Gloomy outside, cheery inside!

noro_blogIt’s another gray and gloomy day outside today – but inside Loopy Central things couldn’t be more cheerful! The yarn continues to arrive. Yesterday brought boxes from Yarntini (a new cashmere sock – yum!) and all of this new Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn. Isn’t it gorgeous? We bought LOTS of it for you, and we will have it up next week. The colors are amazing, in typical Noro fashion!

I’m always a little amazed at how many of you are up late into the night. This becomes particularly evident when I do a late night Sneak Up (like this week – midnight on Monday night) and I watch the numbers of people shopping on the website go up and up and up within a few minutes of the Loopy Groupie Heads Up going out. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only night owl. Sooner or later I’m going to have to get a key to the Sleep Center across the hall so that I can just toddle over there to bed. (Ok, ok. Three blocks from home. I can make it back there to bed, even on those late nights.) Speaking of the Sneak Up, I did gulp a little bit when I saw that we had 1043 different yarns in stock here after that update. That means 1043 different colorways currently in stock (and of course multiples of each one. I will have to have Web Guy tell me how many skeins we’re up to now. Or maybe I don’t want to know. I would say that I have sufficiently risen to the occasion of filling up the extra space we gained when we moved over here….) πŸ™‚

Loopy Friend and customer Tina, aka – the Knitting Contessa, kindly asked me to do an interview with her for the holiday season. She’s featuring some fun things on her blog this month – you ought to go over and take a look!

Thank you again for all of your fun RAK comments on Monday’s blog. This week’s winner of the Loopy Loot gift package (drawn randomly from all of the comments) is: Patricia. (Patricia has been emailed, so if you’re Patricia, check your in-box!) Keep up the great work out there. It really is more fun to be on the giving end than the receiving end, isn’t it?

Back to work. We still have a lot of your Sneak Up orders to get out (because you all really really had fun again this week. Those Cherry Tree Hill yarns just zoomed right out of here!) We also have a couple of Loopy Elves out sick (or out sick with sick kids). Tis the season, right? But all the rest of us are here and cheerfully packing up and sending out as fast as we can. (And waiting to see what the UPS lady brings today…..)

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  1. All the beautiful yarn and not a dime in sight…”sighs” Well I did e-mail my wish list to my mom so maybe… πŸ™‚ Almost done with the first of my many Christmas items, am sewing the seams on a Hoodie Cardigan for my neice. Congrats to Patricia for winning the RAK this week πŸ™‚ Back to sewing for me!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that some of the Loopy Elves are out sick…no fun – I was out last week, but I really think mine was sinus related rather than cold or flu. I have been thinking of you all with the reports of ice, etc. in the midwest (along with most of my family, who are in Kansas). Glad all are safe.
    And, I am surprised I caught the late night sneak up this time. I actually fell asleep very early (7:30 FPS) and so, as I sometimes do when that happens, am awake for a few hours later in the evening/early morning. So, I thought I’d just pop over to TLE and it was great to check out everything – so much fun stuff to look at… I can’t wait to get my Wizard of Oz colorway. I think I’m going to make Monkey socks (appropriate, no?!) for my Mom because she just loves all things Wizard of Oz and fun socks, so I think its a good match.
    And, knowing more fun stuff is coming is exciting too – although, I really need to make a serious effort in 2008 to knit up more of my stash. But, you know how I love TLE and I know I will add more fun stuff to my collection! : )

  3. Can I just have that entire box of Noro? It’s gorgeous! I love it! Can’t wait for it to go up, as I’ve been needing more yarn. Don’t tell the “elves”, that I still haven’t knit the last ones I bought. It just makes “them” feel guilty.

  4. Yarntini cashmere sock yarn??? Oh, you’re killing me! And the Noro is gorgeous, but I’m waiting to see what others say about it since many of their other yarns are scratchy for wearing (tho great for felting!).

    Yes, I was thinking of a Loopy Elves care package too – we’ve got to make sure you all keep your strength up!

    Don’t we all just love the UPS guy?! πŸ™‚

  5. Ah, ’tis the season…for colds that is. I feel that children’s germs will always trump the gallons of echinacea tea I drink! Best wishes for speedy recoveries!

    Pretty, pretty yarn..must hold off for two more weeks tho’.

  6. Was waiting for the blog entry today. Didn’t know if you all were under ice and snow. I noticed the yarn count yesterday when I was ordering. Boy you guys are growing. I know the Loopy Elves are working hard. I sure hope some of the people I sent my wish list to are talking to your elves.

