Wee Stockings and RAK’s!

921Aren’t these stockings adorable? Eva submitted them to our photo gallery (for the Q4 Challenge – and how are YOU doing on that?) and I asked permission to share this photo on my blog. You can get the pattern free from this site. (I love Julie’s website and am the proud owner of some of her wonderful knitted toys. If you have never heard of her, please do not ask to be put on her email list for updates in her shop, as that is just that many more people that I have to compete with when I want to get another one of her toys get on her email list so that you will know when she updates. Her toys are so fun and beautifully done. Each one is a treasure.)

I know I said this last week, too, but I have just so enjoyed reading about all of your RAKs. Truly, they are so inspiring. (If you missed them, you’ll find them in the comments here and here, although there have been others left in comments on other days of the week as well. We’ll continue having RAK Reporting Day every Monday in December.) Today is another RAK day, so leave your comments telling us the things that you have done in kindness to others since last Monday’s blog post. Before I post on Wednesday, I’ll draw another name for the winner of this week’s Loopy Loot gift package! (We have had patterns, books, and even skeins of Wollmeise from Claudia herself, donated to our RAK gift packages! Yay!) One thing that several people have commented on and I have often thought about, too – isn’t it a little sad that doing something kind for people is so surprising to so many? You show them a common (or uncommonly kind) courtesy, and they can’t believe it. Their response is, “Oh my goodness – why would you do that?” I guess that is just proof that there isn’t nearly enough of this RAK stuff going on around the world and we need to do more. It shouldn’t be so astonishing to people. So I’m glad we’re all working on it, and really glad to have all of these fun ideas every week.

Thanks for weighing in on Spring Fling sign-ups. What we have decided to do is open up signups next week (details in next Monday’s blog) but we won’t require your first payment until mid-January. That way, everyone is happy. 🙂 College Guy is coming home this week for Christmas Break (yay!) and we’ll work on getting the information page done so that you can check out the details of The Fling. We’ll also keep signups open all week next week, so that you don’t have to stress about being first in line. (Or we’ll keep it open longer than that if it hasn’t all filled up. We really have no idea what to expect. If we get more than our limit, we’ll pull names and keep a back-up list in case anyone cancels at the last minute.)

Is anyone done with their holiday knitting? I’m woefully behind.

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  1. I was in the Dollar Store this week where there was a very long line. There was a man behind me huffing and puffing in a very annoyed way, as if to say, I should not be in this line. I looked around at him and he had nothing in his hands to pay for. We got to the register and I noticed him getting two soft drinks from the cooler. So, I asked him to let the clerk ring them up with my items so he wouldn’t have to wait longer. He was very shocked and said “No its okay”, but I wouldn’t take no and the clerk smiled and said “I have to listen to her”. It was rather funny. I smiled at him and said “Merry Christmas”. The way he looked at me, you would have thought no one had ever done anything nice for him. Anyway, I hope that made his annoyed time in line a little easier and his day a little brighter.

  2. I’ve been trying to be nicer to others in traffic. I’ve been letting people into the line whenever I can. Not only do I let them in, I say a prayer for all in the car. I ask for safety in their journey, blessings on them, and love in their hearts. It’s amazing how doing this changes my perspective. And if someone is speeding by or honking their horn, instead of grumbling about them (which I usually do), I’m also saying a prayer for them too. I am going to try to continue doing this during the holiday season, and hopefully longer! Have a great day! –Sarah

  3. One of my coworkers feel out of a tree while trimming branches and is now paralyzed. Unfortunately, he didn’t elect LTD insurance, therefore, he has no income and he and his wife are realy struggling. I am heavily involved in a fundraising effort for them that is happening this week. Many employees are donating food and equipment so that we can cook breakfast for the entire building (about 6 companies in this building with well over 1000 people). The price will be on a donation basis.We are also having a tea cup raffle, silent auction, and a used cookbook sale. All items were donated and all proceeds will be given to this family. I also came up with an idea to have a “No Can” Can drive asking for monetary donations and Gift Crads to local Supermarkets. The benefit hasn’t even happened yet and we already have $1500.

