Some projects to show

DSC01556.JPGSome knitting and spinning has taken place around here! First of all, here is my first sock (and I AM going to do the second one, because this knit up so fast) out of The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds. This is wonderful yarn to knit with. Soft, warm and beautiful. The alpaca in here is not as fuzzy as other alpaca yarns, and I like that. You still get the warmth, but not all of the fuzzy. (That also makes your pattern show up better.) I used the Celebratory Chevrons pattern that Debbie O’Neill designed for us for our first anniversary last August. If you bought a skein of our Limited Edition J.Knits Anniversary Yarn, you received a free copy of the pattern with it! If not, you can find it as a download on our Free Patterns page here on the blog. This is one of my favorite sock patterns. It knits up easily and I love how it looks. The Paca Peds yarn has arrived, and will be up in our next Sneak Up. We have both the regular colorways, and their colorways with a mini-solid skein for heels and toes.

DSC01554.JPGI also knit up a scarf out of Hand Maiden’s wonderful Swiss Mountain Cashmere. What a pleasure to knit with! I used one skein for this scarf, along with a pattern that Natalie shared on the Ravelry Loopy Groupie board and gave me permission to share with you here. (I call it “Natalie’s Simple Scarf Pattern” – pretty creative, huh?) πŸ™‚ If you’re not up to knitting a whole shawl out of some of the luxury yarns that we have, then a scarf is just the ticket. (Or try a smoke ring – we have several smoke ring patterns from Heartstrings here. Can you imagine how soft this would be around your neck as a smoke ring?) This scarf that I knit up is over 5 ft. long and perfect for wrapping and looping. The fact that it’s cashmere and silk makes it one of the softest scarves you’ll wear. (As an aside, are you on Ravelry? Have you joined The Loopy Groupie board? We have a lot of fun chatting over there. Come join us! Of course you don’t have to be an official “Loopy Groupie” to join up with us. Just a Loopy friend.)


Natalie’s Simple Scarf Pattern

Natalie did a garter border (two rows at the bottom/top). The stitch pattern is a four row repeat…

Row 1: k2 * K1, P1, Slip Purl wise and repeat from * to two stiches before end and k2
Rows 2 & 4: k2, P to two stiches before end and k2
Row 3: k2 * P1, Slip Purlwise, K1 and repeat from * to two stiches before end and k2


DSC01555.JPGThe Sakina Needles roving was just too enticing to pass up, so I also spun up some of that over the weekend. It’s apparent that I still need a lot of work on my spinning, but I’m enjoying it. I think I’m spinning sport/dk weight at the moment, with my goal being sock yarn. I picked these colors out and did this for someone else. DSC01544.JPGI’m not really good enough yet to be spinning for someone else yet, but I did it anyway. This is the Superwash Periwinkle colorway. Next on my spinning list: Tempted Bordello (it looks Valentine-y, don’t you think?) and Alpaca With a Twist Combed Top Roving. However, I can’t decide between Grey or Fawn. What do you think? (Honestly, this stuff is so soft that I could just sit there with my hands buried into it as it is and be perfectly happy.) Zoe got so tired of waiting for me to sit down and knit over the weekend (she’s always waiting for a lap to curl up in) that she finally just climbed up on me and sat on one leg while I spun. (And yes, that meant my leg was moving the whole time. She must’ve been really desperate for some attention, FPS.)

I have two shawls to show you on Friday. Sadly, not done by me. But both are gorgeous! I am working on my shawl, slowly but surely. I’m so determined. However, there are other things that I’m working on as well. One is a secret yarn that I’m test knitting for one of the companies that we already carry. I really really like it and will share it with you as soon as I get the go-ahead from them. It might be awhile before they’re ready to go into production with it and unveil it. (Why am I telling you this? Because it’s taking up some of my knitting time and I don’t have anything that I can show you for it. I just didn’t want you to think I was slacking on my knitting!) I’m also in the middle of the Neighborhood Fiber sock, and have so far successfully refrained from casting on the gorgeous green yarn I showed you last week. However, I’m not holding out for much longer.

