Back in the (SNOWY) Saddle

DSC01603.JPGWe’re back and the college road trip was a success! Knitting Daughter has settled on a college and feels good about her decision, so that is one load off of her mind. She put in many college visits and lots of prayers before settling on one. I can’t believe she’ll be heading off to college in the fall. (I really can’t think about it.) Anyway, we drove home yesterday and the road was clear and dry until we crossed over into Missouri and there was a WALL of snow! We spent the last 30 miles of our trip going about 20 mph, inching ourselves down the highway. Today is a sunny day and the snow has stopped. (We received about 11 inches of snow yesterday.) Casey-the-dog is happy as can be!

DSC01596.JPGWe spent a lot of time on the road over the long weekend. We were on a coffee mission, and one of the highlights was having a latte at Caribou Coffee. I always stop and get a cup when I fly through the Minneapolis airport, but they also have them in Chicago (which was one of our “stops” on the College Road Trip). The even-better coffee place we went to is in Gas City, Indiana and is a little place called Payne’s Frozen Custard. They have the very best coffee drinks and I wish that there was a way to get that more often! It you’re ever driving on 69 North or South, get off at the Gas City exit – it’s just about a block off of the highway. DSC01599.JPGGas City is next to Upland, and that’s where College Guy goes to school. We had a great visit with him. I was invited to speak to his E-Commerce class about The Loopy Ewe on Monday night, as well as the Taylor student business club (called SIFE and I can’t, for the life or me, remember what that stands for) later that same evening. I made the E-Commerce class pose for a blog photo. (Hi E-Commerce-ers!!) I told them to “wave to the knitters” and they did a great job of playing along. They send their best wishes (and probably wish someone would knit them some socks….. Don’t they look like a great bunch of kids?) I didn’t make the Business Club pose, as I figured I had probably pushed my luck with this first photo. πŸ™‚

Sneak Up information: No Sneak Up this week, although we will be doing some good re-stocks (like all of the Smooshy, which we have in-house and will put back in stock, as well as more Namaste Messenger Bags.) Next week we have a bunch of wonderful lines going up. So far, we have: All Things Heather (mostly semi-solids – gorgeous), Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock, New limited edition colors of the Supersock Thin from Cherry Tree Hill (at those great sale prices!), Gypsy Knits, Scarlet Fleece, Araucania, Sakina Needles Roving, and a wonderful new soap made for knitters. We will also have a second Sneak Up next week for the Wollmeise Sock Yarn that has arrived. I promised you that we’d do the Wollmeise on its own this time. The colors are amazing and again, we have as much as Claudia could do and send to us. (It will still go quickly as it always does, but just remember that we will continue to get it in, and you can also order from Claudia direct on her website.) I always like the time between when we get her yarn in and when it goes up on the website because it looks so beautiful on our shelves in the meantime. But we’ll part with it – just for you.

Sock Club invoices will go out at the end of this week, with the packages going out next week. Spring Flingers – we’re working on signups for classes and those will be ready by the end of this week or early next week. Stay tuned. We’re getting excited about having you here next month!

DSC01604.JPGAnd finally, a big congratulations to Jessica who won the random drawing for our February Blog Contest. (Thank you to everyone who left their answers and their wonderful birthday wishes!) The prize? A beautiful yarnball charm to add to your favorite necklace, handmade by Romi. (Similar to her yarnball earrings, but the charms are bigger.) And because it looked so beautiful on that skein of Wollmeise that I posed it on, I’m sending Jessica the Wollmeise, too.

Sheri thinkinganE-Commerceclasswould’vebeensohelpfulwhenIwasincollege


  1. Casey looks made for that kind of a snow day! Great pic. Sounds like you had a great trip and isn’t it fun to check out different places (whether school, coffee, or food)? When I travel – even not very far from home – I always like to search out the “mom & pop” kinds of places, even if it’s for fast food. Because that’s the stuff that seems to taste best and the people are nice and heck…what’s the fun of traveling a couple hundred (or thousand) miles and then just getting what you can get down the block at home?

    Wollmeise. You know, the last time I looked at Claudia’s site she had NO yarn for sale. I think you tap her out Sheri πŸ˜‰ Maybe you can get that e-commerce class to do a group project and go help Claudia dye up some yarn πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you had a productive, yet fun at the same time trip! Good for you and KD! And, how nice was it that you also got to visit your son! : )

    And, that is a lot of snow! We have really missed out on any significant snow here in the DC area. Casey looks so cute in that picture!

    Looking forward to the sock club installment as well as the sign ups for the classes at Spring Fling – I can’t wait for it to be here! : )

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! If you ever come to Minneapolis again, let me know! I would love to meet you and take you to as many Caribo Coffees as you wish!

