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DSC01546.JPGRemember the cupcakes I bought awhile back that were so cute? I have been on a cupcake kick lately. (No, not the kind that you eat. That would be a caloric kick to be on! Just nice representations of them in other forms!) I found another fun indie artisan on etsy who made this batch of cupcakes for me. I told her the number that I wanted her to make, and just let her design whatever she wanted. I think they turned out great and it will be fun to have them out in my kitchen window for Valentine’s Day! (Check out her birds in yarn nests, and the Valentine’s cookies. Such fun. I’ll show you what else I bought from her this week, when it comes in the mail later.)

DSC01568.JPGI promised to share a couple of pretty shawls with you today – neither made by me. The first one is a model on loan from Prism, that uses their Kid Slique yarn. I can’t imagine a softer, airier shawl than this one! It is called Prism Kid Slique Scarf or Wrap and is available as a pattern here. (Why no photos? Prism’s website is down momentarily and I couldn’t get the photos! I’ll add those in when they come back up. FPS.) The Kid Slique yarn is a combination of 66% Rayon, 26% Kid Mohair, and 8% & Nylon and comes in some gorgeous colors. I have Woodlands and Antique set aside for myself for scarves. (Not together – 2 different scarves.) You have to click on the closeups to see what this yarn is all about. They’ve just sent the rest of our Kid Slique order, along with Prism Lace (which is exquisite) so watch for that to go up soon. Probably the week after next.

DSC01572.JPGThe other shawl is one that Claudia (from Wollmeise) sent me for Christmas and I’m still as taken with it as I was when I opened up the package! This is the first (and only) shawl that I own and I absolutely love it. The colors (you know, blue and brown is such a favorite combo of mine), the pattern, the width and length – it’s all perfect. I have used it several times and it’s amazing how much warmth you can get from a shawl. If I wasn’t sold on making shawls before now (and I really was), then this would’ve done it. Now I just need to get my head around the shawl knitting. Why does it seem to take me a long long time to knit lace? I knit for hours and feel like I have so little to show for it. There are such amazing lace patterns and projects out there, and I wonder if I just have a mental block on this? Or does lace just take longer and I ought to be patient? Someone please advise.

I have had a couple of people email me about some worthy causes that they are working on and wanted to pass the information on to you. The first is Loopy customer Kate. Her 19 yr. old brother just found out that he is battling acute myelogenous leukemia. Kate is doing a raffle in exchange for donations to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of her brother, Robbie Greenberger. If you’d like more information on contributing to that, please check out her blog:

Another interesting project going on comes from an industrial design student who could use any input you have for a project:

For those of you in the our Seasonal Sock Club – your last (Spring!) installment is shipping out today, if you have been to your Loopy account and paid your bill!  If you have not yet made payment, log in and do that so that we can get this fun package out to you.  Our 2008 Sock Club begins in March, for those of you who signed up.  (We are completely full for 2008.) Watch for your March invoices to arrive via email the first week in March.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get lots of knitting done! I … um …. might’ve started another sock. Yes, it’s true. But there was a good reason for it! Another one of our new companies called this week to say they were shipping our order out, and you know I like to have a sock done to show you how the yarn knits up. (This yarn is a brand new sock yarn for them – so new that it’s not even listed on their website yet – and it’s as soft and wonderful as can be. I’ll show it to you as soon as the sock is done. You’re going to love it.)

Sheri headinghomeearlytodaybecauseKnittingDaughterishomesick.bugger. 🙁


  1. I’m so sorry to hear knitting daughter is sick. : ( That is no fun! Hope she gets better soon…

    How sweet of Claudia to make you a shawl – it looks lovely! I haven’t knit a shawl yet, but its on my list – I started a lace scarf (because I cut the shawl pattern in half) a very long time ago – really must get that finished. Ahem. Lace takes me forever too – which is why I think I’ve put it off…

    I’m hoping to do some knitting this weekend in between more cleaning out the clutter I have in my closets. Must try to revive my knitting energy, lol… : )

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Well Wishes to K.D. – I hope she feels better soon! Dote on her with some chicken soup.
    As for lace/shawl knitting – I can honestly say I’ll never attempt such a beast. And that’s my personal opinion. I love looking in amazement all the shawls I’ve seen on Ravelry and wonder how they do it. They’re beautiful and so detailed, I give those knitters a lot of credit to complete their gorgeous works of art. I know my limitations, and lace knitting is where I draw the line – nuf said.

    I’m waiting on pins & needles to see the new yarn lines!!!!

  3. It might be the lace that’s taking forever, or it might just be that shawls are big ;-). I don’t find that lace takes me any longer than other kinds of patterned knitting, but of course when it takes 200-300 stitches to make a row…. (Actually, what slows me down on lace is memorizing the pattern. Once I have the pattern down, I progress quickly, but until I have it memorized, I have to keep pausing to look at what I’m doing.)

    Hope KD feels better soon and that you’re able to have a nice quiet afternoon watching movies!

