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DSC01427.JPGHi there! I had a whirlwind weekend in California at the TNNA Market. (Wait until you hear about all the fun things I have on order for us! But more on that in Wednesday’s post.) Right now, I know you are anxious to hear about the 2008 Sock Club so that you can start signing up.

We have gone to an every other month system (so now you’ll get 5 packages from us this year, instead of 4). Thanks to all of you who asked us to do our mailings more often. πŸ™‚ This year’s club will focus on some wonderful semi-solid variations because we have some dynamite pattern designers who are looking forward to coming up with interesting patterns for you! We will have patterns by: Wendy Johnson, Cookie A, Debbie O’Neil, Monica Jines, and Terry Ross. I won’t give you all of the yarn dyers, but they do include Wollmeise and sKNITches – so that’s a little tease for you! The cost is the same as last year – $33 per package, plus shipping. Your package will include the limited-edition yarn, the pattern done especially for us, and any other fun little thing we can find to include in there for you. (You know we have fun with those little extras!) We send you an invoice a couple of weeks before each shipment, so this is a “pay as you go”, but you are committing to the whole year of 5 shipments when you sign up. If you’re interested in signing up, we’re taking names today and tomorrow, and if we go over out limit, we’ll do a quick lottery drawing to fill in the spots. If you’re interested, please email: We’ll email you back on Wednesday or Thursday to let you know!

DSC01428.JPGThe other thing going on this week – a new Sneak Up! In this one you’ll find Wollmeise Sock yarn, Sheepaints, more Fiesta Boomerang, Alpaca With a Twist Fino (lace), Rio de la Plata (those are the socks in the photo I included – aren’t they awesome? Three ply sock yarn, different colors in each ply. Can you see it in the closeup?), Schaefer Heather, Tempted Roving, Prism Kid Slique (oh my it’s cool), Colinette Jitterbug, Dream in Color and Sakina Needles BFL Roving. More fun stuff for you – yay!

Ok – I’m off to try and address my email in-box (always the drawback of leaving town). I will check back in with you all on Wednesday with reports from TNNA! What did you all do while I was gone?

Sheri didn’tmanagetogetmuchknittingdonewhileIwasgone-toomuchelsegoingon πŸ™


  1. Hope you had a great time at TNNA! I was able to knit all weekend and finished my Baby Surprise Jacket out Spritely Goods yarn purchased from Loopy! Looking forward to the Sock Club!

  2. Glad you had fun!!! And woo-hoo for sock club sign-ups!!! πŸ˜€

    I finished up a vest for my little girl, as well as worked more on my second Perambulate sock with some “Hawaii” Claudia Hand-paint from the Loopy Ewe! πŸ™‚ Not much knitting going to happen today, though — snow day, so my son is home from preschool all day.

  3. Well, I managed 3+ squares on my Modern Quilt Wrap (one was a re-do because after square #9 I attached square #10 to the wrong side – ackkk), started a new cashmere sock, tried to teach myself a short row heel (Red Dwarf knee socks in Zen String in Pumpkin King) – and wound the Fiesta Baby Boom and DIC yarn that came in my Loopy package on Saturday!

    Non-yarn-related – I made stock for soup from my T’giving turkey (from the freezer), lentil soup, banana bread, and “chocolate coma cookies”! They are incredible (if I do say so) – basically a toll-house cookie with rolled oats, toasted almonds, chopped bittersweat chocolate and dried cherries!

    Oh, and I made an iced chai latte in my new Loopy mug!

  4. I am knitting socks for my swap partner BUT had to start a new pair as I discovered the ones I was knitting are too small in circumference for her. Yikes! I am now on a deadline…how’d that happen???

    Hope you had a wonderful trip. Can’t wait for the sneakup.

  5. That’s exciting news about the sock club. I can’t wait to hear what you saw/ordered at TNNA. This week’s sneak up has so many yummy things in it. It’s going to be crazy!

    As for knitting, I’m working on a new lace stole. I’ve also started knitting some gloves out of the Dream in Color baby yarn.

  6. Sorry you didn’t get much done knit wise, but it sounds like it was a very productive week. I’d love to join the sock club, but a new kitchen is on the “need” list which always outweighs the “want” list. I’ll enjoy it vicariously this year, and perhaps next year will be my club year!

