Good News, Bad News

Good News: Cashmere feels wonderful.  Have you noticed that? I have to pick up the CashSport by The YoYo every time I walk by those shelves. (This is the only yarn base we have in Sportweight with cashmere in it and I am going to be making a pair of socks for myself out of it.  Quick knit and wonderful on your feet.)
Bad News: My “To Knit” list didn’t go down very far last weekend, like I had hoped.  Not very far at all. I can’t even explain that.

Good News: More cashmere arrived today in the form of a new line from The Sanguine Gryphon, called “Bugga!”. 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon. I took this skein right out of the top of the box for myself. I think I’ve already admitted to a certain addiction to Gryphon’s colors. The Bugga line will go up next week. (In keeping with the bug theme, this one is called “Oak Timberworm”. I have no desire to see what an Oak Timberworm looks like in real life. I’m going to pretend it’s called “Oak Timber” and leave it at that. I don’t like bugs.)
Bad News: Another thing to add to my “To Knit” list. But I’m just going to deal with that.

Good News: Cashmere Roving arrived today, too. A new blend from Tempted, this is made up of 80% superwash merino and 20% cashmere. (It will go up next week, too.)  Also addictively soft.  Also coming home with me.
Bad News: Also addictively soft. Also coming home with me. (Can I help it that that is good AND bad news?)

Good News: Tomorrow is Thursday and College Girl is coming home for Fall Break weekend.  We’re so looking forward to having her home for a few days.
Bad News: College Guy is off on a tour of Canada and the East Coast with four friends. I can’t believe all that they are packing in to this Road Trip. (Note – He considers this Good News. Only his parents consider it Bad News, since we don’t get to see him this weekend.)

Good News: Gracie and Zoe are just happy that someone else will be in the house for the weekend. They miss “their” kids, too.
Bad News: They’ll pout when she goes back to school on Sunday.

Good News: The time is drawing near for Loopy Kisses to go back into Loopy Groupie orders. (See the bowl in the photos? That stays filled year-round here at Loopy Central. Shoppers and Elves are partial to them.)

Bad News: But we can’t add them in to orders yet. It’s still in the 80’s here today, and very humid. 🙁 Blah.

Sheri whatgoodandbadnewsdoyouhavetosharetoday?

(P.S. All of the Schaefer “Sock the Vote” invoices have gone out. If you pre-ordered skeins of this yarn, please visit your Loopy account page!)


  1. Good News: My first fingerless mitt is finished and the second one is one the needle.

    More Good News: Hubby is coming home tonight and called to say “don’t cook dinner, we will go out.” Hope dessert is included…

    Have fun with College Girl. Those kitties look ready to pounce on her.

  2. Good News: two yummy skeins of Numma Numma Saucy are on their way to me!

    Bad news: I strongly suspect I will be buying new brake pads this afternoon, which cuts into my yarn budget.

    Have a fun weekend with College Girl.

  3. Good news: The return of chocolate!! Of course, it’s still warm here in the DC metro area, too. Have fun with College Girl.

  4. Good News: My knitting daughter is coming home this weekend too!!!!!

    Bad News: She can only come home for about 24 hours. I have to take what I can get!!

  5. Hmm, don’t really have either good or bad news. Have fun w/ College Girl, and hope College Guy has a safe fun trip.

  6. Good News: I agree with the others – the return of Chocolate –
    More Good News: Rhinebeck is 3 days away 🙂

    Bad News: Not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do and still get a good nights sleep

    Enjoy College Girl this weekend (insert happy dance here)

  7. Good News: I got some knitting done today.

    Bad News: I didn’t get very much knitting done today.

    Have a wonderful weekend with College Girl. It’s getting chilly here in Chicago, we need chocolate!

  8. Good news: in Las Vegas
    Bad news: I didn’t get a lot of sleep and can’t stay awake!
    Gooder 🙂 news: found a Coach bag at the outlet here that I had wanted but refused to pay full price for in the mall
    Badder 🙂 news: no knitting time yet

    Back to trying to stay awake. Have a great time this weekend!


  9. Good news: my daughter who’s in grad school in New York City is coming home Tuesday for a week (to be in a wedding). I live in California, so she doesn’t pop home for weekends, alas.

    Bad news: I’m fighting a nasty bug and right now it’s ahead on points, though I’m positive I’ll win in the end.

    More good news: my TLE order with Opal Harry Potter, an orchid go-knit bag and some other yarn should get here tomorrow or Friday!