  4. What a busy weekend plus! I can’t think of a better person to speak to kids at school about business. Since you did that, couldn’t the trip be a business deduction?

    Casey and snow-cute dog, but I’m personally over snow-will be shoveling the front walk AGAIN for the 30th time or so!

    WOOT for the sock club and Fling class signups. I can hardly wait to jump into our road cruiser, Big Joe, a 1996 Lincoln towncar, for the road trip to St Louis. It only has 70K miles on it and gets fabulous mileage, and can carry home all the yarn I want to buy!

    Missed your blog, but I’m glad you had a fun time.

  5. Welcome home! I didn’t know that there was Caribou Coffee stores. I’ve been buying the Caribou bars at the grocery store and they are yummmmmy! Wollmeise–yikes! That is going to be crazy. That stuff is getting near impossible to get at Claudia’s store too.

  6. I am glad that you had such a wonderful weekend with your family on the college road trip. I love that you spoke to a class about e-commerce…I hope they took good notes because you are a wonderful example of a how to run a web-based business and still have customers feel like they know you and feel like they are getting very personal service.

  7. Back in the dark ages when I was in college–one computer filled up a whole room. We had no clue that we’d all have one in our homes and that they’d be small enough to carry in your purse. Even when in graduate school in the not-so-distant past we weren’t sure how the internet would impact commerce. Now I find that I’ve bought a Blackberry just so I can have e-mail access wherever I go. I can’t imagine not being able to shop on line.

    Glad KD has made a choice and that your trip was safe.

  8. Welcome back I am glad you had a great weekend.
    Congrats to Jessica, even though I am pretty sure that random # generator is faulty ,as I am sure that yarn was to have my name on it πŸ™‚

    Just a dusting of snow here but of course we got the ice …. again.

  9. Glad you guys had a productive college road trip…how sad that she is leaving though πŸ™ As a relatively new knitter Im so excited about finding this website!!! I somtimes feel kinda weird going into yarn shops because, well, not alot of 23 year olds knit…lol. Anyways, Im pretty pumped about the Wollmeise sneak up and Im pretty sure everyone else who enjoys this website is too!!! It reminds me of the move “Jingle All the Way” with the governator in it because there will be complete madness with everyone trying to get that stuff…lol. Please dont ever blog about yummy coffe again because now its going to be on my mind ALL DAY until I can make it to Starbucks…lol.

  10. So glad to see you back and safe from all of the snow that you went through to get home! If you include Wollmeise in every contest on your blog, you will have thousands of comments (not that you don’t have that already)!

  11. love your update. I am so glad that KD has chosen her college. THat must be a relief. I so understand the not wanting to think about it, DD#2(Fashion Diva) has chosen U of Michigan and though I think that is far away at least it is not East coast, which she was eyeing last year.I really try not to think about it. Not having her around doesnt this fall seem real.

    I am so glad You not only got to visit CG but also speak to his class. Good for you. I truly believe that you are the right person to show them the way to do it right. I know what you mean about how one could have used certain classes back when we were starting out in college. Going back as I am, man somethings have changed you have to totally relearn some subjects.

    Wow two sneakups, you must really be rested up and have all loopy eleves on thier toes! It sounds so good. ANd then wollmeise. I wonder if I can snag one this time. But i promise you one day I will

    I am so happy for everyone who got into the sock club even if i didnt, one day I will make it. I cant wait for the surprise SHeri mentioned for all the ones who didnt get in. Look on Ravelry in Loopy Groopy under Sockclub 2008. smile.

    At some point I hope WH has time to take pics of all the bday presents SHeri got, cause I would like to see what everyone else sent her.

    SHerilettingyouknowthatobviouslyyoudidntneedaecommerceclassasyoudidsogoodwithoutone and weloveyouandofcoursekissestoLoopyandtheLoopyElves.


  12. I’m glad that you had a good trip visiting colleges with KD, seeing CG, etc. It sounds like your e-Comm presentation was a big hit. You certainly have the business model for a successful e-Comm business. I’m glad that you were able to tie it altogether in one trip.

    I’m especially glad that you got the snow this time, since you had been talking about really wanting snow, while a number of us had our fill of it a long time ago. Is that something like sharing the wealth, this cold, icy, & snowy winter? πŸ™‚ (Count me as so looking forward to the arrival of Spring, which is closer, now that it is March than when we were still in February.)

