Favorite Way to Celebrate Your Birthday CONTEST!

DSC01592.JPGIt has been a very fun week, because every time the mailman comes, he brings something cool. About a month ago, Laura (who, frankly, is now in my “best friend” category. No, we’ve never met. Why?) pointed out to people on the Loopy Groupie board that I had a birthday coming up in a month, and wouldn’t it be fun if people knit me socks? Well, that just about blew my socks off stunned me. I can’t believe people would knit me socks of any kind for my birthday! And then someone suggested that mini socks would be fun, too. (I love mini socks.) So the mailman has been very very good to me this week and you all are just amazing. I’ll show you more photos next week. (And besides socks, I have gotten other fun stuff, too – whee! I’m going to start having two birthdays a year, I think. Although, wait – that would age me twice as fast. Never mind.) Here is a photo of some of the mini socks that have arrived. Aren’t they cute? I think everyone needs a lineup of mini socks. At one time I thought it would be fun to knit a bunch for the mini sock blocker keychains and hang them on my knitting bag. (I have two on there. One knit by me and one knit by my friend Valerie. I still think it would be fun to have more.) Someone once told me that they knit a sock blocker keychain sock to go with each pair of gift socks that they make. Another person said that they knit a sock blocker keychain sock for themselves for every sock yarn they knit up into socks. All cute ideas! (The framed display board? LOVE these. I have a bunch of them. They look especially great when you line three of them up over your couch with family photos on them. This one is in my office . I also think it’d be good to have one in your knitting room with swatches or project ideas or patterns or knitting plans on it. They’re from Creative Memories and if you type in your zipcode, you can find yourself a consultant near you and order online.)

DSC01588.JPGSo tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m taking the day off. (Of course The Elves will be here working on all of your orders.) Besides eating out, my day will include a little shopping, a little chocolate, and a big Venti. Plus time with WH and KD. (Sadly, not College Guy. But I do get to see him later this weekend – yay!) The February Blog Contest Question of the Month is: What is your favorite way to spend your birthday? Leave your answers in the comments below and I’ll draw a name next Wednesday to pick a winner. What is the prize? Something very fun, not yet offered here at The Loopy Ewe because we’ve only received a few of them so far. Aren’t you curious? 🙂

Sheri watchingthemailmanrightoutsidemywindow,tryingtofitallofyourordersintohistruck-hee!


  1. My birthday is usually on the longest day of the year (June 21), and the weather is usually very nice, so I like to spend the day outside. I start with my favorite summer breakfast (granola, yogurt, and fruit) and then my husband and I take our dog to the park for a long walk. If it’s raining, I like to stay inside to watch a movie and knit! For dinner, my husband makes me something delicious on the grill, and then we make homemade ice cream for dessert!

    Happy birthday, Sheri! Hope you had a great day.

  2. My birthday is in August, and I like to get up and have breakfast with friends. We traditionally head to a baseball game (I’m a Cubs fan) for the afternoon and have a picnic dinner after the game. Basically, relax and enjoy the company of loved ones.

  3. I love to celebrate first with a nice lunch with DH and then we go out on the boat for a boat ride. I get to knit and enjoy the water, two of my favorite things ;c) Have a wonderful B-day!!!

  4. I tend towards shopping — on my own if others are at work, with one or two friends if it can be managed — and then dinner in a small group someplace with foofy drink and large beef slabs.

    There is also usually Starbucks.

    The nearest available weekend the past couple years has involved fiance. He likes shopping. He likes the *girly* shopping. This year, I will win at birthday with husband.

    (I need to make up this year for spending the night of my birthday in the emergency room with a swollen ear canal…)

  5. My favorite way is to have a day where I don’t have to do anything. I could sit and read, sit and knit, sit and watch a movie. I would also be happy if my daughter could come visit, as she lives 500 miles away, and I don’t see her nearly as much as I would want. I don’t need gifts – time would be enough of a gift.

  6. Though I love, love, love my family, I love celebrating with a girls’ weekend–it’s been a Christian mom’s conference, a knitting getaway, a scrapbook weekend, whatever! And of course, a great meal. And a pedicure would be nice, too, though I haven’t actually done that yet.


  7. Go out to a decadent breakfast. Then spend the day with my hubby, maybe a movie, then a nice dinner, home or out!

  8. since my birthday is in January, I like to make it my vacation time and head to the FL Keys where my best friend lives. This year I was able to do it. Good times, with good friends. That’s how I like to spend my birthday.

  9. Hmmmmm, I would love to spend my birthday in the great outdoors: exploring, hiking, swimming, and knitting on the shore of a beautiful river.

  10. Happiest Birthday Sheri,

    I hope your birthday and all the pleasant good things last all year long!

    What do I like to do best on my birthday? NOTHING……unless I really want to. I do love going to have a treat of stuffed French toast at Mimi’s and spend the day reading, kntting or just sleeping.

  11. My favorite way to spend my birthday??? Well, as it’s the end of March, first I’m hoping for a warm, sunny Spring day. Then I like to wake up early in the morning and have coffee on the porch with my hubby and listen to the spring birds and their songs. Then I love to walk around my yard and spy what is starting to “pop” up out of the ground. Crocuses, Snowdrops in bloom, daffodils beginning to emerge, and other spring bulbs starting to show their heads. Also, by this point, the lilacs are beginning to show signs of life as well. Then, I like to spend the day in my gardens, just absorbing the warmth of the sun, soaking in the spring sounds and smells and yes, I don’t mind the early garden clean up. I’ll plant my peas, if the ground isn’t too wet as well. Then, when hubby gets home (kid’s don’t need babysitting anymore, which is nice) we’ll order pizza for the kids and we’ll head off to a nice dinner somewhere and then an evening stroll, maybe down by the river, if it’s warm enough.

    A relaxing day with nature, in my gardens. A warm Spring day after a long cold winter. That’s my favorite birthday.

    SW Pa

  12. Happy Birthday Sheri!\
    I’ll be celebrating mine on the 11th.
    Just doing the things I enjoy, knitting being # one.
    Friends and family and dinner out!
    Reading a good book and relaxing.

    May all your wishes come true.


  13. a belated happy birthday sheri!

    when i was in school, i pretty much partied hard on my b-day with my roommates and buddies at the local pubs. nowadays, i prefer spending the day with my family and close friends and having a nice dinner out.

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