  7. Good luck putting the sock club together – I’m sure it’s a huge undertaking!! My fingers are crossed for getting in!

  8. I sent an email re the sock club too! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky this year!! πŸ™‚

  9. Glad you had a good time finding us new and fun things to buy! Will you have a new listing title for roving? I just happened to find some under the yarn vendor by chance – can’t remember which one….

  10. I dealt with sick kids and got sick myself while you were gone, wah. πŸ™

    Glad you had a great time!

    I put my name in th hat, got all mine and my kids fingers crossed I make it into the sock club!

  11. Oh boy – new stuff from TNNA!! Can’t wait to see the yummy stuff you have found for us!! Sent my email for the sock club…I NEED to be on the yes list!! HAHA!! Welcome home!

  12. Glad you had fun and I can’t wait to see all the new stuff from TNNA!!!! Sent my sock club email. crossing my fingers and toes and having my kids cross theirs as well.

    What did I do this weekend? I worked on my project for the Loopy Sock Swap that I am in – I can’t say much more than that, but I love working with the Numma Numma!!!

  13. It sounds like TNNA was very productive and it must have been lots of fun to play with new fiber and yarn. Were you able to meet up with Jess and Casey or any other Ravelers?

  14. I cant commit to a club this yr since I already have to much goin on knit and Knit-n-Stitch wise so will have to watch the photo pages for the finished sock pics to come in to ya πŸ™‚
    We went to my Sisters Sat for supper, I got the heels turned on 2 different socks, and finished sock number 1 for son and got sock number 2 cast on with 3 in accomplished before putting it away for the night last nite. That all I did this weekend, so today I have to do some catch up cleaning and then settle myself down in my chair and knit away.

  15. Welcome back and glad you had fun on your trip! I’ve only had time to knit for an hour or two all of last week – way too much else going on – or else I’ve been too tired to knit. Sad, I know, but it happens…
    I’m hoping to catch this sneak-up, but if I don’t no worries, it just wasn’t meant to be my time… Have a wonderful day!! : )

  16. I didn’t have much knitting time either. Puppies and knitting don’t mix well. I did have an early fit of spring cleaning and emptied and scrubbed the refrigerator though… There was also laughter and good food every night with assorted friends, so it was a great weekend!

  17. Welcome back! I can’t wait to see hear what you did at TNNA.

    I’ve very excited about this year’s Sock Club! Some wonderful designers and some wonderfuls yarns…who can resist?!?!

  18. CA must have been great this time of year!! I signed up for the sock club and hope (really hope!) that I get in! When would the club mailings start? Thanks so much for all that you do for us!

  19. Can’t wait to see the new stuff you found on your weekend trip. I’m crossing my fingers with my name in the Sock Club drawing!!!!

    I made your Dad’s Casserole this weekend – YUM!

    I did manage to knit on a cardigan (the last sleeve – how come they take the longest?) It’s knit with Classic Elite Inca Alpaca Marl – VERY scrumptious yarn! Oh, and of course, watched the Green Bay Packers make another advancement in the playoffs! Knitting & Cheering – what a weekend.

  20. Ok, fingers crossed that my luck is better for getting into the sock club than it was for getting into the retreat!
    I decided to do the Loopy Q1-08 challenge after receiving my (then) latest order from you. I have never knit lace, and I have always wanted one of those cool poncho things (where you make 2 rectangles then sew the edges together), so I am adapting Wendy’s Crest o’ the Wave stole pattern for it, using CTH Winter Storm Watch (DK weight) and size 9 circs. I currently have 5 1/2 repeats done (with 1.5 skeins left – about 10″ of knitting unblocked) on the first piece, and I have ordered 2 more skeins of yarn (for a total of 4). I hope it will be enough, but if I get to the end of skein 2 and decide it won’t be big enough, even blocked, I will ditch the poncho plan and switch back to a stole/shawl.
    The yarn is working up just beautiful – something I will probably regret saying as it’s sure to send a rush of people to look at it, but oh well! I’m pretty much totally around the bend as far as my yarn budget goes right now – so please, go buy yarn so there is none for me – my paycheck will than you!

  21. Looking forward to hearing about TNNA.

    I signed up for the sock club, sent msg to the wrong address and had to re-send it. What a doof! Anyway, I hope I make it in!

    I started knitting some toe-up double eyelet socks using my Shibui from TLE in the wasabi colorway. That yarn is fun and the color is fabulous.

    All the deer and elk are moving down from the high country here, as the snow is too deep for them to reach food. We had deer in our yard in the middle of town. The Dept. of Wildlife is beginning to feed them-the first time since 1983-84 that the animals have needed our help. No worries about lack of water this summer in our mountains.

