What’s Outside Your Window?

DSC01788.JPGMy office here at Loopy Central is on the ground floor and there is a nice big window (two actually) to keep me sufficiently distracted, when need be. Right next door to us is a Montessori school, so it’s fun to watch the kids when they’re outside playing (or riding ponies and having a carnival, or going for a ride in the 8-seater cart.) DSC01690.JPGBut I also get to see people from this building, talking on the phone. I guess they feel that if they walk out the building and down to the corner (which is where my office is), it’s “away” from people and they can talk in private. Do they think that these windows are just for show? Don’t they realize that someone is in here? I can hear whole conversations! (Well, usually I vacate the office and find something to do for a bit. I have no desire to hear whole conversations.) Frequently they’ll even lean up against the glass as they talk. I have been so tempted to give a big knock on the glass, but I think it would give them a heart attack. (Ok – I wouldn’t really do that. Really.) It just cracks me up that my windows seem to be the ideal phone place. Maybe I should tape a little sign to the window. 🙂

I’m glad you all have had fun snapping up the Cherry Tree Hill Select yarn! We have more on the way. I also wanted to let you know what will be going up next week (besides the Wollmeise). We’ll have: Indie Dyer, Opal, New Colinette Jitterbug colors, Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere laceweight, Spritely Goods Sidhe, Fleece Artist 2/6, Hazel Knits, more Spindle City, Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo/Nylon (no wool in there), Lorna’s Laces (including lots more of Franklin’s Panopticon), Noro Silk Garden, and Cashmere Scarf Kits from Jade Sapphire. (Whew!) In-house for the week after that (so far – but you know there will be more): The Sanguine Gryphon and Enchanted Knoll Farms yarn and roving. We also have several other cool things in the works for later this summer and fall – you know we’re always working on something for you!

DSC01931.JPGToday’s recipe is one from my German grandmother and was always a favorite whenever we went there for dinner. These biscuits are wonderful. The only time I’ve tasted any that came close to tasting as good were from the Bill Knapps restaurants in Michigan. (Hey – those of you from Michigan – do you still have Bill Knapps up there?)

Grandma’s Biscuits

2 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
5 Tbl. shortening
1 cup milk

Sift dry ingredients together and then cut in the shortening. Add milk and mix well. Knead the dough for about a minute. Roll out to 1/2″ thick and cut into biscuit shapes. Brush tops with a bit of milk and bake at 450 degrees for 12 minutes. Enjoy with butter and honey!

DSC01950.JPGThat’s all for today. Knitting Daughter and I are on a mission to do a little shopping this afternoon and then meet up with WH for dinner. The rest of my weekend? A little work and some more knitting. Right now I’m working on a sock out of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Turkish Stone (I so love this color) and will also do a few more rounds on my Gust scarf for our KAL. (How are your KAL projects coming along?) Then of course there are a few more yarns all caked up and waiting in the wings. I just never run out of things I want to knit up.

So leave a comment and let me know what you see outside YOUR window. My favorite thing to see in the window is Zoe, when she comes to Loopy to visit for the day. Here she is, totally enjoying the sunshine and humoring me during the photo-taking. She just loves it here. She was with us at Loopy every day when it was in our house for the first year, so she still feels a bit of ownership, I think. You know cats – they think they own everything.

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  1. Today I’m not seeing a darn thing out my window! I had Lasik surgery on Tuesday, and the results are well… still to come. At least I hope they are. But ordinarily I see my backyard (baking in the sun) and my kids (torturing each other on the play structure.

    All of the new stuff sounds great, and I’m glad that you are getting to do some shopping.

    SOOO bummed (did you get how bummed?) that I didn’t see ya’ll when you were in Atlanta. I was just down the street. And boy was that a fun thing for Knitch. I heard all about it that afternoon. Next time… I’ll buy the mochas!

