Sign, Stew, and Supersock Sale

DSC01425.JPGI thought I’d show you the sign out front. After hearing all of you tell me that we really ought to be on that sign (because initially I told them we didn’t need to be on there), we went back and said we would be on there after all. So, if you come to visit, the sign will help you spot us. πŸ™‚ (You might have to click on it to make the photo bigger so that you can actually read it.) I really was waiting for them to email us back and tell us that they “couldn’t” put a sheep in socks on the outdoor sign. To their credit, they didn’t bat an eye. Or at least they didn’t verbally bat an eye – ha! We still have a few people here who wonder. The other day we walked out the door and someone was standing there “trying to figure out what you all do at The Loopy Ewe”. The door doesn’t give any hints. See? DSC01426.JPG Just more signage with our name on it and a doorbell to let us know you have arrived. It’s hard to get lost on your way here with all of the signs. If all else fails, follow your nose. It usually smells like cinnamon in our entryway. (That would be Sweet Cinnamon from Yankee Candles). And it smells like Peppermint Jack Frost at the back of Loopy Central where my office happens to be. Mmmmm. Back to the outdoor sign – it does make me smile to drive by and see Loopy standing there in his socks. This road is on the way to most places from our house.

Let’s see, on Fridays I frequently tell you about the new things that will be up next week. Due to go up, we have:

Araucania Ranco (solids and multi – a very good selection, but we still have half of our colors on backorder. More to look forward to! 10 semi-solids and 10 multi’s are in, 10 more semi-solids and 10 more multi’s on backorder.)
Alpaca With a Twist – Baby Twist (12 colors in, a few more coming)
Alpaca With a Twist – Roving (5 natural colors in, 2 more coming)
3 new colors from Spritely Goods (Summer Sky, Desert Rose, Olivine)
Duets (in all 3 weights – Original, Skinny and Middy)
Chewy Spaghetti (more great colorways)
And some fun sheep-y accessories!

DSC01431.JPGWe also have a special for you from Cherry Tree Hill. Cheryl at Cherry Tree had a great deal on her Supersock base yarn and of course we jumped on it. She had large or small skeins, and we opted for the larger ones (450 yds. in each. Great yardage for longer cuffs, longer feet, more intricate patterns, hat plus fingerless mitts, etc.) Instead of picking their regular colorways that we stock all the time, I asked her if she could do all new colorways with this batch. She had new dyes that she was anxious to try and thought this was a great idea, and I think they had a lot of fun playing! Consequently, these are all one-of-a-kind colorways from Cherry Tree Hill and there are 22 of them for you! We have a lot in stock, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. (Although she did say, “Maybe our next new colorway will be in that batch!” – so you might see a variation of some of these down the road eventually. But you get the first skeins and you can only get them here at The Loopy Ewe!) The other great thing about this is that she offered this to us at a great price, which we are passing on to you. Each skein is just $17.75 from this batch. (Regular Supersock is 420 yards and sells for $21.00 a skein.) There are some really fun new colorways in here, so watch for them next week.

For the Sneak Up after next week (which will be our last one for 2007 – wow) we will have: Tempted Yarns (ohhhh, will you ever be tempted by these!), Zen String (including a gorgeous new exclusive colorway), and Yarn Pirate BFL Semi-Solids. Also, our Noro Sock yarn has shipped (yay!!) so we expect to get that in and up, as well as our next Dream in Color order (Smooshy, Classy, Baby Lace, and the new colors), and anything else that pops in in the meantime. Many of you have asked about our next shipment of Wollmeise Sock Yarn. It left Germany this week. (Thank you Claudia!) Depending on the mood at the post office, we ought to be able to get it up the first or second week in January. We have some other really fun things coming up in January, too. πŸ™‚

Today’s recipe is from Wendy (Loopy Photographer Elf). This is the crockpot recipe I promised to share with you from Wednesday. The thing I love about crockpots? You can throw dinner in there in the morning, and sit and knit right up until it’s time to serve the meal. (Well – in an ideal world, I guess.)