  22. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at TNNA. I’m anxious to hear about all the goodies you have in store (or will have in store) for us!

    Oh, the Sock Club! Hoping, hoping…

  23. Hmm… Rio de la Plata, eh?

    [insert giant sucking sound from wallet]

    What I Did This Weekend:

    Cleaned out the back room. The rest of the house is listing to the other side, since we’ve managed to dispense with three outdoor-sized trash bags of crap. And come up with two huge boxes of books to donate to the library’s used book sale.

    Finished socks for HSH, and knit some more on the niece’s socks from yummy Mimosa-flavored Yarntini!! Happy fingers.

    Have fun with the inbox….

  24. I sent my e-mail! I hope I get in, I’m so excited about the sock club and the fact that it is pay as you go.

    I can’t wait to see what you got for us at TNNA My dh will probably try to hide my pocketbook. LOL!

    That Rio de la Plata yarn looks fantastic!! Oh my, it’s another one to add to my long list for the sneak up. Now if I can get in at the right time to pick up some Wollmeise…

  25. I sent my email for the Club and I’m waiting with bated breath. I can’t wait to see the goodies you found at TNNA. As to what I’ve been doing while you were gone, I’ve been swatching for a sweater I’m designing! (so basically I’ve been tangled in fuzzy yarn and trying to do math. Yikes!)

  26. Oooh, more new stuff πŸ™‚ Missed going with you to TNNA! Can’t wait to see what fun stuff you found! Ths sock club sounds wonderful! I can’t wait for the new yarns and patterns that will be coming!

  27. It sounds like you had a lot more fun than we did! We worked on the house again this weekend. Good thing is, we actually FINISHED a room! That’s always a great feeling. Bad thing is I only got a little knitting in – about six inches on my Juno Regina, and a few rows on a sweater for DH

    I’m hoping that I’ll get into the sock club this week, as I’m sure it’s the only way I’ll ever get my hands on some Wollmeise!

  28. Just sent my email! Hope I get in!

    I started my first pair of Toe-Up socks this weekend!!!! Using dpn’s for now…but once I have it down I’m thinking two socks at once on 1 circ….we’ll see how that goes! but so far my sock is looking great. Hope I finish it in time for my BFF’s birthday Feb 11.

  29. I would love to get into the sock club- seem to be missing out on all of them in the past couple of years…

    I got my loopy order from the last sneak up (I’m a slacker at going to the post office)

    This weekend, I worked on my toe up- 2socks on 2 circs – they’ve been almost done for 6 months- just trying to finish this spiral cuff (my own design, but taking forever)…knitting a scarf with some bulky hand spun; finished spinning up enough alpaca for a hat, have about a pound of cininnamon alpaca to finish washing out of a full fleece, Spun up this really pretty sparkly jungle green wool I got from red stone yarns (dot) com – no spaces – Sheri – you should check out her site – just a happy customer…

    AND I order a circular sock machine! I can’t wait to get it and try it out!

  30. I’m excited about the sock club. I didn’t even know about The Loopy Ewe last year at this time. Soon, I’ll be a groupie:-)

  31. Woohoo! I hope I get into the sock club! I imagine that there will be a great response! You do everything so well, truly you do! I can’t imagine what TNNA must be like – I’m always a bit overwhelmed when I go to bid bead festivals or even Sheep and Wool festivals. I think it takes at least an hour or two before I can focus!
    Try to get some rest from your trip!
    PS – love those socks (and there are two of them)! πŸ™‚

  32. Love the new sock yarn and I’m so excited about the sock club openings. Put my name in for the lottery.

    Glad to have you back – I hope you enjoyed your yarn shopping!

  33. Pretty socks!

    I was actually scrapbooking this weekend. I was at a retreat at VA Beach. I rarely get to scrapbook these days on account of no space in my house so it was nice. I did pick up my needles last night after I got home.

    I’m really hoping I can get some Wollmeise this time!!!!!!!! I’ve missed out on the past two Sneak Ups when you’ve had it. So for all of you out there who have some Wollmeise, please, please let some of us get some who haven’t gotten any yet. Please?

  34. I’m very excited about TNNA news. I also put my name in for the sock club but am worried about my e-mail getting through as I’ve had some problems with that of late.