    I knitted a pair of mittens for the tea cup raffle and I am donating half a day for the benefit to cook and donating food and equipment for the breakfast.

    Walking out of work tonight, I decided to take the stairs. Glad I did because I found $100 in the stairwell. That’s being donated too!

    I know this doesn’t sound random, but the beginning ideas were random and it just grew from there so i hope you’ll still count it. 🙂

  4. After losing a pair of mittens, some knitting in progress, and my dad’s hat, I spent yesterday afternoon for things that had been left behind in the science and math classrooms and turned them into lost and found. Today, I did the same thing for the Humanities building.

  5. Thank you for the cute little sock patterns. I can’t wait to try them out. RAK -I love to read and I buy a lot of books. I took a large box of the books I’ve read to work and gave them to my co-workers. Many couldn’t believe I would give them out for free!. I also followed your lead Sheri and bought coffee for the next person. Kristi

  6. I have 2 RAKs and they have taken up a substantial amount of my time since December 1st.

    First, I am subbing at a school for a nurse that had a baby. This school is a low socioeconomic school. They have developed an Angel Tree so that different teachers and staff can anonymously adopt students who are in need this Christmas. My knitting group has adopted 2 girls and we are having the best time coordinating and shopping for them. So far, each girl has 3 outfits, socks, underwear, and a few other things they have specifically requested. If we have $$ left over, we are going to buy Walmart gift cards for their parents/grandparents (one is being raised by grandparents). It is so cool because I am getting to know them without them knowing why and our group is getting to participate in something that helps someone else.

    The other RAK is that I started knitting for the Soaring Eagles Project and I am knitting for it until December 14th. I am making Fuzzy Feet from my stash and am going to donate those slippers in my children’s teacher’s names rather than buying a Christmas gift for them. I have put aside all of my other knitting and am only working on this until December 14th.

    I would say this Christmas my focus is on sacrificing time and my own things rather than just writing a check. Money does have its place, don’t get me wrong, but I think sometimes the gift of time and talent is just as meaningful.

    Am loving the RAKs!!

  7. After our last snowstorm, I was out blowing the snow off my driveway and noticed that my next-door neighbors weren’t home from work yet. I know that they don’t own a snowblower, so I headed over there and cleared off their drive too. They don’t know I did it and haven’t said anything to me, but I hope that I made their day since they didn’t have to come home from a long day of work and go outside to shovel.

  8. I offered my cell phone to a woman who was obviously stranded and in need of calling someone. She did not have a phone and the business around us were closed. She was able to contact someone and the story ended well.

    Yes, I am done with holiday knitting. Woo Hoo!

  9. The RAK I planned to do this week turned out rather well. I made a point to slow down (especially during this season’s rush) and let others go first. I’d let someone go first in line or out of a door, or let them in with their car if they were waiting to turn, etc. You know, it felt really good and I was surprised to find that I wasn’t really as behind as I would have guessed…it didn’t take much extra time to be nice and let someone go instead of rushing. (Not that I usually do, I just made a point to let pretty much everybody go, you know?) The best part was seeing how happy people are when you let them cross the street or through a line, etc.

    Thanks for running this contest–I really enjoyed doing something special for people this way. This year’s been a little tight for us, andI’ve been feeling like I don’t have enough to “give” lately. This really helped me remember that it’s not the THINGS you give, it’s the time and effort, and love. You are the best!

    Oh, and I didn’t even realize this one until my hubby pointed it out, but I took two ornaments off the tree at the YMCA and bought for two kids who are in need. I drop the coat and shirts off tomorrow, and I can’t wait. Just think of a 12 yr. old girl who’s asking for one thing for Christmas and it’s a t-shirt! How could I not fulfill that for her?!

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s kindnesses, too. This is wonderful!!

  10. Let’s not talk about holiday knitting. It involves stringing beads onto wire. I’d have to be home to do that, and I’m at work all the freakin’ time. *sigh* This place considers paid OT to be a perk.

