just to satisfy this crazy compulsion. I will share a secret. I don’t think I want to find a cure I’m having way to much fun!

  18. For me, it’s always the yarn first. Then I have to find just the right pattern for it, which is much more difficult. : ) I have finally tried yarn that contains something other than mostly acrylic, and I am in love! Lorna’s Laces seems to suit me pretty well… just check out my Ravelry stash!

    I have trouble sticking with one project, though. I usually have (at least) 3 or 4 OTN, and my mom is always asking me why I don’t finish the first one I started. Still haven’t come up with a good answer for that one, but maybe one day!

  19. KADD – yes of course I have it and I have named the disorder “startitis” usually brought on by a new purchase of awesome yarn that I simply can ‘t resist not casting on immediately. Quite often a new pattern or mag will provoke the same incidious convulsion as I rumble thru many bags of stash looking for the yarn I KNOW I have stashed that this pattern is calling for. Then a similiar search for the right needles ensue and sometimes cause the ill advised and sometimes embarrassing act of ripping said needles right out of their WIP ! All kidding aside – what could be more wonderful than knitting up a gorgeous new hand dyed wool? KADD/STARTITIS whatever you choose to call it – my name is Melody aka woolwoman and I have a problem LOL –

  20. i just got done photographing my WIPS outside on my front stairs. Sheri, it took TWO trips. teeheee

    I think a new pattern entices me only slightly more than a new yarn. which isn’t to say yarn never entices me 🙂


  21. What can I say, the more yarn the merrier, Merry Christmas that is. i guess I do suffer from KADD, as i’ve about 25 projects going at one time and as I attempt to finsh 1-2 each day. Santa is coming you know!

    New yarn always entices me to strike up the needles. To test it , feel it, smell it, and just get into it. The yarn inspires me to just create something unique for it. But I do keep notes and do try it (the Patterns) I’ve created on other yarns that lend themselves to the new yarns.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Sheri, and to all of those who hang out at The Loopy Ewe.

  22. Oh KADD, yes I have this. I would have to say that Ravelry has most contributed to my KADD over the past year – – beyond just patterns and yarn, admiring the projects of others has most compelled me to cast on for many projects I may not have the time to finish. It is a testament to my self-restraint that I only have a handful of WIPs, because knitters are an inspiring bunch!

  23. I think there are a number of things that make me cast on new projects when I’ve already got tons going. A really exciting pattern or yarn for sure. Sometimes I’ll also cast on something new if I’ve got several projects that are complicated — I’ll find something all stockinette to work on so that I can just sit and knit.

  24. New yarn will definitely get me to cast on a new project without finishing others. Right now I only have 3 WIPs and that seems pretty good. I also get a tiny bit sad when I am about to complete a project and might start a new one to hold onto it for awhile more.

  25. Either an exciting new yarn or colorway or a new pattern will get me casting on quicker than one can shake a stick. Right now I have 12 WIPs.

  26. I definitely have KADD right now…need some knitalin! I usually have more than one project on the needles to serve my various knitting needs (mindless, travel, challenging, etc.) but right now it is particularly bad because I have cast on a bunch of Xmas knitting, and am now working on them in turn as I get panicky about finishing each one on time.

  27. I honestly think I don’t have KADD. I’m all about the finished product so usually only have 2 projects on the needles. Maybe 3 max. This does not include the projects I’ve abandoned and are awaiting frogging.

    I guess a way to avoid KADD is to focus on the finished product and only start things you truly desire and put some thought into (matching the right yarn to the right pattern, matching the pattern to the recipient, calculating/measuring the right size for a good fit).

  28. For me it is almost always a pattern! I will pattern search on ravelry and fall in love with one, and then I HAVE to get the yarn for it…and then if I’m feeling extra naughty, I’ll actually cast on for the project. And then I start working on it, no matter what I was working on before. Until it happens again. lol!

  29. Yep, I have KADD, too. 🙂
    My problem is all the new patterns that people keep creating! I log on the Ravelry and see all the pretty pictures on the patterns page, and I have to cast on one for myself!

