RAK Reporting Day & Sneak Peak

DSC01412.JPGWe had to have a mini photo shoot for something today, so I thought I’d include a photo of the Loopy Elves for you to see! (Do you like how I’m knitting them all together from above? I had fun tangling the all up in yarn.) So the middle row – Sue, Kathy, Wendi and Diana, and sitting down – Susan and Vicki. Wendi has taken over doing the photos for us (although WH still does alllll of the color correcting on the computer every week) and Diana does the bookkeeping. (My least favorite thing in the entire world.) Aren’t they wonderful? 🙂

Today is our weekly RAK Reporting Day! Have you done any RAKs that you can comment on and inspire us with? Remember, although we all love doing them secretly, when you share it on the blog, it gives others some good ideas about things that they can go out and do, too. I’ll do the weekly Loopy Gift Package drawing on Wednesday before I blog that day. I did the “pay for the Starbucks in the car behind you” a couple more times this week. Although I’ll keep doing that, I want to come up with something else for this week, just to keep it fun. So I’ll be interested in all of your new ideas! I loved the ideas that people had about giving out knitted items. Back in my “just getting back into knitting after 20 years” days, I knit sooooo many scarves. Many have been worn once (or …. not at all) and I thought I should wash them all and then be on a mission to give them away this month.

000_0039I also wanted to give you a Sneak Peak at the new Dream in Color colorways – their 400 series! (And a special thanks to Veronica at Dream in Color for sending the photo so that I could share it with all of you on the blog!) We’ve had these on order forever (it seems like) and they’ll be here this month, as soon as they can get them labeled and shipped. (It will be a fun Dream in Color month with more Smooshy, more Classy, all the new Lace, and all of the new colors!) The colors, starting with the orange/peach and going counter clockwise: Flamingo Pie, Butter Peeps, Go Go Grassy, Lunar Zazzle, Pansy Golightly, Punky Fuschia, Into the Mystic, and Midnight Derby. YUM!

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  1. Not too long after I posted yesterday, I got a phone call that lasted over an hour and I lost my mojo for work. I work at home and yesterday I was writing for a client. So, I switched gears, drove out to another client’s office to pick up a notebook of information and on my way home I stopped to pick up an electric fence charger I needed at the farm store.

    There was a sign at the counter when I was checking out that they were having a benefit for one of the employees. I paid, and then went back to the business office to ask what was up with the benefit. They told me they had a young guy working there who has some chronic health problems and his medication got messed up and they can’t get him stable now. He can’t work, he has four small kids.

    I gave them $10 to give to him. They said I was the first person who had offered any money. They wanted my name–but I said, “That’s OK.”

    Very cool stuff this RAK business. I’m definately going to post on my blog today and get people to come over here to read the inspirational messages here. What a cool thing you’ve done, Sherry!

  2. Depending on where you live this may be more of a seasonal RAK but I live in an area where it is quite warm all year long. There are quite a number of fundraisers year round that use car washes as a way to make some or all of the money needed. I often wish to help the group, but I only have one vehicle and lets face it its not that dirty. So I’ve started purchasing the car washes and having them create a ‘paper coupon.’ I then procede to hand out the coupons to various people. I personally like grocery store staff or somewhere else where people are often underappreciated. I find people or a manager and ask that they hand them out to a few of their employees…or to any one that has helped me. I usually only buy a couple so I usually pick and choose the people. I also only do business that are extremely close to the car washing so that I can point it out if they don’t know where it is.
    The fundraiser gets the money whether the cars get washed or not and someone else gets something that may brighten their day. I also get to donate to many different groups without having my car constantly washed.

  3. I had a RAK done to me over the weekend. We were going grocery shopping, the first time literally in months (we live in Downtown Toronto and do most of our food shopping at small markets), so I was already dreading the packed store (and large bill!). Right off the bat, I find out that this store uses the coin-lock gocery carts, and I the only change I had was two dimes and a penny… but as I start complaining to my husband about what we should do, a small Eastern European woman wheels her empty cart up to me ands says “Here — you take!” I stammered my thanks, and went through the whole store feeling happy for her small kindness. And of course, I passed the cart off to another frazzled shopper when we were done!