How many projects do you usually have going at once? For me, right now, I am in the middle of that shawl and then I have five socks mid-progress (that is not including all of my single socks. I don’t consider those mid-progress. Mid-completion, maybe. But once one is done, it’s no longer in progress, in my mind) and six skeins of sock yarn that are in the immediate queue (as in “I need/want to knit these up next”). Is this over-the-top or about average?

Sheri anothercloudygreydayinSt.LouisandIloveit.Imustbeweird.IshouldmovetoSeattle.


  1. I have three socks, the Secret of the Stole ii, a Wonderful Wallaby for my daughter, two lace scarves, and a baby blanket that will probably never finish since it has been on the needles for two years. I think you are about average. I also think your socks in mid completion might be a little above average. I love to see your spinning progress. Do both if you can’t decide.

  2. That handspun is beautiful. I am trying to resist being sucked into spinning, but you are not helping. just sayin.

    I am a fairly new sock knitter, but I have two socks going now and will likely be giving in to the urge to start another this weekend (and, um, that would probably be LOOPY’S FAULT). I also have a baby kimono, a sweater vest and a lace scarf going right now. But I think that’s a low number of WIPS for me. I bore easily and have to rotate through a number of projects to stay perky. I’m all about perky knitting.

  3. I average a couple pairs of socks, a sweater & whatever DD happens to be begging for at that moment.
    Oh, and your handspun is so beautiful! I just ordered a bunch of the roving last night and now I can’t wait for it to get here.

  4. You have so many lovely things to show us at once—I’m jealous! Your spinning looks great to me, and I love the scarf. For some reason I really dislike knitting scarves, but I love the results. I’ll have to convince one of my daughters to knit that scarf pattern, I think. And Handmaiden yarn always turns out beautifully, doesn’t it? I have a BFL/silk scarf and matching hat from their yarn in shades of red that I made a couple of years ago that I love. They are very Valentinesy, too, like the roving your mentioned. For some reason I love really getiing into Valentine’s Day decorations and colours and things. It really seems to make February better.
    We have tons of new snow again today. It’s very wintery and perfect for knitting.

    I usually try to have two projects on the go at once, one easy (so I can do it without thinking while reading or talking) and another more challenging one for when I can concentrate. I try not to have more or I never get any of them done and then I get discouraged. As I said I’m definitely a product knitter, especially with all my family members hoping for new socks! I think your number of projects is quite normal and we always enjoy seeing the results.

  5. that handspun is BEA – U – TIFUL!!

    I thought i was bad having five socks otn. hehehe but that’s only cuz buddies of mine made fun of me. we knitters have short attention spans.

    papa walker got me a ball winder for christmas. my kitties go INSANE with it. i tell you this because you’ve got a really disciplined kitteh!

  6. Currently in progress:

    3 sweaters (one 50% done, other two about 5% done)
    2 pairs of socks (one pair 60% done, one pair 40% done)
    1 sock ornament (2% done)
    2 shawls (knit one 25% done, crochet one 65% done)
    1 swatch cap (50% done, but yarn got infested with buggies; currently in time-out in the freezer)
    1 crocheted top (25% done, may scrap because I’m not likely to wear it, but we’ll see)

    (Also one woven towel, one sewn shirt & skirt, one cross-stitch ornament, four bigger cross-stitch pieces, one needlepoint piece that just needs a bunch of boring couching done, and one latch-hook rug.)

    It should be obvious that I don’t practice project monogamy :-). But I try not to have too many of one kind of project going at once. I’m not starting any more socks until I finish one of the pairs in progress, and when I start another, it’s going to be a mindless stockinette one rather than a pattern (because the long-lingering pair is a complex pattern). I’m fixing to start a pair of felted clogs, but I won’t start another on-big-needles gonna-be-felted project until they’re done.

    (My ideal used to be to have no more than two projects going in any given needlecraft, but that fell by the wayside some years back.)

  7. Wow, your handspun looks great! I am trying so hard not to be drawn into spinning.

    Projects at one time? Oh, dear. So many. Modern Quilt Wrap – 9 squares to go, Wool Peddler’s Shawl – halfway; Waves in the Square shawl in mini-maiden peridot – a few rows in; another shawl, can’t remember the name, in seasilk – a few rows; a wonderful Manos sweater (Vimmerby pattern) for me – about ten inches; socks? Well, four in progress (at least one done), another just begun (that’s why I’ve ordered so many Loopy project bags!); a neckwarmer in yarntini cashmere/silk (loopy blooms color).

