Coffee Fickleness and KAL Prizes!

DSC01915.JPGKD and I had a great time in Indiana for College Orientation Week-end. First of all, she drove the whole way there and back so that I could knit. Isn’t she the best? (She loves to knit – but not in the car. That works out really well.) I’ll have to show you pictures of both of my Feather and Fan scarves on Wednesday. I love them, and I don’t get to keep either one. Oh well. But beyond the knitting, I discovered that I am kind of a fickle person when it comes to coffee. This first photo is taken from our hotel room. DSC01916.JPGThat’s how close we were to Starbucks – right there next to the hotel parking lot. But did we go there even once? No. Because we like the coffee at Payne’s better. Their Mocha Lattes and Caramel Lattes are wonderful! We went there the first night we arrived and sat out in their patio area until after midnight, drinking their wonderful coffee. Then we had to go back the next day for more. I didn’t take a photo of the inside, but it’s very cute. I might have to have a little coffee shop when I retire someday. Of course there would be a corner set aside just for knitters. 🙂

DSC01917.JPGOn Saturday, we attended the exciting Strawberry Festival in downtown Upland. (Downtown Upland is all of 2 or 3 blocks long, but they know how to throw a Strawberry Fest.) I made KD and our friend Jess pose with some flats of strawberries to prove that we were there. Apparently we missed the Barbershop Quartet which came later. (Did I mention that there was a lot of fun to be had?) Another favorite stop that day was to Ivanhoes for a sundae. DSC01918.JPGIf you have ever been anywhere in mid-Indiana, you have probably heard of Ivanhoes and their 100 flavors of Sundaes and 100 flavors of Shakes. My favorite is the Trojan Two – ice cream, chocolate-covered graham crackers, fudge sauce and peanut butter sauce. YUM. We make at least one stop at Ivanhoes every time we are up there visiting. Really, between Paynes and Ivanhoes, it’s totally worth heading up Highway 69 and getting off at Gas City for lunch, ice cream, and coffee to go.

DSC01892.JPGWe’re having a great week weather-wise, but last week it was HOT and I snapped this picture of Casey-the-dog, cooling her paw. When she was a puppy, she used to put her whole head on top of the register. That changed abruptly one day when the tag on her collar slipped between the slats and the whole register cover pulled up, attached to her collar when she tried to move later on. She howled and cried and carried on until we came running to rescue her. For about 10 years after that, she wanted nothing to do with registers. Apparently in her old age she has semi-forgotten why she didn’t like them, because now she cools her paws there.

We have a busy week this week. In the Sneak Up (coming sometime soon) we’ll be adding The Sanguine Gryphon, new Indie Dyer colorways, Yarntini, new Trekking colors (including the Hand Art colorways), large-sized GoKnit bags (which y’all have been asking for) as well as their new royal blue color of bags, Dream in Color Classy, Atenti Bags, and a few new accessories. On Wednesday, I’ll be telling you about our next KAL project, and on Friday we’ll have our June blog contest. Speaking of contests, I drew the names of the DC-KAL winners way back around June 1st, but have never put them in the blog! The drawing was open to anyone who completed their sweater and posted a photo by June 1st. Many thanks again to everyone who participated, and for those of you still knitting, keep going and keep adding your photos to the gallery. It’s so fun to see what everyone has accomplished! We drew 3 names and these gals win a $30 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe:

Vicki from Massachusetts, Sheri from Colorado, and Cynthia from Ohio!

Sheri what’syourfavoriteicecreamcombo?


  1. Glad to hear you and KD had a great college weekend visit. What a fun weekend.
    My favorite ice cream combo would have to be Birthday cake ice cream with bits of brownie and sprinkles mixed in from Cold Stone Creamery. Totally yum!!!

    I can’t wait for the sneak up. I’m checking often and hoping my Namaste bag comes back in stock.

  2. Ice cream? Yummmm…. My big downfall, ice cream. Well, and yarn… 😉

    I have several favorite combinations. Two of my top ones, though, are strawberry ice cream with hot fudge, and, from Oberweis Dairy, a banana milk shake made with chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I figure that since they put in a banana and milk, and there’s protein in the peanut butter, I can ALMOST justify this one. Lunch, right? 😎

  3. Don’t worry about skipping Starbucks. There are LOTS of places that have better coffee! Starbucks is just convenient no matter where you are. When I have a choice, though, I’ll almost always go somewhere else for better quality. 🙂

    As for ice cream, my favorite is at Coldstone. Have them take French Vanilla and then add fudge, peanut butter, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. YUMMY! (and it’s got protein, so it’s okay, right?!)

    Can’t wait to get home today and see if my shipment of Malagrigo worsted in American Beauty has arrived! 🙂 The February Ladies Sweater awaits it!

  4. It would be Braums. Headquartered in OK City. Don’t need a combo – the ice cream flavors are wonderful just by themselves. My 3 favorites (can’t choose) are Fried Ice Cream, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and Bread Pudding. And the best part? It’s soooo inexpensive compared to the fancy places! It’s probably good they only distribute within a day’s drive of OK City, and I don’t live that close!

