What Happens When ….

What happens when you only have one hand-knitted-felted-beloved cat bed and two cats? One gets it to sleep in (always Zoe, the alpha-cat who is half the size of Gracie), and one has to make-do with just touching the edge of it when sleeping. Although she’s quick to jump in there when Zoe is not around. She doesn’t fit her 12 lbs. in there as easily as Zoe’s 6 lbs, though.

What happens when you have two kids going to college and they’re spending all week packing things up? The dining room gets fuller and fuller and fuller and you wonder if all of that stuff is going to fit into two cars. (You’re also thankful that you don’t have to take materials to make lofts any more. That’s a whole other problem.)

What happens when more Wollmeise arrives at Loopy Central? We all decide that this time we’re just going to let it sit here “prettying up” the shelves for a few weeks. We will be putting it up for you next week! This time, we are doing a few things differently in order to help more people get their hands on some. The yarn will go up in three different batches at three different times next week. Each colorway will have a limit of two skeins per person. (You need one skein for a pair of socks or a scarf, you need two skeins for some shawls). Most of you buy in these quantities, but sometimes people buy several and we think that limiting it to what you need for your project will help more people be able to buy some for themselves. Also, we won’t be able to combine shipping on multiple Wollmeise orders any more. It was taking us hours and hours to match all of those up and make all of those changes. This will allow us to get them out to you quicker. We really hope that some of you who have never gotten any Wollmeise will have more luck this way (and we know that those of you who already have a lot of it, fully support everyone else getting some, too! You’re just nice that way.)

What happens when you get an idea that “a little more space here would be really nice…”? A big mess and a lot of noise and then the thoughts that go through your head like, “How are we going to fill all of that up?” quickly followed by, “Of course we’ll have no problem filling it up. Silly.” Part B: What happens when they take the wall down and the new not-yet-finished space is open to the old space? Much noise and commotion all day long. Oh, and Advil consumption goes up around here.

What happens when both kids are leaving for college tomorrow? A: The parents are sad. B: Everyone drives up to Indiana for a long weekend. C: I’m not around to do a blog post on Friday, or to answer emails for a few days. D: Kleenex consumption goes up for a few days. Bugger.

Sheri sotelluswhatishappeninginyourworldtoday?


  1. Oh my gosh! Am I the first poster?!

    August in Western MA is unseasonably Fall like. This is the first Fall in years where I won’t be going back to school, neither as a student nor teacher.

    The one advantage to Fall-like weather is that I won’t need to take a “It’s too hot to knit” break. Thank goodness I’ve got a new shipment of yarn coming in any minute!

    I hope everyone who is dealing with the Back-to-School thing this month has a really good next couple of weeks.

  2. What happens when there is a full weekend free for the enjoyment? A. Appreciating the weather, knitting on with Summer of Socks, barbecuing with friends.

    What happens when Sheri and the Elves can’t hear themselves think b/c of all the construction? A. Send virtual hugs and remind them it will definitely be worth it.

    What happens when Wollmeise is spread around a little bit? A. Maybe I get a skein, hurray!

    What happens when my neck crick won’t go away and makes it hard to turn my head? A. The water bottle comes to work with me, boo.

    What happens when the Loopy Lady is sad b/c she has to drop off her Loopy kids? A. More virtual hugs and a reminder that your kids still love you.

  3. Husband and I are heading up to New Hampshire and Maine on Saturday for a week’s stay. He has a business meeting and I am tagging along. So, after working all day at my regular job, I will be doing loads of laundry tonight so we can begin packing. He confirmed our reservation in Portland, ME and was told it was in the 40’s last night! I think I better throw in a sweater or two for evenings….

  4. Today in my world:
    My in-laws are driving in from Amarillo for a week-long visit. My brother-in-law and his wife will arrive later in the week. Read: working like mad getting the house clean and beds made and food cooked.
    My knitting time is sorely lacking. See above.

