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bobsweaterToday, for the first time, Loopy shares the Limelight with another animal. Of course it’s a special animal, to be able to be featured in the Limelight. If you’re on Ravelry, you know Bob. Bob pretty much runs things over there. I think he lets Casey and Jess believe that they are connected to it, but we all know that Bob is the Brains behind it all. That, and he’s also the mucker-upper when things go awry. (Have’t you seen his image come up on your screen in times of trouble?) In this photo he’s modeling his first sweater. We like that it’s red. Good choice.
Loopy: Hi Bob! Finally I get to interview one of my own kind. Sort of. Thanks for being in the Limelight today. First question – what did your people do before they started Ravelry? Did they sit home and play with you all day, or did they have jobs where they went off to work?
Bob: Hi Loopy. When I was a puppy, Casey had a web development job. He left on the noisy scooter early in the morning and then when he was home he was working on Ravelry at night and didn’t have much time to play with me. Before I came, Jessica was working as a study abroad advisor and then quit that to go to school and take care of me. We went to the DOGPARK every day!! (I know when Jess and Casey are talking about the D-O-G-P-A-R-K even when they spell it out, because I am a super smart dog.)

Loopy: Well yes – you have to be smart to be the Brains behind Ravelry. No wonder you can spell, too. Were you in on the conversations when they first started talking about Ravelry? (Seriously, Bob – you can tell us. Who had the idea in the first place, and how long did they sit around discussing it before they had the beta-testing ready?)
Bob: Jess has a bit of a temper on her sometimes – she says bad words. It is usually when she has that tickle-string and the pointy-things, and sometimes when she is on the computer trying to find things to make with the tickle-things. I think before I was born, she couldn’t pet me when she got upset and couldn’t find things, so she would complain to Casey instead. He tried to find a way to make her happy when she couldn’t find the tickle-string information and decided to make a website all about it. I think a site about rawhides and DOGPARKS would have been better. Jessica keeps all the tickle-string in a basket on the floor. She says I can’t touch it, but she lets me smell it all I want. I especially like the string that smells like bunnies. I wish she had one that smelled like squirrels – that would be the best.

bobLoopy: I think a site about clover and PASTURES would be lovely, myself. And I have to say that I’m sort of glad you don’t prefer yarns that smell like sheep. But that’s just me. Are there things that make your people really frustrated with this job? (You know, like when you get into the system and mess things up?)
Bob: I think the things that are challenging change all the time. They haven’t done anything like Ravelry before so they are learning a lot as they go. Mostly they are all just very excited about Ravelry, and they always say things like, “Hey! I have an idea!” and also “so much to do!”

Loopy: I guess when you hear those two phrases, it probably means no DOGPARK for awhile, huh? What is your favorite feature on Ravelry? (Personally, we like the little icons that pop up when you type in certain words, but we REALLY think that you need a Loopy Sheep to pop up when someone types in “The Loopy Ewe”.)
Bob: I like all the people who start groups about me. Did you know there is a group for a Ravelry award named for me? And there are people who think I would make a good American President! There are also people who are Ravelry cheerleaders who also took my name. It makes me feel almost as good as when I get a good earscratching. I also like to look at the dog groups with all of the pictures – although I wish Casey would make it so I could smell them.

Loopy: I’d vote for you for President, Bob. You might be just what we need. I’m hoping that you get more time with your people now that Mary-Heather is helping out. How did she end up working at Ravelry?
Bob: Mary-Heather had been helping Jess and Casey for a long time on Ravelry – they have said how happy they are to have her working with them. It was very lucky they were able to make enough money to hire someone and MH was just leaving her job and she was exactly what they were looking for. It has been very nice – she helps them a lot.

Loopy: What do your people like to do in their spare time that has nothing to do with Ravelry or knitting? (Besides catering to you, of course.)
Bob: They like to take me in the car and go outside of the city. It is fun because then I can run and play fetch on really big lawns. They also read books a lot – more than they used to – so that is good. Sometimes they bring me into the city with them on the Vespa and we all like that very much. I have a special sling so can sit on Jessica’s lap on the scooter. I like to sniff the air and look at the smiling kids in cars. And Mary-Heather told me she likes to watch old movies with her sweetie and cook things.

bobjessLoopy: Wow – your Vespa rides sound fun! Maybe I’ll come visit so that I can get a Vespa ride, too. Speaking of traveling, sometimes we see Jess and Casey at different festivals and markets. Who takes care of you when they’re gone?
Bob: I go to stay with Aunt Erica and Uncle Kyle when they go away with their suitcases. It is very fun because I get to go to work with Kyle and his office has elevators. I like to run in the elevators and go exploring. The bell is just so exciting! They also play with me a lot and throw my toy for me over and over and over.

Loopy: You’re lucky to have good back-up people. They sound like a nice choice. Do you like cats? We have some cat-lovers who want to know.
Bob: I like to play with cats but they don’t like me very much, I don’t think. I especially like it when cats have big swishy tails!