    And many other socks in the “immediate” queue~!

    My kitty’s favorite activity is batting at the swift as it spins around!

  8. I just scared myself by inventorying my WIPs:

    Afghan – keep frogging because I can’t find a pattern I like
    Birch Shawl
    Socks for SO
    RSC Socks – Serendipity
    Boot Socks – mindless knit
    Ripple Scarf
    Random Cardigan – going to finish it or frog it one of these days
    Ribbed Scarf
    Lace Scarf

    I think I will have to cast on for some Noro socks to make myself feel better πŸ™‚

  9. I am a one WIP at a time girl. Your handspun looks great. I’ve had my wheel for four years and still haven’t learned out to use it. Tempted roving could help me want to though! Your sock is beautiful and I am definitely going to have to give that scarf a try. Your pictures really inspired me today πŸ™‚

  10. Sheri, I’m so jealous of your spinning! That yarn you made is beautiful! Someday I hope I’ll have a wheel and be able to produce yarn even half as nice as that!

    As far as how many things I have on the needles, since my Christmas-knitting has been done, I’ve been a cast-on fiend! So I have more things on the needles right now than I think I ever have: a Juno Regina stole (in Wollmeise!), 2 pairs of socks (one pair I’m knitting 2 at a time, and one that I’m working on the 2nd sock), 2 scarves, and a blanket. I’ve been tempted to cast on a 3rd scarf but I’m resisting till I at least finish ONE thing.

  11. That’s a great shot of Zoe! I always feel like the cats have worked out a lap schedule this time of year (I’m not consulted, just sat upon). Yes, I’m the living heating pad πŸ™‚ I can watch their ears and know they get a bit irritated when the needles bump them or the yarn runs across their back but it never seems to dislodge them LOL

    I *try* to limit myself to no more than 3 projects OTN at a time, but…it often creeps up. I think the most I had once was 9 going and boy, was I happy to get back down to zero. I remember being sort of stunned and wondering what to do! I have a terrible case of startitis right now and I’m trying to rein that in because once I go over 3 projects, well…it’s hard to make significant progress on ANYthing then πŸ˜‰

    Cashmere just about spoils a person for knitting with any other yarn, doesn’t it?

  12. Before I discovered The Loopy Ewe, I worked on one set of socks at a time, and maybe a sweater for a bigger project. Now that I’ve discovered all your beautiful yarns, and have accumulated a small stash (compared to others I’ve seen), it’s hard not to want to start more pair because I want to see how they knit up. So now I try to knit on a simple stockinette pair of socks and a patterned pair. Any more than that I may get too overwhelmed and not finish any.

    Your spun yarn is gorgeous and I love how your kitty watches so intently. My 60 lb dog tries to climb up in my Lazyboy – doesn’t work as well as a kitty πŸ™

  13. sheri, your handspun looks fabulous!!!!! i am really impressed. you should see if you can enter some of your spinning in your state fair this summer. the feedback they give you is extremely helpful… the ribbons aren’t too shabby either ;).

    if you want to practice spinning thin, try something like shetland or falkland wool. it isn’t the softest stuff, but it is wonderful to spin and it makes a nice, hearty feeling yarn. i can get my falkland singles so skinny they’re like thread. and you can usually find gorgeous falkland wool at


  14. I currently have too many projects going at once and its driving me crazy! But, this past month I have been working soley on my loopy swap item (finished, though) and doing just one project isn’t cutting it either. So, I have to find a middle ground. And, get out of the knitting funk I’ve been in lately…any suggestions. lol?! : )