  5. MMMmmmmmmm – – all ice cream is good but strawberry cheesecake is my favorite right now.

    We have a Strawberry Festival near us – it was in May @Oxnard, CA – and it was loads of fun 🙂

  6. Mmmm, I learned about my favorite ice cream combo from my Mom. We used to live near a local creamery that made ginger ice cream (vanilla with chunks of candied ginger) covered with homemade bitter chocolate hot fudge sauce. Mmmm.

  7. Sheri,
    Sounds like it was a fun trip! I have to say that I really like the German Chocolate Cake at Cold Stone Creamery…fortunately, it’s not nearby!

  8. I love how you highlight the things on your trip that a random tourist would have no idea were there. If I ever travel to the middle of Indiana, I’ll have to check this blog post again.

    Such a cute puppy! I know she’s long from being a puppy, but all dogs are puppies to me.

  9. My favorite is chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate anything.

    I can’t want to see the next KAL. I really enjoyed this last one.

    Sounds like you and KD had a great weekend together. Isn’t it fun to have DD time alone?

  10. My favorite store bought ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s either Chubby Hubby or Pistachio Pistachio(which I only recently discovered – I’m sure they’ve had it forever!). A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new(to me anyway) Cold Stone creation: “That’s How I Roll” – Cake Batter ice cream, cinnamon, pecans & yellow cake, all mixed together. I cannot even describe how good it really is.
    The Trojan Two sounds fantastic – anything with peanut butter sauce is awesome.

    I’m so happy you had time with KD…and I’m happy for you she wanted to drive. I hate long trip driving but I love knitting in the car!

  11. We went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend so, right now, my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

    Topped with peach-blueberry crisp!

  12. Whee, I won something? A discount on more DiC for finishing in time, and now a gift certificate too? Hurray! (And this last order finally made me a groupie!) How much better could my day get?

  13. Mmmmmm….ice cream. My favorite is vanilla with any kind of fruit topping or just your basic chocolate chip.

    Looking forward to the sneak-up!

  14. Oh my! Been to Payne’s AND Ivanhoes; definitely worth the trip! I’m going to miss going there for our usual campus visits. 🙁 Oh well, life must move on, right? 😉 Glad to hear you attended the Strawberry Festival, too. They sure do look yummy! Nothing like fresh strawberries and some strawberry shortcake to boot! I would love to try the “Trojan two.” It sounds right up my alley. Yum!

  15. You know, rather than waiting until you retire for a coffee shop, and considering that you will have to expand again at some point anyway, maybe a small coffee shop in the corner of an expanded version of the Loopy Ewe???

  16. Sounds like a good time had by all. Remember that National Ice Cream month is July (so soon!) and National Ice Cream Day is the 3rd Sunday of July.

    I had my first ice cream party last year, and my favorites then were the mojito granita, watermelon sorbetto and the tiramisu ice cream of the straight ice creams (and granita and sorbettos). My favorite overall would be the pumpkin pie ice cream I made. Pumpkin ice cream layered with fresh marshmallow sauce in a graham cracker crust! Really, really good!

    Umm, yeah, I love ice cream about as much as I love to knit….

  17. I love any ice cream with chocolate. My favorite is Cold Stone Creamery’s German chocolate. At home, I have to eat chocolate chip or some other chocolate/vanilla combo so that Debit the dog can lick the bowl.

    Glad you and KD had a safe and wonderful trip.

  18. Two faves…B&J’s Cherry Garcia. Also almost anything coffee…but my latest passion is Edy’s Espresso Chip…verrrry coffee flavor with chocolate/espresso chips, and just the faintest hint of real coffee beans!

    I’ll have to ask my son (who goes to IU in Bloomington, IN) if he has ever been to either Payne’s or Ivanhoe’s!

  19. Uhm, that place makes me want to go on a road trip! Here in WA state, my favorite is Baskin Robbins Jamocha almond fudge, or their rainbow sherbet. I’m not much of a chocolate girl, but if it’s real ice cream from a stand, then I’m game!

  20. Mmm…I haven’t indulged in my favorite sundae in a LONG time. It never comes out quite right at home, so I have to go to Friendly’s for it. It’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with peanut butter sauce, blueberry topping, mini-gummi bears, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. I know it sounds awful…but it’s AWESOME!

  21. Favorite ice cream?? Homemade strawberry! Though I have to alternate with the hub’s fave, homemade Coffee Toffee, which is also very good.

    Did a little doubletake at your strawberry pic – I live near downtown Upland, but mine’s in southern California :^) If we were to have a strawberry festival, it would need to be in February! So, we have a Lemon Festival instead. But that’s okay, I love lemons even more than strawberries.

    Can’t wait for all of the TNNA goodies to come in – you’re picking some great stuff for us all in amongst your travels!

  22. I like to go to cold stone creamery and get white chocolate ice cream with raspberries! But my favorite ice cream is black raspberry, which I can’t find here in WA.

