New Knit-A-Long Starting Up!

We had so much fun with the first DC-KAL! I truly lost track of how many people participated, but there were a lot. There are 83 photos that were posted by June 1st in our photo gallery, and even more of you who kept us updated on your progress in the KAL threads on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. I hope you will still finish your sweaters and share the photos with us. They’re very inspiring, and I’ll be ready to jump into another sweater pattern this fall when it’s not so hot.

DSC01925.JPGIt’s time to start up another one and this one will be fun, too. I like making the KAL about a certain yarn, and then letting everyone be creative with what they do with that yarn. For our first KAL, you could pick any sweater you wanted to make with Dream in Color Classy. For this KAL, you can pick any pattern you want to make with Dream in Color Baby! I wanted to pick a yarn that would be lighter to knit up for the summer months, and Baby is perfect. No, we won’t always be knitting with Dream in Color yarns for our KAL’s (I have the next KAL already figured out and it’s not DC), but I know many of you fell in love with other colorways during the first KAL and this will give you a chance to experiment with another one of their amazing colors. (Click on that photo to make it larger and see some of them up close!) The other thing I like about Baby is that it can be knit up as a laceweight, or a fine fingering weight. You can do shawls or scarves, cowls or mitts, hats or socks, as long as you pay attention to your gauge and needle size. I had some people doing a challenge a few months back where they were buying 2 colors of Baby because they had to knit socks by using two different colored laceweight yarns together, knit as one. What a fun exercise that would be! I had a great time pairing up colorways. (And gorgeous results, no doubt, with two DC colors intermixing.) For those of you participating in Summer of Socks, this might be a good option, as I’m sure you’d like to be knitting socks during this time. This is also a good chance to get a jump on holiday knitting by picking something that you can do for a gift. (I can’t believe I said that. I never start holiday knitting this early, even though I swear I’m going to.) I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the KAL. I have already picked my colorway and pattern (In Vino Veritas and Gust – although I think I will make Gust wider than the pattern calls for.) We’re going to again offer you a 20% discount on Dream in Color Baby for this KAL, from now until the end of this month. All you have to do to get the discount is to leave us an order note telling us that you’re participating in the KAL and telling us what pattern you’re going to knit up. We’ll take the 20% off of your DC Baby when we process your order. (Note – if we run out of the colorway you need in Baby, just let us know by June 30th which color you need and how many skeins, and we’ll get it ordered for you at the discount price.) This KAL will go from now until October 1st.

DSC01926.JPGI have knitting to show you. Remember when I mentioned that I had started a Feather and Fan scarf (free pattern here on Wendy’s blog) at the Spring Fling? Well, they’re addictive. I must say, they do take a rather long time to knit, because it’s 58 stitches across and it’s fingering weight yarn, but the results are so fun and the pattern is easy-peasy. The scarf I started at the Fling (and just finished, because I had to complete my KAL sweater in the middle of it all) is out of Am Kalten Polar from Wollmeise. I had done a few inches of it at the Fling and then set it down on the table to wander around and talk to people. I looked over a few minutes later and ClaudiaDSC01904.JPG (the Wollmeise herself) had picked it up and was knitting on it! So that makes this scarf special. 🙂 While I was in the middle of that one, I started another one that I wanted to do as a gift for someone. (Because I’m fickle like that – always starting something new.) This time I used Noro, because I could just envision how pretty the Noro colors would look in this pattern. I like it so much that I’ve already wound another skein of Noro into a cake to make another. (Um, and I’ve already wound another skein of Wollmeise into a cake to make another out of that, too. I told you these were addictive.) Both scarves were knit out of 1 skein of yarn, on size 4 needles. Of course I’m starting my KAL first, because I am bound and determined to finish this one before 11:45 pm, the day it is due. Ahem.

DSC01919.JPGIn other news, we sold our first spinning wheel! Tracey had been eyeing the very wheel that had already arrived here (I was going to use it as a shop wheel, but so far it had remained untouched) and she said she’d buy it if Loopy put his paws hooves on it before it shipped. Loopy was happy to do that, and now the wheel is on its way to a new home. We’re really excited about offering wheels here and we’ll keep you posted when they start arriving and go up on the website, later this summer (including news on what lines we’ll have and which models.) Two questions that people keep asking can be answered now – “Will it count towards Frequent Shopper Benefits?” and “Will it include free shipping” can both be answered with a YES! (Not yet a spinner? Ohhhh, just wait. We’ll keep enticing you to join us……)

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  1. My Wheel ! My Wheel! Loopy Touched my wheel!

