Questions and Answers and Photos

DSC01958.JPGAs promised, here are the questions you all have been asking and emailing lately. And because a list of Q&A is just boring, I have added in “detail” photos taken here at Loopy. See if you can figure out what each one is (before you read the comments or the P.S. at the bottom, where I’ll put the answers!)

– Yes, we have the Noro Silk Garden Sock here. We’re photoing it this week and it will go up next week. We have so many bags of it that I doubt we will ever have to re-order it again, but you’re welcome to prove me wrong. 🙂
– Yes, we have several hundred skeins of Cherry Tree Hill’s special Possum Sock coming in. We’re getting it in exclusive colors so it’s taking a little longer to dye, but we hope to have it in the next week or two. (Warmer than Alpaca, softer than cashmere, rarer than either one. You need some.)
DSC01959.JPG – Yes, we will be getting the Harry Potter Opal yarns in as soon as they are ready to ship them out. (Yes, we heard about the disastrous flooding, yes that does affect how much of our original order we’ll be able to get, but yes, we already have more on order for the second shipment.)
– Yes, we have more new indie dyers already working on orders for us, yes we have more regular yarn companies that we’ll be adding in over the next several months, No, we are not going to be adding in any more bags or totes, FPS. DSC01960.JPG(That’s a bald-faced lie. We all know that I have bag issues and am always on the lookout for other interesting ones. But with the new space, I have room for lots, right? And I did sort of order more bags today when one of my reps stopped by. ahem.)

Now for the questions that weren’t as easy as yes/no:
– What wheels will we carry?
To begin with, Schacht, Louet, and Ashford. At least that’s the plan. The Schacht wheels should be arriving soon.

DSC01961.JPG– When will we have more sweatshirts in other sizes? We have a new style and color for you and we’ll show you a photo when they all come in. We love the sweatshirt jackets that we bought the first time, but thought it’d be more fun to get a new style and color whenever we need to re-order. (Personally, we think a whole Loopy Ewe wardrobe is a fine idea.)
– Can you get other fabrics in the Lawre’s Laine bags? We have more on order.
– When will you have more Dream in Color Smooshy/Classy/Baby in? We have standing orders with them every month, so we get re-stocks of it often. So the answer to that question is always “soon”. In fact, more Smooshy went up yesterday afternoon. Did you see?

– When will you have more of the Loopy Legends in? Angelina (Zen String) DSC01962.JPGis the dyer of that line for us and she has had a busy summer of moving. She promised that we were next up on her list as soon as she has a dye area again. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t be much longer. (And it’s about time to add 12 more Legends to the line – that’s exciting!)
– When will you have ________ in again? (The blank is usually filled in with one indie dyer or another.) We have standing orders in with most of our wonderful indie dyers, which means that they’re usually working on something for us. We keep quite a few here at TLE so that in any given week, we have one or two or several indie selections to update and offer to you. Most can only do orders for us every 4-10 weeks in the quantities that we order (it depends on the dyer), so we have enough different lines to be able to rotate. I can pretty well guarantee that you’ll never find ALL of our indie lines stocked at the same time. They’re all on different schedules and we like it that way. (Because you know, if they were all IN at the same time, they’d probably end up all being OUT at the same time, too.)
DSC01963.JPG – “What’s going to be in the Second Anniversary Kit??” Well fun stuff, of course! We have a special colorway that Jana at Hand Maiden dyed up for us on the Casbah yarn base, along with a pattern that Debbie O’Neill designed to go with that very color, and then we added three other things to the kit as well. The kit is called “Loopified”, because when we’re doing orders each day and we come to one that has a new Loopy Groupie, we say “Loopify them – woohoo!” 🙂 It seemed like a fitting name to celebrate our Second Anniversary. We’ll share a photo of our “Loopified” kit as soon as we get the last two items in. We’re hoping to have this kit up sometime the first week in August.

And that’s the way things stand at the moment. If you have another question that I didn’t answer, just email. Also, several of you keep emailing and asking why I don’t put myself in the Limelight. That seems a little strange to me, but if you have questions that you’d like to submit for that, I can try to do that sometime. Email me any questions and if there are enough things that you want to know, we’ll work on it. (I mean LOOPY will work on it, of course. Loopy does the interviewing.) Email is: sheri AT theloopyewe DOT com I promise to forward them right on over to Loopy.

I’m heading up to the Chicago area today for a weekend with my friend Janice. We’ll be at the Midwest Fiber Festival on Saturday, in case any of you will be there as well. We’d love to see you! (Note – no email capabilities until I get back into the office on Monday, so I’ll catch up with emails then.)

Sheri canIbuysheepataFiberFestival?Ithinkweneedsome.Don’ttellWH.

