Not Just Socks!

Well you all made it such a fun birthday for me. I wanted to show you pictures of some of the things that came in the mail over this past week! I showed you some of the mini socks in last week’s post, so now I’ll show you some of the other knitted things which arrived. (And some of you send non-knitted things which were equally fun – woohoo!) I am a lucky lucky gal to have such wonderful Loopy friends.

First the “not socks but still knitted” items. My friend Janice sent me this gorgeous charcoal felted bag (and check out the cute Loopy pin on the front that she had made for me!) I have also included the other wonderful felted bag she made for me last fall, because I don’t think that I ever showed that on the blog. I love them both and she is a very talented knitter/felter, isn’t she?


Next is this fun “Sparkle the Peacock” sporting six mini-socks from Dawn! Sparkle comes from Debbie (who also makes the Sock Blocker Keychains that we sell) and I’ve been talking to Debbie about having Sparkle here for awhile. I think it’s finally going to happen soon, so start making your mini socks! (Same pattern as the keychains.) Dawn did overtime by making up all 6 “feathers” on Sparkle and he looks darned cute sitting on my desk here at Loopy Central.


Look at the pretty roving that Katie from Yarn Love sent to me! This is a new colorway that she made up for my birthday called “Sweet Sheri” and I have left it at work to keep from tempting me to spin it up. I think it might be on my schedule for the weekend because I can’t leave it alone any more.


In addition to the roving, she also dyed up the colorway on sock yarn and knit me up a pair of socks! I know that you will love this colorway, so she is dyeing some up for us to have here at The Loopy Ewe. She read my Ravelry profile and saw that some of my favorite colors are cranberry, chocolate, sage and navy. She’s a good sleuth!


The next pair of socks came from Sabrina and were knit up in the Cherry Tree Hill Cherry Blossom colorway. I told her that this was so perfect because sometimes I wear pink and wish I had socks that had pink in them! (Not that I think your socks have to match your outfit. Because they so don’t.) But still, I was lacking “pink” in my sock wardrobe.


Then there was this collaborative effort from Susan and Katie, which means that I get to “wear” two friends at once – ha! (Do you sometimes feel like you’re taking your friends along with you for the day when you wear socks that someone has made you? You don’t? Oh. Me neither, then…..) This is from Fiesta Baby Boom in the Taos colorway, and honest-to-goodness this is one colorway that has been on my “must knit” list since Fiesta started coming in. I love this combo, and I love the socks even more.


The last pair of socks are my first ever socks knit from handspun. My friend Allen (from Numma Numma) handspun the yarn and then knit these socks out of it. Aren’t they beautiful? And I wish you could feel how soft they are. They may be responsible for making me feel like I need to handspin my sock yarn from now on. (Well, ok. You all know that I am not that caliber of a spinner yet, but I have high hopes. Someday.)


I also received a pair of amazing socks from Claudia in Germany (the Wollmeise herself!). I wish I could show them to you because they took my breath away when I opened them. However, it’s done up in the pattern and yarn that she did for our Sock Club shipment, so it’s all a secret at this point! I’ll show them when that club kit has gone out, later in the year. 🙂

So there you have it – the new knitted lovelies that arrived to help me celebrate my birthday. I love them to pieces and I know that I am completely and hopelessly spoiled. I admit it.

What are you knitting this weekend? I’m going to finish up a sock, work on my lace project, and spin. I haven’t started my DC KAL sweater yet, but I have plenty of time to finish before June 1st. I do have the swatch done and the first two skeins wound, so it will get started soon!

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  1. Wow! I LOVE all of the socks that you got (mini and full-size!!) I’m not sure if I feel like I’m taking my friend with me when I wear socks she has knit for me.. but I’ll let you know soon, I hope! 🙂

  2. Well Sheri,
    The computer fairies are at it again. I checked you blog as I always do knowing
    that you don’t blog on Saturday, but there were the pictures that I couldn’t get
    the first time around. Your gifts are all so beautiful. I know that you will enjoy
    them. Nice to have socks made by someone else, especially hand spun. Hope
    you are having a nice weekend.

  3. How fun is that?! I love the little Loopy Pin. Cute!!! Can’t wait to see the beautiful socks Claudia made for you.

  4. Everything is so beautiful! I’m really bummed I completely missed the memo on your birthday surprise!!!!!!! Aren’t we truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful community?!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lovely gifts! I can’t wait to see the pair of socks from Claudia.

    You made my day when you said that you haven’t started your KAL sweater yet. Me either! I was feeling quite left out and behind–but now I feel OK again. 🙂


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