What Bugs You? (and a Sneak Peak!)

I decided that it’s time for an “It Bugs Me” post again. It has been awhile. And what made me think of it? Last night as I was sitting there shredding envelope after envelope of credit card offers, it came to me. “This bugs me.” When you have a family of four, two family-owned businesses, and two college-aged kids, the credit card offers that arrive every day are annoying. What a complete waste of time and money. (Particularly annoying are the ones that contain a piece of bubble wrap to make it feel more substantial like something fun is in there, the ones that contain a fake ticket to “the destination of your choice”, and the ones that have a piece of heavy cardboard in there. I did find a dollar bill in one of them. That was unique.) Credit card offers. They bug me. (And that photo was as close as I could find to a “bug” around here, which is probably a very good thing.)

It also bugs me that I’m having so much fun knitting scarves and there are only so many you can wear. And it really does need to be pretty cool to wear them. You can wear socks on most days (except the very hottest) but you can only wear merino scarves when it’s cool. I finished the Noro Silk Garden Worsted scarf (colorway 282) in a modified Chevron-type pattern and I really like how it turned out. (Knitting with Noro is always an adventure because of the way the colors play out.) I mixed a few different patterns together and came up with my own version: cast on 36 stitches, knit a row, and then start in on this pattern and work on it as long as you want it, ending with a knit row. (I used 2 1/2 skeins for this):
Row 1: K2tog (x 3), K f&b (x 6), K2tog (x 6), K f&b (x 6), K2tog (x 3)
Row 2: Purl Row 3: Knit Row 4: Purl
K2tog = knit two stitches together as one. K f&B = Knit into the front of the stitch and then knit into the back of the same stitch, then pop the stitch off of the left needle.

And speaking of projects completed, here is the Creatively Dyed Seacell Roving that I spun up. This was a colorway from her first roving order here called Forest Path. (We put up more fun new roving colors from Dianne this week.) The roving didn’t bug me – it spun up like a dream. What bugs me is that I feel like I’m doing a good job while I’m spinning it, getting nice even yarn most all of the time. However, when I ply it and look at the finished results, it doesn’t look anywhere near even. I guess I just need to keep practicing. (Actually, given the quantity of very cool roving here, that is not going to be a hardship.)

Another thing that really bugs me is that this is Cassie’s last week at The Loopy Ewe. Cassie is in college and we hired her for the summer (so that the regular Elves could be a little more flexible with their summer schedules.) Cassie is getting married in a week and so her time here is about over. She has been a huge help and we’re going to miss her. We had a Going Away/Good Luck with the Wedding party for her here today, which was fun! (We’re sending her off with one of those gorgeous Atenti bags – the one that she has had her eye on all summer long.) But it bugs me that we’re losing her, albeit to a good cause! (Knitting Daughter has already laid claim to Cassie’s job next summer.)

Let’s end this post on a positive note! Something that makes me happy – our Second Anniversary “Loopified” Sock Kit! These will go up sometime soon (but not today – we’re not ready yet) and we’re happy to show you the photo of what’s in there! We had Jana at Hand Maiden dye up a special colorway on her Casbah yarn base that we call “Loopified” – the red and black are very “Loopy” colors, and of course the pewter color is in there because of Loopy Kisses, which is also part of being fully “Loopified”. We love how it turned out! Then Debbie O’Neill took the sample skein that Jana had sent and developed a cool pattern out of if, which she calls Halema ‘uma ‘u Socks (which is the name of a volcano, since the colorway reminded her of glowing embers.) To round out the kit, we have a Loopy Ewe Coffee Mug (I love the size and shape of this one), a Loopy Ewe enamel pin (for all of you who keep asking us for these), and two Loopified tattoos (for those of us who are too chicken to get the real thing like Lynda did. And like the others of you who have already emailed for permission to get a real Loopy tattoo, are planning to.) A couple of things to note about the kit – we are limiting it to one per person for now. Also, this has to ship as its own order, since we had to pack it in a certain size cube in order to fully protect the mug. (International orders – we will pack the mugs the VERY best that we can in the international padded envelopes, but we just can’t guarantee them because …. well, we’ve seen some of the things that happen to orders going that far afield. Please order at your own risk.) šŸ™‚

So, those are the things that bug me (and make me happy) today. What bugs you lately?

