The Elf-Cam

Do you wonder what The Loopy Elves do when no one is watching? Here’s some photo-evidence:

They ask “Who wants to go to California?” “Who wants to go to New York?” “Who wants to go to the UK?” whenever an order comes in for a Little Loopy. And then they wait and see which one raises their hand. (See photo.)


They wrap up the special edition yarn for the “Don’t Be Blue” sock kits (which will be offered in April to those who tried and didn’t get into the sock club.)


They eat bags and bags of M&M’s, plain and peanut. There are lids to these jars but I don’t know why. They’re really not necessary.


They play with the little toys that come in their Happy Meal and then leave them on the counter for others to find.


The make lots and lots of little red balls for Loopy’s Red Sock Kit. And then they make some more.


They toast their bagels in the red toaster that they requested for the Loopy Central kitchenette.


Oh, ok. They also unpack the cartons of yarn that come in each day, and get your orders out as well. Because despite all of their silliness, they really are good. 🙂


Sheri enjoyingourtimeinthemountainsandknittingalot!


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