Someone stop me!

Wow – it really is so fun to read all of your RAKs. Our family has had fun talking about some of the different things you all have done. (It makes great dinner conversation, and isn’t it nice to plant those kinds of ideas into our kids heads?) Keep looking for ways to show kindnesses this week, and save up your comments and ideas on this week’s RAKs for next Monday’s blog again. I did the random number generator to pick a Loopy Loot Gift Package winner again, and Susan’s name came up! (Susan has been emailed and has emailed me back, so if you are also a Susan and hoping it’s you …. well, you’d already know!) A special thanks to the dyers and designers and authors who have contributed to the Gift Packages so far. I know you all are doing the RAKs because they’re fun and they make a difference, but the gift packages ought to encourage you to leave a comment and think about doing them every week. šŸ™‚

Busy day today, packing up all of your Sneak Up orders. We had the Christmas Carols blaring and Wendy (Loopy Photographer Elf) brought in a yummy beef stew in the crockpot for lunch. I had her send me the recipe so that I can share it with you on Friday. Between that, Starbucks, and chocolate, it was a good day.

DSC01423.JPGSomeone stop me. I keep buying yarn for us. Today, I had a meeting with one of my yarn reps. We opened an account with one of the yarn companies that I have been trying to “get” since The Loopy Ewe was first beginning and gathering vendors. It will be 6 weeks before the line comes in, but I can’t wait to have it here. Anyone want to guess what it is? I knit my second ever pair of socks out of this yarn, and they’re still my favorite socks to wear when I want to be really warm and cozy. In more yarn news, I met with another one of my favorite yarn reps last week (Hi Stephanie!) and we opened accounts with two other new companies as well. (Seriously. Someone stop me.) One is Alpaca With a Twist and we have already received the Baby Twist that is my first choice for fingerless mitts and scarves (and shawls – must knit shawls) because it’s such soft, wonderful yarn. We also got their 100% Baby Alpaca “Ready to Spin Combed Top” (5 beautiful, natural colors have arrived so far, 2 more on the way) and yes, I am taking some home to spin. It’s the softest stuff ever and I can’t wait to play with it. All of that will be up in the next Sneak Up. What great turn-around with their orders! The other new company …. still a secret until we get are closer to getting our order in. But just know, we have fun new things on the horizon for you! (And definitely more roving coming soon. We have some great indie dyers on board and working on orders for us.)

It has been awhile since I did an etsy shout-out to some great indie artisans. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I suggested you might want to shop etsy for holiday gifts? I practiced what I preached! Here are some of the shops that I *might* have done some holiday shopping with. (And, um …. some shops where I might have found something that I needed. Maybe.) A few are shops where I have not yet purchased anything, but I bookmarked them for later.

Art Exchange (cool, crazy sculptures)
GudonyaToo (mmm – bath stuff. Surely you need a Bath Kiss?)
Lilikoidesign (beautiful jewelry)
FatDaddyBakeShop (really, with a name like that, how can you resist?)
Jpatpurses (pretty fabric bags)
Ivylanedesigns (ok – very creative and they crack me up!)
Maggieloujewels (my new favorite earrings because 1. the earwires are way too cool and 2. you can change out the ear charms. Get the Champagne – you’ll wear them with everything. And Maggie is a friend of mine, but I’d be a huge fan of her jewelry even if she wasn’t!)

Sheri listeningtoJoshGroban’snewChristmasCD-doyouhaveit?Iloveit.


  1. I finally got around to making the pretzel dessert you posted a couple weeks ago. YUM!!!!!!! Sweet, salty! I didn’t want to share with my family!

  2. i was waiting in line at the gap to pay for some jeans (for myself–sigh…) and the girl behind me had an armload of men’s clothes. i had a 20% off coupon that i was going to use on the jeans–but i wasn’t totally convinced i was going to keep them…so i put my jeans down and handed her the coupon. felt so freaking awesome!!

  3. I thought I’d share another person’s RAK with everyone. As a member of the Socks for Soldiers group, I’m always thrilled to hear about what knitted treasures are being given to our soldiers overseas. Knitters are so generous and donate all sorts of things to make our soldiers feel appreciated, but I just read the best of all. Those of us in SFS fully appreciate all the work the founder, Kim, puts into this program, finding yarns that are suitable, seeing to the bundling, shipping, sorting and just plain overseeing all the work this group involves. One of her biggest problems, however, is to keep her computer up and running and keeping track of all the organization this work requires. We’ve all sympathized with her difficulties in keeping a reliable computer system up and running, but this time, the most generous couple in the whole world donated a $2000 HP computer system to Kim to handle all the work that SFS involves. Obviously, this is more than a RAK, but the generosity involved in this certainly passes on all the generosity that the Socks for Soldiers creates. Way to go, folks!

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