My Summer Vacation – by Loopy

I was given permission to take over the blog today so that I could tell you all about my Summer Vacation. This is the second year in a row that The Loopy People have sent me out on the road for some R&R over the summer. You might think it’s all “yarn and chocolate” here all the time, but let me tell you, there is a lot of work involved in keeping Loopy Central running. I was glad to scoot out of here for a few months so that I could hang out with all of you.  And ohhhhh, the places I went!  You can see my whole scrapbook of pictures here with over 250 photos in there, but I picked out a few to share with you. (I know they’re all different sizes – but you know that you can click on any of them to see me the photo better, right?)

I went to so many different countries and I liked most of them almost as much as the fun places that I went in the US. I had never see the Mona Lisa before, so that was fun. I like that she doesn’t have any eyebrows. I don’t either. Now Minnie Mouse – she does have eyebrows and it looks good on her. I’m not sure about the blue eye shadow.  But she was nice to me, so I think it’s ok that she wears blue eyeshadow. This Borg scared me, but I was determined to see if he had eyebrows, so I posed for the picture.  Funny thing is, I’m not sure if he had eyebrows or not.  I had to look away.

It was also fun to meet some famous people, although sometimes that intimidates me a bit. I went to Knitting Camp and met Meg Swanson. She was so nice and I’ll bet her mom, Elizabeth Zimmerman was nice, too.  She likes wool, so consequently, I think she liked me. I also met Beth Brown Reinsel. She designs beautiful sweaters, but she didn’t offer to knit me one. I think it was just an oversight. I liked meeting Lucy Neatby, too, because she does fun things with her hair and clothes. (That’s something that a sheep who wears red socks can appreciate.)

There were a few charitable things that I participated in. Some were set up by other people and some, I decided on my own. I walked with Melissa and her mom in the Relay for Life. That was cool and such a great cause. I went to Afghanistan to cheer people up.  It was a rather intimidating task because they are just so amazing there. I hope I made them smile.  Then I tried to push over that Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Why is that a charitable event? Because it’s half-tipped and it makes everyone nervous just to look at it. I thought I’d be doing them a favor by finishing it off and being done with it.  However …. it didn’t work. It’s still there, leaning and stressing people out and giving them a crick in their neck.

I visited some of my relatives in other parts. The Yorkshire Sheep pretended that they didn’t know me, but we share a great great great grandfather, so they were just being snooty. They’re awfully pretty, though. I come from a good line. The Black Sheep at Chirk Castle in Wales were actually friendlier to me. I think because they know that I have a black sheep brother (Brother Bart) and they can relate. And then I visited a few multi-colored friends in Wisconsin, because we have beautiful sheep here in the US, too.

Some people made sure that I tried some unique things while we were out and about. I liked driving the submarine, but I almost ran into another big ship so they made me give up the wheel and go back to being just a passenger again. My friend Janine let me touch the top of the Taylor Tower.  Now, mind you, both College Guy and College Girl attend school there, but neither of them have let me touch the Tower before. I must discuss this with them. And Carrie made me my own kilt and hat so that I’d be in character when I met author Diana Gabaldon. I like her Outlander books a lot.

There were so many more adventures – too numerous to tell. All in all, I visited a lot of cool places in the US with many of your families, had great meals out, did some beach bumming, knit a few rows,  and also hit: Fiji, Belgium, Turkey, Zambia, Monaco, Italy, France, Rome, Sicily, Tokyo, Venice, London, Spain, Africa, Germany, Cambridge, Mexico, Istanbul, Korea, Canada, Australia, Delphi, Croatia, Barcelona, Cannes,  the Swedish Polar Circle and the Finnish Polar Circle.  Whew.  I’m going to have to rest up a bit before I venture out again next summer.  Fortunately, I have my own sleeping bag and tent for the night, my own hammock for hanging out in the daytime, and a boatload of chocolate to get me through the winter.  Life is good.

Love, Loopy

P.S. Thanks for voting on my adventures!  Here are the winners who will be getting gift certificates from The Loopy Ewe:

Best Far Away Place: Cappodocia, Turkey
Most Interesting Person: Sherlock Holmes
Most Unusual Place: The Mexico Sisters in the Convent
Favorite Photo: Loopy Camping


  1. Wow, my favorite is that you got to meet Diana Gabaldon – she’s my favorite author!

    And that’s a boatload of chocolate for sure, Loopy!

  2. WOW!!! The sisters will be so excited to find out about their award! It’s even more special because it was voted on by Loopy/Sheri readers. Thanks/muchas gracias everyone!!

  3. Dear Loopy,
    It’s such a wonder. I am so much older than you and I have never been
    to any of those places. I’m glad that you got to go. It all looked so interesting
    and fun too. Rest up for next year.

  4. I loved seeing everywhere Loopy went this summer-but I’m surprised he was able to slip away from me so often as we were traveling around here in Colorado?!? Must have been able to make use of the time differences to go all of those places-just wish I could have gone, too.

    Loopy, you must be so happy to have so many great friends.

  5. Loopy,

    I am so envious! You deserve a long rest after all of that travel. New friends are wonderful aren’t they? Take care Loopy and welcome home.

  6. Waw, Loopy met Diana Gabaldon, my absolute favorite author. I think you need a rest now. It was very nice traveling with you and you are a trooper on the road.

  7. Oh Loopy! I’m so jealous that you got to meet Diana Gabbaldon, my favorite author (besides yarn harlot)! I hope she spoke to you in Galeic and told you when her new book is coming out. Take a nice long rest now.

  8. I’m glad to read you had such a fun and adventurous Summer vacation. I see Monkey did too. I have a friend that takes her monkey everywhere, and includes him in many of her photos as well. I guess traveling monkeys are nothing new, just to me. LOL

    Take care 🙂

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