  5. Keep the tissues close, it is hard but it is what you have worked for all these years. Just put my son on a plane to the hurricane zone…not sure why he is so eager to get there but who knows. Looking forward to a quiet weekend.

  6. Enjoy your long weekend with the kids. I know it’s going to be hard not having them around… But, I guess that means you’ll just have to schedule more visits with them. Have a fabulous weekend, Sheri & family!!! : )

  7. Today I’m knitting on the “Hearts A Plenty” sock and listening to Odd Thomas. (one way to get through all the books I want to read and knit!)
    Tomorrow we’re going to Arlington TX to see the grandkids. On Sat we’re going to the baseball game to see the Rangers beat (play) the Indians. the Rangers have been on a losing streak : (

  8. I am doing laundry, knitting, and listening to podcasts today. I need to get my Ravelympics socks done soon. Just think with the kids gone less laundry. I hope that your weekend goes smoothly. I know you will miss them both and they will miss you too.

  9. I think Gracie needs a felted bed. Although, they would both probably still use only one of them at the same time. This week, is getting back into school habits, cleaning, knitting, school work for myself, and whatever life throws at us. Enjoy the time with kids!

  10. First off, hugs on the kiddos. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now, although I’m coming to grips with sending my older son off to kindergarten this year.

    For a change, my world today is calm and well-ordered. And I’m very, very grateful.

  11. With the TLE Wollmeise selling out within five minutes, how did people manage to execute many multiple orders? Maybe my DSL connection is just too slow! πŸ˜‰ I applaud your taking steps to get Wollmeise to more customers–and know that the successful purchasers won’t be disappointed. (I won’t be competing, because I found Claudia’s new online shop last year, just after it reopened, and was able to buy what I needed back then. Of course, these days. Claudia’s shop is usually sold out, too. )

  12. I’m working on my last pair of socks to reach my SoS goal and my Orchid Lace Scarf. I’m still spinning my Creatively Dyed Fairy Dust. Spinning’s been slack lately. I’m enjoying celebrating my birthday all week. (I celebrate for a couple of weeks.) I got some more stash money today so I may have to go check out my TLE cart. Safe travels and best wishes for much success for your college kids.

  13. My son is back to college on Friday. Somehow the sadness creeps in that last week they
    are home! Next week the younger two will be back at the high school. Its the first year
    where they will both be gone from 7:l5 to 5pm. AND, no bus stop in the morning as
    the oldest will be driving!! How did we get here so fast?

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The changes you’ve made regarding ordering Wollmeise may actually make it possible for some of us who have never gotten any to have a chance. At least that’s what I’m hoping! πŸ™‚

    Today and tomorrow are like yesterday was. Sitting here on call waiting for transcripts to arrive from a conference, then editing them together into one cohesive document for delivery back to the client within four hours of the conference ending. The best part? I can do it in my bathrobe. πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to buy some Wollmeise!!! My daughter (first born) is leaving next week for college in MN. I am being asked by her not to cry (a la “you are not going to cry, Mom…are you?!?”) I am sure that everything will be fine and that she will settle in quickly, but will I? Thanks so much for doing all that you do!

  16. Oh Sheri, I know what you are going through with the construction at the LC. It’s miserable but will be so grand when it is done. Love the pictures of Zoe and Gracie. My cats all sleep together in a big fluffy heap too. Hobbs is of course is the Alpha. Hope you and family will have a safe trip this weekend. The best to Danny and KD. She must be excited as it is her first year. I do know how you feel, it’s tough letting go, pack up plenty of yarn for her. Hugs

  17. Awwww, hugs to you as you send your kids off to school.
    We have started school this week (we homeschool) – just a couple subjects to get back into the swing of things. We’re also having a horde of out of town guests for the weekend so there’s lots to do there.
    Gotta remember to keep checking in next week for the woolmeise!