    I splurged and got DD a Professional Kitchenaid Mixer. She does all the cooking and is a wonderful DD. THEN I thought I should treat myself to something wonderful so picked out some new yarns you have and that is a gift to myself.

    I am grateful for all the blessings I have and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and hope that the year to come will be the best for all of us.

  7. That Noro just made my jaw drop. I was going to hold off and not order any more sock yarn till the Wollmeise comes in. But … wooowwwie! I don’t think I can resist.

  8. Cashmere Yarntini?! Ohh, and I promised myself no more yarn spending until next year because I’ve already done my year-end splurge (gotta spend money on presents now). *Sigh.*

    Poor Loopy Elves, hope every one feels better soon!

  9. Although I’m often working until the wee smalls, Californians have an advantage re the late-night sneak ups, because of the time zones. Thanks so much for the sheepy extra you packed with my order from the previous sneak up–I love it!

  10. I love the Noro colors too, but I was also wondering about the “softness factor.” Can you let us know how it feels to you? I’m sure that anything you carry for socks feels soft, but sometimes yarns feel different in the skein/ball than they do on the skin. (I’m actually trying to think more of lace scarf patterns for the Noro!). It’s not easy on you, but I’ll bet the Loopy Elves will be glad to get those December colds out of the way before Christmas!

  11. EEE-gads! Now Noro has sock yarn, too. Sherri you are such an enabler!!!! LOL Sigh….Hope the Elves (and their children) feel better soon. No fun to be sick, especially at Christmas.

  12. I noticed the 1000+ yarn count right away. Congratulations. I’m so glad you are having fun and success in your wonderful “little” business.

  13. That was some sneak up! And being true to my December promise, I did not partake… my knitting $ this month has been donated. But just you wait for January… πŸ˜‰

    Sending healthy vibes to the Loopy Elves and their families!

  14. My sweet parents gave me a Loopy gift certificate for Christmas, and that Noro yarn looks like a great thing to spend it on :-). I’m almost finished with the More Stripes vest in Kureyon, and it’d be kinda cool to have socks that match it!

    Sick elves is a situation that clearly calls for more Peppermint Mochas. After all, the hot liquid will help clear your sinuses and keep you healthy, right?

  15. I was worried about you and the Loopy Elves, with all of the ice in the Oklahoma and Missouri areas, etc. I hope you all stay safe & warm! Please, take care to try not to slip and fall on the ice. That can cause more kinds of injuries, some of them serious, than most people would ever think of!

    And, I hope the Loopy Elves who are sick, or who have sick children, get well soon. As my special needs son says, as only he can say it: “It’s no fun to be sick!”

    I am curious about the Noro sock yarn, too. Do you have color cards that show all of the different colors within the skeins for the different colorways? Oh, and I can’t wait to get a hold of the new Dream in Color yarns!

    Stay safe and warm and take care! πŸ™‚

  16. Am I the only one not excited about Noro? I guess my options are to try some and see what all the fuss is about OR buy out all the Yarntini while no one is looking. Bwah ha ha.

  17. My dearest Lisa J, I WILL BE LOOKING AT THE YARNTINI! Silly. I am always ready to check out Yarntini. Cashmere Yarntini. I just drooled.

    The Noro is pretty, but Sheri, tell us about the smooshiness of it. Is it soft?

    DIC, YarnPirate… The fumes of the next Sneak Up are rolling out over the plains and over ruling any thoughts of restraint and monetary responsibility I might have.

    Sorry to hear about the elves. Not too fun at this time of year.

  18. I sympathize with the Loopy Elves. I bet they’d rather be working than sick. I caught DH’s cold this weekend so I’m miserable now. He was miserable last week. I just hope I don’t end up too sick to notice the next sneakup I mean, Noro *and* Yarntini cashmere is irresistible.

  19. Oh man…that Noro is gorgeous! Hope everyone at Loopy Headquarters is staying warm today, and please be careful on that ice!! There would be a lot of sad people in Loopy Land if Loopy slipped on the ice and hurt himself, and that goes double for you, Sheri and the Loopy Elves too!