  15. Let’s see:
    Tofutsies socks – 1 done, other is 25% – I only work on this project at knit-ins at my LYS so it is taking forever.
    Elongated heel stitch socks – 1 done, other is 25%. Just started these on Monday, so I feel pretty good about them. The finished sock is gorgeous, so I am very motivated to get them done!
    Noro BK poncho – 1st panel is done, 2nd panel is at 20%. I can only knit on this a bit at a time (on size 10.5 circ) because such large needles make my thumbs ache.
    So, really not too bad with the knitting. Shall we take a look at the quilting?
    Star-in-star quilt for LB and SIL: 50%. Queen size, has been in the works since last April. I’m kind of mad at them so I don’t want to work on it.
    Neutral stars quilt for friend: King size, needs 1 more row of blocks (7 12″ blocks, plus their sashings). Got tired of looking at beige and cream, so it’s on the top of the pile, waiting.
    Snail’s trail lap quilt: Broke up with the intended recipient, quilt at 15%. Trying hard not to think about it.
    Mariner’s Compass/Storm at Sea quilt: Queen sized, also intended for the exBF. Have someone interested in purchasing the top, but I just can’t seem to give a poop about finishing it.
    Autumn Leaves S-n-W: Lap sized, quilt top is finished. I really ought to get it together to send to the quilter.
    Pastel Daybed quilt: XLong twin sized, quilt top is finished. I really ought to get it together to send to the quilter. Oh and I should get my daybed out of storage!
    Hand-embroidered Moda Quilt for Mom: 3 blocks left to embroider. Need to select patterns – I have the floss. Top is already totally pieced, and I have the backing and batting. Will also be sent out for quilting.
    Quilted knitting bag: 50%. I have the hardware, and the quilting is already done, I just need to assemble the pieces.

    Hmm, maybe if I put the quilts that are ready for quilting together in a box and make a (paycheck related) plan to send them to my quilter, I might actually feel motivated to finish a few of my outstanding quilt projects. The one I would really like to finish is the Mariner’s Compass/Storm at Sea because it’s this huge emotional monkey on my back. If I could get it out the door, I’d feel much better!

  16. For some reason the pics arent coming through for me. I was able to get them up until you changed servers…something to ponder. On the upside the pics from Loopy Ewe come through just fine. Do you have any flicker links or are any of the pics on Ravelry so if i’m not the only one with t his problem we can see the pic too?
    As for Items on the Needles… I have 4 pairs of socks goinand thats it right now, byt Startitis is calling and I have some yummy yarns…Must…Be..Strong or I will have several more on the go:-)

  17. I’m actually contemplating buying a spinning wheel. Shoot what am I talking about I’ll end up with one within the next month. πŸ™‚

    On the needles I have two pair of sock, one hat, a blanket, a pair of mittens, and soon a sweater for myself. I may throw caution to the wind and knit myself a hat and scarf too.

  18. RIght now, I’m about to finish up one project of fingerless mitts. I have one going at home that stays only at home, Rowan’s Faeroe. And, I’m working on two others, a scarf for my aunt and a secret project for a swap that I’m doing. I really want to get another pair of socks on the needles, but not until I finish the swap project.

  19. I just finished my Yarn Pirate Isobel’s Charade socks, so that’s one less project. I bought the Isobel from you LAST winter(such a procrastinator) and I’m wearing them today! Should I send you pictures of the socks?

    Right now I have a pair of toe-up socks that I”m in love with on the needles, a Seraphim shawl that I’m not in love with(it’s the color I chose, not the pattern) and an Odessa hat that I need to fix. I hope that’s it.

    And the handspun is adorable – I’ve been considering the BFL roving but I don’t even have a spindle yet…

  20. You would ask right now… I have two stoles on the needles, a pair of socks, and a crochet project all in the works.

    LOVE the Paca Peds!

  21. I usually have fiveish going. No single socks for me though. My feet are always cold so a single sock is a waste to me! I want to wear them!

    I must/want to knit up… that’s most of the stash. It’s why I’m always in a hurry! lol!

  22. Hah! The other night I was looking at the Sakina Needle roving thinking ,I wish I was a spinner or had someone to spin those beautiful rovings for me. The colors are fabulous. I was drooling all over my keyboard. Your spinning looks so nice.

    I won’t even tell you how many things I have in progress and in hibernation, it boarders on ridiculous.

    Overcast here and is the blustery day from winnie the pooh. The tornado sirens have gone off twice in the last 24 hours…. crazy weather.