    I shall kiss the mailman when it arrives!… oh and my mailman says to tell you and Loopy “Hi” 😉

    I’ll be blogging the new wheels adventures! Everyone should be saving for wheels NOW in time for the first official shipments;) Cannot beat Sheri’s customer service or the Frequent Buyer Credit! Best on the net:)

    also- thnx for the linky:)

  2. Yay Tracey! Your wheel will be extra special because Loopy touched it:)

    DIC KAL with baby sounds like fun. Now what color to chose…
    Oddly enough it was Tracey who talked me into knitting lace!

  3. I loved the scarves they are so pretty. It makes me want to frog the Noro socks I am working on and make a scarf with it. I might just have to do that. How exciting about selling the wheel already. I already have one but I love the roving you are bringing in.

  4. Is very, very tempted to buy some Baby because I haven’t tried it yet. But, a tad worried because I’m still working on the first KAL, lol. Love, love, love both of your scarfs. Just wanted to jump over here for a quick break. I am obsessed with Plurk thanks to Wendy. But, its so much fun!! : )

  5. Your scarves look great! Now, I’ll have to go through all those Knitspot patterns I have and come up with an idea for this KAL! I finally decided on the February Lady Sweater as my project for the first KAL and just cast on last week…better late than never! 🙂

  6. Oh, dear, stir crazy Little Loopys running around Loopy Central? Oh, dear….

    I may have to ponder this DIC KAL. Not sure I can find the time, but I’ll ponder.

    As to spinning, BFF Liz got me a drop spindle and some roving, and one of my customers has convinced me to try it again, so I may just get there. I’ve got my eye on some roving…. 😎

  7. And by the way, you need any help sandbagging at Loopy Central? I’m sure I can drag BFF Liz and Mama down to help. Maybe even Padraig O’Cat will come along…. 😉

  8. a new KAL – yeah!!!! now, to pick a color and a pattern (that’s easier as I’m on a Stahman Lace kick right now)

    keep enticing me, I’m still saving my pennies for a wheel

  9. I’m glad the KAL can be something small. I enjoyed the last one and wanted to participate again. Since I’m participating in Summer of Socks, I don’t want to make a big project. Also having October deadline gives us time to make something after SoS ends. Not to mention it’ll be cooler.

    Since y’all got me interested in lace knitting at Fling and through the discussion boards, a lace scarf may be a good introduction to it before I cast on the two shawl patterns I’ve bought. Now to pick a pattern.

    I love your Noro scarf. I have some of that yarn and am not really sure that I’ll like socks made from it so I may follow your lead and use it for a scarf. The colorway I have will match my winter coat.

  10. Yeah for another KAL! Mine will be a lace project because I am doing a Season of Lace this summer. Your scarves are great.

  11. I ordered yesterday then heard through the grapevine about the Little Loopys descending on Loopy Central. I had to call and have one added to my order! HOORAY! 🙂 Just think of all the trouble that Little Loopy and Roaming Tigger can get into together!

  12. Way to go, Tracey! And what a special wheel, touched by Loopy! Wow!

    I love the scarves! I just bought 2 skeins of Ruby River in Baby, that is going to be a stole, Hmm, will have to think about what to do for the KAL!

  13. Oh no loopy Loopies in the yarn shop.
    I need to choose a DIC Baby color I signed up for a Mystery Stole KAl and I think you just made up my mind on what yarn I am going to use.

    Your scarves look fantastic!!!!

  14. Yay for the DiC Baby KAL! Because I already have Baby that I have bought, all from the Loopy Ewe, because it was so loverly, but without anything terribly specific in mind; but this Saturday begins not only Summer of Socks, but also Seasons of Lace/Summer of Lace! (Both of which I’ve joined, because I pretty much was planning on knitting socks and lace this summer anyway….)

    So now I have an excuse to hug my Baby and find the perfect pattern for some of it, and it wil be a twofer deal. Hooray!

    Little Loopy went with me to Chicago on the train two weeks ago, and to WWKIP Day last weekend. He’s having a good summer so far.

  15. What about spinning wheel accessories? I don’t do enough traveling where I must bring my wheel, so I’ve no need for another just yet. (Though a Louet Victoria may be a one-day thing). Especially since I’m in love with my Matchless.