  10. Good News: I have lots to knit on while trying to ignore the Bad News of the diving stock market. Good thing I have lots of yarn in my stash in case we need to make some budget cuts of our own… (but a small addition here and there is still OK)

    Good News – Hubby & I get to travel out of town for the weekend for his company dinner.
    Bad News – Another weekend I can’t get into my flower garden and start cutting dead stuff down. It’s gonna be in the 40’s before I can get out there. FPS.

  11. Bad news I ran over a alligator on my way home at 3am.
    Good news, I am fine, the car lost some parts on the bottom, but still runs.
    Bad News/ Good News The car dealer could not believe the story, but did since some of the gator was still attached to the bottom of the car. They pressure washed it off, and I get to take it back when the parts come in! I know that I am the talk of the dealership!

  12. Bad News – Hubster and entire staff are in Chicago at the huge and very cool i-Hobby Expo and won’t be home until Sunday, leaving me to run the company (a scary thought indeed!!!!) and deal with bankers (ick!).

    Good News – My friend Mary surprised me today and kept me company all day and even pitched in and helped out with a few things. Tomorrow my Looopy package will arrive and because I didn’t buy any new yarn I will probably drag Mary to TLE to do a bit of shopping Thursday or Friday which also means lunch out somewhere yummy! Also, I passed my stroke and turn test which means I’m half way to becoming a Stroke and Turn judge for swim meets!!

    P.S. Allison, I am very glad you are ok and that it was only your car and a gator that was damaged.

  13. Good News: I get to sleep in tomorrow.

    Bad News: Kids are off on MEA break and they will be fighting.

    Good News: Finally learned how to do a decent toe up cast on.

    Bad News: Not enough time to knit on the sock patterns I have. I think the 2nd Anniversary sock is next.

    Good News: I love the Handmaiden Casbah

    Bad News: If I knit it I can’t pet it as much.

    It is getting cold here and I am not read for warm weather to be over yet.

  14. A new line of Sanguine Gryphon? I’m so doomed.

    Good news: Today is the last Presidential debate
    Bad news: I don’t get it watch it live because I’ll be at work.

  15. Good news: My order will be arriving this week!

    Great news: The DD called this morning. Didn’t know where she was for 24 hours….the fire situation here.

    Bad news: I can’t knit at my desk today and I”m at work still

    I’d LOVE 80 degree weather. It’s in the 90s here today!

  16. good news: we are beginning the move back into our own home tomorrow!
    bad news: the restoration called today to say a leg on one of our whole-wall ladder shelves is broken, so that won’t be coming back tomorrow. that is a MAIN piece!
    good news: we are going HOME!!!

  17. Good News (Bad News?): I was strong and haven’t spent any extra money as we face financial woes.

    Bad News (Good News?): I know I will cave shortly if my work days continue to be 10+ hours and my cart continues to have that Perfect Day and Fleece Artist in it.

  18. Good news: I finished my FIRST sweater last night (the Susie cardi) and it fits perfectly (um…after ripping and reknitting the hood and ripping out 6 INCHES on each sleeve and regrafting the cuffs because the darn thing stretched like nobody’s business when washed (yes, I was careful! – it apparently had a secret desire to be worn by a gorilla)).

    Bad news: No more sweaters for awhile – time to knit a bunch of that (already paid for) sock yarn in my stash (or wait, is that really bad news? 😉

  19. Good news: The winds have died down and the fires are getting controlled slowly.

    Bad news: The temp for the next few days is pushing 90. Ugh!

    Good news: I have yarn and silver needles on the way _ I Christmas shop for DH and our CG – they have no clue what to get me!

    Bad news: Not enough time to knit.

    Best news: TLE will have chocolate…

  20. Good News: I have $26 in my paypal account to spend on yarn.

    Bad News: I am overwhelmed with all of my choices.

  21. Good news: Rhinebeck is in three days… whee! 🙂

    Bad news: The government can be really slow to get back to you about things.

    Good news: I shall be making a yummy dinner tonight

    Bad news: I have to clean the house tomorrow

    Good news: I have friends coming in on Friday.

  22. Good news: Rain! Bus rides that I can knit on! Baby slept for five hours straight last night!

    Bad news: Skipped the 20% off all yarn sale at LYS because I was saving for the regional yarn crawl, then entirely missed the regional yarn crawl due to logistical issues.

    Good news: Guess where I might end up spending some of that money instead? 😉 (Not that the LYS isn’t going to get their share ;-).)

  23. OOOh, I’m so glad some of that cashsport jumped into my cart, can’t wait to get it! (that’s the good news)
    bad news – never enough knitting time, as we all know!

  24. Good: I had Indian food for dinner. My friend’s baby belly is tooooo cute. And the weekend is right around the corner. And next week I get to go to Tulsa for the US National Horse Show!
    Bad: Conferences next week. And it was only 33 degrees this a.m. Yikes.