  23. Ooh, please do move to Seattle! Then I could come visit you (and the yarn) all the time. πŸ™‚

    I have around five socks in progress. I have other projects that are hibernating, but the socks are all I’m working on so that’s all I’ll count.

  24. You are welcome in Seattle any time. We have no shortage of cloudy, gray days and love people who appreciate them!

    Let’s see, I’m working on a baby blanket for charity, a throw for me that’s been hanging around for about three years, part of a bag that’s now stuffed in the back of the closet, a shawl out of Alpaca with A Twist that I’m loving, another wrap, a sock, and two sweaters. I think that’s it for now.

  25. I always have several projects going at once….someone referred to it as “knitting ADD”!!!!! I am in the middle of a sweater, scarf, hat, 6 different socks, squares for blanket for charity knit night, and am about to cast on another baby sweater! Just completed baby sweater with Dream in Color Smooshy…..I love knitting with that yarn. I’ll send pictures when I figure out my new camera!

  26. I purchased your Anniversary Sock kit. I knit up one sock, about 3″ of the second, cleaned up my knitting area and can not locate the pattern ANYWHERE!!!! I am so glad to know that the pattern is available on your web site. I had looked earlier and missed it. Maybe now I will finish this pair.

  27. How many projects? I started listing them on my blog today. I started hyperventilating when I got to seven WOOPS and that does not even include the socks or the projects I have purchased yarn for but have not started! I need to get off line and start knitting!

  28. I have around 9 socks in various stages of progress and a plethora of other projects including 2 lace shawls and Wicked. I find that I always have to have a simple sock in progress for working on when waiting in line in Starbucks amoung other places πŸ™‚

  29. I have Noro socks on the needles, Bare yarn waiting to be dyed for socks (my first effort – can’t wait!), alpaca fingerless mitts, and a shawl. I’m not happy unless I have three projects going, and of course, at least one has to be socks.
    Speaking of, it would be nice if you carried bare yarn and dyes Sherri! It’s my first venture, but I can imagine that I’ll want more!!!

  30. Your list sounds pretty normal to me, Sheri. I’ve only heard tell of one person (saw her on TV) who never has more than one project going at a time and does not keep a yarn stash — she buys the yarn for the project, knits it up, then moves on to a new project. Can you imagine?!! No Yarn Stash!!???

    It’s kinda scary when you start counting UFOs around my house. Right now I have on the needles a Knitting Pure & Simple Wrap Cardigan, a Perl Grey Jane Sweater, a lace stole, an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, a log cabin blanket, a sock (always at least one sock going, sometimes more), and I’m fighting the urge to cast on a triangle lace shawl and a cable scarf I’ve been wanting to make. I like having a variety of projects going because that way I have something to knit for just about any situation – watching TV, quiet times when I can really concentrate, times when I’m with people and chatting, stressful times, etc.

    I just finished a pair of Duet Skinny socks and I’m in love with that yarn! This was my first time using it and it’s fantastic. After hand-washing, they are SO soft — I had to immediately order more (from TLE, of course)! Thanks for introducing us to so many new and wonderful yarn lines.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see your shawls.

  31. OTN

    One dishcloth KAL
    One Wendy’s Generic Toe up in Colinette Jitterbug Castagna
    One Drop Shoulder Chevron Sweater in Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed Red
    One Sample Sweater which is hibernating.

  32. Hello Sheri. If you would like to spin fingering weight instead of sport , you might want to go down one whorl size on your Schacht. I’ve had my wheel for seven years now and love it. The Sakina Needle Roving is wonderful to spin and has been prepared beautifully for the spinner! I’m looking forward to more superwash fiber from TLE.

  33. Not toooo many things going right now…
    1) Seamingly Simple Vest – 60% done
    2) Socks to match above vest – about 2″ into second sock
    3) Love scarflette for Mom for Valentine’s day – 60% done – I better get it in gear!
    4) Chevron scarf in Fiesta Boomerang…about 20″ done
    5) Two other socks that need a mate…someday…

    Not too bad, but I have SO many socks I want to start, and I am having to sit on my hands to keep from casting on something new!