Sheri Friday’spostwillbeaSecondAnniversaryContestPostwithWollmeise&otherprizes.


  1. Missouri summer heat and humidity bug me!

    Other than that, like Vicki said, I hope I have better luck with the anniversary kit than with Wollmeise!

  2. It bugs me I go to get my mail and there’s no packages of yarn or fiber waiting for me. Doesn’t the mailman know that I’m supposed to get packages of fiber every day…even if I haven’t ordered any. They’re just supposed to arrive!

    Sheri, your spinning looks great. Do you know what you’re going to make with it? I love how forgiving handspun is. You’ll never notice the unevenness once it’s knitted into fabric. I’m looking forward to trying out the seacell roving I ordered from the sneak up. It looks so soft and squishy.

  3. What bugs me? My neighbours insisting on having a barbeque and hookah party in the communal garden outside our bedroom the night before my husband’s job interview! So not only was there a tremendous amount of noise, we couldn’t even have the window open in the 27-degrees-C heat because then our bedroom would have been filled with hookah and lighter fluid fumes!

    It wasn’t even the weekend, it was a Wednesday night. *snarl*

  4. What bugs me: It’s hot enough in my preferred knitting nook (right by an open window, FPS) that I’m felting little parts of the scarf I’m working on *as I’m knitting it*. I’m also allowing the size of my stash to bother me — it’s light years beyond SABLE, at the snail’s pace I knit, but I keep craving newer and prettier colors.

    Then again, Cassie’s style sense is impeccable: that’s my favorite Atenti, too!

  5. What bugs me right now is that annoying, constant, high pitched buzz that my oven is making. I have to turn off the breaker to the oven when I’m not using it to make the noise go away. It also bugs me that my husband is having a hard time pinpointing the source so he can fix it.

  6. That I don’t have more time to spend on the internet, or that once I am on the internet I can’t get off and I have no time to do housework, and then sit to knit??LOL.
    then that my chronic fatique seems to be stopping me from my morning runs. Now that is sad..:-
    NOw the cc junk mail?? yeah, the next worse thing to that are the telephone calls, the ones on the cell, that are supposed to be a private number??GRR….

  7. A few people mentioned that not being thin, or not being able to stay away from junk food bugs them. It bugs me that society advertises most all products with too thin women…where are the real sized women?? Life is just too short…eat that yummy dessert once in a while! šŸ™‚

    It bugs me that I have to deal with tendonitis in my arms and have limited knitting time.

    It bugs me that it’s almost August and I will be headed back to school (teaching) soon, but I love my students so it’s a “catch 22”.

    BUT, since it’s August tomorrow, hopefully I will get in on the fun Friday contest and then later an Anniversary kit! šŸ™‚

  8. Your spinning is beautiful the kits look great and I want Cassie’s job too šŸ˜‰

    I’m exceptionally miffed by the person who drug an old tent across the parking lot, *past the dumpster*, and threw it over a fence into the woods to dispose of it. Then proceeded to walk over to the dumpster to look at stuff other people had left out b/c they were cleaning out their apartment. Who in the hairy heck does stuff like this? How insanely stupid!

    It bugs me that I felt like I couldn’t stop her, and that there will be no repercussions for what she did, but I will be miffed about this all day. *Grumble growl*

    It bugs me that I can’t give real hugs to all of the Loopy Ewe people who brighten so many people’s lives. Thank you all.

  9. Your spinning is so beautiful! How you can find time with all you do-you must have some of those energizer bunnie batteries in addition to caffeine!

    It bugs me that I can’t knit for the whole day!

  10. WORK BUGS ME!!!! LOL!

    You do spin beautifully and I think the unevenness of it gives the yarn charactrer. Speaking of spinning, do you plan on carrying spindles? I cannot invest in a wheel at this time, but I am quite drawn to spindles. The roving that you are offering is absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Those credit cards offers drive me nuts too. I have started mailing back the envelopes empty and have been telling everyone else to do the same. I keep thinking that if these companies have to pay the postage on enough empty envelpes, they will think twice about all the mass mailings they put out.

  12. I know this sounds like sour grapes but it bugs me to be driving my daughter back and forth to day camp (two round trips per day), and all I see along the way are vacationers reading in hammocks on their front porches! (the road to camp is all along the water). I want to be on vacation too!