    But wheel accessories? I could go for some accessories…

    Also, since spinning equipment must be expensive to stock, if you do do business with a company that has something we need (like, oh, Schacht), would you be willing to do special orders?

  16. Paws! Loopy has *hooves*, you silly girl! 😀

    I can’t wait to see what wheels you’ll carry. I’ve got a little bitty Hitchhiker, which I love, but I’d like to get a full size wheel someday in the future.

    I love the new KAL, too! It’s going to be so hard to choose colours, though. I’d like to make Tempest, from the Spring Knitty, and it would be so affordable to do in Baby! But again, which colours?!?

  17. I love the KAL last time. It will be hard to decide which pattern I want to do and what to make. But once I decide I will begin. I am in the SOS 08 but I always like to have another project going while making socks.

    Your scarves are beautiful.

  18. Hmmm… A new KAL? I missed the last one but this may just entice me to cast on for the Ice Queen scarf from Knitty that I have been eyeing for months. 🙂

  19. Beautiful scarves. Do you get to keep these ones?
    I have been admiring Gust as well (I like the name, too) and Anne’s patterns are great to make. Can’t wait to see yours!

  20. Sheri,
    I’m a local knitter & was wondering… since you now carry spinning supplies… if you’ll be giving any kind of spinning lessons or classes at the shop. I’m trying to learn on my own, but am pretty much failing at it so far…

  21. Hmmmmm, DiC Baby Kal you say…. I have a couple of lace patterns that would work with that 🙂 Will have to wait till Brian gets paid and order then, but beyond that it sounds like a lot of fun!! I will say pre-emptively that I’m in and cross my fingers that he gets paid b4 the end of the month!!

  22. Thank you so much for staying open late tonight to let my sister, Cheryl from Kentucky buy some goodies..some of them will be shipped to me in California!! Guess that won’t count toward my Loopy groupie:( That’s ok…I know I will love all she bought…thank you all so much again..I got A LITTLE LOOPY!!!!! WHOO HOOO

  23. Ooooh I already have lots of Baby to use for this KAL but dunno if I can talk myself out of deciding I need some color I don’t already have.

  24. Oooh, love both scarves! What a good idea for those yarns that don’t want to grow up to be socks (or are too darn pretty to be shoved into shoes). I just happened to get some DiC Baby a while ago with no particular plans for it, so I’m all set for this KAL (did I read Sheri’s mind?); I just need to pick a pattern! I haven’t finished my Classy KAL project yet, either—it’s too hot now to work on a sweater and no air conditioning to help me out, so it will have to marinate for a few months—but lace is definitely doable.

  25. Can I be excited about another KAL when Rogue is still in progress, darn life for getting in the way! LOL….I am in love with lace knitting and October gives us plenty of time. I already know the pattern but I am not getting the yarn for another week to give Rogue more attention. Your scarves are glorious!

  26. So I signed on to do the red KAL and what did I get DIC baby in Lipstick Lava! So I guess that it will cover both! Now all I have to do is find time for that and SOS and ALL of the things that DD and her best friend want me to make for them. I finally used some of the DIC that I got at the fling, and I love how it works up, I can see using it for the new niece or nephew that is due in Feb, Since my SIL lives in Indiana the baby will need warm things!

  27. Okay, the same problem I had with the first KAL. Which color to choose? And what to push down/off the current list of projects?!?!

    Ohhh, the DC colors are all so pretty! And you keep tempting me off my priorities list. Now to see if one of my priorities could be filled by doing this KAL.

    Thanks for another challenge, Sheri!

  28. I read your announcement about the new KAL and would really like to participate. I’m new to this blog thing though and I’m not sure what I need to do to join and to buy the yarn/pattern – I am thinkng I might like to try the Whispering Pines pattern – it’s fabulous.


  29. Well, what fun to have a KAL… I have DC in Baby already and a beginner lace pattern, maybe it is time to get those out!

  30. I have never done a knitalong before, but I’m going to have to get in on this one! Me and DC Smooshy? Love at first smoosh. I bet Baby is just as delicious!! Now to choose a color/pattern…hmmm…

  31. Shoot! What’s one more KAL? I’m doing Hrna Herborgar in DIC Baby colorway Lipstick Lava. I’m probably 2/3 of the way through already. I’m loving it!

  32. I’m so excited! I received my Gust pattern and DIC Baby colorway November Muse. I’m ready, when do we start?

  33. I would like to join the knit along. Bought the DIC Baby some time ago. Could you tell me where to register?

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