  34. I love your socks made from Paca Peds–they are gorgeous.

    We have a snowy and blustery day here in mid-Michigan, but our kids are in school, in spite of a Winter Storm Warning. I’m not quite sure if it is because it did not start until after they had to make the decision whether or not to call school, or they are short on snow days left, or what. I heard on the news at noon that we’ve already had 58″ of snow, before this storm, and that is more than our normal annual total, but we are not even half through the snowy season yet here. I am very happy that it is in the form of snow and not ice. My youngest son has already received 2 phone calls from people requesting that he snow blow their driveway, and that is in addition to one regular and our driveway. He’ll be a busy guy when he gets home from school.

  35. I currently have 4 WIP’s that I work on on a regular basis – 1 pair of socks, a blanket for my son for his 21st birthday (on Valentine’s Day), a Chevron scarf (about 2 feet long), and a little black lace scarf that I just started a couple of days ago. Of course, this list does not include all of the unfinished things in my closet that I am not sure I will ever finish. I always have a pair of socks on the needles, but I usually try to finish the pair before starting a new pair. I am really afraid of SSS.

  36. PS Actually, that 58″ is almost double our normal annual snowfall, and we aren’t even halfway through the season yet. Far better to have snow than ice!

  37. I love Ravelry! Just last week, an email came to me saying that I got in and I haven’t been off yet! I may have to make my first scarf! The handmaiden looks great, especially that cosmic dawn color! I may have to add it to my stash! I only have a few items that are WIP:

    Baby pinwheel blanket,
    cowl sweater and
    a tank top.

    Check me out on Ravelry! BelindaG is my user name and I am in the loopy group over there (among other groups). It is so much fun to be able to put my stash and to keep my WIP in order and to check out what other people are making.

  38. Love that Zoe picture! Paddy would be proud! He’s a charter member of the “Sit on Mom Whenever Possible, Especially if Not Quite Convenient” club.

    How many projects do I USUALLY have going? 😎 No usually here. It varries. At the moment, I think there are 8. There have been as many as 12, and as few as 2. I’m working to get back closer to that 2, though there are so many on the queue that I am not sure how I’ll hold back…..

    Ah, well, today should help. SNOW DAY!!! Whoo-hoo!!

  39. I must be weird! I have one project going at a time. I don’t begin a new pair of socks until the second one is finished and blocked. Call me crazy!

    I do, however, order yarn before I need it…the stash doth grow!


  40. Oh, Sheri, I would give anything for a sunny day. These days of wind, rain, snow, clouds and grey are really getting too gloomy. I can feel my energy draining away.

    On the OTN front, I have a pair of socks in Bearfoot (need to rework one socks, FPS), a mystery stole for Secret of the Stole ii, and another mystery shawl from my LYS. I had to go down to Indy today (I was the passenger) so I got 2 good hours of sock knitting in….wooohooo!

  41. Seattle is a knitter/spinner paradise. Too many yarn stores to count and no one looks at you funny when you knit in public. We would love to have you.

    Currently on needles is the Faux Russian Stole and socks of my own design. The socks are the Rio de la Plaza that I chose as my personal Loopy Ewe Sock of the Month club. What ‘s in the queue? I would prefer not to talk about it.

  42. How many projects right now? Oh gee whiz, you would have to ask! Three pairs of socks, a sweater, a scarf, a log cabin afghan, one pair of slippers for my daughter… I’m sure I’m forgetting someone – I mean something! πŸ˜‰

  43. Pretty pretty….what size needles did you use on the scarf?

    I’ll inventory my WIP’s and get back to you. Much more frightening than that is my list of WIPS’s…works-in-the-planning-stages, or my KIHB’s…kits-I-have-bought!!!

  44. Oh man…I really don’t want to count. I have one large bucket and about 3 knitting bags worth of OTN projects.
    I’ve finished a pair of socks and a pair of gloves that had been languishing recently. I have a cyclical knitting life, sometimes I do nothing but cast on new projects even though old ones need to be finished. I am currently going through a finishitis stage. Finishitis usually includes numerous trips to the frog pond also to get rid of those projects that were just not working.
    I gave up trying to stop this cycle, now I embrace it somewhat knowing that before the year is through I will finish a lot of my OTN projects.

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