    Another bug? Too many socks on the needles and not enough finished projects!

    And last – too much time in the car in general and not enough time on my bike!

  13. Whoo-hoo! First off, Congrats to Cassie, the SeaCell looks good to me, and I can’t WAIT for the Loopified kit! šŸ˜Ž

    As for what bugs me? heh…

    1. I work customer service, answering phones and e-mails. What REALLY bugs me is people who call with a problem, then obsessively follow up on it. I’ve had people send me e-mails EVERY HOUR, and one person was calling every couple of hours to check up on something. NONONONO!! Every couple of days, fine. Give it a reasonable amount of time, people!! Puh-lease!!!

    2. Between the stuff I need to do in the house, the stuff I need to do in the yard, and the new puppy, I don’t have enough time to do much knitting or crocheting.

    3. Since the new puppy came home, my cat has been spending loads of time in the back of my closet. He will come around eventually, but….

    4. Speaking of the new puppy, leave it to me to pick the one with Alpha Dog tendencies. Thank God obedience training starts Monday!

    5. We just had our house painted. It’s very different from before (buff with green trim on a brick cape cod style). Now it’s Blue with white shutters (color is Lobelia from Sherwin-Williams). It’s VERY blue. šŸ™‚ Reminds me of the sea. Anyway, what bugs me about this is that one of the neighbors from down the street, who has said barely 2 words to my mom and I in the 8 or so years they’ve lived there, had the audacity to stop by and criticize my paint choice to my mom. I told her that next time, just point out to them that it could have been worse. There’s a Pepto-Bismol pink house a few blocks away (with salmon trim — gack!), and one of my other color suggestions was Northwestern Purple and white.

  14. Happy Anniversary! Your handspun looks great. I haven’t managed to spin enough to ply yet. šŸ™‚

    What’s bugging me:
    Worrying that I’m going to miss out on the anniversary kit because my paycheck isn’t deposited until Friday. I really love the yarn in this kit and I’m totally addicted to coffee mugs. šŸ™‚

  15. It bugs me that you aren’t totally happy with that skein of handspun! Handspun that’s 100% even looks like millspun. Yours is beeeyooooteeeeful!! I just received my order with the “Whisper” colorway and can’t wait to spin it (but I hafta – that bugs me, too).

  16. What mostly bugs me is that the DH has put me on a highly restricted yarn diet. GASP! I know, it’s not fun for me to look at yarn pron anymore. This is why you haven’t seen orders from me in a while. It’s not because I don’t love being Loopified!!

  17. I am never up this late– but I went out and met a loopy knitter who’s local…(smirkknits)

    I should NOT have had iced tea this late… now I can’t sleep….so I decided to be the FIRST to say:


  18. What bugs me?

    The mouse in my office yesterday afternoon! I’m supposed to have this office to myself, not have a four-footed noisy officemate….

    Can I borrow a cat?
    : )

  19. Happy Anniversary Loopy Ewe. You make the whole process of choosing yarn and making stuff even MORE fun! I enjoy browsing and buying from the store, and the Loopy ravelry group, too. Many, many more happy years to you!!

  20. What bugs me is that I have to work and always miss out on the Sneak Ups and the Anniversary Socks!!!!! Happy anniversary, we all love and appreciate you! ( Sheri, told you I should quit my job to get the anniversary socks!!!!!!) Pat

  21. Junk mail really bugs me as well. I really hated having to shred and recycle the junk.
    But I discovered a little trick to get even.
    Whenever I receive an offer with a postage paid return envelope, I write –
    No, but thank you so much! – on the offer, bundle everything back up, insert it in the postage paid return envelope, and send it back. Not only do the senders pay the return postage, but they often remove me from their lists.

    Ginny, who enjoys annoying junk-mailers

  22. *giggle*

    my kit arrived in michigan- safe n sound;)

    The giggle is because of all the order swapping that went on with this one… I gifted mine to someone else— someone else had theirs sent to me…..

    it’s the loopy circle of love:)

    PS- The Elves are not surprised by any crazy loopy groupy thing anymore.. are they?

  23. Not being able to knit at a faster pace really bugs me. I just love your variety of sock yarns. Happy Anniversary!

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