    This week’s RAK: I gave the barista at the local coffee shop some money and asked if she would use it to pay for the next person’s coffee. A couple came in and ordered while I was doctoring my own coffee, and the man had a big grin on his face as he put his wallet back in his pocket.

  11. My RAK wasn’t so R. My mother lives on her own in the family home several hours away from where my sister and I live. She has wonderful neighbors who mow her lawn if I can’t get up to do it and shovel her dirve and walkways. They never expect to be paid in any way and are just lovely people. My sis and I were home this weekend and while there it was snowing. We got up early Sunday morning to clear Mom’s drive before we left and decided to shovel the neighbors’ drive and walk too while we were at it. So, they woke up to a clean drive and we got to do just a little somthing for some very nice people.

  12. My RAK this week was to take the neighbors dog a treat of a dog bone. The Black Lab, just had knee surgery and is confined to his cage for 4 weeks. I felt so bad for him because he seems so sad. I hope this made him feel better and he would have something to chew on while confined .

  13. I am actually going to have 3 comments to post…each from one member of the family who all decided to get in on the RAK spreading around Tampa. I will go in chronological order…
    first my 11yo brought in money to have a Sharkie (frozen ice treat that I’m sure that many can’t fathom this time of year) last Tuesday at school. A younger kid in the lower school forgot his money so my son gave his $$ so the youngster could enjoy the cold treat.

  14. Then hubby joined the action…he decided to pay the toll for the person behind him going to work and on his way back last Thursday….he was having a bad day so he thought that maybe things would turn around with his RAk (Friday was better!)

  15. Every year all the departments of the hospital buy gifts for the kids at our local elementary school for the holidays. A co-worker said that if they bought something for the kids in our adopted grade that he would bounce a check so I purchased enough toys for both of us to give (and no one in the department will be none the wiser).

  16. My friend invited me over for lunch, along with another friend and the 5 kids of both of them. My friend went up to put her 3 kids to bed for naps. I decided to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen for her. She came down, of course, before I was done (this was a nice Italian meal!), so I told her to sit down and knit and just let me finish up! She let me and I think she appreciated havving a clean kitchen without having to do it herself. I’m really enjoying the RAKs. Here’s a good quote I read recently. “I slept and dreamt that
    Life was joy
    I woke and saw that
    Life was service
    I acted and behold
    Service was joy.” —Tagore

  17. I recently received an e-mail with a nice idea that could be considered a RAK. Here’s the info that was in the e-mail:

    When you are making out your Christmas card list this year,
    please include the following:
    A Recovering American soldier
    c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
    Washington ,D.C. 20307-5001

    I’m planning to send some cards, I hope others who are reading the RAK ideas will too.

    As far as the holiday knitting, I’m knitting what I can. What gets done, will get done … anything not completed will be delivered at a later date. I think people will enjoy it just as much a little after XMAS. Additionally, I don’t see everybody on the actual day.

  18. I was walking to work last week. There is a short service alley that I cross a half block from work. Occasionally trucks back up into it which is normally not a big deal for the average pedestrian. However, one blustery morning last week with everyone hurrying to work I noticed there was a truck that was already parked there leaving only a two foot clearance never the end of the alley closest to the street.
    Still not a big deal right? Well there was a woman with a cane who was visually impaired and couldn’t tell what was blocking her way. No one was stopping to help her. When I came upon her, she was muttering to herself trying to figure out what was blocking her way as she obviously could not tell.

    I saw her when I was walking past and stopped to guide her but at the same time I explained, “There’s a truck blocking the alley you have to step out to the right.” She said, ” I couldn’t figure it out” and “thank you so much”.

    Something really simple, it didn’t cost me anything but twenty seconds, yet no one else did it.

    Have a great week Sherri and thank you for encouraging this!