  4. OH, I hope the Knitting Daughter feels well soon. This is the first week since my kids went back from Christmas break that I have not had at least one of them home some time during the school week, becasue they were sick.

    What beautiful shawls, and what a wonderful gift to receive. I love the blue and brown combination too.

    And those cupcakes are the cutest thing ever.

  5. I started shawl lace knitting with larger gauge stuff…Flower Basket with worsted weight…then I did Charlotte’s Web with Koigu…now I am working on the Fiddlesticks Peacock shawl in laceweight yarn. I think the earlier easier shawls helped a lot with understanding the problems I might run into and how to fix them (and occasionally prevent them!). It’s still slow going and I stopped working on it completely for a year because I had to back off 2 rows with around 300 stitches to fix a mistake! Now I am past that and slowly making progress again. I think what slows me down a lot is that I need dedicated chunks of couch time to work on rows that take 30 minutes to finish! I do a lot of knitting on the subway and the lace just can’t be done there so that slows me down a ton! The results are worth it though.

  6. The shawl from Claudia is gorgeous. I have no desire to tackle a project like that as I know it would end up as a UFO. Hope KD is not to sick. Thats not fun. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs

  7. Poor KD! My mom always made me a lime sherbet and 7-up float. Maybe she would like one, or just lots of TLC from Mommy. Sending lots of Get Well Wishes!

    Knitting lace is slow for me too. I’m always looking at the chart…once….twice…maybe even three times so I don’t lose my place. I say a little “hurrah” when I reach the end of the row and my stitch count is correct. I envy the talent of so many lace knitters…they produce true works of art.

  8. Sorry to hear about Knitting Daughter being sick; it’s so nice that you can be home with her for part of tthe day, though. That’s one thing I miss about being a grown-up: not having my mom there to look after me when I am sick! No one is ever too old for some TLC.
    I know what you mean about knitting lace shawls. For me they take longer because I seldom get any knitting time without major interruptions, and lace is not something I can do unless I’m really concentrating (yet).

  9. oh poor Knitting Daughter. Hope she feels better soon… and the shawl from Claudia looks beautiful… can’t wait to see a pic of it all spread out.

    you know…. maybe you should farm out some of your sock knitting. Special Agents could knit quick and send back to you with a sock (or pair) and a review. That would leave you a bit more time for some shawl knitting! I’d LOVE to be Special Agent #1 and would knit for Loopy just for the fun of it Oh we could do a sock, a swatch and maybe a baby bootie? (especially since I didn’t get into the sock club- waaahh!) LOL

  10. Cupcakes are adorable! I love knitting lace, but yes it can seem to take forever. It’s so worth it at the end when you block it though. 🙂 You should show a better pic of yours so we can see the pattern!

  11. The cupcakes are so cute! I hope Knitting Daughter feels better soon. I hope she has the type of bug that goes away quickly.

    I find that knitting lace is quick for me–depending on the lace. If it’s an easily memorized pattern, that can be good or bad. Good in that you don’t have to constantly check a chart. Bad in that you get bored with it quicker. But in all the lace I’ve done, I’ve found that it takes many rows before finding my rhythm with knitting that pattern. Once I’ve found that rhythm, the rest of the shawl seems to pass by so quickly. Good luck with it.

  12. Hi Sheri,

    Funny that you posted about lace knitting today. I have been wanting to try knitting the Bee Shawl/Stole and then I freak out over the idea:) As you know, my knitting time already feels so limited I have seriously considered retiring from knitting:)

    My solution for myself, is just to knit easy and fun stuff. I am also trying to limit myself from having too many things going on at a time.

    I sure hope you daughter feels better soon. Not a great way to start out a weekend.

  13. I hope Knitting Daughter feels better soon!

    Lace knitting in my experience is something you work on and work on and work on and work on and then suddenly poof it is almost done. And it’s beautiful when it’s done. My two shawls so far have taken less time than the first pair of RSC socks I did.

  14. EEEEK!!!! Thanks for the reminder – I’m paying for mine, I’m paying for it! Don’t forget me! (PS: thanks for making payday the payment deadline – that helped!!)

    Happy Friday 🙂

  15. just wanted to mention …. to any Canadian readers out there …. if you go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society site mentioned, there is a Canadian Donation link. I’ll be making my donation this evening.

  16. HEY!!! You are in Interweave Knits Spring 2008 … ad on page 115. Is this the first time or have I missed others? You are big time now Sheri! :>)