    And, thank you for showing us that Casey is still looking fine! How is he doing? It seems like it has been a year since you have shown a picture of or mentioned good ole’ Casey! There are a bunch of dog lovers among your Groupies, too. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. Welcome back, Sheri! College seems very far away for my daughter (still 9!), but I’m sure it will come fast.

    We’re just getting sleet and slush here, our typical pattern. At least Sunday is daylight savings time – woohoo!

    Can’t you just tell us which colors of Wollmeise you’ll be sneaking up with? Pretty please? Then I can decide whether I need to stalk or not!

  14. Was thinking about you and KD riding in the snow. Glad you re both home safe and sound. We will all have to keep you company (online) when she is off to college. So glad she decided on a school and can enjoy the rest of her senior year.

    The weather here is driving my critters crazy, cold, warm, colder, warmer. Enough already and as you say “FPS.”

    All your coffee talk is making me want coffee. If you want to make fabulous coffee at home go to
    they are in Flagstaff, AZ. We used to be there at least once a day when we lived in Flagstaff. They roast their own beans and is still the best coffee I have ever had. Try some.

    Counting the days till the Spring Fling.

  15. We had such a nice springlike day on Sunday. Now we’re buried under a foot of snow!! *L* I live in Alton, right across the river from St. Louis. It’s pretty, but at this point I think my spring flowers would be prettier. I suppose some nice springy socks will have to suffice…

  16. Well, good for KD for deciding on a school. I hope she continues to be happy with it once she gets there. And CG goes to Taylor? Wonder if he knows my friend Debbie’s daughter…. She’s a sophomore there. Still, glad all is well in college-land. It’s a tough decision. I know. I’ve made it several times myself (undergrad AND grad school). πŸ˜‰

    And just let me say, DANGDANGDANGDANGDANGDANGDANG!!! ATH, L&V, and Wollemeisse?? And I’ve still got 2 1/2 weeks to Easter???? DANGDANGDANG!!! πŸ™

    Ah, well. At least I can be assured that there will (most likely) be more….. **sigh**

    Welcome back, Sheri!

  17. Welcome back, Sheri. I’m glad your trip was so successful and that you got to spend time with both of your kids. You have been missed!

  18. That Jessica is a lucky gal! Happy Knitting:-)

    I don’t much of a reason to be over on I-69 but I will remember the tip about Gas City. I love finding those little out-of-way places that offer good food, good drink, and great hospitality.

    I’m so excited about the new Sock Club. I will be leaving on vacation in 2 weeks and will have some sock knitting to keep me company, and sane.

    I’m glad that KD’s college visits went well. I remember when I dragged my mother around, oh, some many moons ago. I felt so grown-up, and so overwhelmed.

  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My first Wollmeise – well, it will probably be, since the stuff I ordered from Claudia on Saturday will take much longer to ship! I’m so excited, except now I feel guilty for stalking up MORE next week!

    I remember making my college visits to Taylor, and to Wheaton, with a couple of my friends…what good memories. I’m sure KD will remember your little road trip for years to come!

  20. Welcome back! I want a snow day!! We haven’t didn’t have much snow at all and I miss it. (READ — I want businesses to close so I can stay home and knit and drink hot chocolate!) Glad you had a good trip, spending time with your kids.

    I’ll be stalking everyday until I see the presence of Wollmeise…I must have some.

  21. Glad to hear your trip was a success! It’s good to have you back. I’ll be checking for Wollmeise next week πŸ™‚

  22. Congrats to KD for having her college choice made…I know that was a big step for her…and you! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and I am glad you only had to drive in 30 miles of snow…YUCK! I don’t EVEN want to remember those days when I lived farther north…no fun at all! Oooo – I can’t wait for the first installment of the sock club…this is gonna be so much FUN!

    Looking forward to the sneak-up next week!

  23. Glad to have you back, Sheri, and glad the trip was a success. Those students are lucky to have learned from your experience and success with The Loopy Ewe. I know you would be a great teacher, too.
    It sounds like there are so many fun things to look forward to in the next several weeks, sock club, sneak-ups and most of all the Spring Fling. We got a new pile of snow today, too and it just seems like all those fun spring things are so far away when we’re stuck here in this wintry world. I love snow and cold, but there comes a point when I’m ready for a change. So many fun things ahead and it’s hard to wait!

  24. Sounds like everything was a great trip! It’s amazing that you talked to Taylor’s SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) team ! I’m part of my Ivy Tech campus team and met some of their team back in the fall.

  25. Glad to hear that you and KD had such a successful trip. Congratulations KD on making your college choice. It was nice to meet the Loopy Elves while you were away. It sounds like you will be busy these next 2 weeks and that we have alot to look forward to. Can’t wait for the sock club and the SF class information. We have Caribou Coffee here too, so on your next trip to Ohio, give me a call. πŸ˜€

  26. I visited Caribou Coffee when I was in Wisconsin visiting a friend for your Thanksgiving – it’s such fun finding new places!