  19. I work in Baltimore and take the Light Rail into the city every day. As I’m on the first train at 5:45, I am able to park my car in the same spot, as do many of the other early morning commuters. Baltimore had its first snow storm of the season last week, totaling about five inches in the county, and I was able to leave work a few minutes early to hopefully beat some of the inevitable traffic problems on the way home. After clearning my car of snow, I thought, why not use a RAK and clean the car next to mine? This person, whom I don’t know personally, also takes the same morning train and is in the same parking space every day. I knew the individual would be on the next next train, so I worked fast and finished just moments before its arrival. I drove away smiling, hoping that this RAK would bring some cheer and possibly offset what may have been a long, frustrating drive home.

  20. Christmas knitting is finally done! Still needs to be blocked, but I’ll do it tomorrow.

    My husband was the good guy this week. He has a PO box at the mini PO in a local mall. Friday he came out to find a man in a wheel chair trying unsuccessfully to get into his van. Some selfish scrooge had parked in the area along side the van that was plainly designated as no parking/handicap access. There were a least a half dozen handicap spots that were taken up by people without handicap permits, but a whole bunch of vacant regular spots. This is a personal pet peeve of my retired cop spouse, so he hauled out his cell phone, dialed 911 and explained to the dispatcher how someone had blocked this poor man from accessing his van. He waited there with him for the few minutes it took for a patrol car to arrive — followed by a tow truck. With luck, someone learned an expensive lesson.

  21. I was in the grocery store and the elderly woman in front of me had a total of $9.84. She was searching in her wallet and purse and only had $7 and change. She was very embarrassed and started to tell the cashier to take things out so that the total would come down. I quietly handed her $3 to make up the difference. She was shocked but very grateful.

  22. Last week I was the recipient of a RAK. I had been Christmas shopping with my Mom, and when I got home, I realized I was missing a bag with a gift for my husband. Of course, this gift was the last one in the store type of deal, so I was in a panic. I called both stores I was shopping in hoping someone had turned it in, but it was not there. On a chance, I called again the next morning, and someone had turned it in. The monetary value wasn’t great, but I probably wouldn’t have had an easy time replacing it. It’s good to know there are honest people! It truly helped my Holiday spirit.

    The RAK’s I’ve been doing have been the small everyday things, just on a more frequent scale (letting people in front in traffic/at the grocery store, being sure to give everyone and extra smile and a thank you, etc.) Thanks for the inspiration Sheri!

  23. Reading all of these RAK’s is definitely getting me into the holiday spirit! I’m a neonatal ICU nurse and sometimes we have families that live several hours away and can’t visit the baby every day. If the parents can’t come in I will often take clothes or blankets home to wash or take pictures of the baby so they can see what has been going on while they were gone. They really seem to appreciate a little extra help during a very stressful time.

  24. Today I spent 10 hrs taking my niece and her husband to her eye doctor’s appt. It’s a 2 hr drive each way and then she needed to be seen by a few doctors before her surgery on Thursday. I could have been home baking cookies…but I “donated” my time to them (since they live in London and don’t have a car here) At least I was smart enough to bring my knitting along!

  25. I’ve been playing Santa Claus at work for the last week. I’ve been paying attention lately to all the little things that my co-workers gripe about. You know how it can be in an office! One woman has been searching for a particular brand of barbeque sauce and can’t find it. One guy constantly complains about how ratty his mouse pad is, but never seems to remember to get a new one when he’s out and about, etc. etc. Everything from never having a box of tissues at their desk, to wanting to try a new herbal tea. Since I get to the office at such an early hour (7:00) I’ve been secretly leaving little elf presents for them. They’ve been inexpensive items, but have been well appreciated, and it was a ton of fun for me to do! I even had to get myself a little something to throw them off!