(Speaking of details – could you guess what was in each close-up photo? Here are the answers:

1. Loopy’s Eye
2. The heart brad on our needle inventory cards.
3. The machine that spits out all of your shipping labels.
4. Part of the “h” in our “The Loopy Ewe” letters on the wall.
5. A section of the over-sized sock blocker that the Spring Flingers all signed.
6. This one was just a test to make sure you were paying attention….


  1. Hi Sheri! Thanks for the updates and the fun photos! I hope you and Janice have a fabulous time – please give her my best! : )

    Casbah in the 2nd Anniversary kit? I’m swooning, as that is some yummy stuff. I definitely want to have one of those kits if I can catch it!

    I’m already thinking about more Smooshy – I did see it yesterday and convinced someone they needed to place an order for it – it was her first TLE order. I felt so proud!

    Take care and again, have a wonderful weekend!! : )

  2. Have a nice weekend at the festival. Live sheep in St Louis–not sure about that one. I live in a rural area and have several spinning friends with sheep that I can visit from time to time. (Kind of like grandchildren you can visit them, spoil them and let somebody else take care of them.)

    My weekend will be a continuation of the cleaning/downsizing project at my house with lots of knitting time. I usually knit 55 minutes and clean 5 so this project may take a long time. I’m working my second pair of Wollmeise socks and for all my whining about twisty/tangly yarn the resulting sock/fabric from my first pair was well worth it. They’re awesome!

  3. Wow! Spinning wheels! How out of the loop(-y) am I ??

    I just spent a lovely weekend with my knitting friends in the mountains of Arizona (MUCH cooler up there at 8,700 feet). A couple of wheels came with and it was nice to hear the whoosh whoosh as they spun. It *kind* of makes me want to try spinning again. Though honestly… another crafty thing in my house may do me in for sure.

    I do like that you offer more and more good things all the time at TLE Sheri – even if I don’t buy them. There is always the *possibility* of buying. Lovely place to shop. :>)

  4. Possum yarn? POSSUMS?! Seriously? And Casbah in the 2nd anniversary kit? Seriously, Sheri, you’re the worst/best enabler ever!

    Also, question for you: are you going to carry all the accessories for wheels too? I ask because I have an Ashford Kiwi already, but I’m sure I’ll need to order some more bobbins, and a tensioned lazy kate, etc. and I’d rather order them from you than elsewhere!

  5. Casbah – yum! I am knitting Gardiner Yarn Works’ Seedy Rib Sock in “Dandelion” and it is wonderful to knit with. It will be a very warm sock (and one of my favorites).

    Thanks for filling in all the blanks for us! And say “hi” to Janice!

  6. What a fun post! Can’t wait for the 2nd Anniversary kit. Have a great time at the Mid-West Fiber Fest and say hi to Janice for me. My little Loopy and I are going to the Cincinnati Reds Stitch ‘n Pitch tomorrow night. It should be fun. 🙂

  7. 6. Plain and peanut (see, I *am* paying attention!)

    Great post! I’m looking forward to the anniversary kit, but is that gonna be like trying to get Wollmeise? lol (I have my fears) I’m looking forward to the Potter line-up from Opal; those patterns are much more inspiring for me than the second Rain Forest collection turned out to be (or that whole line of “moth” sock colors – something ironic about doing moth patterns in wool, isn’t there??).

  8. Great post Sheri, the only photo I got right was the last one. I wonder why? I hope you order plenty of stuff for the Anniversary kits. I’m sure we will all want one. Can you believe two years. Wow! I’m really glad I found your shop in Dec. 2006, it’s the best. Hope you and Janice have a great weekend, safe travels. Hugs

  9. Casbah! Oh great yet another thing to stalk for. Well, it looks like maybe it won’t be that hard to do after all.

    And I just realized the other day (while digging my desk out from being on the go too much) that I forgot to take Loopy on vacation with me! I could have gotten his photo under Niagara Falls FPS! And at Canadian customs with the cute Canadian customs officer (not that I guess Loopy would be impressed but us gals might have been). Although, maybe not, because when I said I was going to Canada to go to a yarn shop I got a bit of a funny look…

  10. 6. mmmmmmmmm!

    Thanks for letting all of us in on the “coming attractions” — this is even more fun than the last movie I saw (Iron Man w/ Robert Downey Jr. looking almost as yummy as all those m&m’s). I hope that more Seacoast might come in eventually, but I’m not averse to finding new favorites.

  11. Hey Sheri, can any of us get the 2nd Anniversary kit?????? I’m hoping it’s just not for Sock Club members but for any of us who know a good thing when we see it! At least I’m a card carrying, Little Loopy owning Loopy Groupie! Does that gain me access to the line for the 2nd Anniversary kit????? Not that I’m anxious or anything….