DSC01422.JPGOven Beef Stew

1 lb. stew beef, cubed
1 small onion, chopped
2 carrots, sliced
1 stalk of celery, sliced
1 large potato, peeled and cubed
1 Tbs. Tone’s beef base
1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1 (14 oz) can diced tomatoes
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. basil leaves, chopped
2 tsp. Minute tapioca (optional)
1/2 cup red wine (optional)

Preheat over to 325 degrees. Toss all ingredients into a large Dutch oven or roasting pan. Bake covered for 4 hours until meat is fork tender. Stir once during the last hour to test the meat.

Or to crockpot: Toss everything in the post and cook on High for 4-6 hours.

Top stew with fresh grated Parmesan. Serve with rolls and tossed salad. Serves 3-4.

DSC01424.JPGWe’re about ready to tell you all about Loopy’s Spring Fling and we’re excited! Is it better to open up sign-ups BEFORE or AFTER the holidays? (Before – you can include it in your “I want this for my present!” list. After – you can include this in your “I got money as a gift and this is how I want to spend it!”) What would be your vote?

Sheri avoidingputtinguptheChristmastreethisyear


  1. Oh, I vote for before…that way I can put it on my list!

    My knitting buddy, JN (no names here for personal protection), tells me HE (could you guess who?) is not going to be able to go on the retreat! Something about statewide solo and ensemble festival. Geez. You’d think his real job was important or something! AND…he also told me I can’t persuade him to buy any more yarn until he finishes at least 5 more pairs of socks.

    So many exciting things coming to the Loopy Ewe…I will have to resist. But wait…I’ll resist all except…well, maybe not…

  2. Oh my goodness, you’re killing me (she says as she grabs a tissue to wipe the drool)! I was going to try & be good & not buy any more yarn this year (well, at least I *thought* I could make it 24 more days!) but now it looks like that plan’s not gonna work! I foresee a few more skeins finding their way home to me… And now I’m getting all antsy about the Spring Fling! I need it, I *really* need it! So whenever you open the sign-up is fine by me! (As long as I get in – or is that being too selfish? Oh well!) Have a great weekend – and skritches for pretty-kitties Zoe & Gracie!

  3. Hi Sheri, Loopy looks great out there on the sign. I love seeing pictures of Loopy Central. For the last 3 years, we have put up our pre-lit Christmas tree without ornaments as 2 of our kitties like to climb up inside. We thought it would be a first year thing with them, but it happens every year. The oldest cat (9 yrs old) guards the tree at the base. I vote you tell us about the Spring Fling now πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the details. Hoping I get to go. I agree with Dr. Jackie….so many wonderful things coming to the Loopy Ewe. It’s hard to pick what to buy! I’m going to look at the CTH now. Have a great weekend. Kristi

  4. Before, after, either way DH knows the Loopy Spring Fling is a priority for me!

    You have my sympathy, I am delaying putting up the tree because I know our Pomeranian will be bouncing around under it trying to get all the pretty danglies and opening all the presents.

  5. Oh wow…With my latest Loopy credit and my Christmas gift certificate (hubby gave it to me early so I could have my ORDER by Christmas), I am gonna have some FUN with the last two sneak-ups of 2007! I definitely want a couple of the new DIC colors, and some of those Cherry Tree Hill colors look really yummy too! Can’t wait!!

  6. Sheri, I LOVE the Loopy sign, especially with his socks!!! I did enlarge it and it made me laugh. What a great place it must be to work at Loopy with all the yarn, the kitties and of course, Loopy!! Got to try the Beef Stew recipe!! Have a great weekend and I hope you get in lots of knitting or tree decorating or whatever you want to do.