  26. Ok, I keep feeling like mine are so small, but then I remember that I live on a small college campus so the only people I have to give RAK too are students like me. Thusly I have a couple from our Cafeteria
    There is sometimes this extra salad bar where you can make Caesae, Chefs, Italian, Greek, etc salads, but they don’t keep it well stocked with plates so people always have to leave their tray in line, go get a plate and then come back hoping they can resume their place in line. So today when I was in that line I grabbed a pile of plates and stacked them at the beginning of the line so people behind me don’t have to leave. i did this a few weeks ago and the whole line behind me cheered and one of the caf workers thanked me for making her job a little easier.
    Likewise tonight at dinner they ran out of trays and everyone was swarming whenever any clean ones came out, so when they did I grabbed a few and gave them to people who had been wandering in search of trays for as long as I had.
    Finally, yesterday I was going to meet my friends for dinner and I got to the door at the same time as a big group going out, I just stepped aside and let them go on their way before going in myself, a few more seconds out in the cold didn’t matter much.

  27. Last summer I was in a yarn stash swap, and I sent a great batch of yarn to my “downstream partner”, but the person sending yarn to me (a different secret “upstream” partner) send me a very modest collection of yarn that she apologized for, but she said she really couldn’t buy yarn anywhere but Walmart’s. After reading her blog, I understood some of the tough times she was going through, so a while later I sent her an anonymous gift certificate for yarn from a great online source (sadly not Loopy Ewe – I didn’t know about it then). I hope she enjoyed an unexpected chance to treat herself in the yarn department.

  28. I was at our local Knitting Guild’s Holiday luncheon this weekend and we were discussing how great the RAK’s on your blog are. Way to go Sherry! I need to think of something to do this week while I’m studying for finals – being nice to people while i’m stressed may be all I can muster, but is a challenge! Also wanted to share two things – one done by a friend of mine and one by me last year (but I plan on doing it again!).

    1) A friend of mine was pumping gas and the woman at the pump next to him said she had forgotten her debit card and had no cash. They were in a not great part of town where he says he is often approached for money, so he politely said he couldn’t help and got in his car. As he began to start the car, he got out and told the woman he would put $5 worth of gas on his debit card for her so she could at least get out of that part of town and make it home. She was very appreciative!! ‘Tis the season!

    2) Last year, a 24 hour Starbucks opened down the street from me and I was surprised to find they really are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays. SO…on Christmas morning on the way to my parents, I brought them a tray of homemade cookies to cheer up the people having to work so we could have coffee. I was AMAZED at the amount of people actually getting coffee on CHRISTMAS morning!!! I plan on doing this again! There are certain places that just don’t NEED to be open on holidays. As much as I enjoyed my hot cocoa I ordered while I was there! 😉

  29. This week has been a busy one. I often speak to older folks or folks that do not have English as a first language in my seasonal job. It takes just a few minutes to speak slowly and listen carefully or just chat with a shut in or lonely person for a minute or two. It seems that their day is brightened considerably, and, coincidently, so it seems is mine.

  30. This week I offered to take a friend’s Toys for Tots donation and drop it off for her. I also took some empty jewel cases for CDs to my local library to see if they could use them( felt sure that their cases must get damaged quite often). Miss Mary was so happy that she gave me a hug! That really made my day. A co-worker forgot to take care of something before she left and I did it for her, only took a second, but will make her less stressed when she comes in next.

  31. I’m not quite done with the Christmas knitting or sewing, but I still have two weeks left. 🙂 And two of the items can continue to be knit Christmas Eve if necessary.

    I love reading all of the different RAK’s here. I don’t know if these are RAK’s or what, I hadn’t planned all of them. We have in years past adopted a family for the holidays. This year I hadn’t found a family and wasn’t real enthused about it.(I organize it and wasn’t feeling like it) We had some massive flooding here last week and one of our local homeschooling families was caught in the flood and lost a lot of stuff on their ground floor. I decided that they were the family in need this year and set out to figure out what was needed. First off were shoes for mom and the 14 yob. We went to the local little shoe store and bought tennies for both and some fluffy slippers for mom. As we got to the store though there was a man wanting to cross that section of the parking lot, so I let him go in front of us. When we went into the store he was there as one of the employees and thanked me, he said no one ever lets you cross there. That was the best RAK. Later in the week I volunteered to go out and help this family clear some of the debris from their bottom floor. It was hard, yet rewarding work!