  18. Oh yay, I might have a shot at making my first Wollmeise purchase. πŸ™‚

    I hope your kids-to-college time isn’t *too* stressful or sad for you. πŸ™

  19. Sheri, first off hugs to you.

    In my world today, I’m working on preparing to move an office of 15 people, along with a large server room sometime next month, we are still waiting on a move in date. It’s no fun moving, but sometimes it has to be done. Can’t wait to get home tonight so that I can knit.

    Have a nice weekend with your kids, they’ll be back home before you know.

  20. Will there by an easy way to find out which days you are putting the yarn on the site? I’m sure that by the time I think to check, it will be too late. I am curious to see what all the fuss is about.

    As for me, I’m making some peanut butter cookie dough for a shower on Saturday (it better still be good by then), and working on the back of the Jawbreaker Cardigan (Winter 06 IK).

  21. Today it is sunny. Tomorrow it will be sunny again. Two days in a row – amazing, after all the rain we’ve had. I’m working during the day (in between driving DD back and forth to day camp), knitting my brains out at night, trying to finish up some felted bags and socks to sell at a local craft fair this weekend. And chocolate cakes too – what was I thinking when I signed up to do that? What else? Well, company was supposed to come today so I cleaned for that (even the fridge!), but they got sick so now they’re not coming. And DD is going to spend the last week of August with my sister in Mass., so I will have a tiny taste of what it would be like for her to go away to school! Maybe with all my ‘free time’ I’ll be able to check more frequently for Wollmeise updates! Or, gasp, even knit with what I already have!

    Good luck with the road trip!

  22. Sheri, I know this is a weekend of mixed emotions for you. Therefore, like Julie, I’m sending you my hugs, too! You’ll make it through the weekend and the return trip home will be most quiet. But, you know they are where God wants them to be for now. πŸ™‚

    Let’s see…what I’m doing today and this week: I’m helping my husband prepare for this coming school year (his 21st at this school!), getting his classroom ready for his return to school on Sept. 2. πŸ™‚

  23. Thank you for trying to make Wollmeise more accessible – I might get lucky this time! I had heard about the yarn about 1.5 years ago and saw that you were going to be carrying it…because of that I did not order directly from Claudia…silly me, since then I’ve not been able to latch on to any skeins…from you nor Claudia!

  24. whats happening…We are planning and working towards a household move once Brian gets a job outside of his Mother’s Funeral Home. Am hoping this will be accomplished in the next month or so πŸ™‚
    Your girls sre so cute!! Our girls, and boys too, curl up like that from time to time just never when I have the camera handy to get a pic HEHE πŸ™‚

  25. Good luck with both of the moves! I’ve got some knitting time planned for this weekend – so yay! Are you guys going to post the Wollmeise colors that are going up next week?

  26. Hugs to you Sheri, I don’t even want to think about taking kids to college. Hubby keeps telling me that the oldest is OK to drive to the grocery without having to call when she gets there and leaves. I think these major milestones are harder on we parents than the kids, for sure. At least your kids will be together, in my mind that would make it slightly easier. I love that my two older ones are at High School together this year, and even happier to hear that they are being supportive to each other.

    Love and agree with the new Wollmeise plan.

    Have safe travel this weekend. I am sorry to report that they are coming back just when the heat and humidity are coming back into the area. Just another reason to visit that great ice cream place though.

  27. Procrastinating because today is the last free 24 hour period before faculty meetings begin. Thank goodness I can knit through all the palaver! Grateful for your efforts to spread the Wollmeise joy a little more broadly. So many of us have never even held a skein…:-)

  28. Sheri, sending big hugs and warm thoughts your way! πŸ™‚

    Today, on Planet BFF Sarah:

    What happens when you get to sleep that extra hour in the morning despite having put the puppy to bed early? You come downstairs to find he’s tinkled in his bed and is very upset about it. And he didn’t bark.

    What happens when the puppy discovers the cat and tries again to make friends? The cat runs and hides on the stairs after slapping said puppy on the nose, looking down disdainfully on the interloper, and must be placated with many cookies.

