Bugga! Takes Flight

There are boxes and boxes of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in transit, winging their way to your homes. (Well – hopefully not really winging, although each skein IS named after an insect.) I finished my first sock out of Oak Timberworm and I like it so much that I am going to do the second one pretty darn quickly. I want to wear them this winter. As you know, I’m pretty committed to single socks. It’s not that I don’t want to pair them up and be able to wear them matching, it’s just that there is always another yarn coming into the shop or that we’re contemplating for the shop, that I need to try out. I know many of you have offered to help test knit, and I appreciate that!Β  We do use test knitters when we’re working on patterns. However, I really like knitting with the yarns that we stock so that I can get a feel for them and get to know how they work up. It’s also important to me to spend time knitting, since I’m running a yarn shop and talking to knitters every day. And of course it’s a good excuse to get out of some things, because I can claim my knitting is “work” when necessary – like, “Sorry Honey, I have to finish this sock up by tomorrow – can’t start in on the laundry yet.”Β  But then on Sundays, which has always been a “no work day” in our house, I knit because “it’s relaxing and how I choose to spend my day off”.Β  So, conveniently, sometimes its work and sometimes it’s fun.) πŸ™‚ This pattern is “Take Flight” from Monica Knits. I thought that was a particularly appropriate name for a yarn named after a bug, and it was a very fun knit. As usual, I knit it toe up with a short-row heel and didn’t reverse the pattern – so if you use this one and knit it as written, yours will “fly” in the opposite direction. We have more Bugga! on order, including a double batch of Oak Timberworm, my favorite.

Now that all of the photos are officially posted from our Dream in Color Baby Knit-A-Long, it’s time to check them out and take a vote. The assignment was to knit something out of DC Baby, and there were a lot of different “somethings” that people knit up. Help us pick “The Knitter’s Choice” winner by emailing susan AT theloopyewe DOT com with your favorite by next Tuesday, Oct. 28th. We’ll tally up the winner and we’ll also draw one winner by lottery.Β  Both will receive a Gift Certificate from The Loopy Ewe.Β  Anyone who participated and had their photo uploaded in time, can claim a 20% discount on their next order of DC Baby.Β  Just tell us in your order notes that you had your photo up in the gallery in time for the contest.Β  Currently, we’re doing a Fourth Quarter Loopy Challenge and your goal is to knit some kind of hand covering (gloves, mittens, fingerless mitts, etc.) and post a photo in the Q4-08 photo gallery by 12/31. I figured that this would be a good way to get some holiday gifts knit up, in addition to challenging you to learn something new while you do it!

I’m halfway done with my sock out of the skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn that my yarn rep sent to me. I’m anxious to show it to you, as it has been fun to see the colors mix. I know you all are waiting on this yarn, and I promise that I have ordered a whopping amount of it. We will get this just as soon as they are ready to ship U.S. orders out in November.Β  You’re going to love it. (I also have a whopping amount of Malabrigo Lace on order, so I’ll keep you posted on that. It’s fun to have our new space so that we can fill it up with “whopping” amounts of yarn!) We’ll have more DC Classy going up later today – the UPS gal just dropped it off – along with a re-stock of Claudia Hand Painted. I hope you always click on the “See What’s New” button when you visit The Loopy Ewe – we re-stock often.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Knitting Daughter and Casey-the-dog from last weekend. Casey is 12 years old and arthritic, but she still gets excited when she sees rabbits and squirrels in the yard, and when she sees her college kids coming through the door for a visit.

Sheri it’sfinallyhandknitsockweatherhereinSt.Louisandmyfeetarehappy!


  1. It’s finally handknit socks weather her in NC too and my feet are happy. I’m wearing my Spring Fling Wollmeise socks today. My feet seem to love Wollmeise. I didn’t order any of the SG Bugga but your picture of your sock is very tempting so may have to get some next time. I seem to be building lace stash right now…another new addiction.

  2. I’m happy to be back in hand-knit socks too! I feel like I’ve passed SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) in both sock yarn and quilting fabric, but I’m just going to have to try the Malabrigo sock yarn when it comes in. Yeesh! Too much fun stuff to do, too little time! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m anxiously awaiting my Oak Timberworm and can’t wait to fondle & knit with it. Your sock is gorgeous!! I thought it looked like Nutkin pattern until I read further, but now I’m going to have to check out Monica’s pattern too!

    Is Casey your dog? I never heard you mention her before. A very special photo.

    Yes, it is sock weather in Wisconsin and my feet are happy again to have handmade warmth on them.

    An early Congratulations on knitting a complete pair of socks.

  4. The power of suggestion…I just added a Bugga color to my wishlist! I have the Take Flight pattern and it was fun to see the pattern and the yarn knit up.

  5. I love the picture of Knitting Daughter can Casey the dog. I know when my son comes
    home for Thanksgiving that our “girls” Gracie and Chloe will be the first to greet him at
    the door. Lucky me will greet him at the airport all by myself!!

  6. Yay for sock and sweater weather!

    Can’t wait for the Malabrigo lace. Lace shawls have become an obsession lately. How about the Malabrigo Silky Merino…..that’s awfully nice too!

  7. Bugga is about to go on my wish list….LOVE the colors!!

    And I agree Michele, but I’ll add YAY for ANYTHING Malabrigo. So far I’ve just been petting my sock yarn, but I’ll cast on soon….VERY soon. It’s just GORGEOUS!!!

  8. Part of me wishes that all of the gifts I am knitting this year were socks, because it would be awfully fun to indulge myself at your shop! I love the Claudia Handpaints (it’s what I used for the last sock swap I was in)!