  7. Hi, I’m a new sock knitter and I just placed my first Loopy order this past week! I’d be really interested in finding out more about the retreat ASAP. I live down in Rolla, so any chance to get the heck out of this town is a good thing … even if it does require saving my pennies.

  8. I have no opinion about the Loopy retreat, as I probably won’t be able to attend this year, sigh. If I were to attend, I’d vote for after – because everyone is really busy buying gifts for other people, etc.
    I love your sign! Congrats on everything that you’ve accomplished in the past two years. You’ve grown so much! I must admit that everytime I see something red now (I saw spectular red washer/dryer in Sears the other night), I think of you, and wonder if you have it (or if I should alert you to its presence).
    PS – I have a beautiful Red Kitchen Aide mixer in my kitchen. It’s always been red, even before I was a Loopy Groupy, and Red is not my favorite color, but my kitchen has red colors in it! πŸ™‚ How about Fiesta Boomerang – any new shipments of that?

  9. I’m looking forward to the CTH colors! (even if I’m on a mostly yarn-free diet going into the holidays). Gracie KNOWS she’s a beautiful cat, doesn’t she? You can just tell looking at her. All that feistiness – you part of that is just her knowing she is safe and secure and loved now πŸ™‚

    I love the Loopy sign. You could really have a lot of fun with your “roommates” in the building. Keep them guessing on what you REALLY do behind that door! Hey, you know what? You need a RED door. Does anyone still make those “wraps” for doors for Christmas? I remember a few years where we had a bright (Loopy) red door!

  10. Our cats used to chase each other up the Christmas tree every year. We would have to pick up ornaments every morning. Don’t put anything fragile and cherished on it this year to see how she does.

    When I was at the post office the last time mailing patterns, the guy behind me asked, “What is a loopy ewe? is it a crazy sheep place?” My youngest was with me and she said, “mom can you believe he doesn’t know about The Loopy Ewe”. It was hard to hold back the laughter.

    Patiently waiting for the Wollmeise, but will undoubtedly be tempted by the CTH πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend

  11. Loopy looks great out there on the sign!
    The CTH may tempt me to buy more sock yarn! πŸ™‚
    Now I need to get the ingredients to make the Beef Stew. That sounds so yummy!

  12. P.S. Hattie and I are going to knit the Charlotte’s Web Shawl out of Cherry Tree, so we’ll need two skeins of these super special ones. Fingers crossed the sneak up is NOT on Monday or Thursday! πŸ˜‰

  13. The sign is so fun! Loopy is great out there for everybody to see!

    So many wonderful things coming in the next sneak ups that I don’t think I can wait!

    We haven’t put a tree up for several years now because the kitties are way too wild. When I was a kid we had a cat who climbed the tree. My folks anchored it at the top to the ceiling or to the wall (depending on where the tree was that year) so it couldn’t topple over. My naughty (and nice) kitties also eat ribbon so we use decorated boxes with no ribbons. They are also very nosy and have gotten caught up in handled gift bags so those are right out too.

    Gracie is quite a beauty! Love her tail!

  14. I want to kiss Gracie’s little head. πŸ™‚ One of my kitties HATES when I kiss her head, so I do it as often as I can. I’m an evil mom.

    As for the Fling–I usually have money after Christmas but not before. But BFF Sarah and I will come up with it somewhere.

  15. Oh, how adorable does that look up there! Of COURSE you need to be there, silly! There will not be a knitter alive that will be able to pass that sign without wanting to stop by — however — I would be a bit put off by that door! Do you have stores that people walk in to around there like that?

    If I were faced with something like that, I would think I needed an appointment before I entered…..perhaps it’s just a NY thing though? It looks like an office to me….only in the inside though! Maybe a phone number would increase your customers (that IS a retail space, right? or am I crazy here?)

    Anyway, I LOVE the space πŸ™‚ And the new sign too!