  17. THose cupcakes look good enough to eat. What are they made out of? THey arent knitte are they, they look fabulous. I want some to put out as decoration in the kitchen or on the dining room table.
    Soe sorry about Knitting Daughter, I do hope she will feel better soon. Mommys heal best, even when at firends mine call me for advice. THe float sounds nice. Mine use to make me the softest pudding, and farina with cream and vanilla, when i was sick. Of course the chicken soap too.
    THat scarf from Prism is just gorgeous. Love the scarf that CLaudia mad you. I am glad you own one completed scarf.
    About lace knitting. It depends on the pattern how smooth the yarn slipps over the needles, if you are using a tried and tru pattern and how much undisturbed time you have. My lacey circular jacket that is on size 2 needles and is my own design with bits and pieces from reference books, has been on the needle for 2 years now and i havent even gotten to the sleeves yet. I am doing the edging an attach as you go lace edging. It needs to be laid flat and adjusted every so many rows because the body is circular. So dont worry It goes slow. ANd i knit fast normally. I made the swallowtail scarf from IK and i thought it took forever and all of a sudden it was done. It still waits to be blocked.
    Malabrigio has according to Ravelry been done in sockyarn in a lovely blue. CHeck out TLE loopygroop. Now that i would order no matter what, if it is in that blue

  18. The shawls are SOOOO lovely. I love the way shawls look, but have yet to knit one for me.

    When do you expect the first shipment of the 2008 club to ship? I’m going on vacation at the end of March and I’m hoping to be able to take it with me:)

  19. I have to say that lace knitting is *usually* slower for me too. But then, so are aran patterns! I usually find if I have a lace project going, then that’s when a perfect complementary project is a basic sock in a handpaint or self-striping yarn. I’ll at least have one project where I can see noticeable progress. 🙂

    I’m excited about the Prism lace yarn – they have some beautiful stuff!

    Sheri, one book you might want to add to your personal library (if you don’t already have it) is Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls. One of the things I like about it is the number of “utilitarian” shawls in heavier weight yarns (so…warm AND faster to knit). And the kimono shawl is often recommended as a good beginner pattern (not that you are) and is beautiful knitted up in fingering weight yarn (comes out wider too).

    I’ll second the vote for an additional picture of the shawl that Claudia made you; it would be lovely to see it opened up with the lace pattern showing if you have the opportunity to do another pic.

  20. I’m sorry to hear KD is sick. Hopefully it isn’t too bad and doesn’t linger. A weekend lounging around could be just the ticket.

    I guess I’m not the best person to speak up about lace. I love to knit it, but the projects I pick sure do take a while. Is that because it’s lace, or a curtain? Hmmm.

  21. Well wishes to KD.

    The cupcakes are adorable.

    Yes, lace takes longer to knit and most of the time, it doesn’t look that great because it is all scrunched up. Keep knitting! I’ve started the 2nd half of the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole, come join me.

  22. Lace shawls really do take a long time to knit. I’ve made about 10 of them, and it’s slow, careful knitting. But oh the results are worth it.

    Hope DD is feeling better.

  23. Ooh, that second shawl is gorgeous! Might there happen to be a pattern for it out there? As for the time it takes to knit shawls, it is definitely longer than knitting socks (not least because one gets that pleasant feeling of finishedness in the middle of a pair of socks when casting off the first one). The first shawl I ever made (which was only my second-ever knitting project) was the Japanese Stole from Folks Shawls, and it took me three years. My next shawl took me that long, too. I seem to have gotten into the groove now, and knit them much more quickly, but it’s still a months-long process, usually, rather than weeks… It’s worth it, though! 🙂

  24. Cupcakes are DARLING !! I found a pattern for a knitted one…haven’t had time to put it on needles ( ran our of #2’s; too many socks)..Lace Shawls scare me to death..I’d love one but I cringe at some cables !!

    Move over, KD, I’ve been fighting something all week and wish I had a Mommy just to hug me and bring a cup of Chicken Soup..Please Feel Better, A hug from Me! and maybe a Hershey’s Kiss !

    I hope to curl up this weekend and finish a second sock on one pr. and a first in a fabulous pattern I’m in love with…
    Feel Better Soon and Happy Knitting and Movies all weekend !!

  25. The shawl from Claudia is lovely! I like the combination of brown and blue too 🙂 Do you know what yarn (Wollmeise lace perhaps) and pattern it is? I would love to see a picture of the whole shawl!

    I dunno if lace really takes longer than other knitting but there are a lot of stitches in a shawl…

  26. Sorry KD is not feeling well…I have been fighting the crud for over two weeks myself, and after two rounds of antibiotics and various other medicines, I am finally starting to feel human again…no fun at all! Hope she feels better soon!

    As for lace knitting, I have done a couple of easy scarves, and it does take a while just because of the tiny yarn and millions of stitches, plus it is something I have to concentrate on. I have my sights set on Irtfa’a one of these days when I get the courage and time to start it and decide what yarn I want to use!

    Love the cupcakes…they are adorable!

  27. wow the shawls are beautiful! I know this is going to sound weird but I love patterns that have lace repeats that have a lot of rows (8-12) in them. I can’t seem to go to bed at night until I finish the repeat!

  28. Hope KD is all better by now (it’s Monday morning over here. FPS—but it was one of those weekends)!

    What a gorgeous shawl Claudia made for you! And now you’ve got me seriously considering some Kid Slique—hey, it’s not laceweight, I’d actually be able to SEE it while knitting….

    I may have to make some cupcakes, too. Darn.

  29. I missed this blog post on the day it was published, but I jsut have to say that those are the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen.

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