  9. What a sweet picture of KD and Casey the dog! I’m sure Casey misses your kids. Our dog goes into a funk every morning when the boys leave for school (he doesn’t seem to remember that they come home for lunch, but he’s overjoyed when they show up). He also gets very excited about squirrels in the yard!

    I’m so glad you’ve ordered more Oak Timberworm because by the time I checked out the sneak up, that particular color had all snuck outta there! I’ll catch it on the restock. Great looking sock! Lucky you, finally getting some sock wearing weather, Sheri! We’re still waiting for ours here πŸ™

  10. I haven’t commented in a while so I thought it was time … plus, I have to ask… is whopping your new FPS?

    It’s so nice to see your daughter & Casey. Sometimes I forget that you have dog because you usually only post pics of the cats … is there a little feline favoritism going on:-)?

    Can’t wait to see Malibrigo sock yarn.

  11. Woohoo!! Hand knit sock weather means it’s chocolate kisses weather!!! That’s almost (almost almost) as exciting as Malabrigo sock yarn!

  12. Oh wow. I have been fighting the Knitting Doldrums after recently finishing a big sweater project. After looking at all the contest entries I am totally inspired to return to my partially finished lace project. I got the Butter Peeps colorway and was surprised to not see any finished projects in that, but boy, am I inspired by so many of those pictures – the great colors, the fab projects. So…I’ll pick up my lace tonight and continue with the beaded waves of grain scarf (from the latest Knitty issue). Congrats to EVERYONE who finished a project – you all look like winners to me πŸ™‚

  13. Today, in western Massachusetts, the weather report is “Brrrr”. I am working on a scarf (SG)and a pair of socks (CTH), depending on my mood each evening. Next is a pair of mitts, that should help me get through the winter. Oh no! Next is picking out which yarn I’m going to use to knit a pair of mitts. Well, technically, next will be opening a Loopy package and admiring the contents. That’s my very favorite part!

  14. It has been cold enough here in Minnesota to be wearing handknitted socks for a week or so. I have a stack of about 7 pairs that need to be washed. I guess I need to either wash them or knit some more since I only have a few pairs left. I think it is great that you want to keep knitting the yarn yourself. Have you thought of putting one of the second socks in your car and knitting on it while you wait at Starbucks or the drive thru at the bank???? Maybe that would get a couple of them done this winter.

  15. It surprised me, when the “single socks” link wasn’t a link to your hilarious photo essay on things to do with single socks. Of course, your wall of socks is fabulous! Are you going to start a second row?

  16. Oh my good lord, that is the most GORGEOUS sock!!! I MUST have that colourway! Dunno when I’ll ever get to, thanks to the heinous economy & the freakishly expensive college my beloved is attending, but by gum, someday I’ll have me some of that! πŸ˜€

    Y’all are going to LOVE the Malabrigo sock! I’ve been lucky enough to have made a pair, and oooooh, they’re sooo soft! I loves the Malabrigo!

  17. Love your sock; the colours and pattern go so well together. Enjoy the sock-wearing weather. Today it was hat and mitten-wearing weather up here in Canada, so I’m inspired to get knitting the mittens I’m planning.
    Casey and your daughter are so sweet together. I can only imagine how devastated our dog would be if our girls went away. She’s thrilled to see us again even if we’re only gone a few minutes!

  18. I am so glad sock weather has finally come to IN My feet are currently enjoying a pair of Mountain Colors socks, very toasty warm. Now I just need to finish one of those many sweaters I have on the needles so the rest of me can be toasty warm too.

    I didn’t get my shawl finished in time for the contest but I will still post it when it is done. I need to wind that second hank , and just haven’t had time to stand there for that long.

    mmmmmmm, Malabrigo….can’t wait.

  19. Sweet picture of Casey and KD…that’s a picture to keep.

    The weather been cold enough that I’ve worn my handknit socks, too. Yesterday, I had on the Swirl Socks which just happened to match my olive green turtleneck. How uncanny!!

    I’m getting excited about the upcoming Sock Club kit…WOOHOO!

  20. That 20% off will teach me to finish my projects! I have a clapotis in the works and am no where near done, thus no posted picture!

    I did start to work on it again πŸ™‚

    Off to buy very chunky yarn for the 4Q challenge πŸ™‚

  21. Adorable photo of College Girl and Casey. Does Casey get a joint supplement…has helped my 12 1/2 year old Golden’s arthritis tremendously. Just a suggestion.

    Love your new sock and the red coloring is gorgeous. Will wait for a new shipment and get that color.

    Tried your chicken pot pie last night and it was a HUGE hit! I mean such a big hit that DH said I could make that anytime. A true compliment from a very picky eater … DH that is…

    Have a great day.

  22. College daughter is beautiful!! So is Casey.
    My oldest westie, is 16, and though now just slightly slowing down, still gives the 2 pups (6months, and 1 1/2 yrs) a good playtime.
    Oh, will you ever carry gryphon’s gaia?? Using it for a huge shawl in the round. WONDERFUL YARN!!!!

  23. Love the sock and the yarn. Is there a particular pattern you use for the toe up short row heel? I struggle with short rows, esp. the picking up the wrap (neatly) part, but for some yarns, I think they work much better than a heel flap…Thanks! Molly

  24. I SO want some of that yarn! That sock is awesome. And is it just me, or is it really funny that of the few Bugga colorways left, the two with “moth” in the name are both still in stock? lol

  25. The Casey the Dog/KD pic made me cry….my parents have a VERY old dog (16 years old….we got her the summer before my junior year in high school) that pretty much just lays around all of the time now…until one of her kids comes home. Then she is happy and wagging. She got up and played catch with me, kind of, when I was back visiting in August.

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