  23. Oh, coffee, strawberry’s, sundaes, that’s my kind of trip!

    I love local festivals, we have a very popular pumpkin festival in sept and all the pumpkin ice cream, bread and donuts are to die for, especially the ice cream! I think that might actually be my favorite ice cream with coldstones cake batter with raspberries a very very close second.

  24. My fav is a caramel pecan fudge sundae from Braums. Other places can do the combo, but it is never as good as Braums IMHO.

    Glad you and KD such a good time.

  25. I guess my favorite ice cream flavor would have to be vanilla ice cream/orange sherbet swirl. I also love banana nut, and I homemade caramel ice cream!

    Glad you and KD had such a fun weekend!!

  26. In winter, my orange tabby camps out on the vents, going from one room to another when he gets kicked out. He has a thinnish coat and gets chilly.

    In SUMMER, the other cat, the grey mostly-Maine-Coon with the thick coat camps out on the vents! We can’t win…

    And I love the lemon sorbet from Coldstone mixed with black cherries.

  27. Heh, I had the same reaction as Jani—I grew up near that same Upland in So. Cal! Not that they had any strawberry festivals back then, either. Mmmm, those berries look good. I’d have to say my favorite ice cream right now is one the local gelato place makes with wild strawberries, although their panna cotta, which has a flavor similar to creme caramel, is also very good. So glad that you’re back, Sheri, and that you had such a fun trip with KD!

  28. I’m so glad our good ol town of Upland is getting good press from the Loopy Ewe! It was great having you both here and what a privilege to get to show you ‘around town’ 🙂

    Also, thanks for teaching me about Noro…I’ve got a long way to go, but I might just figure out this whole knitting thing sooner or later 🙂

  29. Favorite combo: Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream with my homemade hot fudge and raspberry sauces……
    Glad you had fun with KD! I know the fall with bring lots of changes, but you might find there are “upsides”!!

  30. My favorite all time Ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip from Braums! Tho Pfish Food from Ben and Jerrys is a close second!
    Can I scream YAY!!! After about 4 mo or so of not seeing any pics on your blog no matter what I did I can finally see the pics!@!!!!!! Dont ask why I can see the pics now but I’m not complaining!!
    Sounds like you and KD had lots of fun I hope she enjoys college life and you are able to as well 🙂

  31. Glad you and KD has such a lot of fun. AND that you got the extra bonus of knitting time in the car, while riding and chatting with your daughter. Wonderful! I would love to taste Payne’s coffees because if you like them better than Starbucks (and we know your feelings about that place!) they must be awesome. Love the new yarns on the Sneak Up.

  32. In February my DH came out of retirement and opened a coffee shop at a local library. He servers some food and tea as well. It is a wonderful place to go, but he is spending a lot of hours there. Just so you’ll know for your future endeavors:-)

    Sounds like you and your KD had a wonderful weekend together. What a precious gift.

  33. I’ve still got to go with a waffle cone with Peppermint stick on the bottom and Fudge ripple on top. But only at the Jack Frost. No one else makes peppermint as well, or as pink.

  34. …. well that depends…

    I really love the chocolate/vanilla soft ice cream twist that you can get from the ice cream truck.

    I’m also partial to Champman’s Dutch Chocolate with salted peanuts and maple syrup (even better if Grandpa chose the ice cream – he apparently has some secret ice cream senses that result in him always picking the best carton… don’t know why but the whole family acknowledges this power)

    But then there’s cookies and cream… yeah, it depends…

  35. Sheri,

    The Yarn Harlot talks about the dry ice thing in her blog, if you want the details (and an explaination).

    My favorite ice cream place is Brewsters (I’m from Richmond, VA). I’m a traditional gal and love an old fashioned banana split or a hot fudge sundae with nuts (vanilla ice cream is okay, but banana is better!).

    Thanks for the great blog on TNNA – it’s great to hear what’s coming up.


  36. Sounds like a great weekend! I am loving the fresh strawberries from my local farmer’s market. As far as favorite ice cream combo? I love chocolate chip cookie dough! Happy Knitting!

  37. My favorite ice cream? Maggie Moos – mint and cookie batter with white chocolate chips and cashews mixed in, with hot fudge, whipped topping, double cherry, cherry juice and a few more cashews on top. Heaven in a bowl.

  38. Awwww . . . I loved the photo of Casey. Favorite ice cream combo? Coffee ice cream with dark chocolate anything and a spot of freshly whipped cream. Mmmmm.

  39. Sheri, I just got back from college orientation with my DD as well. I am pleased with her choice of college; however, she seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all. During our orientation program, the parents and incoming freshmen were separated most of the time. I had to come home and buy some yarn (and a Little Loopy) to ease my frazzled nerves.

  40. What a wonderful daughter you have there, to give you that knitting time.Fickle doesn’t even begin to describe me..LOL. and you know that policy of starbucks of having them make that cup again?? hey when you pay $4bucks for a latte….
    Oh, just LOVe the Sanguine Gryphon, in fact I need to order 7 skeins of her gaia, can you say BAP?? yep, (Grandma civilwarlaceshawl, all in one breath too
    Strawberrys,and red raspberries, the best thing about summertime.

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