  16. Oh, I wish I wasn’t a poor student. I guess I’ll just have to keep getting my yarn fix instead of reveling in the Loopy Ewe camaraderie. (sigh)

    Speaking of yarn fix, have you ever tried Sleeping Dragon? She changed her yarn base and it is so squishy and lovely and I’m knitting gloves with it and I really want the second one to magically appear, but it hasn’t. (sigh)

  17. Love the sign, our new puppy jumped up and snatched a glass ornament off the tree and started to eat it yesterday, he was not happy as I chased him down and dragged the pieces of broken glass from his mouth! He thought about it again today and I told him no, so he stopped. I still haven’t been brave enough to put a gift under the tree who knows what he will do with them!

  18. Oh, Sheri, I laughed so hard when I saw your sign. All those terribly staid businesses–financial planning,etc.–with their pompous signs, and then . . . . Loopy and the socks! Beautiful!

  19. Between the kids and the dogs, we’ve never even tried to put up a big tree. We have a buffet with a high shelf. I clear off everything else and put up the miniature tree, the lights, and all the decorations, so that’s the Christmas corner. Obviously this wouldn’t slow down a cat, though!

    If I could go on the retreat (drat!) I’d vote for before Christmas.

    I’m supposed to be on a yarn diet, but that Cherry Tree Hill is going to be hard to resist!

  20. Oh please put out the info after Christmas…I don’t think I would be able to do anything until after Christmas. I sooooooo want to come. Please, please, please after Christmas.

  21. After Christmas!!! I have already spent too much money this month (and it looks like I may be spending more next week….:) )!

    I have also decided not to do a tree this year. I really wanted a real one for my first Christmas in my very own house, but my cat has never been around a tree (other than the foot tall plastic one I have used in the past) and most of the ornaments I have are breakable! I decided for now I would just stick with wreaths and lights and save myself the headache of cleaning up after the cat!

  22. All the yarn for next week sound lovely but the Yarn Pirate BFL in semi-solids really caught my eye. Especially after feeling it first-hand (winter sock club)

    I’ve been really lucky with my feline friends. They have all played with the ornaments on the lower branches (unbreakables only) but none of them have ever tried to climb the tree. Bailey, my big gray boy, was the most curious and craziest as a kitten and even he held back. This is Chester Kitty’s first Christmas and I informed that Mommy would very upset if she came home from work to a tree laying on the ground. I think he got the message.

  23. My naked (pre-lit) tree has been sitting in my livingroom for at least a week. I’m thinking perhaps simple, classic, minimalist for this Christmas?????
    You really had me going with your kitty on the couch. My daughter has the same color couch and same pillow and of course, several kitties. At first I thought “what is my daughter’s couch and cat doing posted in Sheri’s blog, but then my brain kicked in and I looked closely at the kitty. Not my daughter’s cat! What a coincidence!

  24. am i the only one who thinks it’s funny that there’s a sleep institute there TOO? maybe they think you’re competition– treating all the people who are going loopy because they’re having trouble counting sheep.


  25. I vote for right now, please? I am usually a very patient waiter, however, you have been tantalizing us for months now and I don’t want to be patient anymore! We have never had a cat that bothered our Christmas tree. The most recent one thought that it was hers to sleep under and she would make a nest in the tree skirt and presents. She would sleep there all season. Occasionally she would pounce out at an intruder, or someone she intrepreted as an intruder, as the tree was most certainly put out there for her alone. But no climbing. I am on pins and needles, no pun intended, for the retreat news….

  26. Sheri –
    How about adding Koigu to your offerings? I have Maie Landra’s great book on designing and am lusting after making some of these projects…..

  27. Hmmmm….one can only notice that there is an empty space right next to Loopy Central! If I start packing now, I can move into the empty space just in time for the next sneak-up! What more could I want for…Loopy Central and a sleep institute as neighbors!

  28. Love the sign! This move has been such a great thing for you, all the way around; so exciting!

    My vote is for AFTER the holidays on the retreat sign-ups, assuming that a sign-up would have to be accompanied by a monetary deposit!. That money stuff is a little scarce around here right now, and not because I’ve been shopping. (I still have that ahead of me! )…Wish I could take care of everyone on my list at The Loopy Ewe!