    Take care this week.

  32. i was at the grocery store last week, and going through the self-check out, when a woman on another machine asked me if i worked there. i told her no. she asked if i could help her. i told her to hang on, and i finished up ( i was almost done anyway, lol). i went over, showed her how to scan stuff, what button to hit, and how to put her money in. she thanked me. as i turned to go, the cashier, who had been stuck behind a # of carts full of items that needed to be put away, thanked me as well. she knows me (i’m in that store on an almost daily basis, if not more often at times!), and she told me, you didn’t have to do that. i told her that i could see she was busy, and i wasn’t in a hurry. made both ladies smile!

    and tonight? with the madness that is pre-storm shopping, i had gone to get milk. the gentleman in front of me saw me struggling with 3 gallons of milk (i never grab a cart if i can help it, lol, i move faster that way), and offered to let me put my milk in his cart. when his turn came, he let me go ahead of him! RAK’s given and received! and he wished me happy holidays as well!

  33. Well, I haven’t been able to pay for anybody’s coffee behind me in line but I did treat my boss to a coffee on Friday. Then, when I was in the longest line ever at the post office I told a lady behind me to go ahead of me because she was holding a big box that looked heavy and by standing in front of me she could rest it on a counter. She was astonished and I had to kind of pull her jacket to get her to move. Does it count if you have to force someone to accept your RAK? 🙂

  34. RAK-On the Loopy Ewe group on Ravelry someone was asking for spare knitting needles for their church group. I had some so I sent a package off to her.

  35. My RAK was ongoing, but it is over now. A few weeks ago, I was in my LYS/LQS to pick out some sock yarn. Once I got over to the cash register, the owner was busy helping a woman plan a quilt, so I was going to have to wait. Instead of sighing, I jumped right in and helped the woman figure up her yardage for the quilt (the shop owner is more of a knitter than a quilter). I also offered to lend her some tools that would make cutting the blocks easier, as the shop owner didn’t stock this particular set of rulers. Upon finding out (AFTER she had paid for $150 worth of fabric) that she had only made simple 9 patch quilts, I volunteered to teach her how to make her queen sized quilt top. The pattern she had picked was quite a step up from 9-patches (50/40 or fight blocks, for anyone who quilts). She looked at me rather askance for a moment (I’m 33, she was in her late 60s), but took me up on the offer.

    It took 3 weeks (about 12 hours of lessons, including fine-tuning her machine so that she could manage her 1/4″ seam allowance better), but the quilt top just got delivered to the quilter this week. She was very thankful, and I felt good that I’d helped someone succeed at a difficult task. Of course now I am having to beat the shop owner off with a stick – she wants me to teach quilting classes, and I don’t want to work at my hobby! As a matter of fact, all I want to do at the moment is knit socks (I just learned to knit in October, and already have 6 pairs done)!

  36. This weekend was Holiday Baking at my house and I volunteered to run to the grocery store to pick up some supplies. Right away, I made a beeline to the almond bark and sliced almonds since they always go the fastest (around these parts anyways). I got my stuff and made the rounds to get everything else on my list. I had to make another stop in the baking aisle to pick up some marshmallows when I saw a woman desperately searching the shelves for something. I asked her what she was looking for, in case I could help locate it. She answered she needed chocolate bark for her daughter’s 2nd grade class party. She promised that she would make something homemade, instead of store bought cookies as she has done in the past. She was near tears as all the bark was gone by this time. So I reach into my cart, pluck out my package of chocolate bark and placed it in her cart. She could not believe that I would do such a thing. I told her that I could still stop back some other day to pick up more, she obviously needed it more than I did at the time. 🙂

  37. Lets see. A couple of days ago I let a gentleman go ahead of me to check out at the grocery since he only had 5 things and I had a half a cart-full. He was oddly amazed too. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. I do that all the time though so I’m not sure it really counts as a RAK since pretty much anytime someone would qualify for the express lane and I wouldn’t I offer.