Loopy: Hmmm – we might need to make sure to keep you away from Gracie and Zoe if you ever come visit. 🙂 Where do you think Ravelry will be five years from now, and how will this affect you? (We’re thinking a customized doghouse would be in order.)
Bob: Wow, 5 years is a long time on the internet, even in dog years! Hopefully my people will have an office by a DOGPARK where we can go during the day!

Loopy: I’m sure you can work out a deal like that! Can you share any fun Rav Stats with us?
Bob: There are 19 Ravelers named Bob, including me. There are also lots of people with pets named Bob – Bob the cat, the other Bob the cat, Bob the bunny, Bob the swiminator (he’s a fish), and Bob the potted plant. The Boston Terrier group was the first group on Ravelry. Did you know that the Loopy Groupies was the 57th group on Ravelry? (Now there are over 6500 groups.) Also, congratulations to the Loopy Groupies – your 100,000th post was on July 3rd!

bob2Loopy: 100,000th post? That’s a heck of a lot of talking out there in Loopy Groupie land! Anything else you’d like to add?
Bob: Most people don’t know that I am more than a mascot (although, clearly you do, Loopy.) I make sure that Casey is getting things right. Here is a photo of me supervising. Also, thank you to everyone who has sent me cards and dog treats and virtual scratchies. Being Ravelry’s mascot is hard work, but it is worth it.

Loopy: You’re so right. People have no idea how hard it is to be a mascot. That’s another reason I like you so much, Bob. You understand.

Sheri nowLoopyispesteringustoaddaP-A-S-T-U-R-EtoLoopyCentral.FPS.


  1. Loved this post!! Now, we just need Bob to visit Loopy to get a picture of them together lying in Wollmesie.

  2. What a fun interview…Bob has a great personality and Ravelry is amazing!

    Maybe Loopy could add a dogpark and pasture outside of Loopy Central as well as put in a few benches for all those people making the phone calls!

  3. Bob,

    My name is Debit D Dog. I wish my person had a computer that would allow me to sit in her lap or lay beside it. When she computes, I want to get under the desk to be near her which she doesn’t like for me to do. (I can’t help it that I step on the plug strip switch and cut the computer off–I just want to be near my person.)

    My person doesn’t have any tickle string that smells like bunnies. She only has the kind that smells like sheep–sorry Loopy! She won’t let me touch her string either. I especially like the puffy stuff that she puts in her spinning wheel to make tickle string. It really smells like sheep sometimes and I inspect it very closely. The puffy stuff looks like my favorite thing–fiberfill.

    She also knits socks all the time and I LOVE SOCKS. They’re my other favorite thing. So far I haven’t been able to get one of the handknits though.

    I don’t really care about the pointy sticks. My person uses metal ones. I stepped on one of those the other day and bent it. So she now has a kinky needle.

    Love, Debit

    PS from Debit’s person–Thanks Bob, Jess, and Casey for starting Ravelry. I love it.

  4. Wonderful interview. the major stations will be looking to Bob for insightful comments on the issues, like the presidentlial race. (Loopy may also be asked to fill in on the talkshow circuit – The View/Larry King Live/The Tonight Show?)

    Congrats to both Loopy and Bob for compelling chat!

  5. Great post Loopy! I love that we got to see Ravelry through Bob’s eyes. Now I would love to see a picture of the three of them on the Vespa. Thank you Loopy!

  6. Thank you for such a great post! I needed a smile on this gloomy Monday here in Phoenix. Loopy is such a good interviewer, and Bob gives great interview!

  7. Loopy, you need to come here and visit your wooly namesake, he has plenty of pasture to go around. (altho he’ll be at a sheep show this week, so you’d better wait a bit)

  8. Loopy, that was a great interview. I can see that you are earning your keep. My isn’t Bob fun, you two need to get together. Hugs

  9. Beautiful Boston Terrier Interview!

    Bob my bestest buddy, how could you have left out the “For the Love of Bob” group dedicated to You! on Ravelry! And for all the times that YOU cannot be there, we are creating Flat Bobs, to travel in your place. YOU can travel anywhere you or Ravelers wish once we get these Flat Bobs into the world wide snail mail system.

  10. Thank you for another fascinating interview, Loopy! Nice to finally meet the REAL brains behind Ravelry! Silly me, I was giving the humans all the credit. Pepper is very jealous about the Vespa rides (Ignoring the fact that there’s no way he could fit on a Vespa) and he’d be interested in some of that squirrel yarn, too!

  11. What a cute post! Love it!

    And of course you need a P A S T U R E. You can get a compact one. 🙂

  12. dear loopy-

    how big a pasture do you need? I have a yard- and you are always welcome at my house;)

    ps— a sheep-park? Hmmm maybe a new business venture for the Ewe…

  13. So cute! I have a kitty (she’s not really allowed to smell the yarn, because she tries to eat it and shred it), but I want a Bob!

    Maybe if I get a house next to a DOGPARK then I’ll be able to have a Bob to play with too!

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