    What happens when your boss has a brilliant idea on how to increase business? He gives the project to you and goes off to parts unknown for a 4 hour lunch. Because you can pack one more thing into 8 hours. Really. 😎

    What happens when you hear that more Wollmeise is up for next week? You start warming up your F5 finger. πŸ™‚

    OK, I think that’s it.

  29. I just want to thank you for offering up the Wollmeise in this manner. I see it mentioned on a few blogs as being the sumptuous stuff each of us *must* try, but alas, it’s never available. [I’ve decided a lot of people have your new offerings tied to their ringing cell phones!] Let’s hope I remember to try by next week.

    [And FPS, what’s up with being ‘first’ to post a comment? ]

  30. What’s happening here? We’re in our third day of our homeschooling year. Rough start, but smooth sailing since then. I’m testing knitting a shawl and that seems to be going quickly. I’m having a sock test knitted right now. Over on ravelry, I’m the mystery sock designer for September in the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group. Come on over for the fun in September!

    I’m hope your journey this weekend goes smoothly. I don’t want to think about the years when I’ll see my kids off.

  31. What we are doing today:

    getting ready for 30 people to come over to celebrate our baby’s 1st birthday.

    How I am supposed to get ready when birthday baby won’t nap but is instead up in his crib, testing out all the sounds he can make with his almost 1 year old lungs, walking all around his crib and trying to get more teeth?

    We did manage to walk to the Farmers Market for flowers and veggies for our party on the porch! Wish you could come, Sheri!

    Hang in there this weekend.

  32. Well, we’re packing up the truck (it’s almost 11:00 a.m. – so much for leaving at 5:00 a.m.), and getting ready to head to Idyllwild (east in the San Jacinto mountains between Los Angeles and San Diego) for four days. It’s about a seven-hour drive. We’ve rented a gorgeous cabin tucked away in the woods and are taking Miss Emma with us. Why are we doing this? Because on Saturday, I’m recording my first CD! I play Native American flute, and I got the call Friday to come down to record. Anyway, we decided to take a few extra days to relax and enjoy the view of sheer granite walls and forest so dense that you can’t see through it from the deck that surrounds the cabin. Oh… and I can see this view while I’m knitting in my hammock. πŸ™‚ I’m taking four projects with me and am hoping to find a yarn shop while I’m there. In any event, there’s killer shopping in all these little galleries. Hopefully, we’ll get out of here SOON!

  33. You always have so much happening, but I sense you like things busy. Good luck with your travels this weekend. It’s hard to believe that the kids are going back to school already.

    Your kitty girls are sooo cute. I absolutely love when animals cuddle near each other. There’s something so special about that.

    What’s happening here knitting wise: I put the hat that I’m working on down while I wait for my new size 2 Crystal Palace circular needles which I ordered on Monday from TLE (I know they’ll be here by tomorrow). Meanwhile, I went back to working on the Lace Ribbon Scarf that I am knitting from Noro Kureyon sock yarn (which of course I purchased from TLE).

  34. Maybe you need to make one big felted cushion so they both can lie on it. Of course
    that means more work for you. I’m sure if you made just one more for Gracie,
    they would both want that one too. I know I told you the story about when my
    youngest son went to college. I was still working and I always went to work early.
    I was typing my doctor’s letters and I was so upset because we had just dropped
    Rick off on Sunday and this was Monday, that I erased all his letters. I went out
    to the stairwell and cried because Rick was gone and I erased all the letters. My
    boss came out and said “for goodness sakes, Barbara, he’s only going off to
    college; he’s not going to war. Funny now, but not so funny then. I have given
    up on wollmeise. I know I will never see a skein of that yarn, but it’s nice of you
    to try to let other people get a skein instead of one person buying the whole lot.

  35. Here in SE Wisconsin, the weather is hot and humid. School registration is today, although my baby is going off to Jr High, not away to college – yet.

    Would love to get my hands on some of that Wollmeise – thank you for trying to spread the “wealth” a little!

