Loopy’s New Home

bldglorezSee this building? This is the site of the new “Loopy Room”, as of next week! (Um, no – not the whole building – although wouldn’t that be fun? We have one office space on the first floor.) I did mention that we had outgrown The Loopy Room here at home, right? We have been looking for a new space for awhile, and signed a lease a couple of weeks ago. Since then, they have been busily tearing down walls, painting, and adding new carpeting for us. Next week is Moving Week, so we’ll be packing up shelves and yarn, lock, stock and barrel, and moving it right over there. It’s a great space and just 5 blocks from our house, which is going to be wonderful. (Yes, I’ll be walking to work. Except when it’s hot. We all know how I feel about that.) We will keep you posted on new “Stop and Shop” hours for those of you in St. Louis. We’re hoping to have that a couple of times a week (and of course still by appointment.) While it’s always fun to have in-person visitors, our main focus will remain on keeping up with all of YOU, our wonderful online customers from all over. We want to continue to provide the service that you have come to expect from The Loopy Ewe and we feel we can do that best by continuing to make our online shop our priority. We take the responsibility of being your “Virtual LYS” very seriously!

bldgsignHere’s the sign in the front of the building. I originally told them we didn’t need to put The Loopy Ewe up there, as there won’t be that many people trying to find us. But now I’m kinda thinking that it’d be funny to have our name up there with all of those real estate/title company/insurance names. Might lighten up the building a bit, you know? 🙂 What do you think?

So – for us this means more space, more help, and our house becomes a home again. What does it mean for you? More space (to bring in even more yarn lines, which we definitely have in the works), more help (which means that we can keep getting orders to you quickly – even your Sneak Up orders, fingers crossed.) and maybe I’ll have more knitting time in the evenings so that I can share more things on the blog. We’re excited about all of the pluses this will bring to us, and to you as well.

It does mean that we will need to take a pause in our order-processing so that we can get moved and set up for you again. We will leave the website open so that you can place your orders next week, but shipping will stop between Saturday the 13th and Saturday the 20th. All accumulated orders will begin shipping out on Monday, the 22nd. I’ll keep you posted on things via the blog during the week. Maybe it will go faster than we think. What I really need is for WH to take the whole week off from his work to help get us all set up ….. but that’s not going to happen. I do foresee many late nights next week, however. Wish us luck! (And get ready for all of our re-stocks and new lines to come pouring in.)

Sheri bummedaboutthe”nopets”clauseinthelease-Zoecan’tcometoworkwithme 🙁


  1. Zoe is NOT a pet! She is an EMPLOYEE. Or you could put her under a “Working Cat” title. Much like a working dog. 😉 You’ll make it work. Hey, what they don’t know…

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