  4. I posted this earlier, but I can’t seem to find it.
    Since I live in a warm climate year-round I find I can use this particular RAK all year long.
    There are always groups trying to raise money by washing cars. I will pay for a number of cars and get a ‘paper coupon.’ Basically a note saying the person holding this gets their car washed for free. The group still gets the correct amount of money whether the receipant gets their car washed or not. Then I look around the local businesses, select one and find a person working there to give it to. I like to chose grocery stores or another business where many times the employees are overlooked by the customers as they are not a tip business. I then point out the car washers and tell them how long they will be out there washing cars. Money for the group, and someone else’s day & car have been brightened.

  5. I can barely tear my eyes away from the beautiful DIC in Butter Peeps!

    My RAK this week was…we were out of power for 3 days due to hurricane force winds here in Oregon. Lucky for us, we had natural gas, so I cooked up a storm and took food to my brother-in-law and the hostess at the restaurant where I work. They were both alone during the storm and I knew they couldn’t cook, so I made extra enchiladas and meatballs for everyone! They were so happy for hot food!

  6. Oh, and I forgot another couple of RAKs done for me this week.

    One was the Guild President giving me her centerpiece she’d won (a little tree) when I was complaining about trying to find a new tree to fit our limited space.

    The other was an Advent calendar sent by a friend, totally out of nowhere! My husband and I am taking turns opening the windows. It’s helping me get into the Christmas spirit!

  7. I know this is a simple thing that I do ( and I would love to have someone do it for me!)
    I take loads of photos at party’s, family and friends gatherings, even photos of the street and houses all decorated. Then I sort the photos, and send them to the people who will be interested in them. either through email, a quick transfer with a flash drive for those close to me, or burn them to a CD. Holiday photos, and anything else they will enjoy.

  8. Ok, not only did I post on my blog, I started another RAK contest. I thought that I might get a half dozen or so people to stop by and one of them would win a $25 Loopy Ewe gift certificate. Nothing monumentous. But, the first post I got was from someone offering to add 2 skeins of yarn and a book to the contest as a second prize, the person who made the second post offered to add a large knitting tote as a third prize. And the stories . . .

    Thank you so much for this gift of kindness, Sheri. It’s something we desparately need in our crazy world today. Things are too fast-paced and there is just too much going on in my opinion. This contest of yours has been an inspiration in my life and I hope it inspires many others too.


  9. Great photo!! Oddly enough, just earlier today I was wondering how many elves there were around the Loopy Room!

    My RAK was rather random, but not secret, and for someone I know really well, so I’m not sure if it counts. Earlier in the week my Dad’s car battery died when he was over at our house. It was very cold, and thankfully we managed to jump his car, and I followed him to the repair place in my car to make sure he got there without any trouble, because it was a 30 minute drive to get there.

    It was good for both of us. Not only did I find out that I’m capable of some crazy cool reverse driving maneuvers (he was parked just outside my garage) I can also jump a car.

    I’ve also been pawning coffee off on unsuspecting people. I love coffee and I figure it must make their day better, too.

  10. Today’s RAK is a wardrobe for a doll. We took a child’s name at church, to provide toy and clothing as Christmas gifts. It will be an anonymous gift to the child. Since none of my granddaughters would receive a doll without a wardrobe to play with, neither shall this girl. Today I completed a dress and matching panties, and flannel jammies and flannel robe. (The doll came in a jeans outfit.) It was fun to package it all up.

    If you have such a program in your town I heartily encourage you to participate. It gives a special feeling to my Advent preparations to include someone who wouldn’t have a Christmas.

  11. My RAK – it has been crazy at work the last week or so. I stopped by a co-worker’s desk to let her know I was going to lunch. She asked me to pick up something for her (she wasn’t going to have time to go to lunch) and handed me her debit card. I handed it back and brought her lunch anyway.

  12. My RAK for this week was to give donations to a girl selling things to benefit her cheerleading squad. I did not need anything she was selling, but I gave her a donation. I also dropped some $ into several different buckets of people collecting on the road and outside of stores. I think this is a great idea, to have people thinking of ways to be kind to others.

  13. My RAK for this past week was to donate two scarved I knitted be donated to the Scarves for Cancer project. Our local yarn shop was able to donate a total of 188 scarves!

  14. You haven’t blogged today yet… does that mean I can still enter?

    I made a batch of tarts and took them in to share with a class I’m in on Monday.