  36. Sheri,
    I’m off to Chicago to go to Stitches with my knitting daughter. We are taking classes Saturday and Sunday. Then we will shop, eat and do some sightseeing the rest of the time. I haven’t seen her or my son in law since Christmas. So this will be a lot of fun. Don’t be sad. Your kids love you and will keep in touch often, I’m sure!

  37. I’m SO glad that you are trying to help others get some Wollmeise buy rationing it! I think that it’s a great approach and very keeps things FAIR. πŸ™‚

  38. What happens when you come out of a doctor appt this morning and one of your tires is almost flat? Well, you go to the local Dobbs, where they tell you your tires have 50,000 miles on them and they are all pretty much worn out, and you say, “well, I guess I’ll have 4 brand-spankin’-new Goodyears”, and “oh-by-the-way, how about aligning the wheels so the new tires will wear evenly” and then “oh yeah, my license plates are due next month, so I guess I’ll have a lube and oil change and an emissions test and a Missouri state inspection while I’m here”, and NOW the trip to the doctor has turned into a $771 extravaganza on the car! And to top it off I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics while I was waiting on the car, and dumped $190 buying fabric to make garb for the upcoming St. Louis Pirate Festival!

    Do pirates knit?

  39. Hugs to you, Sheri! My older daughter returned for her second year of college this past weekend and while I did not boohoo most of the way home like last year, I did cry at dinner when I saw the empty chair at the table. I have 3 more years until Daughter 2 leaves for college and by then Daughter 1 will be job hunting or going to grad school. The years fly by – keep a lot of tissues and chocolate handy the first few days. I am thinking of you! Kristin in VA Beach

  40. Wow, you’re busy!

    What am I doing? I am settling in at my new job as high school counselor, after 15 years as junior high counselor. Last night I was changing schedules in my sleep! LOL Tomorrow I take my son to junior high orientation, at the building where I used to work. πŸ™‚

  41. What am I doing? Putting out fires at school with one kid who is so disorganized he doesn’t remember to turn in the homework he did. And – consoling the daughter on her first day of 8th grade – the school’s computers crashed and jumbled everyone’s schedules – and consoling a friend who runs the Special Ed programs at daughter’s school while she tries to deal with the “insane asylum” the school has been today.

    I’m also anxiously counting down the hours till I get on the bus Friday morning to head to STITCHES Midwest! Sorry you won’t get join the knitting fun Sheri! Little Loopy will be there checking it out for you! He’s already in my bag ready to go!

  42. Well, I’m hoping for a chance for some Wollmeise next week but not holding out much hope. I have never gotten the chance, it is always gone too fast.

    I just hope I can catch one of the sneak-ups but I am very busy at work getting ready for all your kids to come back to college! πŸ™‚ I’ll try to be easy on them when they get here!

  43. Sheri,
    While not blessed with children, my hubby and I always admire parents who get their kids to college – looks to us like you’ve done an OUTSTANDING parenting job! Just a positive way to look at the kids being gone. Plus you get to spend time with your hubby! And my mom reports that the house stayed much cleaner when we were both gone.

    Have a wonderful, safe weekend! You all are in my prayers!


  44. Wow-you are truly an empty nester with DH!

    My world-7 years of volunteer work on the Library Board and then I resign and the board goes nuts! This is taking up lots of my time now just dealing with fallout.

    Like the t-shirt sez “Knitting keeps me from killing people!”

  45. Sheri,
    I’ve been through three leaving and I’ve lived to tell about it. Truth be told, it’s rather nice and I really appreciate when they come home for a visit, especially with the grandchildren (one daughter has seven children! Awesome!).

    Hang in there!


  46. Hope you all have a good weekend, Sheri. I don’t have kids, but I can imagine that it must be bittersweet.

    As for me, I’m working, working, working! Petsitters are busy in the summer, particularly in late August when it seems as though everyone tries to squeeze in one last trip.

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