    This evening I promised to ship a package that had come here by mistake on to its intended recipient but I don’t think that really counts as a RAK since it’s from a friend of my mum who mistakenly addressed it to my daughter along with the package that really was for my daughter. And besides, I haven’t had a chance to actually send it on yet.

    I think my daughter deserves the credit for a RAK from this household this week because at hubby’s office party this weekend she kept two of the other, younger, children busy with “dancing” (to the uninformed it no doubt looked like marching around in circles) to the band while their parents ate once the little ones were done eating. They’d been a bit shy, being only about 3 and 5 or so and she made them comfortable, getting down low to their level and whatnot first.

  38. I love those little stockings, but unfortunately I am way behind on my projects, so maybe next year….

    A few days ago there was a toy drive in my local area and they were getting lots of toys, but as always there were some gaps for various ages that they needed to fill so I went by and donated some money to help them buy gifts for those ages that they did not have enough donations for.

  39. I rounded up the shopping carts in the parking lots of two different stores. These days, the carts are a real hazard to every car in the lot, so I spent a bit of time and effort to get them corralled into their rightful place.

    Can’t wait for the Spring Fling info to be posted! Looking forward to it!

  40. Oh dear, hoilday knitting… Need to finish one sock for my mom and then my sisters gift to do yet. My daughter is sure she needs a hat, scarf, and mittens as she lost hers.

    Not too far with the Q4 challenge.

    RAK, I was knitting in the waitning room at the hospital and a 14-ish year old girl came up to me quite interested. She wanted to learn to knit her own socks. I handed her my work and started to show her how to knit (quite a quick learner too) Whne she finally got to abandon her waiting room spot I let her keep the whole thing- needles, yarn, etc and jotted down a site she could get on to find more about sock knitting.

  41. Our receptionist is a temp, but she’s been at the job longer than I’ve been in my position. She works really hard, and I know she’s not being paid what she’s worth. I often wonder if she’s being taken advantage of, and how she’ll be doing over the holidays… While I always try to say thank you for the things she does to help me out, today I’m going to take her out for lunch (she doesn’t know it yet!) It’s not much, but I hope it will brighten her day.

  42. bah, i finally got to pay for someone behind me at starbucks yesterday (kept going when it wasn’t so busy, apparently) and then forgot to post it.

    the guy told me one day someone payed for the person behind her and people kept doing it for a string of 24 orders!!! how cool is that?!?!

  43. Thanks for starting this “thread” on RAK, Sheri! It does make you think about spreading a little kindness more often.

    My RAK on Monday was to spend some time listening and encouraging someone whom i don’t know very well, even though I was running late and had plenty of my own stuff to do. I hope it made a difference for this person.

  44. My RAK…well actually there are two right now.

    – I was at the mall and paid for the girl behind me in line at the pretzel place. She was VERY pregnant. I like to think she had been craving pretzels all week. 🙂

    – Around Thanksgiving, someone burned down my tattoo shop. They caught the guy, but it was still very sad. There were many memories in that building, and some irreplaceable items (awards, autographed guitars, art, etc). So, I donated $40 to them and some of my art for a benefit.

  45. Most people in Minnesota do this, but I am still surprised by it when people do it for me… Stop traffic with their car so that you may turn left (and sometimes right) out of a parking lot on a busy street. Bless these people… I try to do it when ever I can.

  46. I know I’m a little late for my RAK reporting but I still want to tell about it! I took a little twist on the “buy a Starbucks coffee for the person behind you.” It was getting late and I was studying at the library finishing up some projects for finals. I was sharing a table with another girl and we were both pretty occupied with our work. I offered to go downstairs and bring back some Starbucks for her. She was so happy, but unfortunately didn’t have any money, so I said “don’t worry about, my treat.” She was left speechless. But it’s that simple act that caused me so much joy. I’m just happy to know that something I did made her night a little easier.

    BTW, it’s been simple crazy here. I wish someone would do a little RAK for me. 🙂 I don’t mean to sound whiny! (LOL) Just wish I wasn’t so stressed out because of school and graduation…

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