  2. Hi Sheri, Great things coming in the sneak-ups. I love watching the chipmonks outside of my window. They really are fun to see. Hobbs and the rest of the crew, Jack, Trio and Maggie really enjoy it too. I think that is the same receipe my sister-inlaw makes. Yummy! Have fun today shopping with KD, and have a great weekend. Hugs

  3. Outside my window–today cars (I work at an auto repair shop) and beautiful NC sunshine. Some days I see my co-worker’s horses and horse trailer, most days Lexie his Australia cattle dog is out there (she’s here today I just can’t see her right now). I call her “shop dog.” She’s my stress reliever. I take her doggie cookies and visit when I need to de-stress. We’re on a busy street at a peculiar intersection so some days we see accidents (oops!). We also have folks out there talking on phones and smoking cigarettes. I haven’t started my KAL yet–been busy knitting socks. I’m thinking I may start it August 1. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Right now I see my Neighbour working on his new house and if I look out the other window I see the new kitten someone “gave” us the other night. We tried bringing her in but the 2 boys who may be her older brothers (she looks just like them both) said..”ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT!” so we now have an outdoors kittie 🙂
    I cant wait till next weeks sneak up, I wont be buying but watching the Wollmeise sell out in less than 5 min is always fun!!

  5. Since I live in a senior center, I see a lot of buildings when I look out my window.
    However, I am ver lucky because between my building and the other buildings,
    I have trees and I see squirrels and rabbits looking for something tasty to eat
    Deer use to come right up to my window because we had a woods behind us.
    My grandchildren use to love that. Well, they knocked down all the trees and
    built condominiums so the deer had to find another home. Considering where
    I live, it’s much nicer than what some of the other residents see when they look
    out their windows. I got to see your office window today. Another treat from
    my computer. Wish I could eat those bisquits.

  6. Funny you should ask! I just took a picture of a squirrel, sound asleep, stretched out on the deck rail just outside my office window…so cute!

    Can’t wait to see the Turkish Stone socks…I have had my eye on that color! Have a great weekend!

  7. I’m with Allen, I am haveing a horrible problem with the retina in my R eye so the vision thing is a little iffy, I got stuck in the office forever today, I was able to knit on the plain sock that I had until the eye gtts took over. The painting continues, we hope that it done today. My kal is slowly coming I have done 6 of the 13 repeats, and I hope to do at least one today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  8. I am a library director and outside my office window I see tons of cute little kids going by on their way to storyhour. I have stuffed animals in my window so many of the kids have to stop by and look at all the creatures (including the director!). Hey – I think Loopy would like to sit there next week and watch everybody walk by. I’ll send a picture!

  9. MORE Indie Dyer!!!! Yippee….I am in love with her yarn, colors and combinations…

    When looking out my window I love seeing my 3 Golden Retrievers playing in the yard, getting petted by the neighbor or just hanging out. Seeing them is my biggest pleasure!

  10. Sadly, I do not have a window at my office. But I have a nice space, so it works fine for me. Although I have to look at a co-worker’s if I know rain is in the forecast.

    Enjoy the shopping trip and have fabulous weekend!! : )

  11. Last night – my neighbor’s motion sensitive light went on – and it was triggered by FIVE huge raccoons. Scared the whits out of me! Normally I see deer, coyotes, and a little family of groundhogs, and the occasional skunk, the pack of huge raccoons… I’ll have to let my neighbors know what happens when they are away!

  12. We have bird feeders at most of our windows, and I love to watch the hummingbirds, yellow finches and cardinals. And occasionally, we get to watch and laugh at the silly squirrels who climb up on the roof and try to hang from their tails thinking they can get to the bird feeders – just before they end up falling down on to the cannes and sunflowers below!!

  13. If you mean my windows at work, not a darn thing. I work as an archivist, we work hard to keep light away from documents. So I have to take a walk in order to see the outside. Sad, but one of the things about the job.

  14. I see the parking lot – so I see a few phone talkers. Sometimes there are birds to watch which is nice. My favorite part is seeing the sky!

  15. I see a lot of little birdies outside our window….we got satellite for our TV not long ago and the wires are right near the window and the birds love to sit on it. My kids love to look at the birds too!