    My weekend is still going on. I seem to be spending today waiting for the sneak-up! : ) I’m an “angel” for a scarf swap so I’m finishing up a scarf in-between refreshing my e-mail.

  35. Sheri
    Hope you had a great time at TNNA and had wonderful weather.
    Can;t wait to hear if I made it into the Sock Club. This is really exciting and is a hot topic on Ravelry.

    I hope you are not unindated with requests.
    Martha in DC

  36. Glad you are home safe and sound. Did you take an empty suitcase to stuff yarn in for the trip home? This weekend I worked on some socks with Yarn Pirate yarn that I scored a while back from you and I sat down at the loom and wove with cotton I handspun on my charkha.

  37. Glad to hear that you had a great time at TNNA, I’m beginning to get jealous that I can’t go and see all of the wonderful things myself. Maybe one day you can raffle off a chance to join you. I’m anxiously waiting to hear whether or not I made it into the sock club.

    This weekend, I made a quick garter stitch scarf for my MIL which she just loves. And I’ve been working on the 2nd sock for hubby, with any luck I’ll finish it up in a couple of days. I’m ready to cast on something else but haven’t decided just what yet.

  38. Sent my email in for the sock club. Sounds like it will be fun if I happen to make it in.
    Also waiting for the sneak up. Need something to keep the blood pumping. πŸ™‚ It is -24 here this morning.

  39. I can’t wait to see what you ordered at TNNA. You must have been having too much fun there not to get any knitting done!

    I worked on a baby blanket this weekend for the coming due date of a close friend.

    Crossing my fingers for the sock club twice.

  40. Marsha, thanks for making me feel like I am not the only silly one out here. I, too, had to send my sock club email in twice as I also sent it to the wrong address first. Maybe that means we will both get in because we perserveered. I did get to knit this weekend, wrestling tournament for my grandson. I can take my sicks and hang’em from my wrist and knit all day long. And he actually won a match. Even better! Can’t wait to hear if Marsha and I get into the “club”.

  41. Hi, I have a question about the ‘little red sock’ to knit kit I just received. I am having trouble with part of the knitting directions that I have never seen before. Maybe a more experienced groupie can help new sock knitter like me. The directions says” Row1: Sl1 PW,K8,K2tog,K1 turn” this is for the ‘turning heel’ part- what does the ‘PW’ mean after the Slip 1? I thought it meant ‘Purl Wrap’ or ‘pick up wrap’- but I have no wraps in my knitting yet. I looked on definition sites and see nothing for those intials. Can someone please look at their little kit and explain to me what to do, Even right before those directions the heel part says” Row 1: Sl 1 KW, K13 Row 2: Slip 1 PW, P12, K1″ (12 rows total). and I’m not sure what the ‘PW’ and ‘KW’ there means either. I’m sure other people have figured this out! Thanks in advance- Juliblue

  42. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time, even if it didn’t involve too much knitting.

    Most of the weekend, I know I was busy, but can’t remember what I did, so it must have been normal stuff (you know, cleaning, cooking, laundry…). Saturday Night, though, I went to a basketball game and watched my Northwestern Wildcats get their behinds kicked into next season by the Michigan Wolverines. πŸ™ At least this year, they are better at getting the rebounds on the defensive end, but they still shoot the ball and run down the court, with no one waiting to see if it actually went in. I got several rounds knit on the second sock for a pair I’m making for my mom while I was there, too. The usher was fascinated by the whole knitting in the semi-dark while staring intently at the basketball court thing, too. πŸ˜€

    Oh, and by the way, all of us who are working on fingerless gloves, I found out an interesting piece of news at the basketball game on Saturday. It was 80’s night, and they were passing out what they called “80’s gloves,” which were simply fingerless gloves. I’m not sure how they got the designation “80’s gloves,” but there you have it. I even wracked my poor brain, but don’t remember large numbers of people wearing them when I was at NU, which was smack in the middle of the 80’s.

  43. Among other things, I picked up the new Vogue Knitting (some cool patterns this time). But…I was distressed that they featured The Loopy Ewe as a distributor in the US for Wollmeise since some of us are still waiting to snag even a single skein. Darn, I think the competitive yarn shopping is about to get even fiercer!

    Yet another excellent reason to sign up for the sock club (already sent that in) – I might finally get to check out a skein of ye olde Wollmeise.

    I also watched an incredibly sucky football game on Saturday (I’m near Seattle; we got pummeled by Green Bay). There were not many happy vibes being knit into my project that afternoon πŸ˜‰

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