  29. three words — bells as ornaments!
    with two (overly curious) cats, one (overly curious) toddler, and a baby, that’s the only thing that keeps the tree decorated and standing!
    all the new yarn sounds amazing!

  30. Well, I have the crazy son. He is climbing and sitting on the kitchen table and taking the ornaments off the tree. He sure is fun though. I can’t wait to see the new colorways. Unfortunately no spring fling for me. I will live vicariously through all of you.

  31. Unfortunately I cant attend the Spring Fliung either so will be devouring the blog posts about it! More CTH coming, yummmmmmmy gotta have it,,,,,,GRAME!!!!!its on my wish list!!!! Oh well it was worth a try! By the way SHeri…is Gracie part Maine Coone? Her tail reminds me of some of the Maine Coon Kitties we had/have running around my families home(s) Love her long Gorgeous tail!!!

  32. You are such the temptress! I can hardly wait ’til next week!!

    I’m going to try your crock pot stew tomorrow. We’re supposed to actually have some wintery-ish weather here in Texas, perfect for beef stew!

  33. You could put out the info before Christmas and have signups beginning after Christmas. Then people might get money for gifts and could save it and know how much they need for Spring Fling. Just a suggestion…from someone you know is impatient about this!!! LOL

  34. I love your Loopy Ewe, complete with his red socks, on the sign out in front. That is so cool! And, the Oven Beef Stew looks yummy! We’ll have to have that soon. I am really looking forward to the new Dream in Color colorways. And, what I have been really, really looking forward to getting some more Fiesta Boomerang. Do you have an idea when that might be restocked? I love that yarn!

    I hope you all have a good weekend! Take care.

  35. I love yoursign. Loopy is just such a great character, and he really livens up that office billboard.
    As for the sign-up, I guess I would prefer after Christmas. It just seems like a great New Year sort of thing to me (plus my wonderful husband just bought me some more mission oak furniture for Christmas and I don’t know if he would go for the retreat, too, right now!).
    We went to the tree farm and cut down our tree today, a nice tall one this year since we have the luxury of a 14 foot ceiling for the first time, and no cats or babies to knock it down.

  36. That CTH looks good! Maybe I’ll buy some as a graduation present to myself! LOVE the sign! Mays me wish I could work in that building so I can stop by at lunch and knit with you! πŸ™‚ Gracie is so adorable there! Wish I could make the retreat but most likely not since I’m planning on moving out of state (eventually no timeline decided). Extra pennies need to be saved for that. Take care!

  37. You almost drove me to drink tonight! I was checking out Loopy Ewe, thinking I might “need” a few things that couldn’t wait until after Christmas when I remembered I should get some of the CTH Supersock. It took me more than an hour of searching and berating myself for missing the opportunity to get a one of a kind colorway…when it dawned on me that you said they’d be available next week!

  38. First, another great big thanks to you and my secret RAK donator!!! Second, I vote for after.

    I cannot wait to see the CTH colorways!!! It’s one of my favorite yarns to buy from here, the colors are always so lovely. To have super special ones is even better. πŸ™‚

  39. I’m finally able to get to TLE website on Sunday afternoon (some funkiness with my internet connection all weekend – including Google, too – I finally figured out that unplugging all my computer connections and rebooting helped and that rebooting alone won’t work – it was very upsetting not to be able to look at TLE, FPS!!)

    Well, I would probably vote for AFTER simply because I do usually get $$ as a Christmas gift and that would be money well spent to go to the Spring Fling. That being said, it won’t stop me from signing up BEFORE should that be the majority… : )

    And, I just love the sign…and look forward to checking out sneak-ups. I’ve been “good” for a while and may just need to make at least one more pre-Christmas purchase… : )

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