  30. I’ve only been knitting for about a year, but somehow I’ve managed to start (and not finish!) about 10 projects – there’s always so much excitement in the next yarn and the next project. I find that I DO finish socks if I start them so that’s pretty much my focus now (although it hasn’t stopped me from collecting other yarns, just because 🙂

  31. Have KADD. Want KADD. Don’t want to get rid of KADD!!! I love being “in love” with the next beautiful yarn, the next fun pattern… the next, next, next! You can daydream about that next glorious completed project and how fantastic you will look! Oh yeah, actually completing it would be good…..but I can still enjoy being surrounded by all that warm goodness and keep dreaming……..!!

  32. I get bored about halfway through projects and it takes a lot of willpower to finish. I don’t have a lot of willpower, so not a whole lot gets finished. I’ll start worring about it when I run out of places to hide the UFOs. A new yarn, new pattern, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s not what I’m working on now.

  33. I only have a mild case of KADD at this time but actually I don’t see anything wrong with have a number of projects going at the same time. I do seem to get bored as I get close to the completion of a project and I want something new to keep my interest. Yes, new yarn or new pattern will get me to switch projects.

  34. What gets me casting on is usually a big investment in yarn/pattern. I feel I must start using it to justify buying it. What keeps me from casting on another new project is when I tell myself that I MUST finish a project before starting a new one. This takes discipline and I don’t always obey my own edits, but it does work some of the time.

  35. New yarn or a great new pattern make me want to cast on. I’ve made a deal with myself that I can’t cast on anything new until I finish something. I broke that deal this week when my hubby said he needed a baby gift for a baby shower, so now I have a blanket I’m working on in addition to the four pair of socks, scarf and shawl I already had on needles.

  36. The new yarn makes me want to drool on the computer screen. probably shouldn’t becuase i share it with my brother. I’m currently making the second mitten/glove of the valentine mittens. I just ripped out my pair of two at a time elinors for the jane austen book club KAL

  37. I don’t think I have KAD – I have one project on the needles that I’m trying to finish and one wound and in a sack waiting to be qued.
    But, I love to collect yarn!
    Carrie in TN

  38. I’m not admitting to KADD. I have only the necessary things on the needles. A project (or two) that can be easily carried along any time and knit on the bus on the way to and from work, the Big Complicated one (at this moment it’s a sweater called St. Brigid). I guess it helps, that I’m mostly what the YarnHarlot would call a product knitter, I usually only start the project if I or someone I know and love really needs something. I will admit to stash yarn ADD, though. I have somewhere along the lines of 2000 items in my Ravelry queue and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I keep kitting them with new yarn (“OOH! This would make a WONDERFUL this and this!”) plus on top of those I keep buying yarn that speaks to me on its own without a clear destiny just to make it wait until it tells me just what it wants to be. The stash is starting to get really big. If anyones got working tips, I’d love to hear them. 😉

  39. Yes, I do have KADD, admit it, and proud of it:)! New yarn and new patterns get me started on a new project before I finish the 4 or more started. I have a good excuse, though, because I only started knitting last January, so I start seeing skill levels a little bit more complex that I feel I’m getting good enough to try. That’s a realistic excuse, isn’t it? Some of the WIP’s are from the very easiest of skill levels so I’m a little bored with them. I’ll eventually take a trip, sit in a class, or have a doctor’s appointment that I’ll take them with me to gradually work off.

  40. Yes, I have it! But new patterns and new yarns just CALL to me. I always at least have an instant gratification project going (like socks or mittens) and then a big one (or two) going that you just have to put aside at times because you just get plain sick and tired of working on it.

  41. KADD, here! Usually it’s the yarn that grabs my attention, then I take it home & find that special pattern. I need to work on reversing that, because the special pattern usually winds up needing one more skein/hank of that fabu yarn! How many WIPs have I got happening? I couldn’t even say; I’d have to dig thru all my stored yarn & projects to get that answer.

  42. Yes, I have KADD. I know this. I have to have something complicated and something easy going at all times. But I tend to start socks when the feeling strikes. This happens a lot. I get bored with the big things. I do finish most of the pairs of socks I start, but I might have started 6 more pairs since I started the one I just finished. That’s just the way I am. I also like to have knitting projects ready to go wherever I am in the house. Little baskets and bags all over the place. It drives DH nuts.

  43. How else would I found your blog or the contest without KADD? Can I call myself the “Kueen” of KADD, because when yarn inspires, a new project is started.

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