    So nice your daughter has made a decision – nice to have one big thing like that out of the way…

  27. My daughter (she of the lovely knitting surprise) is also going to college this fall, having just made her decision as well! Wow. Still can’t wrap my brain around it.

    But hurray for you on the Ecommerce speaking gig! You are undoubtedly going to get somebody in that college knitting socks real soon.

  28. Welcome back from such a big trip. The e-commerce gig sounds like fun, and congratulation to KD for deciding on a college. That’s such a big decision, what a relief to have it made.

  29. Sounds like a good weekend. Good for you speaking to the e-commerce class. And good for KD picking out her college. Don’t think about it yet. You have plenty of time.

  30. As a participant in the e-commerce class I must say we were incredibly blessed to have Sheri with us πŸ™‚ I know all the cusotmers who read his blog knows already, but Sheri truly does care for you all!!

  31. Those aren’t e-commerce students – those are babies! Yikes, all of the sudden I feel so old.

    I’m so glad you made it home safely. It’s always those last few miles that turn into white-knuckle scary weather frenzies.

    And thanks to the Ravelry boards I understood ever single word πŸ™‚

  32. Sheri

    I was wondering if I could pick your brain on some questions I have about small businesses. Please let me know if it would be okay to dicuss it further with you.



  33. So glad you’re back, Sheri (especially with having to drive in the snow at the end) and congratulations to KD on selecting her college! That’s got to be a relief, having that settled. (Don’t think about it, don’t think about it….) And I can’t think of anyone more qualified to talk about e-commerce! I’m sure they loved you!

    Great picture of Casey in the snow—our dog also loves snow and hasn’t seen much of it this winter. Too bad you can’t send some of it over here.

    Claudia’s shelves are bare right now. She needs some elves of her own, I think!

  34. Hi Sheri!

    I’m so glad my sister got to attend your seminar on Monday evening – though I hope she had her phone on vibrate, as I forgot the time difference between us and called her DURING the seminar (oops!). The picture of the E-commerce students is lovely, and they are a great bunch of kids, but I’m partial to the picture my sister’s friend snapped of you and my sister. She was very excited to meet you, and good sister that she is, she told me of all the times you brought up Loopy-related things, like the Spring Fling and the Groupies. I should knit her some socks as a thank you. πŸ™‚

  35. Welcome back! I am so looking forward to the Spring Fling. Although my four year old is not thrilled that he isn’t coming along. He wants to come along for a “chocolate dessert.”
    My mom has given me her list of things to look for at the Loopy, pretty bad when she describes what she wants and I know the exact colorway she is looking for:)

    Have a great week!

  36. Oddly, there was a Caribou Coffee near me which I stumbled upon by accident when we took our dog to a dental specialist outside of Boston. It was there, and then the next time we went through, gone. I remember thinking “Is this something from Maine?”, had no clue what it was and had to look it up online when I came home. I had some sort of raspberry chocolate thing. We saw one or two driving south this year to Florida. They’re trying to spread.

  37. We have Caribou Coffee stores here in Charlotte. You should try the White Chocolate Mocha and their cocoa is amazing.

  38. Have you ever considered a lottery for the Wolemeise? Just thinking of ways to keep your server from crashing!!!

  39. Thanks for your sweet note on our blog! It sounds like your road trip was a success, as well as your time at Taylor speaking to the E-Commerce class and SIFE club. I’m glad our daughter was able to meet you. She has been excited about your website for some time. Nice picture of the E-Commerce class, by the way! I’m always trying to get Jess to take pictures, but she doesn’t have time. ha! You know all about the busyness, I’m sure. ( I hope you don’t mind that I copied it for her TU scrapbook. By the way, this website is amazing! Blessings to you!…PS…I LOVE PAYNES!!! πŸ™‚

  40. Thanks for your sweet note on our blog! It sounds like your road trip and stop at Taylor was a great success. I know Jessica enjoyed having you come to her E-Commerce class and also speak at SIFE. Thank you for sharing with them. πŸ™‚ By the way, that was a nice picture of their class. I hope you don’t mind, I copied it for Jess’ scrapbook. (Always needing more pictures for those memories, ya know!) Blessings to you…. PS. I Love Paynes!! πŸ™‚

  41. DH and I love Caribou Coffee too! We sometimes treat ourselves and order Mocha Java beans online. We have coffee mugs from them that say “life is short, stay awake for it!”

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