  12. Well I can’t wait for more sneak ups. So much more I want.

    The weekend at the festival sounds like so much fun. Looked into air fare but it is ridiculous right now. I could go to Europe cheaper. Maybe next time.

    Y’all have a great time. Fiber festivals are like being a kid in a candy shop and you have money to spend.

    I know Sheri will tell us all about it next week.

  13. Have a nice weekend with jamice. She is expecting a lot of knitting time I think. That one is actually close enough for me to do a weekend trip …. if I didn’t have to work : (

  14. Anniversary Casbah? FPS! I am knitting my first Casbah sock at the moment and it is love! I was desperately searching the site for more to no avail :o( Looking forward to seeing this one!

  15. A new question for you. Did you know that the tag on the red canvas sock bag is a perfect teething toy?

  16. I’m so excited that you and the elves will have more room! Just to help pay for that bigger space I had to order more yarn last night.

    Have fun with Janice at the fiber festival.

    Looking forward to the next kit-WOOHOO.

  17. Thanks for all the updates! I still love you even though all the Wollmeise vanished so fast I didn’t even have time to load the page before it was gone. 😉 I can’t wait for the Loopified kit – I loves me some Casbah….mmmmm. I’m working on some of Wendy’s Nanner socks in Casbah now.

    Have a fun weekend with Janice!

  18. I would also like to know if us Loopy Groupies get to go to the Head of the Line when it comes to the Second Anniversary Kits HEHEHE 🙂
    I cant wait to see it and Get me one of the Anniversary kits!

  19. What an informative post–thanks, Sheri. I hope you and Janice have a great time at the Fiber Festival.

    Your second anniversary is certainly something to celebrate! I’m hoping to be able to get one of the kits, too. I know it will be fabulous!

  20. Sheri,
    Have a good weekend…I got the candy photo, but not the others!!
    Looking forward to seeing the anniversary kit.

  21. Who says Q & A is boring? I thought it was a great post! But I’m easily amused.

    I’d talked myself up into not getting into stalking mode over the 2nd Anniversary Kit, but then you had to go and mention that there’ll be Casbah in it. FPS. I am doomed.

    Have a great weekend at the festival with Janice!

  22. Fun post. I only got photo number 6, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!

    Happy second anniversary, and good luck with the expansion! Hope you and the elves are staying cool enough.


  23. As a relatively new Loopy Groupie, can someone tell me something about the second anniversary loopy groupie kit? Of course I already know I want one, but more details please. Just in case I need to quit my job and glue myself to the key board to make sure I am on line when they go up!!!! Just kidding, well, maybe not. Pat

  24. Wow. I dont get a chance to get on and a new surprise! I am in seventh heaven as i am finally an official Loopy Groupie! I am so happy.
    I want one!! A anniversary kit that is dont care what it is I want one. Can we preorder them in case that we are not online at the time?
    I cant wait!!!! It would be cool if Loopy lime lighted Sheri!

    Love to everyone at Loopy


  25. I got them all right! (OK, so I didn’t know specifically it was the letter “h”, but I did know it was part of the logo…does that count?)

    Have a great time in Chicago, give my hellos to Janice. Just got back from the week in Estes Park…it was great…we made our reservations for next year already! Too bad it wasn’t a few weeks earlier…I could have gone to the EP Wool Festival.

    Found a lovely little shop with a great indie dyer…right there in Estes. Of course I didn’t buy anything (lie, lie, lie, lie…). Her stuff is beautiful…all the colorways named after Rocky Mountains, flowers, animals, etc.

    Can’t wait for the 2nd anniv. kit. I blinked and missed the Wollmeise this week. 🙁
    And Cashbah and Possum too…I’ll have to line up early for those. Have you seen the new fall Atenti bag colors yet? MMMMmmmmmm. I’m still resisting a wheel at this point, but I can see it looming in my future somewhere…. *sigh*

  26. Geez, and I thought #6 was Little Loopy’s lunch! 😉

    BTW, don’t tell Little Loopy, but I was in the M&M’s store in NYC this weekend. He’d love it!

  27. mmmmm Casbah sock, heavenly! I kick myself in the hiney often for not buying any!

    I hope you guys had a blast as the fiber fest!

    We just got back from vacation so the dyeing will pick back up shortly 😀

  28. Uhmmm, this possum isn’t the kind that we see on the roads is it??
    On my way to San Fran this week-hoping that the anniversary kits come up before Thursday!

  29. We were 45 minutes away from each other this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been in St. Charles, IL for the past week and I didn’t read the blog in time to know you would be in the area…sad 🙁

    Hope you had a great weekend in Chicago…:)

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