  15. I sent off a huge box of yarn (from a fit of de-stash-ation) and extra knitting needles to a homeless respite program in MA. I had read that they needed donations for their programs. Here’s the info, if you’re interested:
    Eliza Strode, LICSW
    Boston Health Care for the Homeless
    461 Walnut Avenue
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


  16. I had a neat one yesterday – it surprised me too. I was checking out at the grocery store & the clerk handed me my coupons at the end of a large buy . The lady behind me in line said (in a very friendly way), “I need to go home with you – just look at those coupons!” I just turned and asked her if she would like to have them – held them out to her – the look of shock & delight on her face was wonderful. She apparently needed them. That carried me all the rest of the day!
    Thanks for asking,

  17. Saturday afternoon was a snowy day in Madison and I needed to run over to the grocery store for a few items. As I parked my car an elderly woman was trying to push her cart to the rear door of her car. Her husband was driving and pulled the car up to help her manuver the cart. She has a cane and was not able to get the cart in the correct position to open the car door. I went over and said I will help you. I opened the car door and put her several items in the back seat of the car. Many thanks were offered. I had her take her cane and I pushed the cart on my way into the store. It always is great to help out when you can.

  18. My most recent RAK occurred two nights ago. We had very heavy snow and the roads were in poor condition. My father, sister and I were on a four lane highway with heavy traffic when we came upon a man that had spun out in the ditch. None of us were dressed for being in the snow; we all had our office work clothes and shoes on but we didn’t hesitate to stop (unlike all the other folks driving by) and see what we could do. We were able to push him out at the cost of only a few pulled muscles. We were already back in our truck before he had a chance to get out of his car again but we waved when as he was calling “thank you”.

    This is something my dad has always done; I’m convinced he drives around in storms looking for people to push out of the ditch! One morning last winter he helped four different folks out in the same situation. He is the epitome of RAKs in countless forms and I am grateful to him for teaching me how little kindness costs us but how much it can mean to the recipients.

    Oh, and I love this blog!! Thank you for all your work!

  19. Our local libraries in the Twin Cities have a self-checkout system. A few days ago I was in line behind a little old lady who looked utterly bewildered by it. I showed her how easy it was to use and let her practice scanning her books. We must really be Minnesota Nice because nobody behind us complained. 🙂

    After we were done checking out I chatted with her about computers. She doesn’t have one yet but I think she’s going to ask her kids to get her one for Christmas.

    Not a real big RAK in the scheme of things but good karma nevertheless, right? I used to be a library volunteer for an assisted living facility too, before I had my baby.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  20. I donated a lead for an electronic knitting machine to an American lady as I didn’t need it, it was sitting doing nothing in my bag of leads (famous amongst my family – I collect redundant power supplies, old leads and connectors.

    I also donated some square s I had a in an exchange which were completely the wrong colour for me to the people who are collecting squares to make blankets for the people who lost homes in the fire storms in the USA.

    I also taught a left handed person to both crochet and knit who had never managed it before, took three lunchbreaks to get them to crochet and another week to teach them to knit.

  21. Okay, this sounds kind of cheesy but all day in an MMORPG I’ve been playing I’ve been giving handouts to people. And today we put an extra quarter in the parking meter for whoever comes by the space next.

  22. Hi Sheri,
    I’m not sure if it’s too late for a RAK, but mine is. We went to my son’s high school hockey game last night. It was an away game and we decided to give to the 50/50 of the away team. We won. Our RAK is to donate the money back to our sons team so the coach can buy them pizza etc. to celebrate there win and hard work.
    ps. would love to see new pix of the cats

  23. Recently, I have been giving leather coats to the homeless. I finished up with a warm feeling of my own, and felt this my RAKs were done for the season. Then I saw the homeless man who sleeps out doors just two blocks away, and realized I had forgotten about him totally. I went through mine and my husbands coats and even though it really hurt-I gave him a shearling leather coat, hoping he wasnt going to sell it, but determined to try. Hes wearing the coat, and as he was sleeping out doors, I was glad for it as we’re in PA and the ice storms have been bad this year. A few days later, I was checking on his status with a neighbor who runs a handyman service, as I hadnt seen him and was worried. My neighbor looked at me in surprise when I told him what I had done and he said “Was that YOU? I felt so ashamed that someone had done this, when the poor man sleeps on my business front steps and it had never occured to me. When he told me, I offered him a job looking out for the property and allow him to sleep inside at night-I was really afraid I would come in one day to find him frozen or something!!!!” So my homeless friend is no longer homeless all because of a simple RAK that was egged on from reading this thread!!!
    I had to share this, as you deserve part of the credit!!! Thank you for making me feel useful again!!!!

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