  20. Wow! Wish I were a night owl, but can’t say I am… The yarn all looks so lucious!

    I received my order today, but dh made me let him wrap it, at least I’ll know I will enjoy one of my gifts :O)

    Service is always so prompt , and I want to be one of you, just 4 more orders to go…………

  21. Hope everyone at Loopy Headquarters is back in good health soon. I’m afraid to say anything, but we’ve been surprisingly free of viral attacks here this year and I hope it continues. At last the children are a little older and don’t catch every virus that comes within range of them.
    Thanks for directing us to that interview and for the extra recipes you shared there. Did you know that the base you used for the rhubarb dream recipe you shared a while ago has become a favourite in our house? I use it most of the time now for pies— apple, berry etc. My family loves it. In the interview you also mentioned Ham’s Jam bags and I’m wondering if you’ll be getting in any more of their large knitting bags. I’m really in need of a large knitting bag these days!

  22. Poor elves, and their kids. We have had the germfest here too. I hope everyone gets better soon.

    It has been gloomy and gray here too. Rain and in the 60’s yesterday, I want snow FPS. My CTH will probably arrive tomorrow and that will brighten things up around here.
    My DD was just standing here pointing out all the Noro colors she must have.

  23. The Noro rep was here at our lys and had a sample of the Noro socks. Although they felt scratchy to the feel, we tried them on and amazingly enough they were not scratchy at all! I’ll be looking forward to knitting some of those. I love all their colors.

  24. Noro good. Ice bad. Please to be careful.

    And to the angel who RAK’d me by paying for my shipping — thank you very much. It will be paid forward. : )

  25. Just a ditto on the many “What does it feel like” comments on the Noro. Can you compare the base yarn to anything else you carry?

  26. I shouldn’t get credit for staying up late—I only caught that sneak up because in my time zone it was morning already!

    Hope your Loopy Elves and their kids are all feeling better and back to work soon.

    The Noro is eye-popping! And cashmere Yarntini? Very, very dangerous.

  27. I figured there were a lot of Michelles that post so I made myself a little different. πŸ™‚ The new sock yarn looks beautiful! I have to say, Sheri, that your website is the first I go to for a pick-me-up. The colors are outstanding and I always find something new! I hope your saving some great stuff for after the holidays! Then I can really spend my Christmas and graduation money on some nice stuff (not that you never have anything that’s not nice). I’m sure some of us are up late cause we are studying for exams or doing final projects for school…I know I am! I spent from 10 am to 10:30 pm at the univ. library doing homework yesterday. Thank God there’s a Starbucks right in the lobby! πŸ˜€
    PS I’m sending you some FL sun your way!!

  28. I did a hunt for mint chocolate chips last night and today (3 places!) and they are not to be found anywhere! How can I make your mint chip sugar cookies (detailed in the Knitting Contessa interview)? Aha, mint m&m’s to the rescue – if I don’t eat them all first. You call for 10oz. in the recipe and the bag is 11 oz. so I can eat 1 oz., right?

    We are awaiting yet another snow storm to cover the current layer of ice – it’s wool sock weather for sure, here in Maine! Hope you’re surviving your own weather! At least you have peppermint mocha’s and eggnog lattes!

  29. Got a great idea for RAK Well, it isn’t exactly random. I work in a nursing home. I nice nursing home, but a nursing home just the same. It can be depressing, expecially since many of the residents don’t have families, or the families they do have doesn’t visit any more. Anyway, our director asked all the employees to sign up to play Secret Santa. We have all adopted a resident or two and will leave little gifts and remembrances for them for the holidays. Everyone likes the idea so much, that we want to keep it up all year!!! It has brightened my outlook on Christmas and given me something positive to focus on.

  30. did you hear about the RAK in pennsylvania? apparently, some woman paid for the starbucks order of the car behind her, so when he came up, found out his was paid for, he paid for the one behnd him. this continued for ONE HUNDRED CARS. is that amazing, or what?

    and i’ve got my RAK for next week, lol.

  31. I just wanted to thank you for your stawberry/pretzel/jello recipe a couple weeks ago. It was a big hit at a “family Christmas dinner” at Taylor last Sunday….

    …I’m new to the Loopy Ewe but have enjoyed watching the community you all have here and am incredibly impressed with the business!

  32. Well, I’ve been doing my random acts, but forgetting to post them. This past week I got caught doing an anonymous RAK. I walk my dog early every morning. To save him walking out in the snow and ice, I have been putting my elderly neighbor’s newspaper inside his front storm door. The newscarrier leaves it out by the road. I was at a Christmas party over the weekend and he told me he saw me one morning. So, it’s not so secret anymore, but I continue to do it because it’s been fun.

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