  16. My window at work seems to have a pretty boring view – across a bit of grass, then a street, then a parking lot, and the dock doors for the back of the building across the way. But for some reason, right outside my window is a good spot to pull over in a car. I have three or four cars stop here just about every day. And I can’t figure out why. Some people pull out a cellphone, some just seem to sit there, some hop out and check their tires, or under the hood. At least they give me something to watch, I suppose. 🙂

  17. lol! I think you should knock on the window, smile and offer a KISS!

    Outside my window I get to watch the wild ones! My feeders attract a beautiful assortment of birds but I also get various squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs, and one screwy racoon who has a sweet tooth and sucks down the syrup in the hummingbird feeders! They are all really fun to watch and I love knitting with the wild ones!

  18. My husband and I work together, and the whole wall of his office is windows from about the waist up. From my desk I can see out those windows, or if they are closed I can still see through the glass in the french doors. We are onthe third floor overlooking a shopping center and I can see the whole town from here. We see gorgeous sunsets, as the windows face due West. Two nights ago we watched a storm roll in and could see the “wall” of rain come toward us. I hear you about the conversations people have. Obviously they aren’t right outside our windows, since we are on the third floor. Instead I hear all the people who leave their offices to go out into the hallway. So instead of just the people in their office being privy to their conversations, everyone near a door inthe halll hears it…sheesh, I am not wanting to hear their personal stuff! I usually open the office door, look out and say “Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking to me.” THat usually gets them out of there.

  19. It’s summer here, for today anyway, LOL, so I can enjoy looking at our pretty pink geraniums, impatiens, and purplish pansies, when I look out our windows.

    A slightly different perspective on your guys going outside your windows to make phone calls: I’m willing to bet it’s because their cell phone reception, with their cell carrier, isn’t good enough, inside your building, with the concrete & steel, etc. My son’s cell phone only gets a somewhat decent signal in one room of his apt; otherwise, he has to be outside or in the car, to get a good signal. Just a thought. 🙂 Different cell carriers use different cell towers. Also, yours might be fine because you’re near a window.

    And, thank you for your great looking recipe! I love it when you give us recipes! (And, at least our local Bill Knapps closed several years ago, sorry. We have Bob Evans, Applebees, etc.)

  20. I can see a little chipmunk frantically running down the driveway, all the neighbors out mowing to get ready for the weekend, birds, trees….

    When someone stands outside your window to talk, walk over and open & draw up the blinds – maybe that invisible window won’t be so invisible then 🙂

  21. I wish I could take a picture of what’s outside my window, but since I can’t I’ll describe it for you:

    Directly in front of my window is the “lawn” of the business where I work, some of the grass has turned brown despite all the rain we’ve had lately; or perhaps because of it. Beyond that is the cool gray parking lot where there are usually semi-trucks coming and going, though right now it is empty. Just inches away from the edge of the parking lot is a tall chain link fence. Although you might be tempted to think it is just a giant bush because a large plant has laid claim to most of the fence. Behind the fence is an electrical pole that is slightly crooked. If I look beyond that I can see a huge line of trees swaying in the wind and a large orange water tower with the word “Fisher” written on it.

    That is what I can see from my window.

  22. At work, I look out at another office building. I think its a CareFirst or Blue Cross building. That said, Thanks for reminding me that people can see in AND out of windows! I often forget and change a shirt, hop up and down, etc. I can only imagine what the blue cross people think of me!

  23. Sofia & Bama have hung 4 suet feeders & 2 bird seed feeders in a tree right outside the kitchen window. Right now the birds are out there SCREAMING cause all their feeders are empty. Sofia’s in Miami visiting Vo & Va & doesn’t like it when I feel the feeders without her. This is one time I’m filling without her – they’re just making too much racket!! She calls all the birds “flying pigs”!