  25. Good News: I’m having surgery on Friday (Tubes Tied) – No more worries!!

    Bad News: I’m having my tubes tied Friday (sigh) my last baby is already 3 mo.

  26. Good News: My husband was able to send me some pictures and an email from Iraq
    Bad News: Well, he’s in Iraq. But I also missed his phone call today.
    Good News: He bought me a very expensive quilt cabinet for christmas
    Bad News: He just doesn’t know it yet. 😀

  27. Good news: I passed my breast cancer checkup with flying colours.
    Bad news:The Australian dollar doesn’t buy as much US dollar sock wool this week.AAAHHHH!!!!

  28. Bad news: My family is going through the experience of the dying of an elderly relative. So sad.

    Good news: Difficult times remind me to count my blessings. They always out number the difficult things.

  29. Bad news: I am almost up to the toe with Claudia so I tried it on and the sock is too tight to wear, I barely got it over my foot. I guess I’ll have to take it out.
    Worse news: my college girl nor I have the money to send her home for her break.
    Good news: one year with diabetes and my numbers are good, my diet is good and I have lost 5 pounds.

  30. Ohhhh, that Oak Timberworm colors is beautiful!!!

    Good news: I have so many great plans for knitting.
    Bad news: Not enough time or hands

    Good news: It’s getting time to put on my warm wooly socks.
    Bad news: It also means that my flowers will be biting the dust.


    BAD NEWS: I can’t eat the kisses cuz I’m allergic to nuts and the kisses are made in a facility where nut products are manufactured. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  32. Good news: Salty Dog and I found blooming violets on our walk around the lake this morning. It’s not winter in the midwest yet, even if it was only 38 when we were walking!

    Bad news: I need to make some fingerless gloves for the dog walk, as well as some fingerless gloves for the office.

    Good news: I’ve got plenty of beautiful yarn in stash to make the gloves out of.

    Bad news: I have to pick from among the patterns, never mind the yarn….

  33. Good news: Chocolate will be back! And more wonderful choices from Gryphon. With cashmere too…**sigh**

    Bad news: I have sooo many projects in progress, and sooo many more promised! My goal to finish and use up stash is always thwarted by sooo many wonderful new things to purchase at TLE!

    Good news: It’s getting cooler (where were you yesterday…it wasn’t 80 here, and I only live about 10 miles from you!!), and is getting to be woolie sock weather.

    Bad news: I have about a gazillion woolie socks that I finished, but I need to weave in the ends before I can wear them! (I hate that part.)

  34. Good news; Received my Enchanted knoll farm yarn it is so beautifully died and the yarn base is lovely! Bad news the canadian dollar is going down down down and you know what that means! My family likes to tease me about this one.

  35. i t has been in the 80’s here too and humid… yuck!!! A little cooler today and much less humid than yesterday though.

    Thise kitties are so cute sitting there on the steps I bet they are glad their girl will be home for the weekend.

  36. Good News: Almost finished tallying the votes for sport team colorway
    Bad News: Over 550 comments-fps
    Good News: I’m off today
    Bad News: Still tallying votes at home
    Good News: Threw out all Cubs and JayHawks colors Blue/Red
    Bad News: aaahhhh Sheri wouldn’t let me!!!
    Good News: Those of you looking for pink/green should check out “Perfect Day”
    Bad News: back to work

  37. I don’t think I can cope with a good news bad news today. It’s be more like good news annoying news anyway and I don’t need to be reminded about all the problems I have to solve in the next month. Yesh, if I don’t forget I said that last word I’m gonna start hyperventilating!

  38. Good News: I scored Wollmeise laceweight in Claudia’s shop update (in Barista, no less!!!)!

    More Good News: My dance coach gave my partner and I very insane but very awesome statement-making choreography today.

    Bad New: My legs are VERY VERY sore from too many splits and high kicks in the last couple days.

  39. Good news–I leave today for a 3 day weekend up in Rhinebeck!
    Bad news–I needed 4 new tires on my car to the tune of $630…to drive there safely!

  40. Good News: Sanguine Gryphon with cashmere! (The Oak Timberworm is gorgeous!)
    Bad News: Sanguine Gryphon with cashmere (there goes the yarn budget!)
    Bad News: It’s been unusually warm here as well…
    Good News: I finally finished my Sockina socks (cotton blend) and this weather is perfect for wearing them!

    Have a great weekend with College Girl and I hope it starts to cool down soon!

  41. Good News: I have a TLE credit that was just waiting for some new inspiration…

    Bad News: I have to decide between waiting for Malabrigo sock and using it on the SG cashmere blend.

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