  24. Right now I can see one of my employees talking on the phone (again), the gardner weeding, the dump truck dumping, my radiometer spinning like mad (yeah, sun) and flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

  25. My daughter laying in our hammock. With the dog, who weighs 50 pounds. I can’t figure out how Bean convinced Mollythedog to get on the hammock, but I suspect I should check the dog cookie jar!

  26. At work, I’m on the 9th floor, so I don’t get cell-phone talkers! What I do have is a fabulous view of the Yale campus. In spring and fall, when the sun is at the right angle in the late afternoon, the neo-Gothic buildings look magically golden.

    At home, I live in a suburban tract house. From my normal knitting perch, I see the front yard, the street, and a large forsythia bush. There are often squirrels, chipmunks, and birds of various sorts; I’m not great at identifying birds, but it seems as if there is a larger variety this year than in the past. This summer, I also have a family of bunnies. Unfortunately, they don’t stick to the front yard. They have munched on much of my lettuce, as well as the Swiss chard that I put in to replace the munched-on lettuce. But the front-yard piece de resistance occurred a few weeks ago. I was having work done on the house, and was actually waiting for the workmen to show up. I caught a sudden movement out of my left eye, and looked up, to see a deer, maybe a year old, prancing down the sidewalk.

  27. Books. I work in a library and my only office window faces inside. It’s nice during the school year though because I get to see all of the students “studying.”

  28. My window? Some days it’s the neighbor kids (5 & 7) standing on the top of their play toy yelling, “Hi Mishellll!” when I am in the kitchen doing dishes. They are pretty funny. From our bedroom window we can see Mt Rainier in all it’s snowy glory. It’s pretty cool looking. I’m just worried that one day I’ll see an avalanche (or lahar) coming down it straight for our house!

  29. I work on the 19th floor of a high rise in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Our building faces the Atlantic ocean. My view is of the cruise ships heading out and back. It is actually quite spectacular! I also have a view of the top of the building on the next block and I occasionally see Wayne Huizinga take off in his helicopter. He has a helipad right on the roof of one of the buildings that he owns! Strange, but true! 🙂

  30. My office overlooks historic downtown Norman, OK. I am on the 2nd floor but I have a bird’s eye view of The Diner which is a piece of history in and of itself. I love watching people roll out the door in the clothes they just yanked on so they could run eat breakfast. 🙂

  31. I telecommute, but my favorite thing to see out the window are my awesome neighbors, especially if they bring their yellow lab puppy out to play! Today its lots of sunshine and even more procrastination. Ugh.

  32. When sitting at my desk I see the upper limbs of the tree in the front yard through my window. When the window is open, sometimes a bird will come and talk back to the music I have going on iTunes.

    When I look to my right I can see out the windows in the bedroom–where I see more happy green leaves on the trees out back.

    There are times when working from home is a blessing. The view is one of them.

  33. I’m out in the country, so my windows have views of the trees, the river, the little falls in across from our house, and the bridge over the river. Sometimes I get to see birds flying down from the branches of the big maple closest to the house; they snap up insects and flit back to the branches to wait for the next snack to buzz by. Quiet, peaceful… did I mention cell phones don’t have coverage here? 😉

  34. Outside my front window sit the foothills leading up to Yellowstone National Park. Every day I gaze upon Cedar and Rattlesnake mountains, and the North Fork of the Shoshone River, the river that carved the pass between the two mountains, leading to our nation’s premier National Park. I see wildlife, sunrises, and sunsets, all of which take my breath away. I see airplanes flying over at 30,000+ feet, all taking the great circle route from places like London, Dusseldorf, and Olso. All headed to destinations on our west coast. But, mostly, I look out my front window and see the hand of God. For beauty such as this is no accident of nature. I am blessed to look out my front window every day and affirm my belief that God’s handiwork abounds.

  35. I’m lucky in that I have a home-based office–today I’ve been watching bees, butterflies, and tiny western chickadees outside my window–they love my rhododendron bushes! My cat’s keeping a close eye on everything too!

  36. I see the ripped out yards out most of my windows. And the neighbor’s ugly house out the rest. And all of them let too much hot sun through in the summer so spend most of the time with the blinds/curtains drawn. My mom says it makes the house look like a drug house.

    You are much nicer than I am. I’d either put up a note on the window that says “I can hear you you know, and leaving my office to give you your privacy is affecting my productivity so I’m gonna have to stop that and just listen in” or if I was feeling more evil, yet more subtle, get Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover” on an iPod with external speakers and every time someone started talking on their cell out there crank that up super loud with the speakers facing the window before leaving the office.

  37. I can see a rhododendron and camellia that are each threatening to take over the view out of the entire window. The good news is that we have three hummingbird feeders out there and I enjoy the visiting little birds all the time.

  38. Or you could try taking pictures of people and posting them on your windows with captions.
    Out my home office window, I see trees. From the kitchen, trees, sky and the bus stop. Also people walking past and stopping to look at the face we have on our oak tree. Have a good weekend.

  39. We have a little bunny living under our deck and lots of times I see him out of our window. He loves to graze on our grass. He’s so cute! We can see him better now, too, since we just got new windows this week.
    Our discussion about our scarves inspired me and I’ve done 10 repeats on mine since then. Hope you get some good knitting done this weekend. We can send good lace-knitting vibes to each other!

  40. I am looking out at my goats grazing and looking back at me. Out my other window I am looking at a couple of our horses grazing. They are not looking back at me, they could care less until they hear those feed buckets. I have the best view in the house. I am blessed.

  41. Outside my window …. sunny day withthe trees swaying in the wind and the youngest climbing on top of the swing set. It is only used for climbing these days no swinging.

    I have neglected my KAL project becasue I was afraid it was becoming boring and not what I thought it would be. Now that 2 more clues have come out I will resume knitting on it. I didn’t want to invest a lot of time on something I was going to be unhappy with, not to mention wasting all theat beautiful Dream in Color Baby.

    I can not make a good bisuit to save my life but I will give this recipe a try … maybe this will be the one.

  42. What’s out my window………. well out front I see……the beautiful Rocky Mountains still sporting snow on top and out back, the Araphoe National Forest. And Sheri, it’s as beautiful as ever.

  43. Every 4th of July and the closest weekend, Gunnison has a hot air balloon festival. So last weekend, looking out of my upstairs bedroom window I saw 6 or 7 balloons only about 25 feet higher float over my house-then 2 of them landed in the street in front of my house. It so fun to be so close to the balloons and hear them WHOOSHing their propane burners as they go over.

    Plugging along on my scarf for the KAL.

    You’ve inspired me to make biscuits for tomorrow breakfast.

  44. I had the very best view outside my window this morning…2 moose calfs! They were chomping on the little trees and grasses near the residence hall. My dog, Sisu woke me up at 6:45 with her, “Somethings wrong” growl and bark and there they were! They stood out there for about 15 minuets and then wandered off looking for something better to eat. A few days ago I got to see a male cousin who surprised me so much that I nearly dropped the dish I was washing 🙂 I cant wait for them to come back thru!

  45. I’ve been watching ODOT repave the state route and make a giant traffic nightmare for 2 days. Thank god they are almost done.

    I would be so evil and knock on that glass or keep a bull horn at my desk. HONKKKKKKK! I dare you to hang a big neon colored Loopy sign. 😉

  46. Outside my window, I can watch the people working in the bank offices across the way. Sometimes I see the cleaning crew and construction crew as well. I can hear the traffic on Park Avenue all day long, in fact, one of my users heard the taxi cab horns honking over the phone today and was surprised.

    I have the yarn, but have yet to start my KAL. Soon I hope, need to finish the shawl first and there is ALWAYS socks on the needles.

    Biscuits, YUM – must add ingredients to my next Fresh Dircet order.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  47. Outside my kitchen window-I watch the hummingbirds. They are fun to watch. One has a beautiful red neck. He sets on the shephard hook, watching the juice. He goes after the other ones that come in. I always think they play tag. And when the season changes we will have deer outside our windows. I just love living out in the country.

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